Birdman, Tyga Anoint The Game As he Signs To Cash Money

(AllHipHop News) The Game cemented his new affiliation yesterday at the annual How The West Was Won show, when Tyga gave a Cash Money chain to be put on the Compton-bred rapper’s neck.

The pair had just finished performing Tyga’s song “Faded” when Tyga did the deed, certifying what the Birdman had said earlier in the day.

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It has been apparent that The Game would eventually since to the iconic label. The Game and Birdman even have a “phone call” about it on The Game’s Jesus Piece album.

Click here for a complete rundown of How The West Was Won.

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131 Responses to “Birdman, Tyga Anoint The Game As he Signs To Cash Money”

    • fddf

      So hes washed up, but yet hes a fool for signing to Baby – which is it?

      Rap fans on the internet wonder why artists refuse to listen to you idiots. No common sense or logic just babble no matter what it is. Its a business move on his part.
      Yall say he didnt even have a 5 year run then wonder why hed sign to YMCMB, as if that cant improve that situation.

      Despite what you geeks talk about you constantly have to reintroduce yourself to the new general fans out there, with fame. YMCMB has alot of industry power & fame, so Game probably wants to use that to leverage his music & other business ventures. Thats common sense. Just like his reality shows. U squares hated on it but it introduced him to a new wider audience, made him money & the show turned out with as high ratings as T.Is show with only 2 short seasons.

      Niggas think this is fantasy hip-hop. Going alone is not as easy as what you fools think. Its not a damn video game. That means you have to BLOW alooooooot of money and HOPING you get it back. Yall say hes washed up right? So why would he spend so much money on building everything for himself if hes not gonna get it back?

      Studio time alone costs alooooot. U have to get road managers for tours, assistents, distrubutions and so on so on..these things cost MONEY, TIME & U HAVE TO BUILD for years. If its so easy why do people RARELY do it? niggas on the net just keep talking.

      How many Tech9s is there? Exactly..

      Indie route takes ALOT of FANS & ATTENTION (FANBASE, CONNECTS etc) as well!

  1. Eli

    It isnt 2005 anymore. The-Game is not Poppin like that anymore. He had like a good five year run but now I dont see him having such a big fan base anymore. Dont get it twisted though, I want to be proven wrong because I actually like Game’s music sometimes.

      • LaurynHernandex

        Nah, his last few albums sold good,but IDK why they did the first two were alright to me.

        US: 2,500,000[10]

        Worldwide: 5,000,000[11]RIAA: 2× Platinum[12]

        ARIA: Gold[13]

        BPI: Platinum[14]

        IRMA: Platinum[15]

        MC: Platinum[16]

        RIANZ: Platinum[17]Doctor’s AdvocateReleased: November 14, 2006

        Label: Geffen

        Formats: CD, digital download111282298241521US: 969,000[18]BPI: Gold[14]

        RIANZ: Gold[19]LAXReleased: August 26, 2008

        Label: Geffen

        Formats: CD, digital download2111223381889US: 965,000[20]BPI: Silver[14]The R.E.D. AlbumReleased: August 23, 2011

        Label: DGC, Interscope

        Formats: CD, digital download11112222727714US: 206,000[21]Jesus PieceReleased: December 11, 2012

        Label: DGC, Interscope

        Formats: CD, digital download611—16————76US: 281,000[

      • LaurynHernandex

        You made cause you lost to a real man you fairy homosexual?

      • Havoc Wreaka III

        Gay joke only say you lost…. Take it like the bitch your are

    • LaurynHernandex

      His last abulm sold 200,000 + a piece in this economy he’s doing pretty good,but he shouldn’t be after all them damn features

  2. chippc

    1. Tyga chaining niggas? That can’t be a good sign of things to come.

    2. What chain was used? The O.G. Cash money piece? I wouldnt mind having that myself.
    3. They still chaining in 2013?

    • LaurynHernandex

      Yeah, black rappers have to have chais to show they have worth on the outside,but rich white folk like bill gates don’t know wtf a chain is lol cooning at it’s finest

    • LaurynHernandex

      lol Wayne,Drake and Niki are the leaders of that label. Juvenile,BG and Turk kicked it off and were the real hard core bunch now that label went pop

    • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

      That was his way of saying, welcome to the pyramid scheme. I do not see how anyone could sign in good faith after Tyga said the only money he has received is an advance. He has had some ringtone hits and he should be receiving money from that.

      • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

        Not sure of how his contract is structured but I imagine he should have received more than simply an advance from YMCMB. But who knows, he could be in one of those Cadillac records contracts where he is stuck in arrears to the label for most of his career.

  3. kushdaddy

    Game goin backwards lol either that or hes already recorded 1000 bars dissing all of cash money which he gonna release soon as lil wayne an baby gay ass refuse to make it rain on game as he gets on stage as a stripper for them.

  4. good

    1 year = 10 hip-hop years. Rappers and labels are delusional. No shade but Drake is the only starter left on the team. Game is old news in hip-hop. These fans are so fickle a label would be better suited dropping their entire roster w/ the exception of 1-2 core players every 3 years. Hip-hop is so much the culture of now I’d scretly rename my label and rebrand every few years to keep up with the trends. Ym was hot 4 years ago = 40 hip-hop years.

    • LaurynHernandex

      It’s these artist on fault. Eminem changed from a satanic person to a christian now back to satanic,Tupac started as black power went g and came back to black power. Ice cube started as gangsta,social,then party now back to a mix of the three. Game has been I’m a gangbanger! all that is apparent after the first 2 albums lol

      • fddf

        Uhh, what? This fool really thought he made sense, and by using 2pac & Eminem as examples lmao.

        You really think Eminem is still around cuz of his music purely? LMAO. U do know that people, including his own fans, say that he hasnt made a dope album since 2002. So 3 good albums?

        GTFOH. 2pac changed once it became a trend to rap about gangsta shit just like the concious shit, so is that a sign of a leader too?

        2pac didnt start the concious shit in hip-hop that idiots believe. X-Clan, KRS, PE, Brand Nubian, Ice Cube etc. all made that impact at those times before a 2pac, who tried to be like them. Once Death Row & Chronic came out, 2pac went gangsta.

        I guess thats a leader too? Hypocritical ass niggas.

      • EDOGZ818

        Side note: Paradise Gray from X Clan was the man behind the world famous ‘Latin Quarter” & they were affliated with the Dec 12th Movement. Professor X was Sonny Carson’s* son?

      • LaurynHernandex

        Oh eminem is definetlly trash since 2003,but think about how he totally changed on relapse and recovery,Also idiot Tupac always was black power and militant since his inception into ra[p,he had more songs prior to digital underground at 16 years old ytawking about yusef hawkins also he made it cool to do odes to your mom. You a fagot

      • good

        Im referring to how only a few rappers including the few you mentioned can actually sustain a 10 year+ career out of the 500 rappers in a 3 yearperiod who chart with a hit single. Outside of Jayz who is relevant now that was rapping in ’98? My point is that industry dudes can never face the reality of themselves or their labels not having staying power.

        Boondocks had it right about the nature of the biz:

        Dj vlad character: Can you make a comeback?
        Thugnificent: ummmmm My last joint came out 4 years ago.
        Dj vlad character: Seems like 40 doesn’t it!

      • good

        Yep, only a few stars can attain that cult following to shine for a decade+. Most get considered played out and flame out.

      • LaurynHernandex

        Yo! You one of the cool ppl on here answer me this.Rappers come out with gimmicks and whatever they come with they usually gotta portray for life,but for example If rick ross rapped from his life view like being a cop,football and the hood than a mob boss what do you think he’s be more entertaining? I think it would be badass if he talked about it from their perspective and what he seen.

      • EDOGZ818

        If he would have done that, I would have bought his music.

        Right now, he’s just a spokesman for private prisons…instead of a deterrent, which he would be if his first single was :
        “Every Day I’m Cuffing Them”

      • LaurynHernandex

        Nah, they sustained cause they made a hit in different perspective. Lil John can make hits,but only party hits,also Ice cube is still relevant he independent selling 500,000 each outing that’s crazy numbers,Nas sell 250,000+,Eminem, also some are relevant just by face paid to show up like snoop dogg

      • good

        Exactly, only a few cats develop a cult following. If I were a label head I would try to decipher better who’s 1 and done and who isn’t.

      • LaurynHernandex

        IMO it’s the gimmicks that rappers do. If they want to portray a fake character at least come up with two different names. like eminem slim shady,tupac makaveli,will smith fresh prince etc.

  5. therealest1

    This guy had all the opportunities to make it on his own, have his own thing with that Black Wall Street imprint after getting established in the rap game pretty fast, but kept it on the ground because it never took off due to his lack of business acumen.

    The Game is living proof that he is a follower, not a leader by going to Cash Money despite the fact he was quite successful getting his name out there.This guy has to be the biggest fan boy in rap ever.

    • LaurynHernandex

      He got everybody and everything elses names out their due to his constant name dropping lol I think he gave a shoutout to my pitbul!

    • therealjjohnson

      Ehh i would have to disagree. Not disagree per se but say you may be looking into the wrong way. The terms “leaders” and “followers” should be regulated to things that actually matter. This man makes millions of dollars a year by releasing music, touring, and doing TV shows. His business acumen seems to be paying off.

      There are only 3 labels. Every other one is a subsidiary of them. So in theory everyone is a follower. Going to Universal for distribution is actually a smart move as they have the inside line to Targets, Best, Walmart etc. Cash Money is just the marketing tool. It will be business as usual with Game. If anything this lengthens he career because we all know there will eventually be a diss song and falling out that will spawn more coverage etc.

      Guess is just depends on how you look at it.

      • therealest1

        I totally understand what you’re trying to say, its not disagreeing. Yes, he has made money off things outside of rap, but what he earned or accomplished is nothing compared to what 50 Cent has done.

        To me, Game had the potential to make way more based on his name and fast success in the rap game. The strike on him is he couldn’t get his Black Wall Street label out there when many artists have been able to get their imprints out there easier.

    • jgraves58

      You’ve hit the nail on the head. It’s pretty obvious Game isn’t too bright. Wiz Khalifa has had less success than Game but is currently in a much better business position. Taylor Gang has a distribution deal and Wiz is making money off of the success of his first label release (Juicy J). That’s what real bosses do, make their artist successful so they can make money. Game don’t have that type of mental strength.

  6. Andre Moore

    So I guess this is the end of his career. All those people that signed with cash money and never released a album lol. He’ll be beefing with cash money soon enough when they shelf his next album.

    • LaurynHernandex

      lol this shelfing thing was warned on busta but he didn’t listen. IDK why they don’t utilizebusta,over gudda gudda,tyga, and the other coon assembly

    • Sonny Tutimez

      If yall listen to the interviews…all signing to YMCMB does is affiliate you with a well established organization its up to the artist to keep the buzz up and drop their own albums…from what tyga said in a interview Birdman don’t give them nthn to release projects or no royalties they have to pay for everything themselves except a “singles’ video..they just get endorsement and show money but they get the freedom to do what they want…i dont see The Game having a problem dropping a album though cause the only people thats hotter that game on the whole YMCMB imprint is Drake and Wayne but for everybody else his numbers are better…Game has sold over 5 million records (1 album sold 4 mil alone) so he is money in the bank

      • jgraves58

        Those records were sold by G-Unit and Interscope. Game never sold anything on his own AND wasn’t Black Wall Street his own thing? Well, who’s the BWS artist that he’s put on, exactly, nobody. Game don’t have the brains to be a boss, he’s not a smart guy or leader. This YMCMB thing will be over in a year or so and Game will be making diss records about the YMCMB artists.

      • Sonny Tutimez

        Im talking about selling not being his own boss he makes good music and will be able to make a hit see tyga was on the label forever until he was able to make 1 hit song then he started dropping albums whenever he wanted to…YMCMB is like being independent on a major label..his last album was better than any artist on YMCMB last 2 albums…his album wasn’t promoted well by Interscope at all..Interscope was bullshiting that man…’Jesus Piece’ was one of the hardest albums i heard in the past 2 years that GKMC, Watch the Throne, & MCHG

  7. Richard Savage

    He still aint gon sell shit again. YMCMB has so many artists that they cant even put everyone’s album out. You will not get in type of good promo unless your name is Wayne, Drake or Nicki… shit Tyga doesnt even get the promo he should get

    • jgraves58

      Drake is a way better rapper than Game. A lot of Game’s bars don’t even rhyme or make sense. Plus, Baby hasn’t spent money to promote anybody on that label other than Drake, Nicki and Wayne. Why is it that no major wants to give Game his own label/distribution deal? Even Wiz Khalifa got his own label/distribution deal.

    • jgraves58

      It will eventually come. If your name ain’t Drake, Wayne or Nicki, you gets no marketing and promotion at YMCMB. Period. Ask Tyga.


    WOW… With that Move….They “the illuminati alliance” definitively closed the door on 50… at this rate there will be no more forbes list for him…
    The music industry is not taking risks with Hip-Hop like they used to… in terms of hip hop geo-politics and unless there is another way to sell CDs… that’s the only move veterans will have to make if they want to survive…. either you sign with Cash Money or ROC Nation or Bad BOY… Pick your side…

    The Game didn’t have a choice… T.I. will not have a choice … Nelly won’t have a choice etc…

    Bottom Line is 50 aka The Bully of the East can’t pick a side… To make it worst he sells Headphones… see how Eminem is promoted heavy by Beats nowadays?… I doubt 50 can have the same treatment… so even in his own camp I doubt they will re-up the deal with him after his last album drop…. on some real shit if he HAD TO do it would have been Cash Money obviously… But with that deal, it is almost GAME over!…
    Come to think of it 50 is one of the best selling artists under UMG (parent company of Interscope, Cash Money etc…) … He might work out a Label deal with them… But UMG only cares about results…If his last album Street King Immortal SKI is not a success 50 is done in the music industry….
    hmm 50 is stuck with selling his last album Street King Immortal the Jay-Z New Rules Way…

    • Antiblog

      50 havnt sold al album in years. still he is still on forbes list. give credit to him for that. and for the headphone dont be surprise if he outsold dre beat because sms headphone is sold worldwide while dre beat is only known and popular only in America.

      • LaurynHernandex

        Trust me 50’s headphones will never outsell dre’s. I had a pair of 540’s and people made fun of me lol

      • LaurynHernandex

        I have a pair of Dre’s,but in all honesty I picked up a pair at best buy for 12$ and the shit sounds the same lol

      • LaurynHernandex

        Yes sir. I’m a runner and most races permit the use of headphones and music in S.C.,so I had to shell out on the big ones because I thought they’d be so much better in drowning out noise while I do my road work.

      • sakiru oresanwo

        Did you just say Dre Beats are only known and popular in America?No offense but that has to be the dumbest statement on this site yet.Not saying you are dumb, just dumb for making that statement.I’ve had 3 different dre beats headphones/earphones and currently have the sports hook earphones.On my way to work every morning I see people rock dre beats,sony,blackberry,other brands of earphones except sms audio.You need to get out more and if you cant afford to then do some damn research before making such dumb statements.
        P.S I live in London,England

  9. therealest1

    I guess Cash Money needed a legitimate Blood by signing Game with all those bootlegs on that label.

    I wonder if Game will get another stupid tattoo of Cash Money showing his enamor of star names in addition to the other stupid ass tats he already has?

    • jgraves58

      Lyrically Game ain’t better than Drake or Busta. Game can’t generate interest in his music, that’s why he’s signing with Baby (who will bleed his ass). He don’t know how to hustle the music game even though his dumbass been in it for years. That nigga ought to feel like a real sucka right now.

      • LaurynHernandex

        Yeah,he got basic rhymes and I never heard a hard metaphor from him. He has great ideas that if another rapper who maps out content would make a killing off of. Imagine someone like Ice cube taking jesus piece idea or eminem they’d be selling like hot cakes.

  10. Chrisblackusa

    dont miss the point… because of the internet selling music aint like it was in the 80s and 90s,,,,the money is being on tour 5 outta 7 nites,,,,,or as they call it “the grind” ,,,unless you got a jigga move with a bigboy buying your cd as a giftbag promotion then that cash money tour is good money ,,,baby smart,,he got good people around him,,,stepped to me in 97 when i was doing something major and thought i was good for life,,,, i didnt pay attention when he gave me his card,,,,

  11. Sean Power

    game is moving backward at this point in his career he should be making his on moves be his own boss not signing a 360 deal with baby

    on a side note you sure tyga still with young money maybe giving up the chain was him moving on lol

  12. Jordan FU

    Dont get it. Game has a fanbase, what does cash money bring to the table? Shit they dont even pay Tyga for albums sold and somehow hes fine with that. Recently Drake the only artist on YCMB. 3.8 million $ is alot to 99.5% of the real world. But YCMB will make that plus more $ with 1 album/tour. Did he get paid in cash? That would be funny if he did, gut now you got the IRS checking you out.

  13. just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    rappers act like signing to a record label is like joining a gang or something…….it’s just a way to put your music out.

  14. Ravishing Quinc Rude

    Finally, I’ll be able to hear that Game and Bow Wow collaboration I’ve been waiting to hear for years… -_____-

    congrats, I guess.

  15. Matt Swan

    This is a good move for Birdman. Now he can take another rapper off the charts and do nothing with him. Anyone heard from Juve or Mystical since they resigned? What has Tyga really done since he signed? YMCMB is where Birdman’s money rakes in from. Pretty soon Cash Money will be in the milk business with cartons that show the faces of every rapper they’ve run into the ground. Busta…you’re next son. Still waiting on something other than a bunch of colabo’s from ya. Game this was not a good look for you. Should’ve gone indie or if your beef is done with 50 gone back to G unit. I think that would’ve been a better look for you overall. 50 can still spit, and would have done you justice as far as colabo’s go bat for bar. In your case Lil Flip had you marked right it’s Game Over.

    • linogermayne

      мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­http://cort&#46­as/5m3N

      This fool need his own thing and not running to baby to get signed.

      • m2gunnunn

        lol nobody is poppin now in gunit, game isnt poppin now either, i guess they would make a good team, on other note gunit now a days wouldnt sell a record

    • jgraves58

      Game obviously ain’t no boss. WTF happened to Black Wall Street? This nigga got no relevancy on his own. He’s revealed himself to be nothing more than a reality show clown.

  16. ClockworkMusicGroup .

    It’s messed up that Tyga chained Game. It should be the other way around. Can’t believe he’s signed to Baby now. Game should be the boss. It reminds me when Kurupt said “tryna sign Daz, nigga daz’ll sign you”. I guess Game is on his way out anyway.

  17. digitallife

    Everyone isn’t built to be a boss, nor does everyone want the headache and workload that comes with it. While yes i’m sure The Game could’ve gone indie, or done his own thing this signing gets him on lil wayne tours, nikki tours, and whoever else is hot that year. He’s got a handful of hits so he can put on a show with them even if he doesn’t ever have another one. Tour money is always better revenue than sales and this label provides him a decent safety blanket…plus YMCB is always in search of street cred and he brings some to the table in that regard.

  18. water_ur_seeds

    Game will drop just as many albums on Cash Money as he did not on Cash Money… Only thing I see changing is Birdman will get a cut of his cheque… On the upside he will tour more ( or should do) which will bring in more money… But TBH Game always seems to be touring anyways, I saw he was in Australia the other week…

    Game and Busta seem to be good friends, so we may see a collaboration album, that would be dope…

    Game will be a high priority on Cash Money, hes good at getting in the news and promoting himself, I guess if they didnt already, the CMYMCMB stans will buy his music now though…

  19. Mr.CPT

    Game is a smart ass M.C. He know how to brand his self and make his money. No wonder this nigga is worth 25 million and niggas don’t even know that he is worth that much bekuz his been on his grind mode. Mad respect for the game.

      • Mr.CPT

        Do yo research homie. I didnt believe either. but it’s alot of cats making money like that, that we don’t know of. But I can tell you he makes alot over seas. thats why alot of rappers now days don’t care about sells bekuz they make they money off tours. And that’s all game do is go on tour and lil shows back home. plus his tv show, and appearances. He also has a fitness program that him and his brother created where all the celebs come and work out with him and his brother.

      • m2gunnunn

        not saying its not true i just dont see how he is worth 25 mil.
        Doing shows at home and over seas is not enough to be worth 25 mil.

      • Mr.CPT

        Man, Sorry ass waka flocka made. 2.5 over seas this year. Why you think we haven’t heard much of his music on the radio. That’s how TDE start ASAP FERG and other cats. JAyZ and Kanye do the same. TOuring is where you make your money. IF you do about 10 shows in one area which you get paid 300,000 racks a show. which they do pay in the European countries for an artist to perform. So you do the math! 10x 300,000. And that’s just ball parking how many shows they do.

  20. Suava

    Baby wanted him because drizzy is leaving after while BUT WHAT I CANT UNDERSTAND IS IF NIGGAS HAVE MILLIONS AND KNOW THE BLUEPRINT TO GET MORE why sign another major deal with someone all game did was cut more slices for niggas to eat when the niggas he tryna feed are already full !!!!!!!!! #RealLive

  21. Obi Won

    I’m sure this was more of a protective move for Birdman more than a Business move. All that red flagging Cash Money does, it makes sense to throw Game some good money so they can relax a lil more. Its win/win. Birdman & crew get a lil more protection and Game is going to do whatever he want with Cash Money. More tour money, mixtapes, I doubt Game is going for sitting on the shelf for album releases.

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