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Hip-Hip Rumors: The Feds Wanna Know About…Diddy And Lil Boys?

I don’t know what the hell is going on with this country! Recently, Jimmy Henchman was being questioned by the feds over a variety of things, but some crap came up that raised a serious eyebrow. A secret affidavit revealed that the federal investigators wanted to know the sexual habits of Sean “Diddy” Combs and if he was “having sexual relationships with under age boys,” according to a U.S. District Court filing.

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Why would they even be asking crazy questions like that? So, Jimmy Henchman its 2011 and they are trying to work out a deal. He’s in the bing over cocaine charges. But, in the course of them trying to find a deal, they start hitting him with the weirdo questions.

During a debriefing session with federal investigators, James Rosemond, the music manager-turned-cocaine kingpin, was reportedly questioned about the sexual preferences of entertainers, including whether Sean “Diddy” Combs was “having sexual relationships with under age boys,” according to a U.S. District Court filing. Sounds like BS and that they were just fishing for something. But here is that happened per The Smoking Gun.

The confrontational sessions turned “awkward,” Rosemond stated, when an investigator showed him “naked pictures” of different women. The purpose of this purported investigative technique is not revealed in Rosemond’s affidavit.

A prosecutor, Rosemond continued, then “asked about entertainers sexual preferences, including, but not only, Sean Combs having sexual relationships with under age boys.” Again, Rosemond provided no context for these alleged queries.


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“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Tom Donahue


  • Tom Donahue

    Puff Diddler

  • Tom Donahue

    Fluff Daddy

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    cointelpro at its finest

    i cant say what is and what isnt
    but the timing is something else………..revolt.

    little known fact
    but the guy rustin bayard (gay black man) helped MLK with the civil rights movement. the FEDS aint like rustin bayards influence on king and sent a message to king saying that if he DONT kick rustin bayard out o the organization then they will spread rumors of king and bayard having a love affair.

    check it out if u think it aint so……….

    • Tom Donahue

      Its truth, they had a sex tape out….so ive heard

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        if thats the case then why question jimmy henchman?

      • Tom Donahue


  • dfwricwil

    Now that’s just cold.. SMH!! There is no shame with the Fed.

  • MrNoName2K

    More money, more problems… Feds stay fishin..

    • Remember in the video with Kevin Hart, & Usher, Diddy was talking about waking up next to Usher, and them wrestling in their boxers, over a box of frosted flakes…even though Diddy was like 14yrs older. ( 27 / 13? )


      add the Youtube(dot)com

      >>In Diddy’s voice: “Before PAUSE was invented!”

      • ZUBU

        I feel you bro, I’ve heard the Usher thing he was taking a young Usher under his wing in more ways than one. Does not surprise me one bit, plus you know the Feds may not be overjoyed with his success and arrogance especially the later.

      • tha1uwanted


      • Dhz30

        all these weirdos in that industry fvck lil boys and each other..it’s the price of fame

      • It seems that way.

      • NEWSKULL

        LMAO@ Damn Pause! and Kevin Hart laugh priceless…

      • Drunk Diddy fugged up!

      • Judah Nazayar


      • Guest

        The look on Usher’ face is priceless!

      • Definition of a Shook One.

  • David Gonz


  • pennaitor

    No wonder, Diddy just sleep around with door ugly women all looking like young boys….anyway Diddy used to do hencman Wazzoo back in those days when henchman was a guard to Jay Z, the Cube and Kurtis-Blow

  • digitallife

    Hmmm usually when they get to asking in such specifics means they’ve got something they think is serious..

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  • goose

    I don’t belive this and if that’s the case whyis this bullshit just now being brought up lol……people are to funny believing these shit.people just wanna have something to talk about and don’t you think that the kids would have came forward considering how much money the nigga got come on now bs.


      Revolt TV…

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  • orlando jackson

    Jlo kim cassie nigga aint gay

    • brotha_man

      jlo kim cassie are cover up girls


      he been gay,u just never knew it. the feds been watching dude for over 20. they seen big getting wacked and didnt even do shit

      • orlando jackson

        for 20 years and ntn never happen so if they dont kno how do u kno??? did he rape u or sommn

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  • God

    this is stupid

  • pennaitor

    USher had Bibier under his wings too….hmmm

  • Q’s Slave

    knew he was weird

  • Drexel M Warren

    this is simply that WHITE monster that attacked Micheal Jackson trying to deminish his legacy with the most hienious accusstion on a rich Black Man foh cracka ass cracka maphuka’s…..PLEASE DONT BELIEVE THE BULLSHIT PEOPLE!! ITS SHIT LIKE THIS AS TO WHY THE INTERNET WAS INVENTED TO TRANSMIT BULLSHIT TO THE MASSES QUICKLY…DONT BELIEVE ALL THE HYPE!!!

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  • Nicole

    I don’t believe this crap

  • NoGoBoi

    Who honestly would be surprised if this were true? Not me

  • 86Jordan

    Our tax dollars at work, I think Diddy is a lame with good business sense but this is ridiculous on the governments/feds part.

  • FREEfromslavery

    i dont know if this is true because the feds are habitual liars. diddy has done alot of evil things to innocent people over the last couple decades. the only thing that comes to my mind is the old saying ” u reap what u sow”. a wolf in sheeps clothing might be a better description. another amerikkkan bad boy.

  • HK Sin

    Sammie the r&b artist used to be on bad boy….
    They say he went crazy after…..,HINT

  • Freshly Snipes

    85% of these hip hop dudes is gay/swingers/drug addicts & freaks! ESPECIALLY the so-call Forbes listers! ‘Hollywood’ the physical place and the term-synomomous with music/movies/media is/has been a place of pedophilia & homosexuality & yes the two are closely related. These days however they are making a power move by making s gay/tranny/bi sexuality the new normal some realizing that its gov. sanctioned population control others simply gay for pay….like most of our big named rappers…

  • ShortDogg

    Leave those “holes” alone Diddy! Hah! Hahhhhh! This is hilarious. Diddy the butt banger!

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      Got dam hardcore!! hahaha

  • ShortDogg

    Now Diddy can start wearing what he always wanted to wear. It is out now. Red Pumps and red Thongs.. He already wear the tight butt suits and skinny jeans. Hah! Ha! Hahhhhhhh!