Girl Who Quit Job To Kanye West Song Gets Job Offer From Queen Latifah (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) The internet shows once again why it is the most influential force in the world. Less than a week after former Next Media Animation employee Marina V. Shifrin used Kanye West’s “Gone” song in her resignation video from her job, the young stand up comedian appeared on The Queen Latifah Show.

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When Latifah asked the unemployed viral sensation if she was looking for work she elaborated on a potential position on her show:

I like to be surrounded by cool, creative, interesting people. With your experience maybe I can create a position.  What if I created something called Digital Content Producer, would that be something you’re interested in?

Shifrin took to her personal Twitter account to show her gratitude:

The Queen Latifah Show is taped in Culver City, CA and according to Indeed.com, the average salary for a Digital Content Producer is $55,000.

Check out the clip of the interview below:

  • Drank

    I Called It!!!

  • anemia716

    haha you know her ex co-workers are bitter. don’t front!

  • Thats a great lesson that it’s not all about education, it’s all about networking.The Queen simply created a job for her, that’s some real sh!t.

    • Truth Powell

      But what is she going to do once she’s there?

      • Tre C

        collect a check
        add to her resume that she worked for Queen Latifah
        network the hell out of new connections that she would’ve never had the chance to create

    • Phillis G Spencer,

      My Uncle David recently got yellow Jeep Cherokee SUV by working part time from a home computer. check that W­­­W­­­W.F­­­B­­­3­­­9.C­­O­­M

    • DJ7

      Wasn’t you the same clown misinforming the board with ignorance and talking down on Kanye about dropping out of high school? Don’t bother answering b/c it’s all in the archives champ…no need to look more foolish than you already do

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  • Tre C

    exactly why that video was brilliant on her part. Now the business who tried to respond to her is looking stupid. Bash your former employee who’s about to be hired by a mogul.

    • king sodomy

      they didnt bash her they wished her well douche

      • Tre C

        the guy going by King Sodomy calling somebody a douche..now that is funny

  • ThatBostonMan

    This is good for hiphop.

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  • Power Move!

    • Matt Swan

      It was a matter of time.

      • I’m not saying AHH should have hired her….I’mJustSayin’

      • Matt Swan

        She better watch that snatch…the Queen will eat it up like in Set it off!! Have her lil a$$ pole dancin on top of a car

      • The Queen will be on that like a hobo on a hot dog!

      • Matt Swan

        lolz maybe there will be a video…ain’t no fun if her GF can’t get sum

      • CutronomicalThought

        Damn lol..sad thing is I agree..

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        lol now that i think about IT lol digital content producer my a$$ lol or should we say her a$$ !! lol jk lol

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  • bigdoe6


  • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t


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  • hoeyuno