Louie V Gutta (Photo via his Facebook artist page)

Louie V Gutta On Being Robbed: No Reason To Involve The Police

(AllHipHop News) During a 2007 interview on 60 Minutes, Cam’ron once said he would not go to the police even if he knew a murderer lived next door to him. Louie V Gutta is following a similar mentality after being robbed at gunpoint of $40,000 worth of jewelery outside an Atlanta Waffle House on September 30th.

Louie V Gutta, real name Vincent Lamar Robinson, informed Philadelphia Daily News that he would not involve the police in investigating his robbery. There’s no reason for the police to be involved,” says Robinson “If I heard on the streets tomorrow who did it, I wouldn’t go to the police.” The Dreamchasers Records artist even goes further to saying he does not wish jail time on anyone involved in the robbery:

That kind of stuff happens every day. It’s unfortunate this time it was on me, but I don’t want nobody locked up behind it. I don’t really live by that.

While Robinson is against police involvement, Sgt. Gregory Lyon, an Atlanta Police Department spokesman has stated that an investigation on the robbery is underway, however he claims the police are “having a hard time reaching the victims”

Robinson seems well acclimated to criminality as last December he took to his personal Twitter account to reveal that him and a few of his associates robbed rapper Tone Trump of his chain and assaulted him:

No word on if the two incidents are related.

  • MrNoName2K

    lol funny thing is that they were all over the place in the video, a little too late for that OG triple OG..

    • ZUBU

      He said one thing right “streets ain’t safe clown.” Anybody can get got, reasons why you don’t boast about robbing someone else on twitter. I’m surprised the police didn’t arrest him for confessing to a crime on twitter… SMH

      • Breeze

        he also said. . . “this shit happen everyday, just this time it happened to me” kir. . . he accept the life he bout obviously. he def not bitchin about it

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  • Executive

    Typical idiot, too busy trying to please others and convince people that he’s “gangsta”.

    • Sean Taylor


    • Vinsanity

      No no, he robs too and doesnt want to get snitched on either. He plays by the rules.

      • My9yearoldsmokespot

        Yo you’re retarded.

      • brotha_man

        so is ur mommy

  • ImaFoolBoy

    Tone Trump is signed to Young Jeezy and it just so happens this dude got robbed in Atlanta….hmmmmmmm

    • Freebe Jackson

      I didn’t want to say it but exactly what I was thinking. on another note…was this the weekend they filmed the BET awards……why was he at the waffle house? Waffle house is not a place anybody from out of town thats suppose to be getting money rapping, singer, etc should be on BET weekend


    Lmao am i the inly one that foubt he had 40 grand in jewelry on. Lol
    I call BS. Niggah had aint had no 40’g on him. He aint sweating it cause it prolly was a nut ass watch and a dc piece.

  • He was on video talking to the cops though….?

    • hoeyuno

      Yo!!! Goggle violent protest in New Brunswick this morning. my ppls are getting busy. funny thing is I got causins in the protest and a RCMP uncle fighting them off….Mi’kmaq nation!!!!

      • News black out out here, send a link through the back channels…What’s popping?
        Rutger’s? or

      • hoeyuno

        it’s over now. everyone peppersprayed and arrested. but the boys destroyed a few cruisers and ish.. it’s all on globalnewsdotca

      • Yo!

        That ‘chet isn’t in the lamestream media, but “Fighting For Liberty” covered it & the clash with the RCMP.

        Ya’ll tore it up…or down…depending on how you look at it.

        Major Propz for representing!

        They have videos :

        HALIFAX – Mounties arrested at least 40 protesters at an anti-fracking blockade in New Brunswick after police cruisers were torched when RCMP moved in.
        Charges include firearms offences, uttering threats, intimidation, mischief and refusing to abide by a court injunction.
        Native protesters complained they were hit with rubber bullets and pepper spray. They apparently retaliated by torching at least five cop cars.
        Mounties said at least one shot was fired by someone other than police, and Molotov cocktails were thrown at cops.
        The RCMP is also investigating other suspected explosive devices.
        Mounties were trying Thursday to enforce an Oct. 3 court injunction at the standoff near Rexton, where SWN Resources Canada is testing for shale gas.
        Elsipogtog Mi’kmaq First Nation members have been blocking workers’ access to their trucks.
        The protesters have been there since Sept. 30.
        “The RCMP has worked diligently with all parties involved in hopes for a peaceful resolution. Those efforts have not been successful,” RCMP Const. Jullie Rogers-Kent said in a release.
        Videos posted online show some protesters cursing at cops and daring them to release their police dogs, while others yelled that there were elders and children present.
        Others show a line of police stretched across Hwy. 11, moving slowly to contain the protest, and protesters washing out their eyes from what appeared to be pepper spray.
        The area remained closed to traffic as police remained on the scene amid the “large gathering” of protesters, RCMP said.
        AFN National Chief Shawn Atleo called for calm on both sides.
        “We strongly remind the RCMP that, as in the time of treaty, their role is not to take sides in disputes, but to maintain peace,” he said in a release.
        The federal government had little to say about the situation, but issued a statement through the public safety office that only said it expects “local law enforcement to ensure that the law is respected.”
        The provincial government in the spring cautiously opened the door for shale gas exploration, while promising to defend environmental concerns. It hinted a regulatory commission could oversee development.
        The protesters are concerned the process to extract natural gas by fracturing deep underground rock could damage the environment and contaminate their drinking water.
        Protestors from Six Nations have shut down a section of Highway 6 near Caledonia, Ont., in a show of solidarity with the First Nations people in New Brunswick

  • bigdoe6

    If them same dudes that robbed him would’ve killed him for the jewelry then his moms would’ve been talking to the police trying to find out who killed her son. His moms would want the same dudes in prison for life. Listen kids don’t be like these fake ass rappers.

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  • water_ur_seeds

    Everyone is gonna be robbing him now like its hunting season knowing hes not gonna do anything if he gets robbed lol

    • it’s damn sure hunting season in the A.That’s the third rapper i’ve heard about getting robbed in the past 2-3 weeks.

      • andone

        shout out to gunplay!

    • brotha_man

      i was thinking the same. Cats probably getting they ski mask dry cleaned for hunting season

    • jacksjus

      Good point, haha!

  • mponjoli malakasuka

    No no, he robs too and doesnt want to get snitched on either. He plays by the rules.
    2 •Reply•Share › yap I like that

  • What a coon….”No need to involve the police” how about every reasont o involve to police, yes you can replace all that was stolen, but who ever did it now thinks that it is okay to do it to someone else. This “code of the streets” thing sets black people back another 100 years.

  • Judah Nazayar

    Yep yep…officer it was that nikka RIGHT there wid the No snitching shirt that robbed me! Come here man…Police wanna talk to You..Come here Man!!
    Officer, he trying to run…he dont wanna talk to you

    • brotha_man


    • My9yearoldsmokespot

      Speak English.

      • brotha_man

        kkk…bet you understand that cracker

      • My9yearoldsmokespot

        Unintelligent & illiterate.. You probably embarrass yourself often brotha’.

      • brotha_man

        i dont know, I just follow the Nat turner model…so hide ur family

  • Terrance Goodman

    See ya never hear bout zro the Don or trae getting robbed

    • Charles

      I’d rather be robbed than shot while signing an autograph, and the fan getting the autograph getting murdered in front of me. Gladly hand over those plastic chains with imitation diamonds…

      • Terrance Goodman

        I agree somewhat first of no one should be wearing canal street jewelry second if one is rocking real jewels his security aka whatever need to be done not to be exposed to these types if situations

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  • jacksjus

    This kid is just plain dumb, period. Even if he was really about that he was dumb for doing an interview. Smh!

  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    lmao $40,000 in jewelry my ass

  • ThatBostonMan

    Either you believe in getting justice through the police, or you have other means of getting justice. To just be a victim is completely unacceptable.

    If you don’t want to rely on law enforcement then you’re a vigilante and must enforce the law yourself. If you refuse to do either of these then you’re a cancer to the community.

    Either defend the community from predators, or help people who are trying to do that. If it’s not the police then help whomever you are loyal to, and who you can depend on to protect you and yours.

    People who say they don’t trust cops? Understandable. But you must know someone who isn’t a cop who you can go to if you’re robbed right? And if not then you have your gun right?

    Camron says he would move rather than do anything to stop a serial killer? Okay so he wouldn’t tell his local church, or his local community leader about the serial killer so other people can move too? He wouldn’t tell his homeboys?

    It’s one thing not to snitch, it’s something else to run and hide. If there is a predator in the community, you can move but what about your neighbor?

  • RichFromBX

    that’s some of the dumbest sh!t I ever read. Really, you just sit back and accept that robberies just “happen everyday” – this dumbass mentality is why nothing gets better. Fools will just accept and do nothing because they don’t want to get someone locked – they would rather that the murderer or thug continue to rob and kill other black people than do something about it…way to go you fine examples of the community…SMDH

    • SouthernSmoke88

      u gathered a lot from a few lines of an interview.. maybe jumping the gun and not looking at everything is the reason shit won’t ever get better! do yourself a favor and google Jon Burge and see how he treated minorities and blacks for close to 20yrs, then u might understand why some don’t trust the police and wouldn’t even wish for their enemies to get caught up in that.. do the work instead of trusting half ass stories on your favorite sites

      • RichFromBX

        so one cop, who was eventually convicted and jailed for what he did, does something and it’s an immediate reflection of the whole and because of what one jackass does it justifies the choice of keeping a killer on the street?

        In this specific case you’re not talking about someone being randomly picked up on suspicion of maybe doing something and then beaten until he confesses even if innocent, it’s more about “this dude robbed and killed someone, I saw it and I don’t want my mother or sister to be next” – do you think that it’s justifiable to witness that, know who did it and not go to the police because the police might treat him unfairly?

      • SouthernSmoke88

        first off.. its never just one! Its Jon Burge, its Anthony Villavoso, its Kenneth Bowen, its the guys that got off during the Rodney King trial and countless others. The same way you can justify warning a loved one about a certain area of town, I can justify warning someone about the police dept! And just like when you warn them, u know every one in that area isn’t bad, but they still should be careful.. same with the police! All it takes is for one person in the community to involve them and now they have reason to poke their noses in the rest! Sure that officer may assist with your particular situation but if after assisting you, he only adds to the corruption and violence and ultimately kills and/or jails more young men adding to the numbers and statistics.. did he really help anything? its not about the police treating the killer unfairly is what I’m saying, its about him coming back later and treating my brother, or sister or associates or anyone else who’s not even a criminal unfairly.. its not worth it! Sad i know, but its how things are! Nobody will ever believe the young black man in the projects was treated unfairly unless he has hard evidence like video or some shit.. but people will always believe the officer! Just how it is i guess..

  • David Smoke

    if the man don’t want police he don’t want police.. that don’t make him dumb.. his life not yours.. if you like to call police cool but don’t end of discussion.

  • Ignorance