Ice T: I Dream About Being Shot And Killed Every Night

(AllHipHop News) Ice-T has been exposed to gang life since a teen, put the nation in a veritable conniption with his 1992 single “Cop Killer” and now is an actor on a television show centered around the most perverse crimes. That can lead one man to a bit of paranoia, which Ice T says has manifested in nightly dreams of him being murdered.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the 30 year rap legend spoke on how his nefarious past has led to the 55 year old actor to have a heightened level of paranoia:

If that door opened and I ask you, “Who’s coming through that door?,” somebody could say “My mother” or maybe “somebody from my past,” but I’d say, “Some dudes in ski masks.” I’ve been in heavy situations. When you lived it, you’re paranoid. I carried guns so much that I had a bruise on my leg for a year after I stopped.

Ice-T admitted that he believes his fame has intensified his paranoia and that “the most successful are the most paranoid.”

When the conversation moved to his feelings towards the current landscape of Hip Hop, Ice-T said he was “disillusioned with the hip-hop sound” and pointed out its hypocrisy but also championed a few of its shining stars:

If you track my movement, you’ll never see a picture of me with any girl that wasn’t mine, or my own car. My jewelry, my clothes. What kind of gangsta rapper has a stylist? A stylist?! So now that game? I gracefully bow out, but then you got beasts. You got Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick [Lamar], all these cats that can really spit.

Ice T is currently working on a new album with his band Body Count which is entitled Manslaughter.

  • Ice T = O.G.

  • $18592567

    1 of the best story tellers in rap history…vivid

  • Bodie

    Thats coo Ice T check this tho..

    I just got a letter and a call this week from a lawyer out here saying my granddad who passed left me a “substantial amount” of bread.. I got a meeting w him around 2 pm.. This shyt is crazy!!

  • MrNoName2K

    30 years in the game lol gottdamn, respect.

    • Slick Blak

      His mansion have a retractable roof like Cowboy Stadium now that’s pimping.

    • Mec-One

      Dude has been a cop on tv longer than a lot rap dudes careers …….

  • The Arsonist

    I remember the Soulja Boy situation with Ice-T.. Im an old school dude so when that went down I said in two years Soulja Boy will be on a Milk Carton and Ice-T will still be a legend… I shoulda been a fortune teller.

    • acapwn

      That’s just common sense.

  • dfwricwil

    A Gangsta with a stylist. LMAO!! Ice T is a fool for that one. Real O.G.

  • ZUBU

    Question: who do you think he’s talking about when he mentions rappers having stylists? Though he said gangsta rapper, I think he may have been implying Drake (though we know Canada’s fiinest ain’t gangsta), but Drake did get sued recently buy a stylist who said Drake didn’t pay him. IJS…….

    • Thenatural503

      You reaching more then Illseed right now.

  • AP-9 sure did disappear! I smell hush money…

    • Brindle

      he used to be my lil cousins barber, he supposedly failed a lie detector test regarding everything, but who knows. Them pics is my lie detector test and I believe the brotha, ignorant but believable

  • JerZeBoy

    Funny how Ice was so gangsta and now plays a cop on a TV show and played one in New Jack City too…

    • Vinsanity

      And married a white girl.

      • JerZeBoy


      • Brindle

        her ass makes her officially black

      • Mec-One

        even if it came with a receipt

      • Brindle

        long as it can’t get repo’d

  • Brindle

    “legs had bruises” what kinda skinny jeans was he wearing. Nigro please! Where the white girl at? Shouldn’t all his interviews end with her pics?

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  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    i think its funny when people act like the fact that Ice-T plays a cop on TV and has a white wife some how makes him less real. thats some stupid ass logic

    • Brindle

      exactly! ask the average gangsta to quit banging to become a cop, they’ll tell you “no” quickly… ask them to play a cop on TV, who wouldn’t say yes.

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  • Bobby Del Bosque

    ICE-T is WACK