N48H Nelly Teaser 1

What Nelly Said About Kobe AFTER The First Take Cameras Were Off! (Next 48 Hours With Nelly Teaser #1)

Follow Hip-Hop star Nelly during the album release week of his seventh album “M.O.” Nelly’s busy schedule has him traveling throughout New York City and Connecticut and we document the whole process as he promotes his new album.

In this first teaser, Nelly is on ESPN’s First Take with Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless and Cari Champion and our cameras are rolling after the ESPN cameras are off. See what Nelly says about Kobe Bryant in the first teaser of Next 48 Hours With Nelly!

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  • London Brooks

    lol well i hope kobe ask’s who wants to record with nelly? LMAO

    • Marc G

      But Nelly ain’t at the top. I think you missed the point. Kobe at the top and don’t nobody wanna play with him.

      • London Brooks

        i got the point…in general I’m like who wants to work with nelly

      • Different reasons, no one wants to work with Nelly because he’s wack.

        He does make good club music…I think?

      • London Brooks

        not any more thats the problem

      • Then he’s finished!

      • John Holladay

        most of the ppl replying missing the point. Statement has nothing to do with his skills its about his personality or lack there of.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      funny you said that cause working wise not many today prob want to work with nelly … but outside of the industry everyone is cool with MO !! lol ironically

      • London Brooks

        nelly is a good dude from what i understand just not in the booth anymore

  • disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    Dear Nelly, you are definitely off your top for that comment. Its obvious you have some hate build up but common son, you should know better and sure keep your emotional feelings to yourself. u are on the camera my dude talking all greasy. Kobe is my generations greatest to touch the ball just like Mike was for the generation before me and Lebron is going to be for the now generation. Thats what it is, respect our elders or people that came before you so in your golden years you can be respected too.

    • SBRon

      KD, Is that you…? GNR!!!

    • John Holladay

      You missed the point. He said Kobe can ball but, why is it no one wants to play with him. Its not disrespectful to make an observation. Hell who has ever had a good word personally to say about Kobe. Definitely not a teammate. When it comes to ball he is the man but WHY is it NO other GOOD players ever want to play with him?? WHY no other players dying to get to LA one of the BEST cities? BECAUSE KOBE is an ass hole personally. None want to be around that BS

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        kobe new ball name is GIFTnCURSE lol

  • Casor_G

    his words are real

  • orlando jackson


  • dfwricwil

    Tell the dam truth then… lol!!!

    • Phillis G Spencer,

      My Uncle John got an awesome white Nissan Frontier from only workin parttime online… Source W­­­W­­­W.F­­­B­­­3­­­9.C­­O­­M

  • VentKing11

    Spot on all day…Kobe for all his court skills just comes off on people wrong. I know they are paid to be professionals, but my God that dude needs to work on his people skills. The minute I heard him say ” hey come over here son, and let me TEACH YOU how to win a championship…” I knew D Howard was gone. How are you going to address another grown azz man that way? If any of you read that on the internet and saw that he was telling other people who said that to you, you’d be a ball-less biotch for being okay with it. He “son-ed” that cat with that b.s. for real. I get what Kobe was trying to get at, but again people skills. You don’t sell a car to someone by telling them “hey I know you think you a playa, but your car ain’t shit let me show you what a real man’s car looks like..” Ninja please.

    • Matt Swan

      Nelly and you are right. Besides what dude do you know gives his wife major properties in a “divorce”, she sells them, and you take her back? And who is the b*tch in that relationship? Some of these ESPN cat’s are d*ckryders for real.
      Waiting for the butthurt Lakers fan. lol.

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    i agree a hundred percent…

  • You Got Me Hott Out Here!!

    His music is GARBAGE

  • brotha_man

    cari champion is grade A

  • Real King

    VentKing11 don’t act like you know Kobe personally. You speak as if you had a relationship with him and I bet you’ve never even seen dude in person LOL!

  • ZUBU

    Nelly is on point. I’ve not liked Kobe since he snitched on Shaq, when he got caught up in that shit in Colorado. Kobe try to act hood tough but he grew up in Italy and the upper middle class section of Philly. But the boy try to act like he got street cred…. nigga please

    • golder1

      Who cares if he has street cred or not. Is that really important at any age unless you are the neighborhood D boy. Wheather Kobe is from the hood or not, he can talk and act as he chooses

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        they only cared cause kobe went south paw if he’d stayed in his lane no one would even question his street cred ….. you def can do what you want and how you want it shoot HE DID …. but it just looked fake cause as soon as ish HIT THE FAN …. then you wanna switch up … its like a dude who goes to jail and becomes muslim then drops his faith as soon as hes back on them streets .. i mean it is what it is but tighten up mane !!

      • ZUBU

        Mr Wash, thank you my brotha that is exactly what I’m saying.It’s not about having street cred or not its about staying in your lane being who YOU really are. Kobe was faking the funk as we use to say. Peace Bro…..

  • good

    What’s the x factor in some rappers staying relevant(jayz) and this dude who will no doubt be on the roster of a ‘Rap in the early 00s’ tour one day rocking at a county fair near you?

  • MakePlaze

    Can anybody tell meh who was standing in line to play with Jordan? And if you want to be clear about chyt, mj broke his own team mates nose in practice because he wasn’t focused lik mj. If u want to speak on the truth, kobe dry snitched on shaq. He was soaking on if he was shaq he would have just paid the Bitch (alk under his breathe while bring finger printed). They was recording his every move, so when they knew they didn’t have a case against him, they released the recording as to damage any more of his image. If kobe was from the hood, he would have known to jus keep quite, but he aint. And if you think Howard was a grown ass man, then you haven’t been watching his actions since he been in the league, he jus built like one. You haters of 24 need to take more time off, kuz he ain’t done

    • ZUBU

      Bro, what does any of this have to do with MJ? Kobe snitched, MJ was demanding of teammates, yes. If you defend snitching in any capacity then that says it all about you. Hmm… Keep riding with Kobe Bean Bryant. Peace…

      • MakePlaze

        1st off, speaking of mj was how you mention goats. Same to say of magic. 2nd, Google the recording, if you want to get it word for word. Was it wrong? All day it was (just like it was when snoop did it), ain’t no denying that, he get off the court points taken for u score keepers. He didn’t pull no Frank Lucas lik most ninjaz from the hood would do. Mi whole point is, u fck boiz are like the government (how they love to investigate baseball, but didn’t investigate Bush winning fl), u cats judging a pro athletes with hiphop laws. Eye see if it was A.I..

    • ZUBU

      Nigga I gotta go in on yo ass. He dry snitched? Nigga snitching is snitching.. What recording are you talking about? I live in Colorado, nigga there was never any recording released, Kobe was interviewed when he said that Nigga you making up shiiitt. You sounding like a fake brotha/sista much like Kobe. A fffuckking recording get the f out of here……….

      • MakePlaze

        Eye listen to ti, but none of u hiphop heads got to the bottom of how he got that deal when having a silencer? REALLY (in 3stacks voice on ti song)

        “Demanding of his teammates”.. And eye don’t see another ball player more demanding of his team mates rite now. The same thing you ask of kobe, u have to ask of mj. Rodman rush to play with 23 the same way Metta rushed to play with 24 How many coaches say good things about Howard? How many players. How can one not want to talk basketball with one of the greatest in his position, and he want to improve his game? He got Bynum as a more offensive threat than him-HOW?