Stop and Frisk

Video Of Aggressive ‘Stop-&-Frisk’ Leads To Criticism & Investigation

(AllHipHop News) The controversial “Stop-And-Frisk” policy being used by law enforcement agencies has come under scrutiny once again after video of an aggressive police stop in Philadelphia emerged recently. Two unidentified men were approached by 25th District officers after the two merely spoke to someone on the street.

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“You don’t say hi to strangers,” an officer identified as Philip Nace tells the two pedestrians. His partner then adds, “not in this neighborhood.”

One of the men is then pushed against the police vehicle as the other tapes the incident with his cell phone. The cop orders that the phone be put away, but the man continues to record apparently without the officer’s knowledge.

As the phone continues recording, one of the officer’s can be heard saying, “I’ll split your wig open.” The officers then claimed that the men were “under investigation” which caused one of them to reply that he felt he was being harassed for no reason.

The cop then asks the man “how do you know what we know?” and mentions that he could have received a radio call for a robbery suspect who fits the man’s description.

“Why don’t you shut up! Everybody thinks they’re a f**kng lawyer, and they don’t know jack s**t,” yells the officer at one point. The officers later claim the two men were seen jaywalking, and accused one of the them of “weaken the f**king country” and “freeloading.”

“We train our officers to conduct lawful stops, and we continuously address this issue where necessary to provide the best service to the citizens of Philadelphia,” said police spokesman Lt. John Stanford.

Philadelphia Police Department’s Internal Affairs is investigating the incident. The department says the investigation and not the video will determine if the officer’s “acted appropriate in all aspects of their job.”

The Pennsylvania chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union is monitoring the Officer Nace stop and other Stop-&-Frisk situations in Philadelphia.

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Listen to the entire incident in the video below.

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  • Troll_E_G

    Finally someone caught the verbal abuse n harassment in the inner city…..listen as the cop attacks the brothers living condition, job, manhood etc….completely invaded his privacy…..this never happens in the white neighborhood, they don’t stop there cars searching the briefcases for stolen computer files,inside stock info n ponzi scheme propaganda….this is bs, n if somebody defends saying the community may be filled with drugs n violence so this is warranted is advocating stereotyping…..This is why 100% black cops need to patrol the hood because they know the culture and can tell who’s who….every man with dreads or has a nice car doesn’t sell drugs….If you follow the news, you would see the brothers dying at the hands of police are hard working Americans…..if a black cop made the stop, would murder be the outcome…..Race, fascism, classcism, n false baptism are very active and are meant to divide n keep up bs because that brings in revenue….Black church made bout 400 Billion since the 80’s yet creates no jobs for youth, young adults, n elderly etc so they won’t be out here getting profiled……But back to my point, a black cop can read his own people way better than a white can because he knows the culture….The cop in the video said ill split your wig n that means murder for what reason again….This should be all over the news so reform can begin…..there’s too many white cops in the inner city n they no nothing about but I get it….its the new form of slavery from cops to the prison plantation…..but one thing I will say is the young man video tapping needs to talk a lil more articulate, sharper, n with more diction …..even if that’s not his character n he was pissed, if the cops sense u have no sense then they further the fuckery

    • big daddy goosh goosh da Voice

      sir what does the church gotta do with this video or anything you are talking about?

      • Troll_E_G

        It was quite clear in my rant but let me give it to u straight…….church is the middle of every hood yet creates No Jobs to keep people of the street to deter profiling

      • big daddy goosh goosh da Voice

        so all those people that work in church are unemployed?

      • Troll_E_G

        400 Billion plus dollars and the place they can hire people is church……don’t u see what’s wrong with that

      • big daddy goosh goosh da Voice

        i guess they cant win. if a church opened up a mcdonalds franchise and hired people they are using money for personal gain, if a church creates jobs so they can help more people effectively they aren’t creating jobs in the community, even though the church is IN THE COMMUNITY and is CREATING JOBS that help people that cant get jobs get back on there feet.

      • Troll_E_G

        How can money feeding the people be for personal gain …..I would think the cars, jets, n trips is for personal gain

  • atlantahiphopshop

    White trash with a badge. The guy I smacked as a kid became a cop.

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    the black man have been at war in this country since the black race have been enslaved
    we are POW’s not citizens
    the sooner we realize this the sooner we will stop turning the guns on each other and turn our guns on our oppressors
    police are slave catchers
    and we are just slaves

    • SBRon

      “Overseer, Overseer, Overseer, Overseer…Officer, Officer, Officer, Officer!”

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        not to mention the 13th amendment so called “ended” slavery and servitude EXCEPT in the form of criminality, and laws are made to make criminals out of the people
        so black people (poor whites too, but im black so thats what im speaking on) are literally stuck in a cycle in america thinking they free when they not.
        even the great mother Harriet Tubman said she couldve freed more enslaved africans if only they knew they was enslaved. if she came back, the only thing that she will see thats different between then and now is the slaves dress a little better………

      • SBRon

        Agreed! But allow me to quote En Vogue, “Free your mind & the rest will follow”!! Personally, I’ve educated myself because the public school system damn sure didn’t!! I’m a biz owner & I don’t feel inferior to ANYONE!! If I can do it, so can anybody. I say this because I don’t want our people to accept the narrative you laid out, although I’m fully aware there’s a lot of hopelessness in our communities…

      • Judah Nazayar

        no africans were enslaved..they sold our ppl to the arabs and the whiteman…just basic history

  • Guest

    Nothing Is The Same Album Backdrop @0:50

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  • Chris Baril

    Bullshit Like This & They Wonder Why No One Wants To Talk To Them !!!!!

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