Loaded Lux

Off That Smack: Loaded Lux Will Battle AT UW Battle League On Super Bowl Weekend (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Loaded Lux is taking his talents to UW Battle League. After having a public dispute with SMACK’s Troy MItchell over contract negotiations for Summer Madness 3Loaded Lux has decided to participate in UW Battle League’s event on Super Bowl weekend.

While the location and exact time have not been announced, fans will get a chance to find out who Loaded Lux opponent will be. On Sunday (October 6th), fans can tune in to Non Fiction Radio between 4pm – 7pm EST.

Check out Loaded Lux in the trailer for UW Battle League’s Super Bowl Weekend event below:

  • hoeyuno

    Y’all listening to our input…. lux that dude.

  • dfwricwil

    I just really started paying attention to this battle rap scene and I must say that I’m impressed. SMH at me for being for not catching on earlier in the game.

  • Rico

    “1st Smack back; gotta anotha n**ga to back smack”!

  • Judah Nazayar

    (judah, EDOG, El Bark, and Isk Voice)

    • “Nah! Let him get this work!”

      Fat shouts for putting me up on Loaded Lux!

      That was YOU! You’re that guy!

      On the real, you dropped that battle first!

      He tore ‘ole boy up!

      Loaded made a track with Method Man, I didn’t really like it, but he should have stayed in the record lane after he made it.

      Nothing to gain by battling, but everything to lose from not focusing on punching out hits.

      • LaurynHernandex

        Yo homie! It was the calicoe battle that got him in Kendrick,Jays and Drakes view in the first place. Calicoe was set up to battle in ny,against a much missed legend andicon in battle rap and was booed for no reason,but I promise you Hollow will take lux life away in my honest predection. He used left overs against surf he saved all this stuff for sm3 now he gets to hold off 4 more months he’ll come crazy it’l take rap from mainstream to battles then rap will finally die when they realize all battle rappers are the same and i shall arise with a new music! 🙂

    • $18592567

      Lux made me a fan with that one. He almost made that boy cry…

  • But Whose He Battling?

    • The Highclass Scumbag

      ARSONAL!… He Made a LUX Reference in His Battle Against K-SHINE

      • Oh Yeah Ars Did Throw That Out There, I Recall Ars Sayin He Wouldn’t Battle Lux Though Because Lux Put Him On, But Guess It Would Be a Good Look for The Views, But I’m Sure He Didn’t Get That 40k he’s been Demanding Lol

      • LaurynHernandex

        It’s not Lux vs Arsonal it’s Lux vs hollow.Hollows on twitter calling Ars and Lux out for the last 5 weeks. Lux and Ars are ducking hollow because the money is not right. Hollow said he’d take a pay decrease cause he knows the outcome

      • I Just Can’t See Lux and Hollow anywhere outside of URL unless they all took a pay cut, no league can put that kind of money up and get a return on it, not even KOTD, Because URL probably won’t even get a return at those rates

      • LaurynHernandex

        lol UW is more prosperous than URL just go look at the stats on battle rap rankings .com they’ll show the numbers for the leagues and rappers. Arsonal is the highest viewed in America he knew all year he was gonna get lux why do you think he took Ayeverb,Dizaster,DNA & K shine four top tier cats in succession. He got 80,000 this year combined with the saving of last year and the constant feautures he did. He did 125 features for 100$ each and even you can send him 100$ for a verse, Also UW has the best mics and cameras in my opinion and the crowds are awesome.

      • idk about more prosperous url, but Ars is one of the few ppl thats strategic enough to bank all year for that payoff at the end

  • Shotgun_Packa

    ohhhh snap, Arsonal is getting major respect for this move. UW is about to make moves this year.

    • Mec-One

      Now if Arsonal can just find a way to win in his on league ……..

  • Casor_G

    over rated but cool

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  • You Got Me Hott Out Here!!

    I bet he still didn’t get 40k

  • brotha_man

    look at me king avi???

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  • $18592567

    Loaded Lux be servin’ jokers…