Epic Fail of the Day: Man Robs Greenhouse, Gets Caught by Cucumber

You’d think that a robber would have so much adrenaline flowing that they wouldn’t be thinking about food. Nope, not Billy Joe Donnelly who got busted in connection with burglarizing a greenhouse in Preston, England. According to the Huffington Post, Donnelly took a bite out of a cucumber during his heist and his DNA is what led to his arrest.

Basically, he was caught by a cucumber. #Fail. He also burglarized a home that was next door to the greenhouse and has previous burglary and theft convictions. He was sentenced to two and-a-half years behind bars.

Cue sad violin, because that was just dumb. He probably bit into it and then left it out in the open.


  • Guest

    This nigg@ got caught because of the green dick LMFAO can’t stop laughing

  • Matt Swan

    ——————– And on to other hip hop news————————
    Nikki Manaj has a fake a$$ and matching titties from Jacob The Jewler. She wanted a matching pair of everything.
    The Amish have come out with a new version of Ice Ice Baby and it actually sounds good
    Lil Wayne as outed himself and Drake as closet Jews.
    LeBron’s forehead has a mixtape coming out called extra skin and wrinkles; the forehead saga
    ————————–Hip Hop Verse of the Day—————————-
    “Caress that speaker that booms”- Amish version of Ice Ice Baby
    “Roll around give you p*ssy by the pound b*tches”- Lola Demoan 50 n*ggas deep
    “Murda was the case that they gave me”-Ray Lewis

    • Don’t sleep on the Amish!

      At Close Range – Sean & Chris Penn, Christopher Walken = True story

      • Matt Swan

        Thing is I wrote this as sarcasm to the lack of real hip hop news and rumors. But parts of what I wrote are true.

      • I thought it was all true!


        ‘Chet is that fucked up!