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Black Hippy Covers Upcoming XXL Issue, Ab-Soul Threatens To Leave The Group

(AllHipHop News) Top Dawg Entertainment has released a few of the most critically acclaimed music projects of the past 2 years from all their members and their Voltron-esque group Black Hippy is the centerpiece. The group, consisting of Kendrick Lamar, Ab Soul, Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock will appear on the October 29th issue of XXL Magazine.

The cover story will feature insight on the rising popularity of the Black Hippy group as well as each individual artist’s rise to prominence. One rapper of group, Kendrick Lamar, has already ascended past his group mates with a platinum single (“Swimming Pool”), classic platinum-selling debut album (good kid mAAd city) and an industry shaking verse (“Control”) in one year.


The title of the cover was “Kendrick Lamar & Black Hippy”, a title that Another one of the Black Hippy members, Ab Soul, has taken issue with:

Ab Soul released his highly acclaimed mixtape Control System in 2012 and was scheduled to release a collaborative project with JMSN entitled Unit 6. The album was completed but shelved due to their “management couldn’t see eye to eye,” Soul told XXL in August. He just recently announced he’s finished a project with TDE in-house engineer Ali:

  • TruthSerum

    Hate to break it to you bruh but regardless of how good your music is or how much these blogs hype you up, you’re destined to be known the world over as “One of those guys who hangs out with Kendrick Lamar”…… Why you think TDE keeps pushing that Schoolboy Q album back?? Put out like 3 singles so far and its buzz everywhere else in the world not called the internet is at 0%……

    I’m not hating I love these guys but if you think there gonna print your name in big bold letters as big as Kendrick’s on a magazine cover anytime soon, your smoking too much

    • InTheNightKitchen

      Unfortunately, you’re AB-SOULutely correct. That sucks though b, I had a feeling this would happen. It always seems that there’s that one rising star but the rest though bright, don’t light the sky enough for everyone to see. Ab is super-dope too

      • NEWSKULL

        lolocaust@ ab-soulutely!!! Dude is the wackest out of the group anyway… Leave already!

      • Dhz30

        “lolocaust..” for real bruh? punch yourself in the face for that one

    • Kovo Kov

      You must be soothsayer or something… Kendrick is the new king of hip hop but every Black Hippy rappers are talented, K. Dot ain’t got nothing on Ab-Soul. Don’t underestimate their capacity to change their own destiny. This ain’t no 50 and G-Unit or Eminem and D12 bullshit. Rock, Q and Soulo are accomplished, niggaz got skillz and are hungry they won’t let it happen.
      Look at the Wu; in the beginning Meth was the superstar of the group and at the end of the day every Wu member has his own legend and history (except for maybe U-God and Masta Killa)

      • TruthSerum

        Nobody from Wu Tang, including Method Man, ever reached the kind of Fame Kendrick has right now. Even at his “All that I Need” Pinnacle he was still only a “Hip Hop Star”. Kendrick is Pop star famous now, he’s the dude who cuts a Lady Gaga feature off his record cause he’s so big he doesn’t need her to help him sell it lol. Comparing these 2 crews with the point I’m trying to make really doesn’t work because Wu Tang, as great and legendary as they were, never had that one star who was WAY BIGGER then the actual group

        I agree with your overall point, Ab Soul and Schoolboy Q could have careers that mirror Raekwon and Ghostface if they keep delivering good music. But they will still never get close to where Kendrick is right now, and mainstream people are always gonna consider them “Sidekicks”

        It is what it is.

      • Spirit Equality

        Um NO, Meth’s first album sold WAY more than Kendrick’s first album. Meth also won a Grammy back when you could count the rappers who did that on one hand. There’s a reason why Meth and Wu can still tour the world 20 years after they debuted, the pop world came to THEM. Let’s see if K Dot is still headlining concerts like Rock The Bells in 2033…I doubt it….the biggest rapper on the WEST Coast (Pac) remade a Meth song (Bring The Pain) in the middle of the so-called East/West beef AND featured Meth on the record….Kendrick is nowhere near the level Meth was at when he was at his peak…Meth is the only rapper who was featured on albums by Big AND Pac *when they were alive*. Meth was a superstar at his peak, you’re wilding…

      • The lethal

        While I agree with your point, I gotta disagree with Meth being the only Big and Pac feature while being alive. Bone Thugs N Harmony did too!

      • Spirit Equality

        I specifically referred to Meth appearing on Big and Pac *albums* when both men were alive. Bone never appeared on a Pac album while he was alive. And, technically, Life After Death wasn’t released until after Big had passed (since they recorded it when he was alive though, that’s a moot point). Still, Meth is the only rapper who scored features on albums from both Big *and* Pac while both men were alive. That’s quite an accomplishment and shows how revered he was in his prime.

      • The lethal

        You’re absolutely correct! Once I thought about it, Thug Luv is on that double Bone album. But your point is definitely a major one! Meth was most definitely honored in the highest during that time!

      • Shit Just Got Real

        method man wasnt on the “no more pain” record but him and redman did feature on his got my mind made up record for that all eyes on me album…asside from that i still get your point

      • Spirit Equality

        I never said Method Man was featured on “No More Pain”, I said that song was essentially a remake of Method Man’s “Bring The Pain” (it took the entire hook) and that Method Man was featured on the same record, “All Eyez On Me” (albeit on a different song, “Got Ya Mind Made Up”). You’re not disagreeing with me, you just misread what I meant by “record” (record meaning “All Eyez On Me”, on which both songs are featured, you probably thought I meant “record” as in the song “No More Pain”, an easy mistake to make, as “record” is used to refer to both individual songs and whole albums).

  • atlantahiphopshop


  • Executive

    That’s one of the bad things about being in a group.

  • Obi Won

    This is a situation where its happening to early. I’m sure everyone in the group is a lil frustrated, but it comes with the territory. Kdot has established the level of nation wide diverse fans. Everyone isn’t gonna feel Q, Soul, Jay Rock (in that order). Its not like they are a group ONLY, each person has a independent album out. BTNH were a group first and were known as a group. Unlike the Boyz N the Hood, where when Jeezy left, that was it. People forget Jeezy was in that group. Right now Black Hippy has at least some form of unity, feeding of each others features. Media will take that bull ish and run a mile with it then Black Hippy will no longer be.


      they got new guy hanging around already… I think his name is isiah something?… from what i heard in the cypher, I think he is better than him… if shit ain’t even poppin and ab-soul is acting like that… Lord knows what will happen when they blow up… Get rid of his ass already Black hippy… let him go “so-low”

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  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    If Ab-Soul had a platinum album and hit singles it would be Ab-Soul and Black Hippy. Dude need to stop being sensitive

    • 7yoyo7

      It’s like saying “Method Man & Wu-Tang” when the whole crew is on the cover though….

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  • Boomie Rogers

    i’m a fan of tde and i kno that soul is jus talkin. They always talk trash like this. Soul and Q always say eff Black Hippy.

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  • $18592567

    Black Hippy:

    Kendrick Lamar (STAR)
    Schoolboy Q (Got my attention on A$AP mixtape, but he’s been boring af since then).
    Ab-Soul (Got the biggest fan support of Black Hippy fans like Buck had with G-Unit, but he’s not dope enough to compete K. Dot)
    Jay Rock (Freddie Gibbs West Coast Version…)

    That’s how they rank…

    The truth is just that…

    • This Money

      Soul is doper than kendrick hands down. Kendrick’s music is a lot catchier than his, but Soul’s music has a lot more substance to it. Even Kendrick said he was the rawest nigga outta the group.

      • $18592567

        Bro I said Ab-Soul got more fans than K. Dot out of the die hard Black Hippy heads, but K. Dot got more fans overall by a huge margin…

        K. Dot is tighter, but I do like some of the things I heard from Absoul

      • EniggaMA

        no he’s not point blank. you niggas is sleepin on rock. 2nd to kendrick

      • This Money

        Rock goes hard but….mmmm idk about 2nd

      • 7yoyo7

        “Follow Me Home” was a dope album! And his verses are fire!

  • @Real_SirJamie

    They wanna share my light!

  • PBM1986

    Just a rumor… These niggas are heads… Bruh aint gon’ leave cuz of that… They know how the game is…

    • trixnkix637

      Same was said about NWA

  • Why would he leave and they haven’t even hit prime? I’ll tell you what, let him leave, and I’ll take his place. Ain’t nobody talking bout Ab-Soul, they talkin bout Kendrick. If they wasn’t talking bout Kendrick, would they even be talking bout Ab-Soul? Know your roll, and play it!

  • Cruzlocs

    As a fan it’s frustrating, so I could only imagine how Ab-Soul feels. I could understand if it was Kendrick blowing up and then putting his homies on, but that’s not the case at all. Black Hippy isn’t “Kendrick’s crew”, it’s a supergroup consisting of 4 of the most talented, hottest rappers in the game. Ab-Soul, ScHoolboy Q, and Jay Rock all have established and promising careers and deserve more than to be put in a box as “Kendrick’s affiliates”.

    • therealjjohnson

      When they say Lebron James and the Miami heat are playing Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers…they are not implying that Bron and Kobe arent apart of the team…I see it like that.

    • EniggaMA

      most talented??? theres 100’s of rappers as nice or better.

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      They can’t be a “super” group until the other 3 people more recognized.

      Nas, Biggie, Jay-Z, Raekwon = Supergroup. See how that works?

    • killerkm

      fucked up part Soul made up that shit

  • Sean Power

    leave do what ? who’s in his ear build him to make the biggest mistake of his career


    ab soul n school boy q will not blow up even kendrik blew up cause of dr dres name,ab soul n school boy q is jealous they talk bad about kendrik,ab soul give us ur music or album we see if u will even sell 10000


    thats how interscopew wanted like eminem n d12,like 50 n g unit,but tde think all of them will blow up kno know only kendrik

  • Bitch_You_Aint_No_Barbie

    First of all that was a bird ass move to even go to Twitter, even if he thought that. Like you keep that shit in-house unless you’re really gonna do it because if not it will just cause animosity between the whole group. Like dawg play your position until you can CHANGE your position.

  • david3528

    I know this isn’t English class but some of you bums need to pick up a book and learn how to write. I can’t understand half of the shit you’re writing with your simple simon ignorant ass grammar. You might actually need to learn this stuff if you ever want a job that doesn’t involve a fryolator.

  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    sadly I’ve been expecting something like this to happen for a long time. can’t really blame Ab-Soul for gettin annoyed by that. especially when the only questions they get asked in interviews is “how do you feel about your homie Kendrick doing this or that.” after a while its gotta get to you. but from a marketing stand point he’s gotta understand that the majority of people that are buying into this stuff have no idea what Black Hippy is. they know Kendrick’s name and that’s it. hopefully in the future the group gets more recognition as a whole. but for now might as well keep quiet get your paper and try to match Kendrick.

    • Zachary Behm III

      Kendrick Lamar mentions Black HIppy in many many songs and interviews. “people buying into his stuff” should no.

      • Jeff Active Reynolds

        yeah they SHOULD know but they DON’T. I’m talking about people that have heard Swimming Pools and Poetic Justice on the radio followed by a DJ saying “that was Kendrick Lamar.” not everybody is going to do further research to find out who Black Hippy is

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  • speedy37

    Fck these weirdos

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    We all know that the TDE music group have been taking over this year from hits on the radio and remixes to songs to the latest Hiphop Awards cypher. There faces have been every where. However, Ab-Soul among the group makes it very clear that that TDE has to be recognized as a unit or he’s threatening to leave. Its true, despite the fact that Kendrick stands out, there are all very talented lyricist and show be recognized as such. Don’t believe me, then check out http://www.rapgenius.com and look up some bars from all the rappers in the group.

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