Papoose Addresses Kanye & Drake Diss

Papoose Responds To Possible Kendrick Diss

(AllHipHop News) Who is Kendrick Lamar dissing on his new verse, which will be fully presented at the 2013 BET Hip-Hop Awards? Most say its Drake, but a growing group of voices are stating that Kendrick is talking to non other than Papoose.

Papoose agrees with the latter.

The 14-second clip debuted on AllHipHop , but quickly went viral and quite possibly was misunderstood. But Kendrick isn’t talking yet.

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Papoose recorded the most vicious vitriolic response to Kendrick Lamar’s verse on “Control,” where he maintained he was the “King of New York.”

In an interview with XXL Magazine, Pap explained why he thinks Kendrick is talking to him.

A lot of people said he was going at you.

I agree with the people, I looked at the majority and they were saying he was going at me. So I agree with the listeners, I agree with the fans. They say majority rules, so I agree with the majority.

You’ve gone back at Kendrick in the past with a verse. Are you planning on that this time?

Yeah yeah, he can’t fuck with me. He’ll never be able to shine my shoes, lyrically. So I’m just gonna be able to continue to prove that, to show and prove, like I did on “Control.” This is hip-hop, I love hip-hop, but I just want to continue to show and prove that he can’t fuck with me lyrically. You can look forward to that in my next release, straight up. I live in the studio, that’s my second home. So yeah, I’m definitely going to respond.

Are you going to wait to hear the full verse?

I don’t gotta wait, he’s very predictable. I already know what he’s capable of and what he’s gonna say; he’s very predictable. I don’t gotta wait. I can go right now and crush that little 15-second shit he did. That ain’t even about nothing. The guy’s predictable; he’s a very predictable artist. I already know what he’s gonna say before he even says it.

It kinda seemed like Kendrick had gone through your “Control” response line by line in his verse.

Oh, definitely. Cosmic Kev out in Philly, when he played it, he said the record reminded him of “Ether.” I think that just ate his soul alive; as much as he wanted to take the high road and try to say that he was too much of a big shot to respond, I think it ate him alive and he couldn’t resist.

You think you struck a nerve with him?

Oh, more than a nerve, I struck the entire nervous system. He couldn’t sleep at night, when he opened his freezer he’d see my face, when he closed his eyes…

For the rest, go to XXL.

  • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

    Haha the thirst for relevance in this man is appalling. He was going at Drake and we all know it.

  • Eli Pinilla

    This dude here man…smh

  • Global_Mission

    Lmao, This dude is just begging for attention… Hey Papoose, YOU ARE NOT RELEVANT!!

  • Donny P

    Ni99a aint nobody thinking bout yo not relevant, never been, never will be ass. The papoose ship sailed a looooooong time ago.. FOH

  • I understand the confidence but dude is acting too cocky LMAo.

  • kdizot914

    what does relevance have too do with being dope?? People beg for new things too listen too on the radio instead of all the “relevant” hip hop u hear all the damn time…rap fans now a day got the game fucked up….shit pap wanna go at him…its good for hiphop….regardless of a reply or not

    • golder1

      Pap is hoping its good for his career. Pap is the only sensitive 1 who took K Dots verse to heart. Worry bout Remy and not the youngins in the game

    • therealjjohnson

      Irrelevant: not connected with or relevant to something.

      Definition of papoose. He doesnt make good music. No one cares because of this. This is why he is irrelevant. Not because he is not a star or on a major label. Because he doesnt have any notable music at all other than 3 or 4 freestyles and some law library songs that came out 6 years ago.

  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    Lol this nigga think somebody thinking about his irrelevant ass? That verse was about Drake.

    • Islamic_King

      First half was with the Nothing was the same/pajama clothes one then the Jokes on you/hi five shit was for pap.

  • brollya

    somebody tel papoose nobody aint worried bout his ass…… all the new shit i done heard from him is disses….. no songs, no nothin….. uncle murda way hotter den dude….. how u put out nacerima dream now wen its already 10 years late…. all dat old shit aint poppin no more…. dis lik cassidy and meek beef…. no one ask bout yo career, they instantly ask dem bout the beefs, den they drop a diss dat last 3 or 4 days den u dont hear from em until meek or kendrick do another interview or song and they think its bout dem den here come the interviewers again…… niggaz be straight puppets…

    • Nah, dudes step up & get knocked down.
      KDOT, MEEK
      Niether are better than their opponents.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        tell these new boys…they shirts and skinnys probably blocking the blood from traveling to their brain right.

    • Megapsycho84

      I agree

    • Bumpy Johnson

      old shit ain poppin…Music is music, if its good its good no matter what day and time

  • $31339281

    Any time ppl respond to your diss record sayin, “you went too far” means you KILL’D- Papoose Control diss was like that. Kendrick aint bout that life

    • Crenshaw on my shirt

      People say Jay went too far on ‘Super Ugly’ but it dont take away from the fact that Nas destroyed him with Ether

      • golder1

        Wrong. Nas was killed on Super Ugly because he went with facts that actually hurt Nas feelings. Threw condom on the baby sit, killed everything Nas said because that was something that happened

      • Crenshaw on my shirt

        Ether >Super Ugly

      • $31339281

        Cant compare Ether to everything Jay said. Ether was the response to Takeover….Takeover was better to me. Super Ugly was a response to them other lil mixtape disses Nas was coming with that got no burn. Like H to the MO- and Super Ugly bodied those- in my opinion, but all opinions r worthless

      • therealjjohnson

        No one cares about super ugly. people dont even mention it. They built up hype for this big song and it was a let down. Im from detroit and they even played it live when it dropped at 3:00Pm from HOT 97 and no one cared. People was like thats it? thats the response. Ether won it. Jay has even admitted it. I wish his fans would admit it too.

      • brollya

        i say takeover was better jus cuz he killed nas on one verse……. “u made it a hot line, i made it a hot song” nas did a whole song…. super ugly was jus lethal…. i remember goin to the bootleg man (before blogs and all da technology today) and hearing it on one of dem clue mixtapes and thinkin lik “damn nas got him in his feelings”

      • golder1

        People do talk about super ugly. Their was no hype built up for that record not like Ether. Jay didn’t say Ether won he said it was good for hip hop. Your opinion is yours my opinion is mine. Important a fan of both so this has nothing to do with being a Jay fan.

    • golder1

      Papoose is trying to get some air time off of K.Dot. Papoose aint about that life either

      • LOL~N

        What you mean?

        Surrounded by Fat Joe & goons, out weighed by 200lbs, as soon as Fat Joe pressed him, he swung & connected.

        Lyrically? Pap crushed KDOT & will again.

      • golder1

        That’s Papoose version but the story from those in the room pap never hit him. And that does make him bout that life. If he was better lyrically maybe people would buy his shit he is average

      • Pap is from Brooklyn, if you think he didn’t go for his, you’ve never been there.

        Pap may be average, but he smashed KDOT….unmasking KDOT as a below average MC.

      • golder1

        Just because he is from Brooklyn dont mean shit their r lame niggas in every hood Brooklyn is no different.And ur opinion is not fact. you must be a new york nigga riding for ur new york dude but he didn’t unmask anything. All he is doing is tryin to stay relevant. I’ve been listening to Pap for bout 8 yrs and this is the most people have talked bout him, he needs to thank K.Dot

      • KDOT’s CONTROL was good for Hip Hop’s battle spirit. While true, this is the most folks have talked about Pap, & I’ll go even further, personally, I don’t like his “Commercial” releases, his freestyle ability is undeniable, IMHO.

        In a battle, KDOT doesn’t stand a chance against Pap, any more than Meek does against Cassidy.

      • golder1

        Pap freeystyle is average. He would kill kendrick. Get real.

      • He already killed KDOT once already, now he’s about to dig him up & kill him again.

      • golder1

        If he did (but he didn’t) it should help his career but it won’t. People won’t even be talkin bout by the end of the month. He needs to worry bout digging his career up out the grave

      • True, but what would help would be KDOT formally battling him, maybe even started a Battle league for mainstream artist?

      • NoGoBoi

        Pap from brooklyn, lupe from chicago, tone trump from philly, buddens from jersey, soulja claim atlanta, mike jones from houston yada yada yada… just because these cats from that soil don’t mean they get busy like that. You can’t be that naive

      • It’s in the eyes man!
        Biggie = Bklyn = SOFT

        Pac = Hard

        Not to be confused with TOUGH.

        There is no doubt in my mind, that all 6’2, 150lbs of Pap will go for his. He might get field goal kicked down the Block by a Bigger dude, but he’s going for his like he has a chance to win.

        Are there soft dudes in Brooklyn?

        Yeah, but they quiet. Some one in Bk will test you, probably daily. (Talking that growing up in the Hood type ‘chet.)

        Pap is married to Remy,think she isn’t hard?

      • NoGoBoi

        Man I can’t lie, I’ve been checking out allhiphop for years and I know u have also because I seen u post before, some of the stuff u post I. Dig it but this post u lost me. U talkin crazy my dude, wtf pap marrying remy got to do with anything? Cause u feel she hard, she would only marry a brotha like that? If anything she’s stupid so I could only see a stupid brotha marrying her IMO. Regarding pap now, u heard the same story we heard bout him and fat joe, and u heard fat joe’s take on the story but the only other person who spoke on it with no ties to either one was Cassidy, from what he said it corresponds with fat joe’s story. So yo boi pap, the one from bk, the hard body dude who got punched on camera b4, seems to be frontin. Plus his bars got weak over the years. U must be from bk how u riding for dude, but I ain’t mad at u for that, always ride for the home team.

      • Birds of a feather flock together.

        You watch Love &Hip Hop?
        I don’t either, but wouldn’t you watch if Remy came home & was on the show?

        Was it smart Marrying Remy?

        NY gets conjugal visits, so if anything, that was just some real ‘chet Pap did, not smart, but keeping it 100%.

        Pap didn’t say he won, he got fugged up, str8 off the muscle, that’s how Fat Joe rolls, but no part of the story suggest Pap went out like a sucka. He had no wins, but that isn’t the same.

        I’m sure Fat Joe & his goons will whip both our @$$E$, same with Diddy & TEAM, Pap was rolling solo, which takes more heart IMHO.

        I’m from the BX, I hate Brooklyn, but you know, that’s still the home team 🙂

        Bk as a whole, has always been on some ‘chet.

      • NoGoBoi

        We agree on that, I don’t watch Love & Hip Hop nor would I if she was on it, that show is like lifetime to me, if my girl got it on I’ll sit wit her and watch til it’s off, that’s bout it. I’m just stating facts bout pap, when he first came out he was nice wit it, his flow and bars were def one of the best at that time but if you haven’t stepped it up since then, you falling off IMO. I’m a hip-hop head, I follow and keep up with as much as possible and one thing I can say, in all of paps interviews lately he doesn’t make any sense for his response track. His was a personal attack, nothing to do with lyrics or bars, he attacked kendrick because he was upset. That’s what women do, in the words of one of the best MC to come out of NY, “don’t tweet about it, get in the booth and show you can spit better” Big Daddy Kane. In paps control song, he didn’t show he can spit better, he showed how upset he was, he lost once he went that route. In regards to Fat Joe and Diddy’s goons, they prob would but if it was cats diddy and fat joe grew up with, Hell Naw they not phuking wit me and my homeboys, Real Spill. With long money you can afford some crazy ass fools with no care in the world to wild out for you but those cats you grew up with from the hip, those yo true ryda’s and I can’t see that matching up to mines. We solid over here.

      • Pap is in his lane, he may not have stepped it up, but he has stayed in his lane.

        Joe & Diddy’s goons aren’t matching up to any tight team, for the exact reasons you mentioned, but I specifically stated DOLO vs them & goons.

        Pap did fugg up getting personal, I’m not sure what your talking about, but the Hot 97 interview with Ebro? illustrated the exact point you made, but I took it as Pap can BATTLE better, even if KDOT can interview better.

        After the hype around KDOT clears, it will be easier to tell who has the longevity based on skills.

        The formula is, will his next album be better, as he steps his game up, or will his first be his best?

        On that note, I’ll agree, Pap hasn’t stepped it up, and that could be considered falling off or falling back.

      • NoGoBoi

        Well DOLO vs a bunch of gay dudes you could get yo azz whooped so that really doesn’t matter, i’ll just leave that whole topic alone. Yea his interview with Ebro and with Jack Thriller shows is lack of knowledge when it comes to hip-hop and that discredits you on another level. What’s funny is, you say hype around kendrick when cats was already phuking wit dude b4 that control verse, wasn’t nobody checking for pap. Now you speak on if his next album will be as good as his first, we’ll have to see but how you sounding you don’t like his material at all. His catalog is bout as deep as paps right now, if not close to it and pap shhhh don’t hold any weight to his. Pap just now dropping that nacierma dream album, I’m assuming you grabbing it right? If so, you tell me if it’s hittin on anything, because I think it won’t be. To be honest with you, pap doesn’t have a lane anymore, he had a lane but that shh been gone, he trying to find a new one now, so good luck to him on that.

      • I’m not feeling KDOT’s material, so you or others that are, will have to be the judge of his next album. Not messing with nacierma either, or really much of today’s music.

        It will have to be something that sets it apart, for me to check for it.

        MCHG was decent, well promoted, but not anything I would check for either, although it has some decent tracks.

      • NoGoBoi

        well I don’t rock wit jay like that, so I couldn’t dispute that album, that’s another topic on a different day. J Cole’s album was a good one to me and that Kanye Album was. Honestly I think that Kanye album was well put together, a lot of people may disagree but if you looking for substance listen to the words instead of judging the man.

      • Kanye fuggs up being Kanye.

        He’s the type to make you feel guilty for liking his music.

        I put J Cole & KDOT’s album on the same level, good works, but far from the best, or entitling them to claim such.

      • NoGoBoi

        I hear you, Kanye’s personality is not the best but I bet a lot of artist don’t have the best personality he just shows you his true self upfront. It’s 2013, can you name 3 artist who had better albums? GKMC, Born Sinner and Yeezus? Lyrics, content and substance alone

      • 2013? Maybe, I haven’t heard the albums, so I’ll agree, except for Black Thought – Birds Eye View (Feat Statik Selektah)

        That track was better than any track on any of the albums you mentioned, even if not by much.(That I’ve heard)

        KDOT, J Cole, Yeezus & Jay Z make good songs for the club, no disputing that, but Black Thought’s – Bird’s Eye View dropped some raw Hip Hop.

        Youtube & see for yourself. It’s a banger.

      • NoGoBoi

        I’ll chk it out, I like The Roots so I won’t dispute that. Black Skinhead, Blood on the Leaves, I Am God, New Slaves – Kanye Yeezus Album. Songs make you think about stuff. J Cole – Forbidden Fruit ft Kendrick, Rich Niggaz, Trouble, Born Sinner. All those songs slap. jay z… smh… man, that brotha is a pimp and thief. I’ll leave it at that. But trust I respect his hustle, that’s bout it. Imma go listen to that Black Thought song now doe

      • You gonna like Black Thought’s verse. JohnBlacksad put me up on that.

        Kanye’s GONE, that jawnt the chic quit her job too, was a banger.

        On Jay Z :
        “A pimp will sell his @$$ if his ho won’t!” Freddy Fox

        I’ll leave it at that.

      • NoGoBoi

        I hear ya but Bumpy Knuckles was speaking on a pimp to a hoe, I’m referring to the definition of a pimp and how he did cats close to him. Jay Z career would of ended a long time ago if he never brought that young blood around him, that same young blood he bit off of and stole from. Basically just stole young chris flow and used it like he created it. Nothing is original about jay z when it comes to music, he’s a chameleon man, he turns into whatever is around him or what is hot around him. First he spittin that hustla shhh when he came out, signed SP and he spittin gangsta shhh, start rocking wit Kanye he trying to get more conscious, Kanye starts to grow as a artist and push the envelop now this brotha got an album called MCHG? yea, dude a pimp and thief, but it’s only those men fault to let him get away wit it. So that’s wy I’m not mad at him, just don’t rock wit his music. Any young cat come in the game making noise, he jump on they shhh and act like he gave them a stamp of approval for hip-hop, when he’s only doing it for himself. Buddens came in he jumped on his shhh witout asking, jumped on Wayne shh witout asking, Juvie shh without asking, Kendrick shhh witout asking etc… Dude a fraud to me. Nas ran dolo his whole career basically, never needing young blood to revamp or reinvent himself, just kept his music consistent and thorough, no flip floppin.

      • When he didn’t have anyone to pimp….he sold his own soul / @$$..

      • NoGoBoi

        I hear ya but Bumpy Knuckles was speaking on a pimp to a hoe, I’m referring to the definition of a pimp and how he did cats close to him. Jay Z career would of ended a long time ago if he never brought that young blood around him, that same young blood he bit off of and stole from. Basically just stole young chris flow and used it like he created it. Nothing is original about jay z when it comes to music, he’s a chameleon man, he turns into whatever is around him or what is hot around him. First he spittin that hustla shhh when he came out, signed SP and he spittin gangsta shhh, start rocking wit Kanye he trying to get more conscious, Kanye starts to grow as a artist and push the envelop now this brotha got an album called MCHG? yea, dude a pimp and thief, but it’s only those men fault to let him get away wit it. So that’s why I’m not mad at him, just don’t rock wit his music. Any young cat come in the game making noise, he jump on they shhh and act like he gave them a stamp of approval for hip-hop, when he’s only doing it for himself.
        Buddens came in he jumped on his shhh witout asking, jumped on Wayne shh witout asking, Juvie shh without asking, Kendrick shhh witout asking etc… Dude a fraud to me. Nas ran dolo his whole career basically, never needing young blood to revamp or reinvent himself, just kept his music consistent and thorough, no flip floppin.

      • EL_DON

        So true RE: pimp line. If you no anything about pimpin EDOGZ and that Jay Z line is right. At the end of the day if a *itch don’t bring that money in a pimp is gonna sell his ass to get that money, a Mac won’t. True story.

      • Shakim 30013

        If no one believes Papoose knocked Fat Joe in the face , who cares. But Fat Joe not Papoose , changed his story about the issue so many times that everyone knew that Papoose wasn’t lying. Plus the God is no slouch.

        P.S agree with everything you said thus far, Papoose control dis was a lyrical masterpiece.

      • C’Mon Son! << In ed Lover's voice

        You know Pap hooked off. Why would he lie? It's not like he said he beat up Fat Joe & team, he admits he caught one…after he hooked off on Fat Joe for fronting / stepping.

        Fat Joe is the type of dude that will make you step up or fold, he really doesn't give you any other choices.

    • therealjjohnson

      Or they felt it went to far because the man didnt mention his name or was even remotely close to thinking about him in the verse. Or they said that because they were “supposed to be” cool. Or the fact that the king of new york line was a metaphor and he wasnt saying he was the literal king of new york. I think it was more of that versus him “killing” him.

  • Megapsycho84

    I Love you Pap, but my nigga where are your hits? This is the music business at the end of the day. Papoose a real nigga, but in my opinion I feel that Kendrick can rightfully talk that big boy shit cause he is relevant to the culture currently. It’s sad that now the only time your name gets a mentioned is due to your battle with K-Dot or when that nigga decides to bring your name up. Just telling it like it is, but I hope Pap comes strong with his diss.

    • Pap is an MC, KDOT is a RAPPER.

      • golder1

        K. Dot is an MC just like Pap u might feel Pap more but their is no denying K is nice on the mic. Pap needs to step his game up b4 he challenges new school

      • We’ll have to agree to disagree.

        IMHO, he ravaged KDOT. Even Budden’s Control was better.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        no no Pap is a Rapper/MC KDot is just a mainsteam one.

      • Pap isn’t mainstream material.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        ya i just always correct folks coz evrybody is a rapper…..its just the others suck or are mainstream and others are not….Hip Hop is the Culture, rap is the verbal technique.

      • RAP = Business side of Hip Hop

      • Bumpy Johnson

        well no because Rap is what a hip hopster does……curtis blow, rakim, Kool G Rap, Nas, KRS 1 are all rappers.

      • Rap is MC’ing for $.
        Master Of Ceremony, Microphone Controller, Mic Checker, as Rakim would say “Move The Crowd.”

        Once it went corporate, the term RAP was used, but before that, we would RAP to girls, which today is called “Hollaring.”

        “Yo! I’m gonna go holla at / rap to this chick.” etc.

        “He has a heavy RAP.” – Meaning philosophically relevant

        “He got a bad RAP.” – Suffered Injustice

        RAP is Jigga, Weezy, MC’ing is Black Thought in a grimey Brooklyn basement.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        black thought raps in a grimey brooklyn basement…rakin moves the crowd with his raps….(when i say rap offcoarse it is implying to art of rapping on the mic)

        i feel like we’ve had this arguement before

      • Deja Vu like a Mudda Chucka!

        You know how it go, I’m one of THOSE old heads.

        I remember when my parents hated RAP.

        “Stop playing that Boom Bap garbage!” they would yell.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      Hits??? illmatic had no hits and its one of the greatest albums ever. top 5 .

  • Islamic_King

    Yeah the second half of the 14 second clip was for Pap I agree but pap most def didn’t out bar K.Dot control verse……. trying to go personal after a west coast nigga gave him shine on the infamous Summer Jam stage. K.Dot is the only man with the ether out of these two. I like how pap is talking like he got the upper hand, K.Dot one liners get under his skin he didn’t even give the man a full diss record. So let’s be honest here the only predictable artist out the two is Pap.

    • Not sure what you heard, but Pap smoked him on Control…along with a few others.

    • Caliwaver

      And drake is the one that took k. Dot on toure just saying.

      • Islamic_King

        That’s because he became a fan of Kendrick he reached out to him for the tour and feature. Papoose reached out to Top Dawg to be a guest on summer Jam.

      • Caliwaver

        Yeah but u said that it’s fucked up that pap dissing him after he let him rock on summer jam but k. Dot is dissing drake after he let him rock on toure so what’s the diff?

      • Islamic_King

        Naw didn’t say it was fucked up broham. I’m just giving an example of how K.Dot really got the upper hand. Pap saying he predictable and he Ether him….Kendrick is really holding the ether in this case. Just saying.

      • Taihair Djehuty

        The only person taking the K,Dot verse as a true diss is Drake. Meek? He says things are cool and it’s just fun and hip-hop, but who knows. He does sound like maybe he’s taking it personal too, but whatever. But really, it was meant as a challenge between friends. Of course, Pap and a few others, that weren’t even mentioned, took it personal and through their names into the hat. If friends can’t challenge each other w/o beef, then hip-hop has really been disconnected from its past. Might as well stick to twitter battles

  • You Got Me Hott Out Here!!

    He right. That verse was about him,

  • NoGoBoi

    Funny that some of y’all really think pap lyrics on “control” was really nice lol. I guess it really doesn’t take much to please the listener now-a-days smh

    • Says the guy who thinks KDOT “WON.”

      • NoGoBoi

        Won what exactly? Put some facts behind your statement.

      • I mean, you dissing Pap’s Control verse, but not KDOTS?

        The KONY line had shock value, but the whole Control verse wasn’t amazing in any way.

        Joell Ortiz & Joe Budden dropped better verses IMHO.

      • NoGoBoi

        Ok let’s break it down, kendrick had a control verse, pap, ortiz and buddens had a control song…Fail. kendricks control verse was nice IMO, u disagree, to each his own. If that one line got under their skin that much, he must be telling some truth because if he wasn’t they wouldn’t of took it so personal (ortiz and pap). Ransom had the best response IMO, short, to the point wit nice bars. But u think cassidy and pap still spittin nice bars, they got the same boring flow and subpar metaphors. Talkin bout kendrick not an MC, how bout ur favorite MC respect him as a top tier MC, u think not?

      • My favorite MC respects KDOT, but will rip him too.

        I don’t think KDOT got under anyone’s skin, except Pap’s, but not because it was true, more because he had the audacity to say it.

        KDOT has Dre’s backing, without it, his standing decreases.
        KDOT is nice, King Of LA?

        Maybe, but he can’t even beat a lower level gate keeper like Pap in a RAP battle.


        No chance at all.

      • NoGoBoi

        Man u think pap is a nice MC, so I’m not surprised with that statement. Kendrick got Dre’s backing, true indeed, but that doesn’t automatically make u the baddest mofo in the game or one of the best, that comes from ur own hardwork, don’t believe me ask ortiz, knocturnal, stat quo etc… so while u trying to discredit his skills, u only playin urself out to look like a another ny cat butthurt over a LA cat making that kony line. KRS, why bring him up, unless he’s ya fav MC? If so, ya fav MC can’t phuk wit Ice Cube, kendricks O.G. so what u sayin

      • I was just gonna bring up Stat Quo with & without Dre.

        With Dre, he’s the next best thing, without Dre, str8 trash, in a ziploc bag, on a summer day. (Hot Garbage)

        KRS is my Fav & even Cube knows he can’t fuk with Kris.

        It’s not about being Butt hurt, it’s that KDOT doesn’t rate the title, Papoose & others just showed him why.

      • NoGoBoi

        Stat Quo hot garbage wow. Well I listened to Stat with Dre and still today, without Dre, more exposure with Dre, true indeed but that doesn’t take away from his bars because he’s not with him. I never heard cube say he can’t phuk wit KRS, only heard him say he use to listen to KRS, that’s giving respect not bowing down. Nuttin against KRS, cause he is one of the best to ever spit on a mic but he not phuking wit Cube or Snoop IMO, both kendricks O.G.’s. I’m still trying to figure out what pap showed you in that song, but we all like music for different reasons, so if that’s what you feeling can’t knock you for it. I just think the song was boring, had no meaning behind it and only gets talked about because he blatantly tried to disrespect kendrick, as opposed to him just showing off his lyrical ability. Controversy sells, but reality is for free. Kendricks verse was not a diss song to anyone, but for those who felt the need to diss him shows their true understanding about hip-hop. All your NY O.G.’s in the game understood, respected and liked his verse, the younger cats with no real heat just trying to get some shine off a line that wasn’t meant as disrespect. In the words of Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip, “these niggaz can’t hold the torch, so why pass it”… No NY cat had the torched passed down to them from a true O.G. from NY, the last one close to it was Fabolous. We can talk this hip-hop shhh all day my brotha, imma keep spittin facts, u been spiitin more opinions.

      • That Stat Jawnt with Dre (HotLanta)? His 1st jawnt made the head nod, you had to rock to that ‘chet, he was the next big thing, after Dre, it was like “What happened to Stat?”

        His bars & delivery were exposed as simple.

        Cube, Shaq, Krs & B Real from Cypress Hills?
        Man Of Steel – (Hot Jawnt, check it)

        Cube ain’t fuggin with KRS.
        Cube was like the Wst Coast’s Rakim, or Tupac, pre Tupac, he represented, but after “Predator”, I haven’t heard much if anything on that level.
        (*Dead Homie – Is in my whip right now, Death Certificate was his best album, IMHO, a str8 classic, through & through, with no skipped tracks.)

        As far as KRS not fuggin with Snoop?

        >>Hold on:


        >>Wipes snot bubble from nose
        Bawahahahaaa! X 2

        >> Slaps the keyboard with both hands, gets up, walks away, then returns, looks at the monitor again &
        Bawahahahaahaaa! X 3

        >>Composes self

        Snoop is as fake as they come now a days. Lyrically, no way he’s even close. Doggystyle was a classic (with Dre) after that…not much even comes close.

        You’re not spitting facts, you’re spitting opinions.

        KRS is one of, if not the best to ever touch the mic.
        He has more gold albums than Snoop has gold songs.
        In a battle?

        KRS has too much ammo, even the Rasta’s are dissing Snoop. Snoop can’t even battle. That ‘chet would be like a pitbull against a Chihuahua.

      • NoGoBoi

        In regards to Stat Quo, he still making music, last mixtape was last year but no official album since statlanta. The last joint with a lil exposure was that song he did with bobby creekwater called alright, alright chk that out. I guess we gonna agree to disagree regarding Cube and KRS, because if we grabbed 5 of their albums a piece and matched them up, I feel without a doubt Cube got KRS. Amer. Most Wanted, Death Cert., The Predator, Lethal Injection just those 4 knocking KRS out the box. I disagree with Cube being the Rakim or Pac, he was more similar to KRS I think, they both spit about progression for the black community and the unjust laws and BS we endured. I bought the War and Peace albums and Laugh Now Cry Later album, I liked both. I havent heard much from KRS though, listening to him now is boring and it seems like he tries so hard to sound like an educated man that he comes across as ignorant at times (how TI sounds at times). KRS feels in his head that he created the blueprint of how to be an MC when there’s cats from his generation that’s killin him, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap IMO. KRS ain’t ohuking wit Snoop homie, not at all. Snoop prob made (3) weak albums out of (12) in his career, Snoop currently has 7 Platinum albums (2) of those went 2x and (1) went 4x plat. and (3) albums that are gold.The last album was this Reincarnated album he just made which didn’t do well at all. These are ALL Facts homie, don’t believe me, do ya research. KRS ain’t phuking wit Cube or Snoop. Now, I’m not one to go off of sales and shhh to respect a mans pen game or words he present to the world, but since you brought up sales I had to Kill You wit some Facts!

      • Get Low > Alright, Alright

        >>In Chris Tucker’s voice *You know this…MayaneeEEE!”

        Them 4 Cube albums are the best he has, and none are better than Death Certificate ( They bangers though)

        Criminal Minded, Edutainment, Return Of The Boom Bap, & By Any Means, which along with PE’s Nation Of Millions, changed consciousness in rap, including Ice Cube.

        Don’t forget, after NWA, Cube rolled in NY ( Burn Holly Wood Burn – PE, 2 to the Head (Kool G Rap), but based on the 4 Cube albums you dropped, you just knocked KDOT out of the King Of LA status, KDOT isn’t fuggin with those 4 Cube albums & I doubt he will ever be able to.

        As far as sales / MC Longevity
        KRS has been in the game professionally, since 86, with enough albums to make his own Top 10. (25?)
        KRS lost his mentor & DJ to violence & has been on the stop the violence crusade ever since.

        Snoop lost Pac & sold Malt liquor, became a pimp, rasta, & promotes drug usage as part of his image, to this day.
        He’s OG status, but no comparison to a conduct yourself properly MC, Snoop’s making money, but that’s the only thing he has going for him.

        In a battle, there is no way, No Fuggin way he survives KRS’ second round.

        Ice Cube would, but only because he has a more solid background. At least Ice Cube grew up.

      • NoGoBoi

        See you doing what society does all the time, “white America” at that. You bring up a particular topic for us to dispute which was, who had the better albums, I did that and felt I provided enough information to win that dispute. Then you spoke on album sales, I provided enough information to win that dispute. Then you try and flip the information I provided you for a particular topic and use that as reinforcement for a previous topic we had, saying Kendrick not king of LA because of info I provided you showing how Cube is killing KRS, you can’t do that homie because me and you argument was about two brothaz from the same generation, you can’t flip flop my info to benefit you, I’m not goin homie. Now you want to discredit Snoop and throw shots at what he portrays, compared to what KRS portrays, last time I checked Snoop made music for the grown folks like me and you and if a person isn’t intelligent enough or have enough sense to decipher what decisions are best for them as opposed to what a rapper is saying or how he’s living, they shouldn’t listen to his music nor watch his videos. You spoke of some negatives regarding Snoop, what about the football league he made for the kids, or how helped create that peace treaty in LA when things were gettin crazy, or how many people he helped provide a better life for their family by positions he put them in, you can’t just pull half a mans making and try to cast him off as negative, provide the full cut of that man to give a fair assessment, white people do that to us all the time. ESPN is a prime example, try to point out all the negatives of a black athlete when he runs into an issue, but if it’s a white athlete it gets downplayed and washes away asap. Have you ever heard of Large Amount, a rapper from Yonkers who roll wit D-Block? Be honest on that

      • therealjjohnson

        Joel Ortiz had dres backing when he signed to aftermath. what happened with that?

      • Dre on the beats?

        Dre just dropped 70 Million? on Jimmy Iovine’s kid’s school, he has the Midas touch now.

        What did Joell drop with Dre?

        Honestly, I didn’t know that.

      • therealjjohnson

        Yeah. He got dropped from Aftermath in 2008. Never released a project.

      • Was this a Dre beat, Training Day, Rockstar? Cypress Hill?

        Cypress Hill ft Dr Dre,Prodigy,Wyclef,Nas,Ice Cube,Snoop,Lil Jon, LL

        Even Wyclef got off.

      • therealjjohnson

        No im saying Joel Ortiz was signed to aftermath. Not just did a song with Dr Dre or something. Basically saying just because Dre is backing you doesnt mean you will be a star. Hell Rakim was signed to Aftermath and never released a project. Him and Joell were there at the same time.

      • Yeah, true, but If Dre’s on your beats, it’s a wrap.

        KDOT has skills, definite a contender for the WEST, representing, etc, but NY? Nah, he couldn’t have gotten more disrespectful unless he added Big L & Big Pun.

        (Pac = NY Ninja)

      • EL_DON

        Jay Electronically had the best verse to me, and he would have out shined them if KDot had not dissed we’ll know rappers. KDOT had a good verse but what he did was nothing new to the game. It needed to be done because rap is about competition. Frankly the only thing that shocked me was that KDot, and Jay made a song with whack ass Big Sean. I don’t think is all that. He averages a couple good songs per album. Joell Ortiz brick and bodegas album the whole thing is great, KDot first to album whole album you can play and only a few other rappers can say that. Sean only has good album singles and does decent features. You wanna be great make a great album 10-15 tracks without a bunch of mainstream rappers featured. #ILLMATIC #LIFEISGOOD #NAS

      • Yeah, not taking nothing away from KDOT, but not giving him anything he doesn’t deserve either.

        The KONY line was a bit too much, a bit too early.

      • therealjjohnson

        Please tell me you understand the KONY line.” Im makaveli’s off spring im the king of new york.” Is saying im a mix a Pac and Big. Not a statement saying he was the literal King of New York. Kendrick himself said he was surprised people didnt get it and would have to dumb down his lyrics.

      • He’s not a mix between Pac & Big….not even close.

      • therealjjohnson

        That is what he was implying.

        ‘Im in a destruction mode if the gold exists
        I’m important like the pope, I’m a muslim on pork
        I’m Makaveli’s offspring, I’m the king of New York
        King of the Coast, one hand, I juggle them both”

        saying he can be on top of both coast like Pac & Big.

      • Decent verse, I’m not saying he’s wack, just that he isn’t on that level.

      • EL_DON

        I’m not offended by the KONY line and I’m from Brooklyn. There are no rappers from New York truly holding NY down. French Montana is from the Bronx and sounds like a south dude. But Kendrick raps raw like the 90’s NY gritty ish. The only other rapper sticking with his NY flow is Fabolous and his is underrated and rarely gets mentioned. Rap need that. Remember when MTV did the hot MC’s list a few years back. They judge people on twitter followers and other irrelevant garbage that had nothing to do with content or context. Ain’t worried about nothing is a 8 bar song for 3 mins. Fans got ADHD when it comes to rap nowadays. It makes me sick.

      • Advice :
        Never mention Stench Montana & holding NY in the same sentence.

        RAP did need Control, IMHO, it’s the official Battle track now, but KDOT still got ate.

        Pap shouldn’t be offended, & he probably siked himself up to be, or just took it wrong, but all he’s really doing is trying to show he’s better than a “HOT” mainstream artist, but like Dior said, Pap isn’t mainstream material, regardless of who he battles / disses or how good he does it.

      • EL_DON

        Please don’t think that I’m saying French Montana his holding NY down, you will ruin my reputation as a fan of real music. Take tha back! Lol. I just saying how some rappers are trying to do what ever to stay relevant. Kanye will do a song with Taylor Swift and dudes will try to follow and do a song with Toby Keith. Some dudes need to stay in they lane. Like Jay Z said “HOV. I got my own lane….” French Montana make music for dudes that can only count to 10. Sounds good in the strip club and that’s were that music needs to stay.

      • It’s a business.
        Relevant is relative.

        Same applies for Pap, dissing KDOT the way he did, brought him some relevance. When was the last time AHH featured Pap?

      • Truth Powell

        Fabolous is such a weak emcee tho….

      • EL_DON

        Have you listened to the soul tape and soul tape 2. As Jay Z said….Do you listen to music or do you just skim throughout? You don’t listen to Fab if you said that. Who do you listen to or feel is good presently? I’m curious.

    • Truth Powell

      You’re what’s wrong with the world today. How do you get off talking down to people like they’re dumb while in the same breath putting how dumb you are on full display?
      Pap’s verse was vicious and dropped science.

      • NoGoBoi

        I’m what’s wrong with the world today huh? Your post told me a few things bout yourself, 1) you’re either a woman (which I will not debate with because your emotions supercedes your logic). 2) You’re a child/teenager (which I will not debate because your mentality and sense is not of a mature state). 3) All of the above, so I’ll let you take your timeout, go to the corner and think about what you posted. It made you sound a little crazy.

      • Truth Powell

        thanks for proving my point. You smart dumb ppl are whats wrong with hiphop and American society at large in 2013. Wrong on all 3 assumptions. How can you understand someone like Papoose that’s all about truth and knowledge.

        When people can’t defend their points they devolve into fallacies and insults.

      • NoGoBoi

        Your post(s) keeps proving my point. Also, there were no insults aimed at you, you took the truth as an insult, understand the difference.

      • Truth Powell

        Ok you must be a girl, a child, or both. and by the way that’s not an insult, that’s the truth.

        now do you see how I’m feeling towards you? SMH

      • NoGoBoi

        Feeling towards me? You are def a weirdo

      • Truth Powell

        and you’re def a dumbass. smh.

  • EL_DON

    Pap is making a fool of himself. C’mon now I know you from Chauncey and Thomas Boyland when they shot off the roof at you. If you mad at the progress of your career be mad at Kay Slay. Slay ain’t shit and the industry black balled him cause he is trash as person not a DJ. I comp’d Slay and his 2 friends at my restaurant and he gave the server a $6 tip, embarrassed me and I came out my pocket and gave him a 20 for his troubles. Get rid of Slay and your career will be straight.

    • A $6 tip is good.
      (Depending on the cost of the meal.)

      • EL_DON

        No it’s not in New York. $6 is what we give delivery men for delivering food. It was 3 people eating and a free meal. At least put a $20 his bill was about $80. We tip 15-20% out here in NYC. Where do you tip $6 at, unless your eating by yourself and the bill is $30.

      • In Pa, for 2, $30 Bill = $5

        The free meal was an issue, but who was paying? Kay Slay?

        It’s not like he’s making $$$.

      • exactly where are you eating with a $30 check for 2 people?!

      • Old Country Buffet, Chinese Buffet, Hoss’, Outback & Ichibon (Japanese) Steakhouses, Chinese, Mexican, Spanish, Vietnamese, Soul Food (Brothers & Sisters) & that’s not counting take out or Waffle House.

        It’s much cheaper in Pa.
        Could do $25 with with $6 tip & bag the waitress if she’s looking right.

        A Bushel of crabs is $180 though.

      • EL_DON

        Yo EDOGZ, where you be at in PA. I’m sometimes in Pike/ Wayne County, but I chill in Scranton (Viewmount Mall) Wilkes Barre (Steamtown Mall) once in a while.

      • York, Lanc.

        Scranton went bankrupt, city employees getting minimum wage, at least they were.

        Make the trip in DEC, my peeps have some pups coming, bred down from the dog in my avi.

        Pure Fiyah!

        I’ll hook you up.
        We’ll blaze a few, drink a few, BBQ some steaks & you’ll leave with the official tissue.

      • EL_DON

        Scranton cops make minimum wage. Sad. I don’t got no love for cops, but when you get paid minimum wage to risk your life you only asking for corruption. Not like it ain’t corrupt already, Scranton is filled with old school mob members.

      • EL_DON

        He is not lying I be in the poconos and a friend and I went to lunch at a restaurant our total bill was like $26 and my boy had mad refills. When I got the bill I had to ask the lady several times did she forget something. In NY 2 people is like $40-60.

      • Crazy. I’m out in the West. I’d be happy if I can keep my bill for just me under $30

  • Mos High

    Lets be real Everyone knows that Kendrick can not get into battle lyrics with Papoose, most of you will say oh Papoose, not selling records just looking for some shine. So what why not its entertainment. This his is lane. He will lyrically destroy Kendrick in this format, were are not talking about hits, im talking straight lyrics aggressive punch lines. I like Kendrick and his music alot. But give Papoose credit for his lane. Most of you who comment are funny, when its Drake not responding you say he is soft and girly etc. So if and when Papoose goes in on Kendrick again if he doesnt respond what will the masses say?

    • Islamic_King

      This is papoose lane? Who has papoose battle? He is not a cassidy. You tripping holmes.

      • Pap can get down with the punchlines, that much should be obvious by now.

      • Islamic_King

        Naw the overly aggressive punchlines was sub par at best came off as bitter. The only diss record I’ll give him credit on was the Big Sean diss. Now he went on him. K.Dot is a student of the game and he playing it well he snapped on Drake and Pap at the same damn time lol

      • WoW!

        Sub Par?

        How would you rate KDOT’s Control verse? A lyrical masterpiece?
        Pap did sound bitter, but he still ripped him.

        The Big Sean diss?


        Yeah, he tore him up too!

        I just don’t feel Control would have received the buzz it did without the KONY line.

        Pap vs KDOT went down like Moe D vs Busy B.
        Diss rap vs Party song = Landslide

      • dee

        pap punch lines not even better then luda

      • I fuggz with Luda, but he isn’t delivering punchline after punchline, after punchline.

        I definitely fuggz with Luda though.

    • TruthSerum

      It just looks a certain way because nobody cares about Papoose. It’s just like when Canibus tries to go at Eminem or J. Cole or whoever else, sure dude could rhyme 10,000 bars about them in his sleep if he wanted to but at the end of the day you still a struggle rapper trying to get shine off another man’s career and it negates everything you say……… The reason people remember battles like Jay and Nas or LL and Moe Dee or even Pac and Biggie is because they were on the same level at the same time and nobody was trying to piggy back the other for some attention……… Thats why people remember them battles, it was a clash of the titans, this is just a superstar getting called out by a guy most folks have never heard of.

      • LL & Moe were never on the same level & Pac & Big never battled.

        If they did, “Who Shot Ya’ ” was a better track than “hit ‘Em Up” but Pac wild out on HEU.

      • TruthSerum

        At least LL And Moe were both widely known by a large group of people, Moe wasnt just some guy on a street corner battling a guy who was on the radio, which is essentially what this situation is……

      • True….Moe was past his prime, but the street corner dude roasted the guy on the radio.

    • Megapsycho84

      I sgree, well said

  • brotha_man

    pap and remy could hold there own against k dot

    • therealjjohnson

      And who? LMAO

  • I’m a moderate K. Dot fan and have actually never really been a fan of Papoose besides a couple old tracks here and there, but even I had to give Pap credit for his response cuz he killed that shit hands down. Niggas kill me with this “irrelevant” shit though, like their favorite artists won’t be labeled the same damn thing in a few years (if that)…but that’s just fine with these follower ass niggas though, cuz they ain’t gonna do shit but hop on the next new dikk anyway like a bunch of damn broads.

    • therealjjohnson

      His verse was irrelevant because Kendrick said nothing about the man and was done purely for the publicity. Now that he has the publicity he hasnt released any quality music. Where is Paps music? He’s irrelevant not because he isnt a star…but because he doesnt make good music. In my opinion.

      • I feel ya in Pap’s case but niggas are WAY too quick to toss that word “irrelevant” around, even in the case of artists who DO make good music. So it just automatically rubs me the wrong way whenever I see that word spoken by alleged Hip-Hop fans, cuz it’s been run into the ground 10x over. I put it in the same bag with “swag”, “hater”, “broke hater”, etc….y’know, shit niggas say just to feel like they’re sayin somethin when in reality they ain’t sayin shit.

        And I agree that overall Pap’s musical quality is meh as a mufukka. But bullshit ain’t about nothin, that verse went hard, and was no more for the publicity than any of the fifty-leven other responses that came out even before his. Kendrick said nothin about Joell, Budden, Los, or any of them other cats either, so how were their responses not for the publicity? I feel where you’re comin from but the logic is a lil flawed fam.

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  • DaHomey6Deuce


    • Malik

      well, apparently K.Dot does…why go at him subliminally if he doesn’t, eh?

      • Havoc Wreaka III

        You say K.Dot like y’all know each other…. He sucks

      • therealjjohnson

        Anybody who saw that and thought it was to Papoose is a clown. He says the name of Drakes actual album in the bar and people think its to papoose? How?

  • Donny P

    Watch the timer on the fries,Pap

  • Boooo sit down and make a hit

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  • Taihair Djehuty

    Ether? I like Pap but yo homie, Stop It.

  • U.P.T.nw4eva

    Lol most of you bloggers must be young. This is hip hop and Pap is doing it the right way. He ain’t scared to name names and he is very direct. Kendrick plays mind games like Jay does but Its obvious that verse was about those that responded. Most that responded are better lyrically. This is going to get more intriguing. Hip hop lives!

    • Havoc Wreaka III

      He was trash when he came out and he’s shit now

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  • Thought Dog

    Chappelle retired from comedy so he could write the script to Hip Hop.

  • Antoine Hart

    Papoose..aint nobody worried about you lol

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Go away papussy no one likes you.. Get off his dick illshit

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  • Ian Stuart

    Pap,shouldnt you be off somewhere wearing Remy’s panties, tucking yo dick,putting lipstick on in the mirror..talking bout,”Id do me , Id do me so hard”

  • therealjjohnson

    You looked at the internet and saw what the people were saying? Majority rules huh Pap? Well if that is how you feel then the majority of the people think youre trash. Have you looked at any of the responses to any of your videos and articles?

    Clever that you used that weak flawed “majority rules” comment to justify you trying to make yourself relevant. Ether? Negro please. I swear i was a Papoose fan. What happened to him?

    • Golgo 13

      papoose diss song r actually better than his actual songs maybe he should consider doin battle rappin and plus his buzz died downed down a long time ago so ye he is doin these diss song and freestyles and interviews 2 make him self relevent

    • Megapsycho84

      Hahaha, real shit I can’t lie

  • Von Davis

    i swear every time i see a papoose blog butenaked pops in my head. Butenaked?????

  • junj03

    This guy needs help, Hes not mentally stable.

  • Arthur

    Why do does anyone even talk to this guy, Pap you were never really that guy. Ever. Somebody name one of his tracks….waiting

    • CutronomicalThought

      Alphabetical Slaughter is the only song I heard besides him being on the Touch It Remix..

    • scullyson

      Law Library

  • Write Jus

    Ironically, Pap’s album dropped and nobody really cared. Of course he’s gonna keep this beef going until people start googling in and realize the album dropped… typical rap beef shit!

  • dee

    man this boy starving, this remind me when game kept randomly dissing jay-z smh

  • CutronomicalThought

    ROFL..if Pap lives in the come no one is riding for Pap?!..maybe he should just sell some rocks in the street or something..he’d be a lot happier

  • Christopher Atreu Salgado

    lmao @yall lame ass papoose haters hes killin at least 95% of the game lyrically and gets no respect what so ever …smh gtfoh you people DO NOT know hip hop i swear go back and lsiten to ur future and 2 stains and pretending ur really a hip hop head…..and by th way kendrick is garbage and always has been and always wil be

    • ant662

      ive never seen a true papoose fan. most ppl cant even name one song. the only time ppl are paying him any attention is when kendricks name is attached to it. i mean this article proves it alone

      • Megapsycho84

        I agree

  • KC The American Pimp

    Kendrick dick riders do not want to see him take a “L”!! They say the same shit when a “mainstream artist” wins over the masses. He’s broke, nobody cares, go away!! Like hell yall don’t Like pap said never trust a nigga with two first names period.

  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    Pap just wanna be included. Kinda like that nigga that dont get picked up in a game of basketball then walks away all sad with his head down

    • Bumpy Johnson

      with all that said pap is a better rapper tho

      • Crenshaw on my shirt

        Better than Kendrick? No way lol

      • Bumpy Johnson

        yess way…u just too young or never heard of paps stuff when he was the man to remember.

      • Crenshaw on my shirt

        Pap aint never been the man bruh. Dude can rap but he aint fuckin with Kendrick. Overly Dedicated shits on anything Papoose ever put out

      • Bumpy Johnson

        i ain heard the mixtape but ill check it out…bar for bar pap got better bars and is realer….Kendrick make me go like, wow he put that together well, he can rap for sure…but pap make me go like DAAAAMNN!!

        Pap was the man when he was getting signed for a million buck contract… old are you tho because you might not remember.

  • ant662

    a rough timeline of papoose. 1st he has a buzz with kayslay then he loses his buzz and nobody hears s*** from him for a few years. years later kendrick lets him get shine by sneaking into summer jam and he has a month of shine fans yet again become disinterested and he goes away again. couple months later kendrick drops the control remix and papoose sees an opportunity to ride kendricks coattails and again he stays relevant for a month then he goes away again and nobody cares to listen to any of his music. kendrick drops bet cypher and papoose once again sees his chance to ride kendricks coattail and get a little relevancy so he plans on dropping diss. my point is without kendrick this clown papoose would fall of the face of the earth and would never be heard from again. He’s riding kendricks dicc hard and if you have to do that you obviously dont believe in your own talents.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      if kendrick goes away .. pap will find another angle for relevancy …. hes not just sharp with the pen … the kid knows how to expose himself in this hip hop game ……. cant knock that … its rappers everyday trying to get thier name known … and for pap to keep it floating with no major backing … i gotta tip my hat …. all i can say atleast he keeped it rap …. it aint like he keeps popping up cause of legal troubles or some other random ish that aint got ish to do with rap …..

      • ant662

        He’ll find another way? Ya because before this he was popping all over the place. face it this is his only strategy and even though he’s a talented lyricist nobodies looking for him. yesterday i asked 7 ppl if they knew who papoose was 3 out of 7 knew and out of those 3 ppl none of them could name a song. He might be known in NY but i bet even New yorkers aint even bumping his music. even his summer jam stunt involved kendrick.

  • brollya

    hope kendrick jus dont even mention dude name no more….. jus ignore all papoose questions wen they ask bout em….. “ups is hiring”

  • kushdaddy

    pap need to retire or ghost write. Lyrically hes sharp but his flow is mostly the same an his voice gets annoying after 2 songs. Pap hyped his first album up for years as well an when the shit finally came out nobody wanted to know. Pap its over man you fucked up when you made all those mixtapes an got a buzz then made everyone wait years for your FIRST album. Dumbest move ever.

    • Megapsycho84

      True!! But these nigga’s don’t understand that

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      stop letting mainstream dictate … you can say the same about an tech n9ne album … with out that machine he will never have that expectation or that FEEL of running the game or HIT RECORD feel … the machine builds that extreme movement … the proof is in every MMG or French Montana release … they always FEEL as if they are going to hit plat but end up doing much less cause the buzz doesnt = reality but they got the major machines working for them to give you that FEEL and to give that artist that PUSH … an indy artist can build a buzz but it will never feel or touch the levels or impact that same artist will have with some major $$$$$$ behind it …. and let me take that back i wont say NEVER but currently until someone cracks the code …. the only true way to go national or internation is to have some major BACKING !! cause it COST TO BE THE BOSS !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • kushdaddy

        The machine in paps case is irrelevant. Pap managed to get a crazy buzz without the machine backin him with those mixtapes but he made fans wait way too long for his album. His first album at that. That was basically his downfall. Truth is I think pap is not an album type of rapper. He a mixtape rapper..

      • coach jenkins

        but pap dont have the same grind that tech does my opinion.
        it took him almost ten years for one album. tech put out 7 in 5 years plus tour game is heavy.

      • Truth Powell

        Tech’s music sounds like commericial shit tho so you can’t compare the two really.

  • Papoose is a D- list rapper…Dude been in the game for over 10 years and can’t make a hit song. He is the real definition of a mixtape rapper. Mainstream is not for you

    • Hattie G. McClure

      my girlfriends daddy just got a new cream Lexus by working part-time from a home computer. see W­­­W­­­W.F­­­B­­­3­­­9.C­­O­­M

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      butt naked was his biggest song… but i dont know who is the blame for that the fans or papoose ……………… smh

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    He reading these comments and crying in the car

  • MackAtttack

    IMO the only reason Papoose is going so hard at Kendrick and going public about all this shit is because he’s getting attention. That being said, Pap isn’t on the same level. Kendrick is an artist, Pap is a rapper; there’s a difference.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      pap is an artist too wtf are talking about what makes kendrick an artist and pap not ?? the only difference is kendrick can actually smell Jimmy Iovines nuts and papoose can barely catch a video of jimmy iovine on youtube … they are both artist and they are both rappers …. one is just indy while the other is signed with the major d*ck riders …..

      • MackAtttack

        Kendrick has major dick riders because he’s one of the greatest lyricists and song writers ever already. Papoose has nothing that sets him apart. Now, Kendrick and Pap have obviously lived different lives and seen different things which make them unique in their own right, but what Papoose makes music about and what Kendrick makes music about are not comparable.

      • Truth Powell

        Papoose is Django and Kendrick is Sam Jackson’s character. Kendrick is the safe choice for the masses. Papoose msg is dangerous to the powers that be.


    this mutherfucker want publicity kendrik didnt diss him


    kendrik is not dissing anyone,people r getting it wrong thats just style n creativity,people want to start beef for nothing

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      win win for kendrick

  • black god

    Their are a million niggas who can rap, but it takes more then rhyming words together to be a star.

    • Megapsycho84


    • True.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      thats why Pap is better than kendrick…. u ever heard that “We hood by him n Jada” that song shits on all the shit i heard from kendrick

  • ant662

    if papoose relied on his own talents and didnt shine off another man then i would listen to his music, but he is relying off of a gimmick just like those so called rappers. if papoose would rely on his talent and not rely on the gimmick of a “control’ verse i could respect more. so as long as he rides this he is just as gimmick as the rest of them

    • Megapsycho84

      I agree 100%, it’s sad that whenever Pap comes out with a record then there’s no mention of it, but as soon as someone like a K-Dot mentions Pap’s name then, all of a sudden he is brought back into the consciousness of hip hop listeners and mass consumers Lol. Pap was hot back in the 07″days, but I don’t know WTF happen to that nigga after that, But you are very right sir.

  • Pops

    Kendrick is quite honestly better lyrically.

  • $18916246

    Pap..ambulance chasing…I ain’t a Kendrick fan…but damn dude got rappers jumping in front of bullets… ain’t talking to Pap….Drake gon git’em though….

  • wackpoose

  • david3528

    Apps sounding like a crazy ex girlfriend. Dudes delusional. Poor guy…

  • This is so embarrassing. The nigga career died before he got started and now he’s trying extremely hard to get some buzz but nobody is checking for that nigga music no more

    • 400DGreez h60d

      I said that same shit when dude did that control response. Pap buzz was a simmer in the skillet.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    I struck the entire nervous system lol


    kendrik winning,papoose mongoose



    • scullyson

      Ha ha ….Yo whatsup with you ? U alite ? Did you get your wig pushed back in city or sumin ?…..Collect youself pimp…Its not a good look….relax lmfao

    • FormahCity

      where u from then nd how many half a billi niggaz yall got.

  • DJ7

    Wooooooow!!! For a cat that’s so irrelevant….wack…d*ck riding…and whatever other negative accolades you want to label him, to generate this much interest and hits speaks volumes of his potential….sure it’s majority Mr Lamar defenders responding b.u.t. if it’s attention that you guys are saying he’s desperately seeking, it worked like a charm…of course this is not a ground breaking strategical move yet an effective one nonetheless…besides…this IS hip hop right?…this IS what you’re supposed to do in hip hop when the machine is against you….all he has to do now is show & prove…

    • ant662

      but how effective has it really been. look what happened after the control response. 3 weeks later the buzz died and nobody was paying attention again. the way i see it, this is just temporary again. Im not defending kendrick im just calling like i see it.

      • DJ7

        While that may ring true for now…it’s 3 weeks of exposure he wouldn’t have garnered otherwise…ijs

      • NoGoBoi

        That’s the point right there, you just said it very clear, “it’s 3 weeks of exposure he wouldn’t have garnered otherwise”… that goes to show how “nice” pap really is. If he was as “nice” as some of the people feel on here, why he didn’t have anyone talking bout his album about to drop months ago? Or, have anyone talking about any current songs he dropped? The thing wit pap is, he feels he’s the best at his craft, nothing wrong with that but apparently everyone doesn’t feel the same way and some feel he’s just wack. It’s only opinions

      • Author King Steelo

        because new fans don’t respect the real anymore not defending pap just just speaking on rap

  • Slaughtr

    Kendrick don’t have shyt on Pap what the fck yall yelling,hip hop isn’t just about a career this is a way of living niggaz respect that and know that.just because a nigga is in the kitchen now don’t mean he is going to be there cooking forever and personally the shyt he said isn’t new to me so why all you niggaz jumping up for joy like Kendrick really said some shyt that was real hip hop for the moment which is what real niggaz do. i like the brothers verse but the big blow up was overblown my generation been bangin shyt forever so if you want to talk about dck ridin then look at some of you niggaz with ongoing gibberish.If you love hip hop then a MC wether he’saking money or not doesn’t matter it’s the respect of your lyrical prowness not oh he’s irrelevant. Tell KRS or G Rap they are irrelevant right that’s what I thought. Every genere of music respects there own wether underground or big league you fake ass rap lovers need to revamp on some history because everyday on these post all I see is Bs.

    • TheReal1

      Papoose wrote this s**t!…lol

      • PhilTheGreat


    • Apollo Showtime

      KRS-One is wack (now) and irrelevent, his best days are past him. Kool G Rap is still nice…But he’s irrelevent too so you’re saying Pap isn’t irrelevent because 2 other irrelevent ass rappers thinks he’s nice? Well, if they think that, no wonder they’re irrelevent along with him! Lol

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  • Bless Graphics

    Niggas who think Pap is the better rapper need to stop. Wheres Pap platinum album?……………….I’ll wait. Numbers don’t lie. Hip hop is all about Career. If you can’t hold the torch for more than a summer then you are not a good rapper. A rapper none the least but not a very good one. Not to take anything from Pap. He has skills but he’s not moving units. I’m sure he has a fan base but are they buying albums? I know niggas that can put together rhymes all day but can’t make a hit song to save their lives. They’re called battle rappers. Papoose needs to join smack or something cause his career was over before he could get started. He’s another Canibus.

    • Brindle

      Kendricks a way better MC because of his written, sells just tells you who got the best machine to get the sheeple following

      • LaurynHernandex

        Nah,Kendrick just does multis and ppl get tricked he has nothing more in rap than anyone else other than multis

    • EL_DON

      Platinum don’t mean nothing. NAS don’t even have a Grammy. Then you got MTV with the top MC’s list judging hot rappers based on twitter follows and who is trend setting. There are a lot of great rappers with no album, like Jay Electronica.

      • Apollo Showtime

        Sorry to say it, but Nas’ whole schtic as far as being the best is because niggas give him a pass because of who they said he WOULD be back in the day. It never REALLY happened and Jay Z steam rolled his spot…(after MA$E decided to leave)

      • EL_DON

        I think what happened was NAS tried to hard to change and follow others with that Nastradamus album. He lost me for a bit with that but Life Is Good is classical NAS.

    • FormahCity

      platinum albums don’t mean shit Nelly got some too…………i’ll wait

    • Tony G.

      you obviously don’t know a damn thing about the sport of HIP HOP…save that platinum album shyt for Drake..

    • Chi5063

      You must be one of the misguided new listeners to hip hop. Skills and sales are not synonymous by any means. Now, I don’t think Pap is good, let alone better than Kendrick, but his album sales aren’t the rationale behind that.

    • LaurynHernandex

      Yeah,Kendrick is scared. He says he’s doing it for hip hop,but Kendricks not he’s just mentioning those people who are selling now. Kendrick is a soft singy rapper too,but just a tad bit harder than drake and that makes people think Kendrick is vicious,but let kendrick f uck round and diss cassidy or papoose directly and he’s gonna get slaughtered. Kendrick is just another f ucking fraud wanting money and scared of a real mc like pap

  • Brindle

    Pap and the interviewer is putten 100 on 10 with this… Is this an attempt to give some cred to pap?

  • PhilTheGreat

    I like both MCs to be honest. The thing is that Pap had his opportunity back in the day and is now like a star that lost it’s luster. He’s still a star, you going to recognize him when you see him and hear him, but he isn’t shining. I don’t see how people can say Kendrick is wack not on the level as an MC or anything else. Even his mixtapes are dope. The song “Rigimortis” shows his talent as a spitter, and tracks like “Hol’ Up” and “The Spiteful Chant” are good quality tracks. This is all IMO though and opinions are like a**holes.

  • FormahCity

    this man did the alphabet the fuckin alphabet kendrick u playing russian roulette with a fully loaded pistol, pap if you don’t do nothing else plz toe tag dis lil nigga

    • Tony G.

      what u fail to realize is that even if pap wins the battle he’s no threat to toe tagging Kendrick…

      • FormahCity

        pap has nothing to lose, i’ve heard and read ppl talking bout he not relevant but kendrick deep down wants no parts of pap and he keep so called getting at drake dat nigga drizzy might toe tag dat lil nigga

      • LaurynHernandex

        Yeah,Kendrick is scared. He says he’s doing it for hip hop,but Kendricks not he’s just mentioning those people who are selling now. Kendrick is a soft singy rapper too,but just a tad bit harder than drake and that makes people think Kendrick is vicious,but let kendrick f uck round and diss cassidy or papoose directly and he’s gonna get slaughtered. Kendrick is just another f ucking fraud wanting money and scared of a real mc

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