Rihanna Pole Dancing

Rihanna Shows Off Her POLE DANCING SKILLS…Let's just say she should stick to MUSIC!

As Rihanna works on her “Throw It Up” Music Video, she decided to “show off” her pole dancing skills…Needless to say, they were below par & RiRi schould just stick to music!  Checkout some of the pics:

Rihanna Pole Dancing2

Rihanna Pole Dancing3

You can also checkout the Pour It Up Behind the Scenes:

via @djvip510

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  • therealest1

    Dumb bitch needing attention shit.

  • StreetMediaZone

    25 sec mark

  • Truth Powell

    when the powers that be want you to fail they’re going to ensure it happens. Has anyone noticed all the negative press Rihanna is getting lately? And a year ago she was the coolest ,baddest bitch in the game?

    • Dana P. Stephenson

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      • Fukk you, your Uncle Isaac, his Acura MDX SUV, AND y’all’s website.

  • junj03

    Didnt see NO dancing skills cause she was not dancing in the video….WTF!! is going on here? The rumor section is full of TMZ Dumb shit.

  • brotha_man

    she the type u smash, and then dip out a 3 a.m and never call again

    • “After I nut, I’ll forget to call her, get attention deficit disorder”

      Jedi Mind Tricks – Designs In Malice

      • brotha_man

        two points for the jedi reference

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  • DesignatedH8R

    I watched that whole stupid behind the scenes in hopes of getting a nice view of RiRi in a thong or something.

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  • VentKing11

    man plz, she can “badly” dance on any pole near me all she wants I’m throwing dubs (in my Riley voice) yall n****s gay (in my Riley voice).

    • Spoken just like a true trick, I bet the strippers in your area know JUST who to call come bill time. A b!tch that ain’t mine don’t get a dime, no exceptions.

    • Phillis G Spencer,

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