WTF News: Groom Fails to Notice That He Left His Wife at a Gas Station

A newlywed German couple didn’t get off to a good start when the groom forgot his bride at a highway gas station on the way home from their honeymoon, reports AP. Get this, he didn’t notice she was missing until hours had passed.

What happened was: The couple was heading home to Berlin from France when the man pulled over in a small town to fill up their van. The woman was sleeping in the back but got up to use the restroom unbeknownst to her husband. He drove off before you returned and it took him 2 1/2 hours to notices. He finally called the police and as it turned out, she was waiting at the gas station.

Maybe I’m a cynic but, I don’t buy this.

  • therealest1

    Retarded shit.

  • Splice in some Hip Hop related RUMORS with your post Friday Foster.

  • Funny… He was hoping he would never notice!!

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  • sakiru oresanwo

    Had you written he was jamming to some good hiphop music the whole time which contributed to him not noticing then that might make it worthy of being on this site

  • RapItUp

    Friday Foster, this is NOT TMZ. Please, carry this shit on somewhere!! I gotta be stronger and stop coming to this shit show.. or at least, clicking on the retarded articles like this thinking there might be something of value in it.. Every time, it’s a disappointment.. What a disgrace, AHH has turned into from 10 years ago