Hip-Hop Rumors: Adrian Peterson Gets Blasted By Baby Moms And His Son’s Dad

Mannn…It was all good just a day or so ago. And the whole world was doling out condolences to Adrian Peterson for the loss of his two year old son who died at the hands of an abusive man dating the boy’s mother. Well we all in prayer for the boy’s soul. Seems like the sadness has turned to anger towards Peterson.

The child’s mother said the following:

Y’all give this man to much credit. PR is a bitch and a lie He has 5 other children that he picks and chooses to deal with which is rarely. Kids in the same city he will go months without seeing or talking to. #AdrianPeterson 4h

Yall are painting him out to be this hero thats clueless but wants to save the day by doing the right thing but he has a 4 year old boy he could do the right thing by everyday and CHOOSES NOT TO! #AdrianPeterson

AND THEN…Bobby Ruffin, the actual “father” of the child, steps up and says something similar.

So tired of this poor Adrian Peterson sh*t. Let me blow all your minds. The boy who died was my son.
Yes A.P. he was the biological father but I raised him and he carried my name. Tyrese Robert Ruffin. I don’t blame AP for not really caring cuz him and I both found out recently who the biological father was.

AP met my son for the first time yest when my son was already in coma. I was here today when we pulled the plug, not him. He was happily practicing and has no problem playing on Sunday.

So yeah this isn’t all out yet but I’m sick of the poor AP sh*t. He didn’t know or even meet my son. Sorry for the outburst but put yourself in my place.”

Got this off The Urban Daily. Wow. I’m not sure what to think about this, because ultimately it needs to be about the boy, not A.P.


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  • EB

    “I don’t blame AP for not really caring cuz him and I both found out recently who the biological father was”. Sounds to me AP smashed his chick and he taking care of the baby.

    • TheGreatGazoo2012

      Get it straight. He’s helping to spend that child support. If I was him I would’ve married the bitch! You dig

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  • Casor_G

    so the woman was a freak who didnt know who the father was up until a few weeks ago, and then had the child killed by another clown she was dating. SMGDH

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      damn im surprise she had the gall to make some statements on twitter

  • Executive

    So let me get this right, she fucked AP, she fucked the man who hurt and I’m sad to say took the child’s life and she fucked the guy who raised the kid? Uhhh she should just close her mouth and legs and disappear!!!!

    • Soulgasm

      Yeah, that’s pretty much what I gathered as well. I feel for her and her loss of a child, but she definitely needs to make better choices in life. Hell, we all do.

  • PorchBoySlim

    How she gonna dog that man out when she didn’t even know who the father was until recently? This bitch obviously aint too concerened because instead of worrying about how SHE let her bf kill her baby she more worried about putting AP on blast smh…bitches boy I tell ya

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      shes gotta find her angle lol

  • max

    That sick woman fail to realize that it was HER was her man that killed that poor boy. By putting AP on blast is not going to bring back that poor child nor justify why her careless behind let some man put their hands on her child. This doesn’t have nothing to do with whether or not AP is or was there for him or any of his kids. Smh!!!

  • Eli Pinilla

    Yo man, f*ck these people. The only thing the baby mom has an opinion about is the support ap is gettin. And if the other dude was the “real father” then where the f*ck was u ngga?!?!?! Ap wasnt there for whatever reason. Yall was supposedly in the childs life, what excuse yall got?!?!?! Thes people need to stfu

  • jondubock

    keep your twat shut, lady…..

  • Jayson C Williams

    I’d be mad too but who knew AP was an absentee father? I guess that’s why he really didn’t show much emotion. And to the mother.. How many men you have around your child? How many men has that boy called daddy? Close ya legs n get ya tubes tied you don’t deserve kids

    • Breeze

      we dont know for a fact he was an absentee father. . . i wouldnt believe shit that bitch say after reading all of that

  • I have a two year old daughter, and when I heard this story, it made me sick to my stomach. Imagine, a two year getting beat to death, not being able to put up any type of defense. God know’s I try to restrain from using fowl language, but all the adults involved in this story, FROM PETERSON, TO THE BABIES MOMA, I HOPE YOU ALL GET WHAT YOU HAVE COMING TO YOU…

  • 1hiphophiphop

    The kid died! Figure that out First Lady!

  • Sean Power

    not sure what she was looking for him to do AP has never meet the child before

    he never new about his son until a few weeks ago
    was she looking for him to stay by her side she one night stand jump off

    he play after his brother died

  • AP needs to get his act together, the first thing he should do, is get the baby’s dad & mom together and offer to shake their hand, and if they accept, fire off a left hook that knocks both of their @$$e$ the fugg out with 1 hit!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM


    • ZUBU

      LMAO!! Bro you crazy for that one, but you spitting the truth!

      • They violating….at the wrong time.

        Left hooks are the best medicine, IMHO.

    • Matt Swan

      That doesn’t excuse the fact that he’s running up in these slores without protection. And if he’s got four other little ones he knows of, how many does he actually have in total? It’s inexcusable what happened to lil man, but AP is just as wrong for creating a situation where all he had to do was wrap it up. He’s been playing pro ball for how long and he doesn’t know these slores are after some fame and money? Didn’t he learn anything from Nas? And that hit should go all the way around to knock him the fcuk out too.

      • It’s not his kid though…..and she had him on support.

        I told my ex, whatever I do to your man, I’m doing to her, so if it’s congratulating / thanking him for looking out, so be it, but if it’s a chin checking wrecking for violating my seeds..she already knows when she see the Tyson’esque head movement closing in at an angle.

      • Matt Swan

        I feel ya, but throwin the D around to every and any slore is bound to get you caught up in something. And you’re being generous…violate my kids and I can guarantee you will be swallowing something long hard and it spits real well too…my long barrel .454 or if I can get it the .500. It’ll look like that snake thing going in dudes mouth in Promethus.

      • “Hoe’ing only gets you kids, aids & crabs.” Paris

        *Not to say his other kids aren’t family, etc.

        I think dudes violate when the broad gives them the impression that the dad doesn’t care. I remember pleading with my ex, when my kids said her new man hit them:
        >>In Big Worm’s voice :
        “Don’t make me Fugg you up SmokeeeEEEYyyyYYYYY!”

        Turns out my kids were just trying to get dude fugged up.

        I think if the dude knows what it’s hitting for, there won’t be any problems.

  • They full of crap… he just learned he was the dad… with a ANOTHER MAN’S NAME. WHICH INDICATES SHE AIN’T KNOW WHO THE DAD IS… STOP THE MADNESS…

  • Dadon850

    Wait just one damn minute. AP is the biological father and he just found out a few days ago. The child’s mother boyfriend kills the child. Then yet another man says it’s his son and he raised him and the child even has his name. So this chic is a straight up slut cum dumpster whore! Wow!

  • A typical deflection technique commonly found in those of the slore species…

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  • MrNoName2K

    *flavor flav voice* WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.. that b*tch got alot of nerve

  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    the fact of the matter is a 2 year old is dead because some piece of sh*t killed him. let the boys soul rest. no reason to even be sayin stuff like this

  • david3528

    Wait a goddamn second… So you mean to tell me an athlete has four kids he hardly knows and doesn’t raise? And to top it off he doesn’t know any better? That sounds absolutely ridiculous! I don’t believe it. Can’t be true.

  • BulldogCG

    From I understand AP has not even spoke on the issue. This is all media created. Basically these people are responding to media stories that Peterson had nothing to do with creating.

  • brotha_man

    I wonder why they are so bitter? he didnt even know he was the father, so the mother needs to question her character not his. she the one that had some dude raising a child that she knew wasnt his? she the one that put her child at risk by having different dudes around. if a woman came to me a told me I was the father of her two year old and days later the child dies, i’d be sad, upset, emptionless, lost, and would have to come to the terms that the child, whos life i was preparing to be apart of is now dead, would mess me up on the inside…..especially the way the child died. truefully id be upset at her for having knuckles around the child.

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  • Arrie Mental Woodard

    i dont think that was the little boy’s (that died) mom. if it is his mother she played herself trying to come at APs neck especially when she didnt tell him in the first place. And if its one of the other mothers of his kid, then they are on some steal the spotliht shit. Either way STFU.