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Hip-Hop Rumors: Will The Wire Return To Netflix?

I am hearing that “The Wire” may actually be coming back. AND, I am hearing that it may be coming back to Netflix! Holy S**T! Can this be life? Well, apparently there have been rumors of this nature for some time now so we don’t know for sure if its true. But a 6th season of The Wire would be crazy. It seems like people feel that the show is a tool for educating people about the drug game, particularly the kids. And in case you didn’t know, Netflix is killin’ it with the original programming. Its the new HBO!

In the meantime, check this out. Its called “Omar Lives”

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Sean Power

    to much of key characters died to make a come back

    • As long as Avon’s alive the show can go on IMO.Avon is the star of The Wire to me

  • Andre Moore

    wouldn’t be the same. Everybody died! Drug game aint like it use to be anyway. Dooky is the King of the Street after he got off that shit .

  • Thenatural503

    Doesn’t Netflix only have like one series that is worth watching Orange is the new black? Maybe I’m missing out on some exclusives. Oh House of Cards was an exclusive right?

    • n n

      Lilihammer is my favorite from Netflix.

      • Thenatural503

        Never heard of it maybe I’ll check it out tonight.

      • n n

        Sopranos spin off

      • brotha_man

        lilihammer is dope, i like house of cards

    • Jayrock6631

      If your into Drama definitely check out House of Cards but if your looking for action this is not the show for you

    • therealjjohnson

      House of Cards was an exclusive. And a very good show. I can wait for the second season.

  • Jame Shivar

    AY!! Renald0oo Who Ate All The Honey Nut Cheerio’s?! Lmao #h0m0Thug

  • beezie317

    i c no one was payin attention to the last season yea alotta guys died but everythung came full circle like Michael was the new omar ect plus Avon still alive and so is mcnutlty n bunk n bubs itd be worth it if the original writers was in on it

  • Matt Swan

    It would take a stretch and some hella good if not the original writers to pull this off especially when those that watched the original know how good it was. I’d hope they would stay true to the original and not just fill in slots using wack rappers and “reality” celebs trying to use their “name and fame” to bring back this legendary show.

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    “The Wire” is the Greatest TV series Ever!!! And i’m talking to you “The Sapranos”

    • The Wire is actually a spinoff from “The Corner”, (Charles S Dutton) but that might be a bit to old school for this generation.


        I remember hearing about the Corner….I think Ed Burns was behind that also…It was either Ed Burns or the Jew guy from The Wire…

      • Not sure, but Travis Terrell Jacobs (M-7 Hip Hop’s Unsung Heroes) played “Dionne” on the Corner, and him & Omar started out together, back in ’85? (Acting) I’ll ask, but I don’t think Omar or Travis can comment publicly.


        Yea Ed Burns and David Simon created that also…

      • Yeah, i just spoke to Travis, who spoke to Omar & NO, Omar isn’t coming back, they were going to do a motion picture, but negotiations stalled, but Ed Burns was definitely involved.

      • Pirate7X

        EDO my bro, you’re a man of knowledge about the music biz.

        Could you please weigh in you perspectives on this Daz vs. GTA 5 case on the AHH thread above? Seems Daz may be in for a major payday but I want to hear your side, gracias…

      • It hinges on his publishing.

        Many artist sign away their rights, so if you have his publishing, GTA5 has to pay you, not Daz. Travis Jacobs worked on GTA5, as a carjacker “Get the Eff out the car” & was paid for the voice over….but had to BUY the game, and I think if they use his voice over, he doesn’t get paid again.

        If Daz owns his publishing, he wins, but my peeps had dealings with Rockstar, involving a Dog Game, and the Rockstar dudes didn’t know ‘chet about the Dog game, but they flew in their own expert from Va. to sit in on the negotiations…and it just so happened that their expert “The Boyscout” was mentored by my mentor, “The Gee Man” about 20yrs before he mentored me.

        I say that to illustrate how much Rockstar crosses their Tee’s & dot their I’s. Without knowing the facts, I think Daz will lose, just because Rockstar is so comprehensive with their double checks.

      • brotha_man

        the thing that had me buggin was they say they offered daz less than 5 g’z, now was rockstar offering this because they were being nice aka the record label (or owner of the music) already gave permission or daz agreed to the dealings realizing that rockstar slipped up and forgot to contract the deal #conspiracy

      • I think 4 racks was standard pay.

        Not sure why would Rockstar offer Daz $5racks & still use the song if he refused it, I mean, it’s not like Daz is getting licensing deals, etc. Meaning they could have crooked a better hook, if they were going that route, but who would turn down $5K to have their song in the hottest game of the year?

        Business wise? I would have charged Daz $5K to get featured in the game. (To offset developmental cost)

        I think Daz doesn’t realize that he doesn’t own his own publishing….I could be wrong, but RockStar does it by the book, from my personal experience (which is “EXTREMELY” limited.)

      • BulldogCG

        yep, a lot of the same actors from the wire had parts in the Corner too. Friends working with friends type of thing. The dude that played Sydnor I remember for sure, and the guy that played Landsman. There were a few others that showed up to if I remember correctly.

      • Dionne from the Corner = Travis Jacobs, he was in The Wire, the short Black Muslim on Oz, with method man, he was also the Black guy in the camo jacket on the Subway in “The Devil’s Advocate, when the dude pulled the blade on Keanu Reeves & Pacino told him about his wife & neighbor. Trav was in the middle holding the subway pole.

      • ONE

        The corner was dope, I remember watching that show in middle school.

      • The realest show on TV at the time & maybe still.

      • ONE

        Shit was gritty

      • Fat shout to Travis Jacobs for being a part of that!

      • brotha_man

        i remember the corner and laurel ave i was a lil jet but remember being into both shows.

      • Laurel Ave?

        That is old mudda chuckin school right there!

        Putting you in your late 30’s?

      • brotha_man

        naw i just have an old soul used to watch wit mom dukes when i was a youngin,….we moved to minneapolis around that time

      • Sean Power

        they where both created by the same person and base in the same city but it wasn’t a spin off the corner was a mini series adopted from a book The Corner: A Year in the Life of an Inner-City Neighborhood that david simon wrote the wire is spin off of
        Homicide: Life on the Street a nbc show base on his other book

        Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets

      • I remember that show, but I thought Homocide was a spin off of the movie “Homicide” with Ving Rhames (Young Ving Rhames) & Joe Montenga, which was an excellent movie, with Ving as a wanted Black Panther giving out that Mocha to the jakes.

        I’ll re check with Trav, but you sound like you are right, but it’s just that behind the scenes, there are things developing out of the public eye.

        Travis worked on both shows, but only as an actor, so he may not know all the details about the directors & development.

        If you can though, check out the Ving Rhames / Joe Montenga “Homicide”, a definite sleeper that you will enjoy & for the record, Ving Rhames has a Mini 14GB, which is the same gun used in “Starship Troopers” except it’s in a Bullpup stock.

      • Not really a spinoff because they share no characters, but yeah it’s basically continuing that story but more focused on the city.BTW that black chick from The Corner was hot.Dude’s baby mom

      • >> In Robin Thicke’s voice : “It was INSPIRED!”

        Kind of like King Of Ny inspired NYPD Blue (New Jack City, NY Undercover & Deep Cover too. )

      • I didn’t know KONY inspired those shows.I wouldn’t have put that together.I did hear a character from The Corner was supposed to be in The Wire,but they decided not too.I think his addict friend was related to somebody

      • The poster for KONY says “Where Scarface left off, KONY begins”, the red head cop, David Caruso, started NYPD next, Wesley became Nino, next, Larry Fish went Deep Cover with Snoop’s 1st song “187 on an Undercover cop”, next, etc.

        Theresa (Frank’s Black girlfriend, she was shot by the jackers) Randall, Gianacarlo Espisito = Bug out from Do the right Thing. ( The white guy stepped on his Jordans ) Unrelated though *

        KONY inspired Big’s Black Frank White. That ‘chet was the mad classic! Even Schooly D got mad play “Am I Black enough for you?”

      • Damn I was just watchin that shit the other day. And even though I knew him as Buggin Out first, Giancarlo will always be Esteban (from Fresh) to me. EVen in Breaking Bad I always called him Esteban instead of Gus. LOL

      • Hahaha, true!

        Still, when you saw KONY, I know you were like “Buggin Out” is the accountant?

        He was always on some G ‘chet.

      • Yes indeed, goin back to the days of Big Brother Almigh-TEE!!

      • digitallife

        Check out the documentary about Melvin (the pastor on the show)..shhh is deep. Dude was the kind of Bmore.

      • Where can I find it? The name?

      • Yeah wasn’t Avon’s character based on him?

    • its a great show, but Breaking Bad owns both of them, Hail Heisenberg.

      • ONE


      • brotha_man

        1. the wire 2. breaking bad 3. broadwalk empire 4. dexter

      • You Got Me Hott Out Here!!

        damn no lost? Dexter fell off seasons ago

      • brotha_man

        i know, didnt want to face the reality…..aside from that and off topic of discussion game of thrones go hard

      • 1 = Breaking bad 2 breaking bad 3 breaking bad 4 breaking bad

      • Come on PINKMAN! You act like Walking Dead don’t come back on this Sunday!

      • brotha_man

        damn forgot walking dead……1. the wire 2. walking dead 3. breaking bad 4. boardwalk empire

      • Dave

        all shit bro, you forgot the bridge, homeland, do i have to keep going…

      • While breaking bad is my shit.The wire is so cultural to the streets and urban cities I can’t call it.Overall BB had all good seasons while the wire had a suspect season.The wire is so much more true,poetic,and well acted

      • what??? the acting on BB is way better… BB is the highest rated show of all time. BB is cultural to the entire population

      • Dave

        & The Bridge owns both of them 🙂

      • no, breaking bad is the greatest show of all time.

      • Damn, Sons of Anarchy don’t get no love on the AHH board though?! LOL That Low Winter Sun goes kinda hard too lowkey, and Justified.

      • SOA? naaaah. that show jumped the shark long ago.

      • I mean it ain’t been the same since Opie bit it, true enough, but jumped the shark? Never that fam. For the record though I fukked with Breaking Bad the long way too.

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  • that show orange is the new black on netfix is pretty good.

    • southside4lyfe

      yeah tru but you know they would never put a african american as lead role in a criminal tv show. they only use white women because it is so innocent when a white women does it LIKE STUFFING MY DICK DOWN HER THROAT INFRONT OF ALL HER FRIENDS.

      • the show shaft.

      • You Got Me Hott Out Here!!

        based on a true story idiot

    • Vic Sage

      Yes sirrrrr..”

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  • dehova

    That video was dumb….but funny for 5 secs at least.

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  • Dan_Tebasco

    Although the bonus video was funny this “hiphoprumor” can suck netd-cks, who cares???

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Netflix is trash

    • You Got Me Hott Out Here!!

      go suck a dick faggot

      • Havoc Wreaka III

        Says the fag sucking dick

    • Vic Sage

      You’re bugging my dude..” Netflix is on point from ‘House of Cards’ to Orange is the new Black..” Not sure what dope your on…”

      • Dave

        why pay when there are hundreds of private torrent trackers out there, Havok is right nextflix is trash, free stuff all the way!!!!!!

      • Luchini Stevens

        dude… 9 bucks a month is cheaper than the super computer you’re gonna need to keep all those torrents on.

        grown men can pay 9 bucks for the convenience.

      • Def. true, Netflix been slippin on a lotta the good shit lately though. Not to mention the hell that ensued when my lil girl discovered she couldn’t watch Spongebob or Rugrats on there anymore cuz they took em both off at the same damn time…that was a tragic situation right there… -_- I STAY havin to hit the magnet links (fukk a torrent) to get shit cuz Netflix didn’t have it.

  • therealjjohnson

    The Wire didn’t get cancelled the writers decided to end the series. If it was to come back it wouldn’t have to go to Netflix. Not that there is anything wrong with Netflix…but the article gives the feel as if it The Wire needs saving or an outlet. If David Simon wanted to continue the series he could do it where ever he wanted to at this point. IMO that is…

    • brotha_man


  • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

    I believe one of the writers passed but I would love to see a background on the Barksdales, Omar, Cutty and even Prop Joe. Just a matter of can they write the stories as well as they wrote the original.

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  • Luchini Stevens

    HBO is not gonna release any of their shows to Netflix…

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  • digitallife

    Sixth season for what? It ended perfectly, the cycle starts all over again. They spent 5 seasons showing up the game from the inside, how the old heads fade out and how the youngins step in.What could possibly be the point of a 6th season?

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  • mponjoli malakasuka

    I really hope they come up with sixth season, the wire was good