Kendrick Lamar Responds To Rivals In TDE’s BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher (VIDEO)

“You either corny or an opportunist”

(AllHipHop News) There is one immutable truth Kendrick uttered in his verse during TDE’S BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher earlier tonight (Oct 15): “ain’t nothing been the same since they dropped ‘Control’.” Two months, countless subliminal disses in interviews and songs as well as endless debates later, Kendrick Lamar responds to his detractors in song for the first time.

Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Jay Rock and TDE new signee Isaiah Rashad deliver noteworthy verses, but Kendrick’s tour de force of lyricism was to centerpiece of the cypher. While none of the lyrics were directly aimed at anyone, lines such as “I got my thumb on Hip Hop and my foot in the back of yo a*s/Aftermath get the last laugh” felt reserved for certain MC’s.

Check out the TDE BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher below courtesy of MrWorldPremiere

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  • therealest1

    Played out shit even though I like Kendrick Lamar.

    • Maria

      Shut up & STOP being a hater

  • King Cold

    And there it is…..fukkkk yo feelings!

  • Homegrown Chicks


  • southside4lyfe

    this fuckin old GTFOH

    • king sodomy

      how is it old when they recorded it dumb ass

  • vandyll

    The only reason I watch them lame ass awards is for the Cyphers. Kendrick was fire but his camp was avg to sub par. The whole Slaughterhouse went nuts as usual punchline after punchline, but the beat was too loud n it was hard to hear em clearly. Lil kim look like a melted action figure TF was that about? Asap mob was wack, and annoying. Making a tired ass hook for a cypher? sigh… IDK WTF that shit was with The Husbands of Hollywood. I mean it was kinda of funny but if the Cypher falls off in the future that Kevin Hart shit will surely be used as the benchmark moment that the shit took a turn for the worst. Keep it HIP HOP bars, metaphors, word play, punchlines, and set ups. if I want to see a slap stick comedy show, I’ll google that nigga. That’s my immediate thoughts right after seeing them Cyphers. But I’ll watch em over and over in the next couple days, and maybe then my thoughts will change.

    • Stop it. TDE was better than Slaughterhouse with that lazy ass shit.

      • vandyll

        Nah I don’t think so not on a whole. Just Kendrick that nigga went live wire. The rest were just decent. Just my opinion though.

      • Dubz

        How did you guys not like Jay Rock…that dude can spit.

      • vandyll

        He was ok but I didn’t think it was that eyebrow raising type verse. Hit me with the set up n punch line in his verse that was really memorable. N don’t go back n watch it again. Just say it. c if your totally honest, u probably can’t recall anything significant without going back n listening again. Now same question but this time it’s Kendrick. I bet off the top you. remember something he said cause when a nigga really spitting that fire it sticks in your brain. So to answer your question a lot of niggas can spit, but not many have great impact when u really listen. That is why battle rap is so popular the replay value. When a nigga say something really really crazy you’ll go back and watch it over n over. No beat, no bitches shaking ass, no hot car, just incredible word play.

      • Dubz

        “Rock got it, Rock came from Rock Bottom, Spark the flames still remain as the top shotta…I aint no backpack rapper, I aint no lyricist, and if we aint talking to you, mind yo business then”….and that was without listening to it again. He’s not a rapper that does punchlines like a Joe Budden or whoever else…he just spits hard rhymes…maybe thats not your style tho…I can’t knock it.

      • vandyll

        “Now miss me with your who’s the hottest list
        only demand that I got is that I ain’t sharing no spots.
        I set your baby moms house on fire while she still in it
        n tell her she’s ap(parent)ly hot”
        Royce lol!

        “… All that beef and scrapping
        It’s like Miley Cyrus twerking
        Something’s suppose to be shaking I just never see it happen.”
        Joe Budden lol

        That’s the type of shit I like. But I can respect your reason for liking Jay Rock. To this day I like MOP n them niggas is nowhere near lyrical, but they will get you fired up. They not even close to my top ten but I still phuk with em. So I c where you coming from.

      • Dubz

        Now if you asking me if Jay Rock is better than Slaughterhouse then the answer is no…lol but I still like his music and think he’s dope.

      • LaurynHernandex

        All but kendrick can’t sell. Slaughterhouse is known for their cyphers because that’s all they have lol

      • Kovo Kov

        Dumb ass white hoe that don’t know nothing about the culture! SMH! GTFOH!
        Kendrick bodied that cypher but globally House Gang’s was the best. People can say whatever they want, Kendrick is the new king of hip hop. Not my opinion it’s a fact bitch.

      • chihova

        come back 2 weeks later when you figure out what Slaughterhouse was actually spitting. go ahead…ill wait here.

      • Welp. It’s been 2 weeks and Slaughterhouse did wayyyy better on the backroom freestyle than on the cyphers. Juuuuuust saying. Miss me with this years Slaughterhouse cypher shit. 2012’s was better. end of story.

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  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Kendrick the type a nicca to go on tour with yeezus and think he hard. QUEENS U BIT(H U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Taskforce Taylor

      nigga u got a elmo shirt on

      • Charter


  • Bodie

    You either corny or an opportunist.. or both= Papoose

    • Freebe Jackson

      hahahaha “I let you eat now go back to church and steal crackers at communion”

  • Freebe Jackson

    Kendrick took a shot at Papoose, Drake, and Meek Mill at the beginning of the verse….the rest was just tough bars for everybody…..called Pap either corny or an opportunist…Drake the sensitive rapper he sent back to his pajama clothes, basically laughs at Meek Mill attempt and says he bulletproof…..

    A dope cypher BET should have put together would have been Kendrick and all the dudes he called out and they could have clipped ASAP mob cypher and real husbands of hollywood cypher…..

  • Tyler

    Need a download!!

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  • loyal_ethics

    WOW 😮 …..

  • Bebeto Valentin

    k dot killed em……..

    • loyal_ethics

      TDE about to take the industry by STORM!

      • Caliwaver

        Not seeing it. None of them niggas not even going gold. K dot is the only one because he’s backed by Dre.

      • Obi Won

        I’m a fan of TDE, and they are doing they’re thing, but how is Kdot backed by Dre, when the whole West Coast co-signed Kendrick

      • Caliwaver

        He’s backed by Dre because he’s signed to Aftermath. Not sure why your disagreeing with my comment. Also I never said anything about the west coast co-signing him. TDE will put out good Muzik but they will never pop like Kendrick.

      • Obi Won

        I agree they wont get to that upper level like Kendrick, I see Q is on his heals though. I’m only saying Dre isn’t backing him (imo) b/c no one I know as a fan of Kendrick including myself gets a vide, feel or thought of Dre. Yeah he’s on his label but its not like a good percentage of his music is produced by Dre or featured. I always felt like Top Dog and company took advantage to get the distribution of the music.

      • Caliwaver

        I feel you. But more and more he’s screaming Aftermath like how he did in the cypher. And I understand Dre is playing the background but tell who haven’t went plat or gold that was backed by Aftermath? Everyone that put out a album has never floped.

      • Eitherr

        Eminem is backed by dre as well

      • Caliwaver

        What does Em have to do with my comment?

      • rgegr

        hating again i see….seriously though why you mad???

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  • Reblogged this on thehiltonburnellfiles and commented:
    Kendrick’s verse has got everybody’s fucking attention including mine. He repsonds to the rivals that he called out on “Control” record. Crazy.

  • vandyll

    I actually thought they would put them battle rap niggas in them Cyphers. I mean if the Cyphers are about bars who better? Charlie Clips, Goods, A Verb, Hitman Holla, Loaded Lux, Big T., Lotta Zay, Ill Will, JC, DNA, that’s just a few off the top. Look man I say get rid of them avg rappers n turn them battle niggas loose on them beats. N tuck them foreign rhyming niggas away. I did not tune in to read shit over a beat, you can go ahead and miss a me with the annoying ass translation.

    • LaurynHernandex

      Yeah,Verb,Big T,DNA,Charlie Clips and loaded lux would embarrass slaughterhouse,kendricks group and all them other cats & DNA would be the one to call them all out and make them look low leveled.

    • LaurynHernandex

      Lol O red might need a Translation though

  • Global_Mission

    K.DOT is a problem! He got my NY brothas all in they feelings…lol

  • LaurynHernandex

    Not impressed. After Eminems Rap God what’s a king of Hip Hop? lol Rap God mad Control look weak and Kendricks flame is dead now by his own label mate he’s gonna become another joke like Jay on renegade when that em song with him drops. He better get what little he has left because once you rap with em his stans degrade you. I’ve seen comments demeaning him already pop up since Eminem dropped yesterday.

    • What?

    • Eitherr

      Eminem fans are everywhere hating

      • rgegr

        youre the one i see hating…why you mad?

    • dee

      they on the same label so why would it be competition between eminem or kendrick?

      • LaurynHernandex

        Dumb ass it doesn’t matter. Stans take out anyone who gets to high and might in rap.

      • chihova

        white troll ^^^^

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  • BigHomie337

    Wasn’t impressed @ all. Any1 that watched the awards knows that Slaughterhouse cypher was way better than TDE. Hell, every member of Slaughterhouse had a better verse than Kendrick. I know I’m bout 2 get attacked by the Kendrick meat riders but I’m just giving my opinion without being bias.

    • vandyll

      I’m with you on that. I thought Kendrick verse was hot, but mainly it’s the fact that he’s getting at rappers, but can’t front the boy nice with it. But Slaughterhouse them niggas was masters with the wordplay. Them niggas way too slick with the verbals for these common radio rap fans. They know that their favorite rapper is not in the same league lyrically so they rely on the old corny “they don’t sell, or make a lot of money” line. Slaughterhouse run them cyphers all damn day.

    • Eitherr

      Slaughterhouse did not impress me this time, i did not like the beat they used to rap on and i feel like they fell off ever since they signed to shady

  • om3n78

    im lost kuz that whole cypher was trash,,,,,,,,,,,jay rock go hard but aint none of them niggas gone move any unites

    • kendrick held it down the rest sucked

    • Dubz

      Kendrick already went platinum so what are you talking bout?

      • Jessica

        ONE album. And it took a year. Let the man prove himself first

      • Dubz

        That was his first and only album….don’t say he can’t move units and when someone says he went platinum then say “1 album” thats all he put out and if he can sell a mill without the buzz he got now I can only imagine he will sale a mill again.

    • Hey Now!

      Amen brother. JRoc was decent.

  • J.C.

    that was cute and all but the Shady 2.0 cypher remains undefeated

  • Oritz

    Kendrick killed it tho ~ Hold Up Wait A Minute , Your Carrier Ain’t Shit Unless You Got Some Kendrick In It…

    • Escobar

      Naw, Verizon got bars still …


    • Bumpy Johnson

      so thats a sick line?

    • Oritz

      It’s the vibe of how he saids it my dude

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  • i_am_LOUD

    toronto u have a problem. hey drake dat boy on ya heels nigga… nothin been the same since control… shots fired…

  • school boyy fa q

  • some wack verses by those other rappers

  • *add plays in middle of kendrick verse….smh

  • Handsomegomla

    KING KENDRICK enough SAid

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    fuuuuuck!!i cried watching this isht!!Kendrick,respect,,


    That cypher by Kendrick Lamar was aim at Papoose and one lilshot towards Drake

    Fact: Nothing has been the same since the Control verse.
    Fact: Papoose took the diss the most personal, aka sensative rapper
    Fact: Papoose says “You a fuking joke, we laugh at you like hee hee hee.
    Fact: Kendrick responds, “ha ha jokes on you”
    Fact: Papoose says “My bullets hit em’ dead in his cooty come out his booty”
    Fact: Kendrick responds, “I’m bullet proof, ya shits will never penetrate”
    Fact: they actually sell Papoose pajamas, google it

    • Obi Won


    • Elvis Maduro

      Yea you right. That verse was aimed STRAIGHT at Papoose. Woulda been nice if he brought his name up but that would give him more shine. Smart move by Kendrick.

    • Hey Now!

      wow that’s super witty. ive never heard lyrics as great as these.

    • @Real_SirJamie

      You’re only right about a couple of things, some of those are just speculation. Who’s spreading this? I know it can’t be JUST YOU on every hip hop blog site pasting THIS EXACT SAME COMMENT.

      FACT: Drake’s album is called NOTHING WAS THE SAME
      FACT: Drake is the most sensitive rapper in the universe.
      FACT: Papoose DOES NOT HAVE PAJAMAS. Search for that gives 0 results.

      Everything else you said is pretty much on point. By the way… “Papoose” is a native american word for “Child” and they also have carriers for their children that are called “Papoose”. So maybe those are the pajamas you and the other thousand people that copied and pasted this are thinking about, But the RAPPER FROM N.Y. Papoose DOESN’T HAVE PAJAMAS. The cypher is directed at everyone who responded. If you listen Rock throws a shot at some of the people who responded too.

  • $18916246

    Impressed dudes is nice….and maybe he has the new school of relevant rappers petro…But to the relevant new school emcee’s shame on you if you let the premie in the industry ( and clique in tow)scorch and claim king of your street too…yeah new school… and crew got yall (the rest east, west, and otherwise) looking real lame right now…I’d have to estimate that this shit would not happen in my day. I guess the era of ill emcee’s died with NAS & JAY’s battle huh?… new emcee’s need to be shame..Kendrick ain’t talkin to himself.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    soul got next !!

  • Obi Won

    You can tell Jay Rock comes from an old school breed. He’s still solid though. Ab-Soul & SchoolBoy Q def got a good future, Q already has a solid fan base. They were mediocre on the cypher probably b/c they make better songs. Kdot we all know was sending message, I don’t see him being a bish in this industry. That Rashad kid was cool too, just a young hungry cat.


      I see Young Buck in Jay Rock… as a matter of fact… TDE are the trouble makers of the NEW SCHOOL… They are all like 50 Cent/G-Unit Offsprings… School Boy Q said TDE Has A 50 Cent Inspiration Chart in Their Studio… And I see Fif blueprint in everything they do… And they are doing it right… the timing and everything

      I know I have been saying this but 50 got to at least mentor or even better make a deal with TDE for SCHOOL BOY Q…

      Jay got J Cole co-signed by Nas… Kanye got Big Sean (IMO I doubt he can’t stand the test of time)… Wayne got Drake co-signed by Jay… Dre got Kendrick co-signed by 50…

      50 gotta have one… you know THE trouble maker by excellence… that’s what missing right now in this shit… And School boy Q is that Nigga… a professional shit talker like 50… but ruthless on the mic…

  • Luchini Stevens

    Kendrick Lamar = Dexter Morgan

  • Guest

    K.DOT Cyphered this ishh, Eminem new album is gibberish we can all tell by the tracklist just leak that shit already

  • Eitherr

    K.DOT Cyphered this ishh, Eminem new album is gibberish we can all tell by the tracklist just leak that shit already.

    • LaurynHernandex

      Em better

      • Eitherr

        yh but stop dick riding em

      • LaurynHernandex

        Nah, he spit better

    • BEasy

      you must not have heard RAP GOD

      • Eitherr

        i just called it gibberish

  • ShortDogg

    Dude is a lyrical monster. Dude broke hip hop in two pieces. Dude has his own lane. Dude must studied Nas when he was younger. K-Dot is a beast!

    • LaurynHernandex

      Nah, he alright monotone as all hell

    • Jessica

      Nas never had to diss anyone just to get his name recognition up. Please don’t compare the two.

      • David Gonz

        cuz nas ws scared to diss bro theres a diffrence.

      • digitallife

        Yeah, I guess that’s why him and big were going for the jugular on each other for a whole year subliminally just because it flies over your head doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

      • David Gonz


      • digitallife

        Subliminal dissing requires intelligence and wit…sorry you find it to be for PUSSIES or it goes over your head. I prefer higher levels of combat..any mofo can say some openly slick shhh that has zero elegance behind it.

      • vandyll

        I guess if you think threats and yelling are a good representation of skill then you would find that appealing. Me personally I like emcees that are slick with the verbal combat. All that niggas is scared n I’m a thug this n that is corny,n meant to attract slow niggas. Step up them bars n prove why you nice. If you can’t then put the Mic down n take that ignorance to the street where it belongs.

      • David Gonz

        pac killed them lyricaly thatys y they had to team up gee open your eyes

      • vandyll

        Really Nas was scared to dis? I thought he made Ether and bodied Jay Z. My bad must be another Nas I’m thinking of.

      • David Gonz

        yes really

      • Tony G.

        and KDot hasn’t actually dissed anyone either…he wasn’t dissing the emcees he called out in the Control verse..and he doesn’t diss anyone specifically in this verse either…..u must learn

      • Rick Stephenson Wendycitywirel

        Ether was the coldest diss of all time, then no Vaseline by cube

  • Mr.CPT

    Ya boy killed the whole industry again. Drake aint got shit on K-DOT

    • LaurynHernandex

      Except sales,not being 5’5,ability to sing and both are soft.

      • PorchBoySlim

        Drake cant sing….its a difference between singing and harmonizing

      • LaurynHernandex

        Yes he can. Anyone with a voice can sing. Damn,you dumb nigers get up saying this mess?

      • PorchBoySlim

        You trolls still too bitchmade to pop this reckless talkin in real life? lol

      • FuckoffStupid

        You Wiggers are funny!!!!

      • Colombian King

        Yo, why is your racist a$$ even here?? Shouldn’t you be on a Taylor Swift fan page or some sh*t. You act racist yet your on hip hop site??? Your like Miley Cyrus, confused white girls thinking they can twerk when ain’t nothing shaking and got no a$$.

      • Tony G.

        you said the shyt u have on here and u calling someone else dumb????

      • LaurynHernandex

        nigers just thumb me down cause they’re mad I’m white.

    • He did rip it!

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    I really appreciate what kendrick is doing…….thanks for making lyrics cool again.


    who beat and song is that i know it’s by dre

    • Emanuel Brunson

      Shook Ones – Mobb Deep – produced by Havoc of Mobb Deep

    • How old are you?

      That beat is classic.

    • Hey Now!

      Your barometer for rap is set real low.

    • brotha_man

      please delete ur AHH account now and step away from the computer with your hand up…..

  • MrNoName2K

    Kendrick Lamar is nothing more than a wuss that talks slick.. obviously Drakes Protege

    • acapwn

      And you ain’t nothin but a hatin ass crab.

      • MrNoName2K

        and whats that make you.. d*ck rider

      • chihova

        does that make you a Drake d*ck rider?

      • MrNoName2K

        Nah Drakes corny as hell too, they both are, hell all 3 of yall are lol, in no way form or fashion was i biggin up Drake.. no sirrrrrrrr

  • stephen

    best cipher was husbands of hollywoooood!…..kendrick killed his cipher….everyone else was just rapping…but kendrick was actually saying something in his raps…..but ummm dont count drake out……besides we need people like him in the rap game…everyone cant be hardbody bang bang shootem up all the time…..i need my champagne wine tasting, chillin in my pajamas type music tooooo!!

    • vandyll

      Smh this nigga said husbands of Hollywood was the best cypher. STIFLE YO SELF! If you think that was the best cypher then you don’t know shit about the art of rhyming. Old radio programmed ass nigga. Phuk outta here!

    • Tony G.

      we need people like you OFF this board…best cypher as a whole was slaughterhouse..Kendrick dropped the best verse of anyone

    • vandyll

      Lmao! “A wanna be” ok if you say so. N I’m already sitting down nigga. Bwaaaah! You said everybody else was just rhyming. If your referring to the TDE cypher alone then I agree. But if you talking about all the other cyphers also, then nah you in the left lane speeding my nigga. Slow that shit down.

      • stephen

        nah i was talking about TDE everyone but Klamar was just rapping words…Slaughterhouse did they’re thing, but they did what i expected….Husbands of hollywood was pure comedy to me kept me entertained, set them apart from everyone else even tho it was all acted….thats why I put them first…..will slaughterhouse/klamar kill them lyrically? of course…..but Husbands of Hollywood had me crying all the way through…need more of that….not a jiggaboo circus, but to just keep things fun

      • vandyll

        I actually said that somewhere on here. I thought it was humorous I just felt like that spot should have been left for somebody that got bars n need light. I thought they should of just made it a spoof by itself. They damn sure had enough dead space in that show for it. When I read your response I thought you were talking about all the other cyphers, so pardon my rush to judgment. I just scroll though comments and attack niggas that irk me. That’s what I do when I’m bored.Lmao phuk it shit is fun to me.

  • amos spencer

    Check out King Shampz and Azzan “Drop Bombs” on Youtube, K-Dot be in Trouble. 4real! Peace!

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      hahah another rapper out of a million. I am getting tired of hiphop these days too many rappers and not enough doctors or real jobs. Homie sorry to break it to you the industry is fked unless you spitting bs or doing independent like Tech n9ne give up the job man. I like the 90’s when there was a certain amount of people now there is a million fks wasting space.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        way to shiitttt on anothers dream. if aint your taste move on but no need for the dissing. everybody starts somewhere and mufuckas can still do numbers or shows and get some sort of residual income. let that man spit, what do you care???

  • FuckoffStupid

    If you can’t give props where props are due, then yo ass must be a hater too!

  • Hey Now!

    My grandma rap better than this.

    • psychophant

      That you Aubrey?

  • Hey Now!

    Way to write your “freestyle” Kendrick. Super overrated and boring. Meh!

    • Dubz

      None of the people who rapped in the Cyphers freestyled…whats is the big deal….they are taped and edited.

    • vandyll

      You niggas get the definition of freestyle so phuked up it ain’t funny. A freestyle is not just a non written rhyme. It’s also a rhyme that does not stick to a particular subject. I’m so sick of seeing people criticizing a rhyme because it’s not off the top. Which by the way is the definition of what your claiming. These are freestyle rhymes not off the top rhymes.

      • Also as KRS said, a freestyle is a rhyme no one has ever heard from you.

      • vandyll

        True indeed

    • Tony G.

      you stupid idiot…every emcee in every bet cypher has been written…they know ahead of time and they prepare…overrated? are u freaking serious? don’t hate just to hate asshole

  • Celz

    West Up.. Niccas been lyricists out here since Souls of Mischief.. The Industry just pushes that gang banging shyt when no one out here even raps like that..

    • vandyll

      Real Talk I’m from Jersey so of course I phuks with NY heavy. I remember the first time I saw Souls of Mischief on Rap City. I was like “who the phuk is these niggas” my exact words. lol They had a flow n style that was so crazy i was mesmerized. I went n saw em in the city new years eve that year with Tribe Called Quest and De la Soul. That led me to Del, Casual, matter of fact the whole damn Hyro click.n oh E 40 too. lmao!! Point is that’s when I realized Cali had spitters. Until then all i knew was NWA. I miss them days when emcees was just original and spitting flames.

      • Celz

        Real recognize real.. We would bang whoever was spittin Scarface, Nas, Redman, Royce the 59, Nature, AZ, The Roots was my first live show

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  • digitallife

    I like Kendrick, like I really like what Kendrick has to offer in the future of hip-hop but I really for the life of me do not get the uproar over this freestyle. Technically the only cat here who was actually on beat consistently was Isiah. Kendrick’s verse had two real hot lines but the rest of it was just a run-off of consonants and style freaking. I still think Joe Buddens has the best Cypher freestyle to date from that shady joint.

    • Josh Sykes

      Em in 09

    • vandyll

      I think Joey killed it in the shady 2.0 n the one before that when he was with Nikki. That nigga always the best in the cyphers. Niggas be shitting on him cause he doing a lot of wild extra shit on tv n online. But Joey is one of the best if not the best spitter in the game.

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