Master P’s Wife Files For Divorce, Wants Full Custody of 4 Minor Children

(AllHipHop News) Master P may have months of litigation ahead of him as Sonya Miller, his wife of 24 years, has reportedly filed for divorce.

According to TMZ, the pair have been separated for years and in 2011 were believed to have already been divorced when Department of Child Services ordered Master P to pay $1,084 per month in child support. The couple have four minor children with each other and an adult, rapper/actor Lil Romeo.

The official reason for the divorce is “irreconcilable differences” according to the report. Sonya is also requesting full custody of their four minor children.

Master P has been reportedly in a relationship with a new woman since April.

  • Nasir Jones

    Make em say huh?

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    man all these greedy bitches need to go and get a job

    • Freebe Jackson

      I mean a bitch is suppose to be greedy…these dumb niggaz wanna have multiple babies with these bitches….marry them but still treat them like shit by stepping out all the time….of course the bitch want a check…..these niggaz should stop nutting in these bitches and marrying them if they not gone hold it down at home…..silly niggaz cant blame these bitches for wanting a check…stop putting them in position to get a check

      • Thenatural503

        I pray you’re not black. If this is how black youth think we are in more trouble then ever before. They were married 20 plus years. That means she was holding him down back when Master P mattered. I don’t even know what to say when I see stuff like this.

      • Freebe Jackson

        maybe you dont comprehend well……i’m saying these rappers and entertainers get chicks pregnant and/or marry them but still cheat and do shit like they single. Why get mad over the female wanting money when you put her in position to take money from you. Dont get married and dont have babies with these females if you dont plan on holding it down. She put up with his shit for the money but now she smartened up and wants out….maybe you not black you dickhead

      • Thenatural503

        Wow I got under your skin pretty easy.

      • Freebe Jackson

        yeah…stupidity really gets to me

      • Homegrown Chicks

        “Cheating” comes with the money and the fame. Women kill me with that excuse, “he cheated”! Most rich men HISTORICALLY have mistresses, concubines, and multiple wives! I don’t know why American women think it would be any different with their rich men. Eastern women listen to American women complain and laugh their ass*s off! They be like “if he taking care of me, his other women, and our children, why should I complain?”. Not American women though! And American women can’t stay married or keep their families together for sh*t! A pocket full of cash and a female support system does NOT supplement a father/husband in the home!

      • Freebe Jackson

        if women should be expected to accept that cheating comes with money and fame…the guys should be expected to accept that once they get older and out of the lime light the woman is going to divorce them and want a check in the form of alimony/child support.

      • Homegrown Chicks

        Negative captain!! Only works that way with western women, who have NO idea wtf they are doing and have COMPLETELY lost themselves. Like I said, all that MONEY, FAME, PRIVILEGE, RESPONSIBILITY and ability to “provide and protect” wealthy men represent comes with a trade off for women. That cost is, you WILL NOT be the ONLY woman. And American women like to THINK they can pick and choose WHICH benefits wealthy men are inherently and traditionally entitled to. If you want to reduce your chances of dealing with a man who has a plethora of women to indulge in at a whim, get yourself an everyday nine to five man. But they aren’t satisfied with that either!! So you get what you get when you aspire to pair off with ‘ballers’ ladies!

        And you can stop responding to me about this particular topic. I’m not here to debate any of you. Your ignorance is personified by your ‘new age’ approach to relationships (ie western culture) despite their visible and documented failure rate, .

        People outside of America know better than the foolishness you all evoke because they adhere to TRADITIONAL male and female roles. That is why they don’t have the DIVORCE rate Americans do. They stick to the script and they understand, that “a pocket full of cash and a female support system does NOT supplement a husband/father in the home”!

      • Freebe Jackson

        your talking about a western woman, correct? if you admit thats the norm for western women…you cant make a valid point by saying how it goes in other places lol

    • therealjjohnson

      What makes you think this “woman” is greedy? They have been married for 24 years, this isnt a fly by night woman he just hooked up with. Master P’s wife has been with him when they were both living in the back of the record shop before No Limit was no limit. I wont pretend to know they reason for the split but to just assume she is one of the “greedy bitches” seems to big assumption.

  • goose

    why is she trying to take his kids away from him just because your divorce
    lol…….all cause he don’t want to be with you is crazy some black women just don’t get it .

    • Freebe Jackson

      cause the kids mean more $$$$….the 4 minor children….she can get child support for them

  • digitallife

    Well how long before the fangs come out?

  • Damn.

  • Jonathan Bacher

    She looked after the children while he was building HIS career. Sure she entitled to a bit of $

  • clipzz

    she just wants his money…everyday story

    • golder1

      Hard to say that when she has been with him for over 24 yrs. Everyone woman asking for divorce is not after money idiot

  • Dubz

    It always amazes me that the females get fed up when they know the money isn’t flowing in like it use too…half of today’s money is a lot more then half 10 years ago.

  • ONE

    She use to rap. Her name was Sonya C

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  • RIV

    Damn P…

  • Matt Swan

    I want HALF Eddie……HALF you muddachukka……

  • Saruman

    The institute of marriage is DEAD……no matter how you see it, men and women stay up to shit. The morals that people had don’t exist anymore. Men always step out and women do not cater to there men because they feel they are being controlled. People change over the course of time also.

  • pennaitor

    P is gayed out as fck

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