EXCLUSIVE: Kendrick Lamar Throws Shots At Drake During BET Cypher (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) People who were in attendance at the tapping of this year’s BET Hip Hop Awards had been circulating that Kendrick Lamar threw a few more shots at Drake during his cypher performance. AllHipHop now has exclusive footage of K. Dot’s latest jab at the Young Money rapper.

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In his verse Kendrick raps:

Yeah, and nothing’s been the same since they dropped “Control”/ And tucked a sensitive rapper back in his pajama clothes/ Ha-ha jokes on you, high-five, I’m bulletproof/ Your sh*ts a never penetrate, pin the tail on the donkey boy you been a fake

Catch Kendrick’s and other rappers’ full cyphers and more when the BET Hip Hop Awards 2013 air October 15th at 8 p.m.

Watch a snippet of Kendrick Lamar’s verse from the BET Hip Hop Awards cypher in the video below.

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99 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Kendrick Lamar Throws Shots At Drake During BET Cypher (VIDEO)”

  1. CooL_KiD_305

    Drake will destroy Kendrick, Kendrick better fall back. Drake ain’t just some singer he got bars on bars on top of bars!

      • Thenatural503

        Says the guy who just said Drake will destroy Kendrick and then used a #……Yep I’m the fail…..

    • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

      I’m starting to lose respect for Kendrick. He looks like more and more of a bitch nigga by the minute. Drake put you on the Take Care tour, which only helped you. I’m not saying it’s the reason why he blew, Kendrick would have blown regardless, but it certainly didn’t hurt and only helped financially, both in the short-term and long-term.

      Kendrick hijacks other peoples tracks and calls out other people like he’s God of this rap shit or something.

      Kendrick don’t want it with Drake. Drake will body him. Drake is way too savvy. In the long-run Drake will win this war chipmunk nigga!!!

      • CooL_KiD_305

        I agree Drake ain’t no pushover, people act like Drake is a one hit wonder or a nigga that made a catchy song, no Drake is a nigga that can actually rap and will embrassed Kendrick if it comes to it! Drake is the reason why jay-z won’t retire cause he knows as soon as he stops making music people will forget bout jay.

      • Dubz

        Y’all acting like it wasn’t Drake who was in his feelings…Dude tried to downplay the Control verse, and tried to say KDot wasn’t authentic cause he was tryna be cool with people afterwards…well now he took the gloves off. Drake better be prepared.

  2. Thenatural503

    Good line but some of these comments is funny. Good bye Drake? You think females gonna stop buying his album? You think all these white girls care about what Kendrick says?

    The smart move for Drake is to just ignore this and keep singing his love songs for these 13-25 year old chicks to gobble up.

  3. Synista

    Drake the type of ni99a that would probably record a diss song then send it to Kendrick and ask for his honest opinion before he releases it.

  4. DJ7

    Just as control boosted K.Dots’ sales, so will any shots thrown @ Drake…whether or not the numbers reflect “honest” physical / digital buys, perception is a mudda fugga

  5. Obi Won

    I see woman yelling at Kendrick saying “LEAVE DRAKE ALONE” while drake is on the ground curled up with a black eye lol

  6. El moreno de Queens #Dominican

    Those lines are simplistic and corny. Kendrick is one of those dudes who hides behind fast raps and does funny voices to mask lyrics that are simple and terrible. Print off the verses to any of his songs, and read them to yourself, you’ll see what I mean. A lot of you are easily fooled by the delivery in rap songs. I’ve never heard a memorable line or quotable verse from this dude, it’s all pseudo intellectual, simple, garbage that sort of blends together. Drake would probably win if they battled.

  7. $18916246

    K.dot wipes the milk off and wants his own seat at the dinner table, no more breast or bottle feedings. K.dot’s living fast, 1st industry album out, just a preemie and wants to set a rap beef with an established poison pen, Like Drake ain’t give Common the business. Like Drake ain’t write for Lil Wayne a rapper K.dot mimics and borrows cadence from. Tell me that don’t sound like “You claiming you rich but spending my money” Like Drake ain’t got the number 1 album in the country. Like Drake didn’t help to set lil bruh’s career off by taking dude on tour. Oh bite that hand you will? Drakes got a serious body of work from his own songs to countless features and verses that are memorable is now-a-day HIP-HOP. Ok K.dot don’t cop out stand your ground remember your not a victim, You put this gun to your head….remember Can-I-Bus…doing too much too soon.

    • Live Well

      Bruh, Kendrick is platinum. Drake is out of excuses. Why don’t you want Drake to fire back if his pen is so poisonous? You should want him to bury Kendrick. I’m a Nas stan, and proud of it, but when The Takeover dropped I looked at my man and was like, “Nas MUST respond”. I would have been sick if he didn’t because that is what Hip Hop is all about. It seems like Drake and his fans want to erase that element of Hip Hop and that’s why a lot of people resent the boy. I want to like Drake, but I need a signature moment from him to convert. I need him to be an emcee!

      • $18916246

        “Bruh, Kendrick is platinum” and that’s just it, yall can’t see K.dot is gassed (Dr. Dre). K.dot ain’t got nothing for Drake. Oh, Drake is gonna respond bruh. But don’t let hind sight be 20/20 here. Yall forgetting who Drake is in exchange for wanting to see a rap beef. K.dot asked for it. Nas had been in the game a minute and had established himself as the ill emcee he still is today. Nas beef with Jay was primarily over a woman. K.dot still in pampers, and want it with Drake? It’s on..Let’s see how it plays out.

      • Live Well

        You act like Drake wasn’t gassed after his immediate success. He’s one of the most arrogant dudes in Hip Hop. He got the cosign from the biggest Hip Hop act in the game at the time and talked like he was the second coming. He got every major artist in the industry to feature on his music BEFORE his first album even dropped and called himself “last name Ever, first name Greatest”. Forgetting who Drake is??? Who is Drake? He’s a decent emcee who has the exact same delivery on every song. He talks about the same three topics and has a lot of female fans. He has NO bodies, bro. Not a single battle, not a single stripe. You act like he some triple OG or sum’.

      • 4Facts

        And that’s it right there Same three topics and NO bodies

      • Live Well

        Exactly, but his fans swear he is. We’ll see what he is now because a rapper would respond, a singer would not.

      • Live Well

        LOL! So I guess that makes Kendrick the rap version of Michael Vick.

  8. Live Well

    What’s Drakes excuse gonna be now? He can’t use the “thirsty rapper” excuse and he can’t use the “step your bars up” excuse. Drake fans, the fact is ya man wants to claim king without getting his hands dirty. He has no battle on his resume which is why he gets so much shade thrown at him. He may sell records but fame is no substitute for respect. Kendrick is treating him like MC Hammer right now.

    • $18916246

      Don’t cry that Drake took tack on lil dude. K.dot fans do the math….this here..is a no brainer..any MC can spit a hot 16…I’m just saying.

      • Live Well

        Whatever, cuz. You makin’ excuses for ya man Drake. He’s been called out by Kendrick Lamar, period.

      • $18916246

        Just remember no excuses…I don’t wanna hear…Oh drake got like 5 albums…etc…stay up.

      • Live Well

        They’re equal. Both are platinum artists around the same age. Besides, I want Drake to fire back. Whether he wins or loses is irrelevant, as long as he competes he’ll get respect. Shit, he’s actually got the advantage because everyone will expect Kendrick to win.

  9. Troll_E_G

    This is music needs , doubt Drake answer…..seems like he take it Personal that Kendrick wants to be a better rapper,emcee…..these bars don’t hurt the pocket of eithe rrapper but it brings excitement and generates interest for both parties… Get yall money but spit that shit, this hip hop u know

  10. Simple Reasoning

    if you listen to the lyrics that K.Dot spit on Marvins Room/ Interlude, he basically provides the foreshadowing for his going at Drake now. They’re platinum artists, classmates of the new school, and like a school yard fight, this is very exciting for everybody who loves hip hop. I’m confident that Drake can measure up to K.Dot, vice versa too, and that both of them will be able to be cool after this as well.

  11. The_Motley_Sage

    too many ppl think album sales and fame = skills. Lamar will MOP. THE. FLOOR with Drake. Drake is ‘rap entertainment’, and he’s great at it. But Lamar is ‘old testament’ hip hop…a gladiator. It’s like WWF vs. UFC. WWF grosses WAY more $$$, but we all know who’ll really get hurt in the ring.

  12. Arrie Mental Woodard

    kendrick is becoming a little arrogant these days. Its cool but his humbleness is the beginning is what made him more of a stand out to me. But drake has bars, no matter how you feel about him. He aint no push over.

    • Os-scuurrrrr!

      If you look back at Kendrick’s mixtapes he has always had a cocky, bragadoccious flow. Don’t ask about your favorite rapper, “he dead”.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        true but im referring more to interviews and side conversations he has with people that get leaked to the internet.

  13. Mos High

    I love reading these comments. Oh drake is this he is that etc.Oh he is soft etc. That sh*t is so old. Wearing your pants under your a** or waiving guns like a idiot or talking about how much weight you move on a daily?

    I guess it comes with the territory. Just because he wasn’t raised in the ” streets” doesn’t mean he can not lyrically damage a MC. I hope those lyrics are to Papoose, as this would be really fun.Papoose already damaged him and I’m sure would give the knock out punch.

    Stop comparing Jay z and Nas that was real life issues as we all know. Drake vs Kendrick is just some Im trying to go after one of the biggest fish in the game type stuff or we the outsiders are making this something it isnt.

  14. Mr. Brando

    WWF and the sales have never been better! Drake shot alot of indirects during that “crwn” specificly at the way kendrick structured his album with “skits” he’s a bitch and deserves these shots.

  15. BigHomie337

    Those bars were super garbage and the high 5 was real corny, like on some old white men shit. Plus they were really directed at Papoose. They have papoose pajamas and the laughing part was in reference to when Papoose said they laugh at Kendrick.

  16. Phantom Lord

    They should both sit down and watch Goonies. Goonies brings people together, just like Chunk and Sloth. and Goonies never die

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