Snoop Lion Says Tupac Was Crazy, Praises Drake + More W/ A$AP Rocky (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Over twenty years in the Hip Hop game leads to one having a keen knowledge of lesser known stories. In the 2nd part of Snoop Lion and A$AP Rocky’s Back & Forth interview with Noisey, Snoop spoke on the infamous fight between Tupac and the Hughes brothers.

Back in 1993, Tupac assaulted the directors, Albert Hughes and Allen Hughes after the pair dropped the rapper from their seminal flick Menace II Society.

Tupac was crazy man. He didn’t even beat both of them up, he beat one of them up. [Laughs] Them n*ggas were my homeboys too. The Hughes Brothers were my friends. They lived right around the corner from me. They were my friends, man. They were squares like a motherfu*ker but they were my friends. I hate that Tupac beat him up. I don’t even know which one he beat up but it made me sick to the stomach.

In a 2009 interview with Vibe Magazine, Allen Hughes asserted that Tupac did not beat them up himself but had “12 Crips” beat up the director and even says “Tupac could not fight to save his motherf*cking life”:

The biggest misnomer is that me and Tupac got into any fight. It was me and 12 Crips that he got to jump me. He didn’t do shit Tupac didn’t lay a hand on me. I had my hands on him. But there was not a physical fight between me and Tupac. It was a physical fight between me and 12 gangbangers. I believe they are called the Rolling 40s and they rolled me up pretty good.

The gangsta rap pioneer who recently released a song with Drake called “No Guns Allowed” addressed the recent shootings and how those youth are brainwashed:

My whole background is guns. My first photoshoot I had real guns. Scared the photographer when I popped it on him like ‘wait a minute’. Yeah, n*gga this sh*t is loaded. It’s hot. You know what I’m saying? So I know what that is because I come from that, but it’s a brainwashing. I remember in the 70’s, all my homies used to fight and if you lost a fight you just went home and you lost. Then when the 80’s came, you lose a fight, you pick up a gun. Then the 90’s come, wasn’t no fighting, straight POP, POP, POP, POP!

Check out the full 2nd part to A$AP Rocky and Snoop Lion’s interview where he talks about Madonna, praises Drake for his songwriting ability and more below:

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  • dfwricwil

    Brainwashing like they do those suicide bombers except when
    you die a gangbanger you don’t get twelve virgins you get twelve homies with
    do-rags on and some forties .lol.
    Those two cats are high as a mofo.. lol.

    • scullyson

      Bwaaaaaah !!! You dead a$$ wrong for that….LMAO !!!

  • Snoop just made a Malt liquor commercial for Colt 45, so he lost all credibility AGAIN.

    • @Real_SirJamie

      He’s not getting it back either. At least not from me.

      • truth


      • DJ7

        I truly thought after watching that flic of him in Jamaica that maybe he had turned over a new leaf…even discussed it with you…Snoop had many a folk bamboozled on that 1 …Lauryn’s right…it’s funny how money changes situations

    • brotha_man

      i still remember some of them st. Ides commericals. snoop never seemed authentic to me. Daz and Nat seemed like they were the realest in their crew….and warren G

      • That was different though, them St Ides Jawnts was the ‘chiz niz nit!

    • Pirate7X

      For what the 8th time? I honestly dig Snoop’s music even to now (“Which One Of You…” & “Boss’s Life” are the jawn!) but he lost credibilty when he had the vid with sisters in collars and tapped out completely when he tried (but really couldn’t) to diss Bunny Wailer for calling Snoop out as poser (true of course) as and is playing the “Rasta Snoop Lion” role, ha. It’s all funny and I take none of it seriously outside of pure entertainment.

      • Snoop started losing after Pac died, and hasn’t stopped since, but on the flip side, “He’s making $”, etc…yada, yada, yada.

        He’s always falsely promoting some garbage, but at least he lives positively off the mic. On that note, he’s OG status.

  • I have always felt that even though Tupac was a great rapper, we was no one role model. He didn’t have the best moral character…Always fighting, spitting in faces, he started the whole ‘East coast West coast” beef. #justsaying

    • Dontoure Smith

      Tupac didn’t start it.

    • truth


    • Terrance Goodman

      PAC was and will always be that nugga . Hope you are a .new era chump . PAC was trying to school these chumps

    • greenhouse records

      P. Diddy started the beef when his body guard killed Suge Knights homeby/cousin at a party in Atl. It really never was a east coast west coast beef. Just bad boy vs death row. The media just blew it up and ran wit it. learn ur history.

    • 2pac confess and profess, he wasn’t no remodel, but i can’t help but look up to his work ethnic and his fascinating different sides which inspires, it makes me want to work harder than any human being can do, so 2pac is more a role model than your other favorite rappers right, they some lazy punks

    • brotha_man

      at least he made music to try and uplift…rappers these days dont even try

  • real

    Pac never started that beef, Tupac was the most misunderstood rapper/person ever

  • Terrance Goodman

    Rip PAC
    N I’m from that era n he beat that ass!
    Nuggas attempt to change history

    • Im with you, 20 years later you talking about he didnt lay hands on you….Fuckin Punks

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  • PhilTheGreat

    He makes a point about the youth being brainwashed, and nikkas gun poppin’ on reflex. I dunno bout Pac, cuz I was never around him, but there are a few stories out there about him being off and everytime he is portrayed in a movie the always portray him eeeeextra paranoid etc. etc. I think we need a Pac movie already, unless there is one and I forgot or I missed it. Would be epic, and should be classic.

    • CutronomicalThought

      I was thinking the same damn thing..when Notorious came out..I was like..wait..Pac died before Biggie..why they aint make a Pac movie..then make a Biggie movie..but thing is idk who would play Pac(didn’t really like Anthony Mackie playing him)..

  • #ThePain #TheStruggle. YOU can overcome

  • I was listening to 2pac in an interview, he said he ask one of his home boys how was puffy doing, his home boys said “he cool, he talks about this community unity shit, but go back and talk that shit” puffy along with suge knight instigate shit

  • kangshit

    Snoop a disloyal ass nigga. Everybody Tupac had issues with, Snoop is all chummy and warm with his responses on the relationship he held with them. Dude was a gang member, so he should know better than that. You ride with the homey no matter what, no need to denounce him in public after the homey has met his demise. If anything, out of respect for your fallen comrade, a simple no comment would suffice. Not doing so makes you look like a weak turncoat snoop!

    • pauleyPee

      You sound like a fu**in’ idiot. #foh of the year for this punk ass post. Get yo’ ass back to continuation school and learn some social skills.

  • brotha_man

    pac probably couldnt fight, but that dont mean he wouldnt try

  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    What’s the point of even speaking on a negative situation that happened so many years ago with your homie that’s now deceased.

  • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

    2pac was a ballerina. thats the truth. fake ass nicca… QUEENS!

    • Jeff Active Reynolds

      I feel sorry for your bitchass for the simple fact that your life is so meaningless that you feel the need to troll this website with that bullsh*t every single day. just get it over with and kill yourself already.

      • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

        ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
        ……….”…………. _.·´

    • brotha_man

      funny thing is, prodigy was the ballerina…QUEENS!!!

    • golder1

      Pac wasnt a ballarina idiot. He took dance in highshcool, just like many other that were forced to tk elecltive they didnt want to take. He was 116 when he wen to that high school dummy. Prodigy also took danc as a child does that make him fake. Grow up fake Queens nigga

      • LaurynHernandex

        Tupac was a Ballerina,Actor,Poet,Buisnessman,Great son,great friend,incredible artis and any black man that thinks cause someone knows something other than drugs,guns and killing should be cut off from our people.They want someone idolized cause they advanced in killing other blacks like idiots.

  • granky161

    The Hughe brothers STAY changing their story. Pac beat their ass.

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