Loaded Lux Set To Finally Battle Hollow Da Don At UW Battle League

(AllHipHop News) The epic battle that battle rap fans have been waiting for since SMACK/URL’s Summer Madness 2  has finally found a home. Hollow Da Don confirmed that he and Loaded Lux will square off on at UW Battle League’s event on February 1st.

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After Loaded Lux announced his participation in the upcoming Battle League event, speculation grew that his opponent would Hollow after their previous attempt at battling on SMACK/URL’s Summer Madness 3 never came to fruition. On his personal Twitter account, Hollow Da Don  confirmed the upcoming battle:

The prior attempt at this battle for Summer Madness 3 was botched due to contractual disagreements on both artists’ part. Lux had a public dispute with Troy ‘SMACK’ Mitchell about wanting $50,000 to participate in the battle. In an interview with HipHopDX, Hollow shared Lux’s disapproval of the business behind Summer Madness 3 and even revealed additional monetary compensation for the artists that he proposed that was dismissed:

My management team came with a plan to reach that audience. We didn’t come Goodfellas style, ‘Fuck you pay me.’ We came to the table with two additional revenue streams that they were not considering. So we were essentially paying ourselves. Live stream pay per view. If one percent paid $20, that’s $600,000. With proper promotion, one percent was attainable, maybe even more. That’s what we were trying to negotiate. Then, [we suggested] pay-per-view on-demand for, say $2, after the battle. The income was there and we only wanted a 30% share. We were going to let them recoup 50% of my fee from the pay-per-view revenue. I think they were afraid to go get it.

  • MrNoName2K

    all that cake just for spitting a few bars lol damn the game is crazy

    • LaurynHernandex

      Hollow vs Lux. For years these two have wanted to lock heads in a match that will no doubt end one of their careers. It’ll be in NY were Lux has battled his whole life,in front of a crowd that will let lux get away with choking and boo the other rapper to throw him off.Hollow has had three rounds for lux since 4 July and I know they are fire and with this extra time he’ll be at it like a mad man to counter and attack lux at every angle. Lux the legend,leader of dumb nigas that think they are any different than Calicoe Vs Hollow the lean sipping want everybody to get along unorthodox character.

      • TaTa_U

         No they are NOT battling in NY, Hollow vs Lux will take place in NJ under the UW Banner. And I guess you did not see the video from the audiance at SM2… When Calicoe Choked for 1:22 and the crowed allowed him to finish his crappy ass 3rd round.
        Lux choked on the Hospital Beds Line… Calicoe says and you can hear him… “That was Nice”… Lux leans into his ear and says “That was Lite”… Lux had BARS, word play, double and triple entendre, and had a tailor made bars for Calicoe his previous protégé’ from the Lions Den. So you can stop with the innuendo about the home field and crowd accommodations.
        Lux was more than ready for Hollow for SM3, that debacle is on URL, who tried to force Lux into a position at the last min and Lux wouldn’t be moved from his position. Hollow did not seem to be disturbed by the cancellation of his meeting with a body bag, tailor made for him by Lux.
        Hollow couldn’t even kill Surf so how is he going to beat Lux.

      • LaurynHernandex

        lol. Arsonal said not to believe anyone who said they know about battles unless UW posted him yesterday on Twitter,so I don’t believe you.Also it’s in NY! Hollow saved all his stuff for Lux and used leftovers for surf because he thought he’d be on SM3 and also Lux was overhyped,in ny,and choked. You’re a fanboy you can’t see the difference. Hollow has a twitter and he’s had KOTD,Grind Time,UW and Rap battle america put up the bread multiple times even sacrificing pay cause he knew Lux was gonna die. Hollow will kill lux anywhere but ny. Lux is over so get over it fagot.

      • TaTa_U

        Your argument is ALL over the place and based on NO facts… What are you like 14?

      • LaurynHernandex

        lol You lost

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  • Bodie

    I got a 5k bet on this battle..

  • dehova

    Hold on LOL. I don’t know if I’m reading this correct. Is Hollow saying he came to Smack and them with an IDEA about how to make more money and then felt he should have got 30% of that?!!!!! What’s DNA’s slogan?!!!!

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  • ShaStud


  • You Got Me Hott Out Here!!

    Watch this nigga forget his lyrics again and the crowd cheer

    • LaurynHernandex

      lol he’s in NY he got dick rode. If that was detroit he’d be booed and out the building

  • m2gunnunn

    toomany ppl dick riding lux, cmon fam, he dope but not that dope to b riding his nut sack like that

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