Cam’ron Speaks on Jay Z Banning Dipset Music At 40/40 Club, Dipset Album + More (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Cam’ron is perplexed on Jay Z’s constant referencing of him after their short-lived beef in 2006.

Talking with MTV News, Cam wants the public to not only know that Jay Z is the one who constantly mentions him and even makes a startling allegation of how Jay Z treats Diplomats music at his 40/40 night club:

I think he has more of an attitude with us than we have with him. We had our moment back and forth, but I’m kinda over it. Like if you go to the 40/40 Club you’re not allowed to play Diplomat music,

Cam spoke to DJ Scream on Hoodrich Radio about his Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1. In addition, Cam spoke on what is holding back the long awaited (and delayed) Dipset reunion album:

It’s all love but nobody want to sit in a studio for a week and do a Dipset album, because it wouldnt be genuine. So basically we trying to figure out the time schedule so we can do it and do it right.

Check out the excerpt from the MTV News interview as well as the Hoodrich Radio interview excerpt below:

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71 Responses to “Cam’ron Speaks on Jay Z Banning Dipset Music At 40/40 Club, Dipset Album + More (VIDEO)”

  1. Jamie Johnson

    Why is a grown man, damn near 40 complaining about what another grown man don’t play in his club?! Why you in 40/40 anyway if you don’t like dude?! Why don’t you open your own club, call it Dipset and play your music all you want

    • digitallife

      He ain’t never been the one with the issue, if you use google you can find an interview with Dame Dash were Dame let’s the cat out of the bag. Cam and Jim have impressive business resume and it pissed off Jay that they got executive positions within the Roc but Dame was doing the right move. Look at Jim Jones A&R resume, you’d be surprised who he’s worked for and the artist he’s signed for those labels.

      • johnblacksad

        I hear niggaz sayin they made Hov, made Hov say ok,
        so make another Hov,
        niggaz wasn’t playin their day role
        so we parted ways like Ben & J.Lo”

      • digitallife

        That line would make sense if it was an even playing field. Ask former Rocafella artists how even the playing field is…since you can’t find out that actually still has any sort of major recording contract.

      • Weedras

        Jim Jones A&R record isn’t bad but it aint Stellar as for the business tip… Jones outshines Cam again where’s sizzurp? you can only get it online, i know because i order a few bottles from time to time… Armadale was considered a failure for Dame and Jay but i still see it in some liquor stores… Cam was a proven business man and still isn’t Jones on the other hand he can do his thing… during the whole dipset beef i was with Jim why because dude was about the paper while Cam was more about the petty shit…when Jones was tryna make moves with 50 and Juelz was trying to do his thing you had Cam trying to rein both dudes in… Cam isn’t as savvy as you’re making him out to be…

      • digitallife

        So according to you the only proven businessman in Hip-Hop is Jay-z? Listen go take an hour of your life and learn about Cam bro, i’m by no stretch of the imagination a fan of any of these cats but at least before I talk I do my research. You may actually come back in here and correct your assumptions about the man after doing so. The cat owns businesses just like a ton of rappers you wouldn’t ever imagine being businessmen outside of music.

    • johnblacksad

      Exactly! This nigga Cam stay talkin sh!t…

      Nigga get your own club and play your own music! Plus have some self respect and stop going to 40/40

  2. Frank

    Thank god. Killa’s back. I needed that in my life. Like in one of the skits on the album, the chick said “a lot of these dudes is wearing skirts out here”. Real rap. Keep doin it my dude.

    UPDATE: I ain’t talking about Cam’ron the Diplomat. I need my dude Killa.

  3. bigdoe6

    Let’s put this shit in perspective people. Cam fucked Beyonce back in the day. Cam got one up on Jay and Jay can’t take it after all these years That’s why Jay always throwing shots at homie. Cam fucked her first and he’s mad. Jay is a boss but he has suckerish ways.

    • digitallife

      Nah it’s cause Jay made them sign a gag order not allowing them to speak about even made a song about it. Shows me Cam has tons about Jay he can say but is binded by paper to not say it.

      • bigdoe6

        Bruh i know what i know. I know what u don’t know. Let’s keep it at that.

      • Weedras

        lol! you’re still not making sense… were you there counting strokes? you have a pic? a voicemail? txts? email? many say they knew the word was gonna end year 2000… did it? way way back many said they knew the Earth is flat is it?

        “The Average Man can’t prove of most of the things that he choses to speak of, And still won’t research and find out the Root of the truth that you seek of…” Sabali

  4. Guillaume Pilon

    It’s all love but nobody want to sit in a studio for a week and do a Dipset album, because it wouldnt be genuine

    the guy dont even care about his own group

    • RapItUp

      I wonder if he meant the rest of the group don’t want to sit in the studio.. Cam built Diplomats, I’m sure he’s down for the cause. He still putting in work. Probably Juelz lazy ass.. And Jen Jones beefin on twitter and shit

      • johnblacksad

        aren’t Blueprint or Makaveli proper albums?
        (less than a week)

        I could understand it’s different when it’s a group, but careful whatchu say…

      • m2gunnunn

        its harder as a group, cuz cam want to do it one way, jum wants to do another way, juelz wants to do it 3rd way, freeky just wilding out, lol

  5. digitallife

    The person interviewing should’ve asked him about the gag order Jay-Z forced him and Juelz to sign…I still find that mighty interesting. Part of the fallout at Rocafella was over Cam being made president on a salary and jim jones being made in charge of A&R but was it a bad move? Nope, it was Dame Dash taking two proven independent businessmen and having them make the label younger and with a wider audience. At the end of the day these guys have been good for Sony, BMG, Koch, Arista and a ton of other labels it just pissed Jay off that Dame put them on in a major capacity.

    • $18916246

      Bruh, hows that kool? You’d be pissed too if ya boy and business partner, Dame allows Cam to punk him and “TAKE” his position @ ROCAFELLA. Cam,Dipset never saw the big picture and Cam gotta regret that, Yet he himself pigeon holds Jimmy and Juelz? Cam Jealous of’s some street n*gga shit. We (black men) play a mits game where if we feel if we’ve sized you up and we see physical confrontation as no issue, we attempt to play you for p*ssy. Real life, life lived,…Is brains over braun….Chess over checkers…including so called chin checkers…Jay stay winning…and to Cam and Dipset that’s always gonna be a problem.

      • digitallife

        I’m not sure if you are here doing P.R. or what but what you replied with makes zero sense.

        1. What position was Cam or Jimmy taking? Jay-z is 1/3 owner, the other two weren’t named cam or jimmy. So you are saying he was threatened by his employees?

        2. Why would cam be jealous of Jay-Z, Cam’s career was helmed and helped by Biggie who as Jay-Z called it was his brother from another mother. So whatever success Cam has it’s part of BIG’s legacy…why would you want to stymie your man’s legacy?

        3. What the fck are you talking about mitts and gloves and sizing up. This ain’t boxing..this is business at the time these dudes came to Rocafella within a year they outsold Memphis bleek, Beans, and State property combined. Brains would dictate that a smart business owner is going to promote his hot product not dump it and suppress it.

        4. After that break down what exactly is your point?

        5. As far as Jay-Z keeps winning..who gives a fck. I haven’t heard Cam have a home, car, jewelry repossessed…So i guess he’s winning too in his own lane. Jay-z don’t appeal to me (not saying cam does either) but old boy is putting out music now for what I call “Lifestyle maintenance”..Holy Grail was hot for like a week and fizzled the fk out. Jim Jones got a nice house, nice cars, a clothing line and he’s A&R for two labels so he ain’t hurting. So again…how are them dudes losing?

        6. I and like every other person on here who has to bust their azz for every dime they see and don’t live nearly as well as any of these dudes would love to trade our struggles for what you call losing because honestly…if them dudes are losing…then we are all epic failures.

      • $18916246

        Cam wannabe Jay Z…his troublemaking ways set him back bruh….reduced him to making more hot mixtapes then cd’s….Jay said it best.”.If I shoot you”…yeah we know the rest….Cam’s in a ghud place…

      • digitallife

        Cam wanna be Jay-Z? LMAO…ok cuz. You are reaching for the moon with short arms…very short arms. Nevermind you didn’t address any of my points but cool.

      • johnblacksad

        I respect Cam for holdin his down even against Hov… because I’m sure a lot of cats don’t want it with Hov (ask Nas, he don’t want it with Hov, nooooo)

        But with that said, Cam, Hov, you, me, everybody including haters and their mamas know damn well Cam nowhere near Jay Z when it comes to… about everything : money, raps, career, sales, albums, sold out arenas, longevity, industry plug, private jets etc…

        Still tho, I like Cam and respect him for standing his own

      • digitallife

        Nas lost to Hov? Hahahahaha tell me another fairy tale cuz. I guess mofo’s been running around saying “dude got ethered” because nas lost right? The church of Hov…marketing, pr, and money bragging..doesn’t surprise me folks can’t see through the front. Illmatic will forever shyt on anything Jay-Z has ever made and let’s not even get into the bars Nas dropped on Distant Relatives…just because it flies over your head doesn’t make it any less of a gem.

      • johnblacksad

        “We celebrate like I finished probation boy boy,
        Out of the mouth, I can spit out a razor boy boy…”
        I saw Nas & Damian in concert during their Distant Relatives tour… I fcuked with the album something heavy… so your attempt just failed right there.

        Listen homes, you’re gettin all excited for nothin… I just quoted Takeover “ask Nas, he don’t want it with Hov, noooo… ”
        now where the fcuk did you see me say Nas lost to Hov? (which he did if you really wanna know)

        Say what you want about Illmatic, I still pick Reasonable Doubt over almost any rap album you could think about naming… you do you, and I do me. I could also tell you that the song Can I Live shits on the whole Illmatic album… where is that gonna lead us? just drop it!

        You sound like an angry jealous pastor… mad at Hov for having a bigger church than you or your favorite artist. Don’t take it out on me… not my fault!

      • digitallife

        Angry jealous pastor lmao..says the defensive jock riding fanboy…lmao at Can I live shiitting on Illmatic when your boys himself has said he’s always tried to surpass illmatic but nobody will “His own words”..but ok. As you said I do me and you do you…”Nas don’t want it with hov” that’s where…Jay was never invincible again after ether..nuff said.

      • Weedras

        you approached the debate with info that was no where near true… In no business does a partner make a decision solely without consulting with the other partners… but you’re trying to make it seem like Jay was just being petty when that’s not the case at all.. Dude and Cam had issues before they came to the Roc yet he didn’t object to it, he didn’t try to keep them in oblivion they released albums etc. so i don’t how your’re acting as if Jay was being a bully when Cam and them were being disrespectful… i listen to both artists and Cam was taking jabs on a lot of Dipset mixtapes while on the Roc…. and at the time that Cam and Jim got their roles they weren’t proven businessmen.. this all came after the fallout…

      • digitallife

        Just for the sake of chin checking…learn your history. Jay had issues with Lance Rivera…that has zero to do with Cam outside of Rivera being administrator of a label biggie technically owned 50% of. Cam and Charlie Baltimore were both Big’s artists from jump via Mase hooking them up…hell go ask Chali on twitter who signed her first. You know what’s funny though, Dame Dash said folks would find a way of blaming everyone else but the party responsible for the ROC’s demise and it’s truer than ever. It was Jay who wanted to sever ties with his partners…in the one interview Kareem Biggs did before getting busted for growing weed in new jersey he stated “Jay wanted to go in a different direction regardless of the fact we had established something very powerful and had three black men in control of an entire genre of music”. Rocafella fell apart because of Lyor Cohen who has been the dividing person between Jay and Dame from day one..who you think released the video of dash screaming on the marketing people at Def Jam. The irony is if Dame had been looking out for the parent label in that capacity they would’ve called him a brilliantly exceptional executive who gets things done.

    • johnblacksad

      …while he was on vacation (with his sandals on)

      He co-owns the shit… I wish my business parter would make decisive decisions like that behind my back…. sheeeit!

      I bet you Dame wishes he never made that move…. fcuked his own money up

      • digitallife

        Considering Jay was sitting on the shelf at relativity before Dame came in the picture let’s just say if it wasn’t for Dame Dash you’d still be waiting for “reasonable doubt” but ok.

      • johnblacksad

        …niggaz saying niggaz made Hov, ok… so tell the nigga to make another Hov

        Talkin bout ‘if’…. nigga, really? ‘if’? c’mon, you can do better than that

      • kinglee

        LOL.. awesome John..Digital for a man with a maters you should know “If” is not a valid argument.

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      c’mon quit it
      only “people” dipset them been good to was koch and they was makin that indie joint RICH
      jimmy fucked up his A&R deal with who ever he was A&Ring for (his words). at the end of the day if they dat good then the label wouldnt mater and black ballin wouldnt matter. dipset WAS a movement wit or with out radio…… but if they cant bounce back standin on they own then u have to question where the momentum came from.

      • johnblacksad

        “u have to question where the momentum came from.”

        Powerful sh!t… people prolly sleepin on that but you killed it in one line!
        I never even thought about it like that… but it’s evident now that you’re raising the question.

        Cam defenders out here talkin bout Cam been known in the game way before his ‘draft’ in The Roc roster… which no one argues, but the ‘momentum’ as you put it comes from one and one thing only : R.O.C.!!! …back then, 99-2000, every rapper would have gave their mother up for a Roc-a-fella chain and the right to throw the ROC sign!

        all that ‘aura’ dipset had, the ‘swag’ they had even before people were abusing the word ‘swag’, that confidence etc… comes from being part of… uh… excuse-me… doesn’t come from being signed on a label like Koch!

  6. $18916246

    The real question is, How long can Jay Z spit these ill verses on everybody else’s songs? Shit is amazing…Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar, and now Drake. On each song fan’s are listening to Jay’s verse. Some radio stations only play Jay’s verse…WOW. I guess it’s what we all expect. Dudes in his mid 40’s and goes hard on every feature still.

  7. Weedras

    I don’t know which 40/40 Cam talking but i’ve been to the one in Manhattan numerous times and i ‘ve heard songs with Dipset artistes… i think it was best he said himself and Jim… but i’ve hear songs with Juelz and that ‘Yo Muma’ song popped off in there few times i’ve been there… and in honesty you was talking foul shit about dude and spreading rumors why the hell would you think he’ll just let it go like that… Jay and Nas shit was personal but they still had mutual respect.. Cam and dip didn’t give dude no respect even in his own castle… even when Jay extended the olive branch and did that ‘New York City’ joint… if your over it then why speak on it…

    • digitallife

      So getting tight a thriving independent artist gets signed to your label sells more than the rest of your roster combined with his first effort in a year(Not including jay’s numbers), gets promoted to president of the label he’s contributing greatly to only to have you turn around fire him, slap him with a gag order, go on radio throwing him under the bus knowing you legally are preventing him from even responding to anything you say…but you say dipset disrespected Jay-Z? Seriously the man lives up to the name Jehova, because the fanbase is like a blind cult I swear. Everything I just said is verifiable if you use google btw.

      • johnblacksad

        Only the strong survive… how you gon blame the most powerful cat for using his power to crush his nemesis in a feud?

        Maybe Hov was supposed to let Cam win and hook him up with Beyonce too!

        Yeah, call it a cult if it pleases you but it ain’t blind!

        Why didn’t Cam try to get Jay fired? oh, he ain’t got the pull?! i get it

        Hov all day!

      • digitallife

        Was supposed let a man who had no issue with him win? If you got a kid on the corner selling crills from you and he’s killing it you gonna get hot about it cause he’s making a name for himself or you gonna continue making money off him? Just answer that honestly and there is your answer about all this shhh…sorry I gotta dumb it down for dumb mofo’s. You clearly are dumb as fck..why didn’t cam get jay fired? really…seriously son they gave you them real toxic crayons to play with as a kid.

      • johnblacksad

        You still haven’t answered… why didn’t Cam get Jay Z fired or something… do they not have the same pull? I don’t know help a n!gga…

        If the kid you got selling crills on the corner is getting mad disrespectful, you annihilate that lil’ nigga so everybody know who is who and what is what! Where the fcuk were you raised?

        Now chill with the calling me clearly dumb as fcuk… you don’t see me talkin about the pimples your momma got all over her butt

      • digitallife

        1. Point out where at any time Cam said anything negative about Jay-z before the fall out…I’ll wait..

        2. You really sound stupid, since when can the employee fire the boss and when has a smart boss fired an employee that’s more profitable than every other employee he has combined?

        3. Mama jokes just goes to show your limited capacity my brother but please just once don’t ignore the point and show and prove..i’ll wait..where was the disrespect because I for one know Cam was kissing jay’s ass on radio and tv every chance he got.

      • johnblacksad

        I love mama jokes so much… most efficient thing since they invented the wheel.

        Like you said, it’s the church of Hov over here… so let’s just not have a JayZ/Cam debate… I can’t believe we’re doin this already….

        So… if my understanding is correct, you’re saying Jay is not a smart boss?

        >>>tryin not to laugh in your face… n!ggaz can not be serious

        The disrespect doesn’t have to be caught on record, or during awkward 106 interviews… I’m jus sayin… if you got a lil street in you, you know you should be able to spot a funny actin nigga

      • digitallife

        Court Deposition quote “Shawn Carter is not the owner of 40/40, he is a figure head. He was brought in by the owners for a percentage of equity to promote the club franchise”..

        The words of Jay’s own lawyer in a court house in the state of New York. Just like the Nets situation, just like every other “Business” folks think Jay actually owns. The dude is the free marketing for these businesses and that my friend is other people’s business creation. Listen very clearly, it doesn’t matter how much money jay-z has, it doesn’t matter what the public perception of jay-z is, there is literally not one single investment group that is going to go into business with Jay-Z and let him actually conduct, manage, or run any business. Why? He does not have the training, education, or resume for it. Before you bring up the talent agency, google who is actually running it. Before you bring up rocawear look up who actually ran it…Don’t believe me? Engage any business professional and ask them “Could jay-z himself sit down with any investment group on earth and get them to fund his project if he himself plans to run it” and the answer is a big fat “NOPE”. How do I know..I have a masters in that field. Dame was the brains, Jay was the talent, Kareem was the muscle = Rocafella Records from day one to it’s death. 50cent was involved in Vitamin water right? Well in order to get funding they had to bring in other people to get the funding for him to launch SK…why? Because legit business people can properly read a spread sheet and understand what it means…these rappers despite what you believe cannot. Every rapper in any business capacity is repped by Goldman Sachs or another money house, those are the true businessmen behind them. They are the ones who sit and put it in simple terms what you risk to reward is for investing in this or that.

      • Sean Taylor

        lol @ johnblacksad

        crickets…digitallife just went over your head w/ this comment.

      • Weedras

        if you didn’t know… many ppl who are in companies and are exposed to certain info are subject to gag orders… that’s just business… 2ndly as it has been said over and over again Dame did it behind Jay’s back he never came to him and asked for his take.. foul shit… and yes they did disrespect… and dude struck back and struck back good… and i’m not no blind fan but Cam’ had it coming then to come out and say he f**ked Bey and still can’t drop proof not even a voicemail.. i believe in proof.. if you can’t prove it then it can’t stand on its own.. and for the record when i say Dipset disrespected Jay-Z im talking about when they were on the label and Cam was talking slick shit… you’re talking after everything boiled over… some people play checkers, some play Chess…

      • digitallife

        Son this isn’t goldman sachs we are talking about…Jay let go of a lot of artists over the years not one of them has a gag order they’ve all been able to answer questions from day one…I want one of you cats to point out prior to the falling out at Rocafella when Cam ever took a swipe at Jay..just one of ya’ll…once..the funny thing is folks sit on here and talk about the machine and fall for all the shhht the machine sells them. P.R. and image are everything in hip-hop and by the posts i’ve read here jay must have hired the best cause there has been plenty of smoke to question this man’s story from jump but nobody has the balls to ask call him out on it but cool..

      • Weedras

        Check the song ‘Let Me Know ‘ there’s a few subs on that track…. and for the record… all the other artists that left the Roc didn’t leave as V.P. they were laymen by default they wouldn’t have been exposed to certain info… remember this these companies might have been started by street dudes but they were still run like any other corporations if they didn’t have their fall out the Roc would more than likely be standing tall still and that’s what had set them cash money bad boy and a few apart these dudes ran their shit like any other corporations…

    • johnblacksad

      Young disrespectful little lion cubs thought it was their time to overthrow the old lion and take the throne but old lion had to remind them who was who and what was what… (…now look at these suckers)

      Dipset was mad feelin themselves, young, disrespectful and sh!t… they thought Hova’s time was ova! …but Hov knows better than that

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