Kwame Kilpatrick

Former Detroit Mayor Sentenced to 28 Years in Fed

(AllHipHopNews) In what is the end of a decade-long tale of scandal, sex, and extortion, former Detroit Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick has been sentenced to 28 years in federal prison.

The 43-year-old was elected Mayor of the city of Detroit at the age of 31, and his flashy attire, earring, and ever-present two-way pager garnered him the title, “The Hip-Hop Mayor.”

He brought new attractions to the city’s riverfront and much-needed business investment downtown, with a mayorship that to many was to be a symbol of youth and hope, but turned into one of corruption and scandal. Kilpatrick was sentenced today in federal court to the amount of time that prosecutors asked for, 28 years.

“He’s become the poster child of what went wrong with the city and why it went bankrupt,” said Adolph Mongo, a political consultant who worked for Mr. Kilpatrick’s re-election campaign, to the New York Times. Yet he said it was unfair to pin the city’s problems on any single elected leader. “It was a house of cards,” Mr. Mongo said of Detroit’s fiscal health. “Kilpatrick was the last card. He fell and it knocked everything down.”


  • Casor_G

    Damn!! Free Kwame!!!

    • TruthSerum

      lol, yeah, free a guy who took advantage of and stole from one of the poorest cities in the country heavily populated with his own people. Guys like this are suppose to make a difference not use their popularity to do the same things people like George Bush do. I agree alot of other old white crooked politicians should be joining him on that Cell Block but he deserves what he got.

      • johnblacksad

        Yeah right… as if he was the only corrupt politician!
        This is some foul sh!t right there

        The banksters fcuked the whole world a hundred times worst than this but not one seen not even an hour of booking

        Bush presented false evidence to attack Iraq… +4000 dead soldiers, +3000 billions $ spent, official (+6000 $ billions officious according to experts)

        I hate to wave the ‘racism’ card but this is clearly what it is right here

      • TruthSerum

        You clearly didnt read what I said, so I’ll repeat it.

        I agree that they all do it, and if it were up to me, they would all be sitting on the same Cell Block with him. But, just because other folks are corrupt doesn’t give him a free pass to be the same type of scumbag.

        Of course there’s racism at play, there are about a million other white politicians who should be on that bus to the pen with him. But the key words are “With Him”, because he’s going where he deserves to be.

      • johnblacksad

        We can agree to agree… I didn’t say he didn’t deserve it, I’m just mad they’re actually pinning him when the others get to continue about their ways…

  • dfwricwil

    Dam! That’s a long time to think about a lot of ish you could have done differently.

  • therealest1

    This clown never gave people an impression he could be taken seriously as a mayor. To be fair, he isn’t 100% of the reason Detroit went bankrupt, but he is a good percentage of its downfall.

    • Pirate7X

      What % is he to blame in your opinion and what facts back this?

      Just asking because media & folks are saying “he destroyed the D” or “this has been going on for decades” and I want to know the deal from people of the area.

  • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

    Truth be told, the only time the park was mowed and the street lights worked, in the neighborhood I grew up in, was when this guy was in office. Private business has began helping with the lights and I got a non profit to help with the park because my family still lives over there. He did a great deal of stealing and harm to the city. The Detroit news detailed how this has been a 50+ year old problem. He was able to bring several large scale events to Detroit. He is the reason we have a riverfront and campus martius. I say all this to say, he had his hand in the cookie jar but 28 years is excessive. He is a convenient scapegoat.

    • Imagine if they sentenced the politicians who bankrupted the country to the same time….Oh wait, they have the “Complexion For Protection.”

      • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

        Yeah, the former governor of Ill, I think his name was Blagojevich received half the time of Kwame. I remember his trial being for corruption and misappropriations of funds. i.e. Not paying off the good ol’ boys.

      • They stole from the thugs,but the thugs never get charged…the real thugs anyway.

      • Terrance Goodman

        Blanco did get hit , trying to sell Obama

      • brotha_man

        i was trying to imagine if they sentenced a former president aka the nino brown of war

      • Never that, Might Makes Right!

        #THUGLIFE(On a governmental level.)

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  • Hypnotic&7

    That shit ain’t right……if you look at it deeply they pinned the whole falling on Kwame. Damn

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    He gets 28 years, but no CIA member during the Iran Contra Scandal recieved a day in jail? FOH!!!

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  • Bamm

    Acting like he da reason fhe city in da shape its in. These crackers dont want blacks in seats like that

  • Colombian King

    B*tch a$$ Zimmerman kills Trayvon and is out free, my man Kwame does what every other white politician does and gets 28 years?? And they wonder why we act out…… this country is f*cked up? Don’t get me wrong i wouldn’t want to live any where else but damn somethings got change.

  • eddieknucks

    He gave his friends and family construction contracts. Gave em jobs. Leased a Lincoln for his wife. Not a Bentley. He fired the people who had been stealing since Coleman Young. Instead of learning how to steal correctly from the old heads. They got pissed and starting saying he was doing shit that had been doing for years. He was young. He was hip hop. The old heads hate our generation. They demonized him before he was even accused of wrong doing. Not saying he was without guilt, but he is the freeway rick of this situation. Karmonos, compuware and every big company in Detroit were in bed with this ninja.

    • Pirate7X

      Word EddieKnucks. I don’t know the entire situation but you seem to have summed it up with knowledge & understanding, respect.

  • eddieknucks

    I hate to say it but union politics is one of main reasons Detroit is in turmoil. Not Kwame. His dumb ass fell for the banana in the tailpipe. He came into office when the money was drying up. His father was telling him how hustle the system like it was the 80s. Crack killed Detroit. The alienation of the suburbs. Police brutality. The fall of the auto industry. It was on its way without his involvement. I’m just sick of these sheep saying he single handedly ran Detroit into the ground.

  • This is Bull shit, I am from Detroit and this is bull shit, it was many reason Detroit fell, but it definitely was not Because Of Kwame Kilpatrick , they could of bail out chrysler and other companies a long time ago , and they still had to file bankruptcy , hateful people with endless money, they are heartless , it was because the majority of Detroit is African Americans, why no one goes to jail because of what they did to New Orleans , they are trying to destroy the african americans and are making the african americans to be the fall guy for it , drug dealers , negative rappers , and the n word against each other with gang banging , this is a game to some one and/or some thing, and they are trying to win and to win is to destroy all the african americans ,,, Kwame is definitely not that guilty to do no 28 years , i don’t believe he is guilty enough to even go to jail, that is ridiculous ,,,, and zimmerman goes free, this is ridiculous, Please some body get Farahkhan to help him and us and some body get the asians , ” all of them ” to help him and us and also i believe the anti christ is doing this through white Jesus Christ ,,,, ” they are evil , this is evil ” ” God Bless ” …. need help { NOW } …. Please SOme one step up … or we will be extinct …