Remy Ma

Hip-Hop Rumors: Does Remy Ma Have A Deal Waiting For Her?

In less than a year, Remy Ma will come home. Get ready to drop the confetti!

Remy did a horrible thing, but she was still dope as a rapper. And, she left the door open for Nicki to waltz in! So, I am hearing that Rem already has offers on the table to join a couple “situations.” But, I heard, more notably that there is some interest coming out of the French Montana crew for Rem to join. Even though she did a stretch, Rem is still on 31 years old (basically the same age as Nicki Minaj) so she’s not gonna be ancient or anything like that. There are quite a few females out there, but a lot of them don’t seem to be able to be operating at a high level like Rem did and Nick does.

Remember this?:

Or this?

Or this?

And this is just her commercial rap stuff.

Remy battled it out. Here’s Remy Ma vs. Lady Luck at Fight Klub!

Raekwon (2)

Doors will open at 7pm with a prompt 7:30 PM showtime start.

Tickets for the show are $20 and can be purchased here.

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“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

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  • therealest1

    Will she still be in demand or have interest like that after all these years being absent from the rap game?

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      she didnt have interest before and generated it …. this time shes already known to alot … and im sure she will make big headlines when shes released …. that will be her oppurtunity … its all about if she can flip it ………..

      • therealest1

        True indeed. I believe she had a cult following at best.

      • Bless Graphics

        Cult followings is better than no following. Real shit.

      • Cult followings are what keep a lotta artists eatin, cuz they’re loyal as a mufukka. Wack as ICP is, them cats got that BREAD and been gettin it for years, all due to that cult following dynamic. Shit, I’ll take a cult following over flavor-of-the-month lovin bandwagon hoppers all day and tomorrow too. LOL

      • brotha_man

        u aint never lied i still know cats that rep that ICP hard as hell…of course their all white but none the less still rep

      • Exactly…as much as it pains me to say it, Black folks in general got no sense of loyalty whatsoever. Niggas get too gassed up about “mainstream love”, not realizin mainstream don’t know or give a shit about love cuz with them it’s all about what’s “poppin” at that particular moment and nothin else. For as much as everyone’s on Wayne/Aubrey/Ross/etc.’s nuts right now, the second the websites stop talkin about em and the video channels and givin their shit as much burn as they used to, they’ll be abandoned too…niggas need to ask Dem Franchise Boyz, MIMS, etc. about that mainstream love and take off them rose-colored glasses, feel me?

  • StreetMediaZone

    id hit

    • brotha_man

      id smash “whateva” video Remy

  • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

    I just listened to Remy and lady Luck first spit in the battle. Remy was fierce. Hope she come out with that same bite.

    • Yeah man I remember watchin that shit when it first aired, the girl Remy was VICIOUS with it.

  • dfwricwil

    Both went in.

  • Negro Peligro

    Scratch that. Nikki got better lines than Remy. I don’t think Remy could’ve got that spot.

    • $18592567

      Nicki got better music, but bar for bar Remy would body her quick…

    • brotha_man

      nikki dont want to see Remy bar for bar

  • aokot5

    I forgot all about Remy battling! Lol I hope she come back with that heat and dethrone Nicki

  • Truth Powell

    That Whateva video is some straight hiphop ish.

  • brotha_man

    she never was the same after Pun died

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  • best_believe

    I hope she don’t degrade herself and sign with French Montana.

    • Formerly_Marcella

      Not sure she can degrade herself much lower, she’s getting out of prison. For shooting a friend in the stomach.

      She’s pretty far down there.

  • Apollo Showtime

    Nicki is 32 so she’s older than Remi??? Lol wow.

  • Remy was the next big thing…Hopefully she can get some more shine out of Hip-Hop.

  • NikiNik

    Maaan, I forgot about that “Whaeva” and that Lady Luck battle. There’s room for both Nicki and Remy tho. While Nicki has locked in the “Safe & Commercial” territory and pretty much gone pop on her solo stuff, Remy can come in being the “Too Hood for American Idol” mc. Don;t beef with Nicki, getting publicity that way is old and obvious. Just give the fans what they dont always get from Nicki albums: music for the females who will rob BarbieBitches aka Nicki fans.

  • $18916246

    No doubt …REMY one of the nicest female emcee’s one of the very few real female emcee’s and really could dust off most of the dudes in her era. Keep it real though unless REMY gets that monsta backing i.e. music industry support she’s finished in the mainstream….now if lady come home with a plan and give us her rendition of 50cents “HOW TO ROB” and basically bodies the current HIP-POP regime she could create her own demand and become QING AGAIN!….REMY STAY UP!…WE WAITIN PATIENTLY FOR YOUR RETURN!

  • There’s a lot of dope female Mc’s they just don’t get a shot cause they actually spit bars . . .

  • $31339281

    REMY! I hope she come back swinging- I dont really feel Nicki Minaj like that. Shout out to MC Lyte

  • Ed

    I’d still hit. Diggidy-Damn.

  • best_believe

    She needs. Real deal. No French Montana bullshit. Who’s poppin out his camp? Not even him.