Epic Fail of the Day: Woman Gets Caught Walking Around With Pillows Padding Her Butt

So…I’mma just let this one ride out because, I’m confused.

Was it a dare? Did she really think that looked good? Is she practicing for future surgery?

What do you think?

So many questions.

  • therealest1

    Dumb ass shit.

    • Jordan FU

      Short and to the point, you win. Brevity is the sign of wit, i have none and you have aot.

  • Thenatural503

    So this is what it is now huh? Having a huge azz is so important now that we stuffing our asses? I mean this big booty is going to far. You can’t just have this big nasty looking thing and call it a nice back end.

    I love a nice round azz as much as the next man but stop giving these chicks with stretch marks and cottage cheese legs love fellas.

    • Jordan FU

      I feel ya 100%. I love a nice round ass, but that doesnt mean i want the rest of her to look like she works unloading ships at the f*cking docks. at 5’3” hses probably close to 300 lbs. No man wants a woman like that. It looks so bad too, how the guy who took the picture could stop laughing for long enough to take a non blurry photo is amazing. I wonder if he hold laughing in her face, cause she looks pissed in the second picture. This is why Steve Jobs was such a genius, now we all have cameras to take pictures of hilarious shit like a dumb bitch walking with pillows jammed don her shorts. God damn this photo made my day, i hate allhiphop a little bit less now.

  • MrNoName2K

    ok you can even see the pillow ridin out the top of her ass lol gthoh, thats some fake ass sh*t

  • ZUBU

    Wow, epic fail. Chick act like she was upset cause somebody want to look at that gross thang…..


    See ni&&az all them istagram likes on big booty pics, got our women doing this…smh

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    OK someone mentally unfit would do this. It’s probably mad comfy on the bus though

    • Papi Peligro

      No man think about it. Her real booty only got like a inch of seat. She relying totally on the fake booty to support her narrow but figuratively fat a$$. Shout out to the real BBW’s with the real booty.

      • Jordan FU

        Thats the thing, shes is a “bigger” women anyhow. Im sure hses got an ass thats pretty big without the pillows. If you just read the headline or story without the pics, i would guess she was a really thin chick with zero assl

  • One bigger than the other though lmao!

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  • Charter

    There’s black people, there’s niggaz, and then there’s niggers. Which one is she?

    • ONE


      • Charter

        Yeah, defend the pillow stuffing “woman”, she’s clearly respectable, intelligent and not desperately seeking sexual attention. I’m the problem here, not her. LOL

      • Jordan FU

        No they are talking about you being the one bringing race into the equation. Saying shes probably a dumb, desperate for sexual attention bitch is pretty on the money andi think people would agree. Just dont make it a Black (or White, or whatever skin color) issue, ANd look around no one is defending this maniac. Shes getting clowned like the dumb bitch she assuredly is.

    • johnblacksad

      which one are you mf?

      • Charter

        I’m smart enough to know she’s not the first two.

    • Jordan FU

      Leave race out of it. Shes a dumb chick, they come in every color, size and age. Well maybe not Asians i havent seen many asian women with a nice ass. They in general got that pancake ass (sorry asian women just being honest that most asian women have flat asses, based on my “research:). But no doubt i could see (and probably have) seen a dumb white chick with padding i n her pants/area. White women been trying to become black for like the last 40 years, some white chicks i know go crazy as hell with the tanning to the point that they look like some Orange alien who is darker then naturally dark skinned women. Im not even talking about using the cream, but baking with basically cooking oil in the sun (you know, the way that has a really high rate of skin cancer). Then some black chicks wear a weave 24/7 which is f*cking odd. Go get me some dead shit from someone else and put it on my head.

  • MAybe she was shop lifting

  • johnblacksad

    Still tho, I like that better than actual surgery… I don’t even kno what the hell it is these bitches inject in their butts

    • Papi Peligro

      It should be mandatory that a barcode come with implant on the outside. Like a webcam has to have a light. That way we know the inflatable booty is on.

    • Jordan FU

      Yeah but its not like she has to have one or the other. She loses a little weight and her ass would be nice. But i agree with ya, firs toff plastic surgery is f*cking dumb 95% of the time, even tits most surgeons screw them up somehow either they look obvious or are like feeling two rocks on her chest. At least with jamming padding down your pants you are out like 10 bucks and can take them out, where as plastic surgery is expensive (have no clue how much ass injections are but im sure they arent cheap), can be fatal if you have a shit surgeon and are more or less permanent. And they are relatively new, we dont know what the hell its gonna make your ass look like at like 50 or 60+, your ass already gonna be saggy cause gravity im sure with injections chicks asses are gonna look like some melted cheese dripping down from where your ass should be,and like everything in the world im sure is a carcinogen, I have no idea what ass cancer is but im sure its bad. Probably has a funny ass medical name though.

  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    ” one side bigga than the other tho ” – ha haaaa ! funny sh#t.

  • Papi Peligro

    No for real. Females being wearing that padded booty. I was talking to a girl about her friend like yo and she got a fatty. She told me its fake she wear booty pad whaaaaaaaaaaaa.. Why Lord Why.

    • Jordan FU

      To lazy to lose a little weight (she loses a couple pounds she would have a nice ass with curves but not look like santa clause in the belly department), shes the kind of chick you could easily make the mistake of asking her how far along in the pregnancy is she (well no one would carebut you getwhat i mean).
      Basically she has no discipline, its easier to jam pads in your pants then work out. I love a nice ass but if shes busted everywhere else and overweight (im not saying she has to be close to model skinny, but she aint that tall and probably outweighs me) and you know if your taking her anywhere where food is shes gonna eat you out of of house and home). She better have a good personality and suck a mean dick or shes worthless.

  • Papi Peligro

    Shout out to the real BBW with the real booty.

  • EL_DON

    Personally I think she has self esteem and mental issues. She just don’t look right in the head. I’m tired of seeing black women with scarfs on there head and wearing Jordan’s and Tim’s in the streets, some of you claim your a lady but dress nothing like one nor do you act like one I public. If you got more sneakers than shoes and are over 21 you’re a chicken-head.

    • Jordan FU

      Well put. And who the f*ck stuffs pillow padding in their pants? Shes fat, im sure she has a fat ass anyhow. She should maybe 1.) see a f*cking therapist cause like you said she seems to obviously have mental and or self esteem issues, and 2.) get your body in better shape, not even just to look better, well she would look better but she probably already has medical issues because of her weight. Man some women are crazy, wear fake hair, get plastic surgery, hell stuff pillows in their pants, basically to me it screams “I hate who i am” which is some sad shit.