Drake Talks Not Being Lonely, Hip Hop Competition, Confirms Future Will Be On Tour (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Drake has not only ascended past his peers in terms of sheer volume of #1 Hip Hop hits, but also in frequency of negative criticism. In a recent interview with Q with Jian Ghomeshi, Drake spoke on his “lonely” public perception, Hip Hop competition, songwriting process and more.

In terms of Hip Hop competition, Drake spoke on the inherent nature of confrontation in Hip Hop. While, Drake did not name any of his recent rivals but he did say he is the only one who can arrogantly proclaim to be the best:

There’s something to be said for the fact that a lot of people talk that talk and just do it because that’s what hip hop is about. I’m gonna talk like I’m the biggest dog but I’m not. I’m actually the one guy, the one young guy that can really step up to the plate and talk my game and I check out.

If you type in “Drake meme” into Google Images, the image of you’ll get of Drake is a man who is constantly heartbroken and is almost synonymous with emotions. Drake tries to clear that up by asserting that he actually has a happy life:

I’m so sick of people saying I’m lonely and emotional and associating me with this longing for a woman. I hate that, man. It bothers me so much because I don’t make…I do make music that makes you feel something, [but] I’m actually not that guy in real life. I’m very happy. I’m not content by any means, I want to keep working, but I’m a happy person.

In related news, after reports that Future had been dropped from Drake’s Would You Like A Tour, both artists confirm on their personal social media accounts that Future will in fact be on the tour:


Check out the full hour-long interview below:

  • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

    drakes a cool guy that makes good music and better rap songs than your favourite rappers with little effort. Yet people keep hating on him just because he doesn’t potray a fake gangster like all the rappers do. Just cause he doesn’t try to be tough and raps about relationships which is a subject most of these virgins on the site and over the internet know nothing about they hate on him.

    • Brindle

      you and drake are part of drakes problem which will expose its self slowly. but I’ll speed it up, Drakes at a disadvantage, he’s Canadian, black americans (which you label as “fake gangster” don’t identify with him. The youth tried but they’ve gotten older. Drake is a gimmick (TV $how, love song$, $tands for nothing relevant in society, $miles a lot, etc) he’s a walking tissue commercial but a talented writer. Hiphop is an art, a form of entertainment and a sport. He’s losing on the sport end.

      • Mos High

        What the hell are you talking about, so what he is Canadian? There is fake gangsta in all over Toronto, London, Jamaica, france you name it, its not only in the U.S.
        Men around the world from all different walks have relation issues, not all men want to be with only loose women all the time. What is the gimmick about him really, how is he loosing on the sport end of it. The biggest softies and guys who could not manage women that I know were the one who pretended like they never cared, they are the ones who cry the most but put up the biggest front.

      • Brindle

        think about hiphop, not rap, forget that you like drake, then replay his entire career, then read what i said again.

      • I see what I think it is that you are saying…To me Drake doesn’t have a legit come-up story….He don’t seem like he had to stuggle to become what he is today….”Hiphop is an art, a form of entertainment and a sport” but the main idea is for a rapper to tell their story of how they made it in the genre.(the struggle, the come-up)..Drake doesn’t have a story to tell…Point is Drake’s music is so watered down that in the future people won’t even be able to remember a hot song that he is known for….Think about it Drake has had sooooooo many hit songs over the past 3 years and honestly I can’t think of one off the top of my head……I don’t really like Lil Wayne but Wayne has a story to tell, we know his background and history and his music will be rememberd for that reason..Drake is a rapper that came out of no where, got hot over night and now he thinks that he is the greatest….YMCMB is the best thing to ever happen to Drake, they are the machine that brought Drake to greatness.

      • Caliwaver

        U sound stupid.

      • Brindle

        U sound stupid

      • Brindle

        Agreed, and when i say “come-up story”, i don’t care if its slangen drugs or working at McDonalds, good or bad hiphop needs a struggle to it for you to be taken serious. And i admit, many lie about that story or are good at avoiding having to tell it. Lil Wayne is a perfect example, average person under 20 thinks he’s a blood, average person over 20 knows he’s been in the industry since a little kid and used to claim crip. There’s really no difference between lil wayne and lil bow wow other than the marketing

    • ant662

      i see what your trying to say, but he does try an portray a fake gangster. i cant remember the song cuz i really dont listen to him, but he was talking about catching a body and i remember discussing it on the website. the guys always in a beef with somebody, he’s fighting at clubs and talking wreckless all the time. look at the kendrick shot. so at the end he might make hit records that the masses like, but he does it portraying somebody way differnent because he didn’t act like that when he was an actor.

      • Caliwaver

        You sound like the typical hater with this post. U don’t know what song he was talking gangsta, your bringing up him on a tv show I mean come on. I hate ppl like u.

      • ant662

        i hate ppl like u who think that ppl should be a fan of every popular artist. its not that i dont like the guy on a personal level. I’m just not a fan of his music hence the i didnt remember the song

      • Mos High

        Stop the damn non sense. These comments get me wondering why people write non sense

      • ant662

        if its nonsense why reply? Wasting the time to make a BS comment like above is nonsense.

      • ant662

        im not a fan of drakes music wahwahwah, I say music cuz i dont know the guy personally, damn crybaby ass drake fans.

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  • grabo2003

    Drake should stop talking like he really about that talk….he needs respond to kendrick lyrically and get it over with, he can even bring nicki and tunachi and k.dot will bring black hippy.

    • golder1

      Are you about that talk? Drake is speaking on being the best MC, not street talk. Thinking that you have to be street to be hip hop is so narrow minded. Go do your history of where and how hip hop started. Hip hop in the beginning was parting and talking about social issues very few spoke on gangsta ish. Drake is hip hop just like Ceelo, Fugees, and others that incorporate r&b into hip hop

      • grabo2003

        Drake should stick to rap because that is what he does better. I can’t stand it when he makes a whole song singing on it yet he is not that good a singer if u compar him to real crooners like trey, Neyo, Alicia keys, frank ocean or Chris brown et al.

      • Guest

        I agree he should take a page from J.Cole and go easy on the singing/harmonizing.. but it comes down to him being true to himself…

    • Weedras

      Comprehend before you talk… Kendrick aint about that ‘talk’ either… but like Drake K.dot is earning his keep as a rapper…

      • grabo2003

        Drake pretends like he doesn’t diss rappers subliminally in interviews yet he never says it straight on wax. I don’t think k.dot is earning his keep he has earned it already, he challenged all the new rappers to step it up and he also stepped up his bars to back up his statement.

      • Weedras

        nah he’s still got ways to go in my book… i give K.dot props but he’s a bit overrated and i’m no Drake fan because i say that ,,,dude his doing his thing though but he has ways to go..

  • Matt Swan

    Drake and Hip Hop don’t go together. Drake and rap….I can live with. He’s not the greatest out there by any stretch of the imagination not even as a rapper and never as a MC, but he has a point; all these “gangsta” rappers out there talking that talk but not walking it. Maybe he should look at Off Ricky and say that?

  • Mos High

    The way most of the super Drake haters talk are like the little children talk on that other website that has a star in it. Oh Drake is soft he cries, oh Drake soft he Raps about relationships etc. The same shit I hear kids say oh my city or block is better then yours because we have 10 killings a week, your city / block is soft as nobody killed in months. Damn foolishness. You dont like Drake fine, but I bet not many of you are supporting a young Joey Badass or other pure so called hip hop artists. You really know Drake is hot when you see all the hate he gets.

    • You need to start using a different word than “hate”…Just because people have their opinions about certain rappers don’t mean that they are hating…..In my opinion Drake is selling us C-class R&B music and calling it rap, which to me is a rip off because when we watch these award shows Drake gets nominated in Rap when he is suppose to be R&B, and then he gets nominated again in the R&B category for Rap music. Is he a rapper or a singer? because 90% of his records consist of him trying to sing.

      • Weedras

        says the man who’s going around saying he has proof Rihanna has an STD… lol! yes Drake does R&B, he also raps too.. many of his songs he does fuse the two together which doesn’t make it C grade r&b it just makes it a rap song where the rapper sings and rap… almost every friggin rapper nowadays either sings/autotunes his chorus or has a R&B guest on the hook… its the most prevalent formula Kendrick Lamar is also singing his hooks is that R&B? as Tank said a few weeks ago Rappers are competing with R&B singers and some r&b singers ex. CB and Trey songs are incorporating rap elements in their albums/ songs… its not only Drake but dude is a rapper and a capable one.. give him that and he can harmonize same as J.Cole… the waters are muddy…

      • DJ7

        He is an ACTOR that the machine found marketable in other mediums besides film…he’s a manufactured success no different than Timberlake…Hannah Montana…Britney Spears….ect…That’s what the people except as authentic nowadays because that’s what they’ve been led to believe…the machine is pretty much dictating to you who your stars shall be and manipulating all facets of media in order to achieve maximum yeild from their investment…Big business at work here…There’s no mystery behind this if you’re a critical thinking individual…why do you think we continually see stories of folks no one really talks about or knows…ie Iggy…white girl mob…or any other peculiar individuals that no ones even checking for…throw it out there and see what sticks method…if it generates enough interest they’ll throw a lil dividends behind it and possibly create the next *…if it flops, pull the budget and start the smear campaign…on to the next one…my advice…support your local artist because it’s as close to “real” / “authentic” as it’s gonna get otherwise except what’s given to you when they decide to give it to you…

        *side note* No shots at you in particular fam…just felt like putting the info out there

      • I think you summed it up. Drake is really a rapper the was created from a machine, where on the flip side you have rappers that created their own careers from grinding and battling.

      • Weedras

        once again i’ll say this is said by a man who says Rihanna is giving people STDS but doesn’t have any proof… can’t respect a damn thing you say unless you can definitely prove it to me dude… and don’t tell me about no proprietary algorithms…

      • Weedras

        i know it ain’t a shot at me bruh… it ain’t the 1st time we’ve had a debate lol! my question to you is this though… why isn’t that same theory applied when a rapper decides he wants to be an actor… Hannah Montana, Britney, Aguilera and Timberlake were on shows that were of the musical kind and you’re right they had the industry behind them from the start Disney’s machine is huge… Drake was on a teen drama on Nickolodeon… he already had a base of people who knew him, yes, i’ve only began to give him credit as of late when i became curious as to why many ppl are so quick to diss him and i did my research checked his old mixtapes etc. and it didn’t show any machine behind dude… he got rejected by Universal/Motown if the machine was behind him he would have easily got a deal…. i’m no great fan of dude but he’s proven his worth to me and trust me when i say this i listen to whoever i want to and buy whatever i want to… i’ve never been about the hype or what the masses are for… but after checking dude old shit over the summer i’ve given him props despite him being of the hip pop variety which a lot are he can rap. Say what’s real freestyle was among the ones that i gave props for…. but lets be real among all the souljah boys and others who get some semblance of props dude is unfairly targeted in many ways… i’ve been on here long enough to see dude spit a nice verse and ppl saying he’s soft etc.. like that shit got anything to do with a verse…

      • Mos High

        How much copies of his mixtape/1st album sell with no major label behind it. People were buying a mixtape/album he was giving away for free!!Go check that out and let me know. What does that have to do with major label?

        Of course he now has a major label push because his music sells.

        I think alot of people talk negatively about Drake because he doesn’t have the story of living in ultra tough conditions, not gun slinger and doesn’t profess to sell any narcotic.

        I remember people used to think my family was rich because we had a nice sized home in a nice area. What they didnt see was my mother working 3 jobs dad 2jobs waking up 3am every morning coming home late in the evening, all this so me and my other 5 siblings could have a good opportunity. My parents worked multi jobs for over 20yrs just so we didn’t have to live in sub par conditions. People will always have perceptions but never really know.

      • Mos High

        The reason I personally use the word ” hate” is because if I was a person who never listened to any of his music and just read comments I would believe he doesn’t rap at all and has no lyrics just sing sanging away. I will agree with you that it’s opinion based at the end of the day. Everyone has a different opinion. To me he makes good music period and all good music cant always be lumped into a category.

        I’ll give a quick example of how artists can be perceived.Long time ago in Jamaica many artist/people used to say Bob Marley was making softy music and not the hard core reggae music, yes this is factual. But now you would be hard pressed to find anyone say that about him due to his international reputation and in a class only a few will every reach.

  • Peter Morris

    “I’m so sick of people saying I’m lonely and emotional and associating me with this longing for a woman. I hate that, man. It bothers me so much” -So cry about it Drake.

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  • Poor drake, one day they won’t poke at you anymore. It’s hard not to poke a pu**y tho

    • Apollo Showtime

      Sad but true, one day they gonna say “Drake was an AMAZING artist!”(and he is) He just so happens to be a lil’ bitch that makes good music. Nigga’s act like they don’t be in they feelings when they’re alone.

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  • So wait a minute..One second he says his music is so real and truthful and the next second he says that ” I am not that guy in real life”…Honestly the main thing that is wrong with Hip-Hop these days is that rappers are talking too much…They have no clue how silly they sound, we want to hear music that’s it….I am tired of these rappers that spend so much time talking, and doing interviews about a whole bunch of nothing.

    • NYG20

      Or you’re just an idiot.

      • You’re vocabulary seems limited….An idiot is more of what you appear to be.

    • Apollo Showtime

      I think what he means is that he’s gone through these emotional things, but at the present time he is a very happy and rich person. It’s like if I put you in a studio and told you to start making music, where would you start? It kinda starts with a mood (emotion) and then you come with a subject. He ain’t no thug and has no hood stripes so what does a “quasi nigga” like him make music about? What he knows, money, woes and pretty hoes! *Drizzy* lol

  • sadat

    drake garbage

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  • richard_b_hard

    Real talent don’t get no air play that’s why we keep hearing commercial bs all day ever day ten times a day on the evil radio and seeing that same bs on tell lie vision,they keep feeding us bs until we start accepting it as real good stuff then when something real comes around we dismiss it as garbage.

  • clementinesalmassi321

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  • Ed

    bichass dude lol.