Snoop Lion’s Son Offered Scholarship To Notre Dame

(AllHipHop News) Cordell Broadus, son of rap icon Snoop Lion (fka Snoop Dogg) may be wearing a gold helmet in the fall of 2015. The 4-star wide receiver recruit was offered a scholarship to join the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team.

Broadus’ current head coach at California’s Diamond Bar High School broke the news on Twitter:

According to ESPN, the 6’3, 185 lb junior has also received offers from USC, California, UCLA, Nebraska, and LSU.

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Watch Cordell Broadus’ 2012 highlight video below.

  • DoubleRR

    The old saying..its about who you know..or in this case, who your father is.


      I got news for you College Football is about winning not who you know or are related to. This isn’t him getting a record deal or a role in a movie. All those school’s are major division 1 school’s & they aren’t offering scholarships to him because of who his father is, they are offering because he can obviously play. He also didn’t get a 4 star rating because his father is a hip hop legend,

    • Executive

      Or maybe because he’s good at playing ball, you hating ass crab in the bucket ass nigga. Just admit to yourself that you will never ammount to shit!

    • Tony G.

      boy this is ND and major college football..not the rap game…aint got shit to do with who his dad is or who he knows.

      • Live Well


      • Sean Taylor

        Show what you know….

  • dee

    lol@ 1:40 he pushed the defender with force


    Good pick up for Notre Dame! He is CLEARLY talented………DAT BOY GOOD! (Eddie Murphy voice)

    • Tony G.

      well its just a scholarship offer….not saying he’s necessarily going but yes it would be a good pickup

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  • Thenatural503

    Love how Snoop’s kids all outweigh his skinny azz as teenagers.

  • Carlos

    snoop should pay for this college education and donate that scholarship to someone who needs it. Kid is good but betcha if snoop was not famous, that nig be at long beach community college

    • NoGoBoi

      If he’s doing good in school and doing his thing on the field he deserves that scholarship like anyone else. Why shouldn’t he get the scholarship if he earned it? Why shouldn’t he have something to hang his hat on and be able to say, “I did this on my own ticket, without my famous father doing it.” You hating on the kid homie, we all watched that highlight film and dude putting in work. Talking bout if it wasn’t for his father he’d be at a JUCO, stop hating boy. Can tell you weren’t an athlete in school, just one of the puss a$$ cats in da crowd hating, talking bout what you woulda, shoulda or coulda did. LAME

    • Live Well

      Nah, I think he’s a legit 4 star. Being Snoops son don’t have nothin to do with it, especially at Notre Dame. Those alumni members make Snoops money look like he’s on Welfare.

  • MrNoName2K

    He’s actually not all that bad, even though he has been coached privately by a few of the best WR coaches in the game while in HS..i aint mad though, do your thing brah

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  • goose

    its all about hard work and dedication

  • Cereal Killa

    Definitely a good look.I say he’ll develop better at SC.