Hip-Hop Rumors: Gangsa Disciples Confront Waka Flocka in Chicago

Waka Flocka ain’t never scared, so it’s no surprise that he stood off with some Chicago goons claiming to be Gansta Disciples. The video starts with Waka seemingly greeting fans and then goes left when some random dudes start reppin’…from across the street.

Waka Flocka initially takes the bait but then keeps it moving when he sees that the dudes are probably just haters trying to knock him off his game. Watch:

Situations like this can get really crazy, really fast so Waka and his entourage did the right thing by walking away. Someone in Waka’s camp could have gone to jail or even been killed and for what, pathetic excuses of men who feel so lost and insecure that they have nothing better to do than try to drag other people into their madness? FOH!

  • Thenatural503

    So sad to see our people act like this. The only people in America who spend more time hurting each other then helping each other.

    • U2K Tha Greate$t

      what do you expect, its rap music.

      • Thenatural503

        I’ve been listening to rap since I was 12 or so and I’ve never acted this way so I don’t know if I can just blame rap music.

      • Jordan FU

        Yeah thats a bullshit excuse. Music doesnt make you act a way or do a act (same way those faggots the trench coat mafia that shot up columbine aint shoot up the school cause they listen to marilyn manson or whoever they blame, of course they would never blame their parents, how them kids get those amount of guns and bomb making shit without them knowing? Please). And if music is able to mold your morals, who you are as a person (and its obvious these fucks are over 18, they look f*cking over 30 honestly) you are a very weak minded person and i can only hope you try to front on people ill just call real, and they twist your cap off and hopefully this happens before you leave kids without a dad. Or even better would be cut the bullshit and figure shit out, plenty of people came from the same place and didnt end up like these guys. But you know the politicians will blame rap, or video games or movies, its easier then admitting America has a huge problem with gun violence thats far more complex then entertainment. Even in Mexico border towns where the murder rate is worse than it was in IRAQ and Afghanistan combined, the money and guns go south and the drugs go north. We are arming the cartels.

      • Truth Powell

        Well fact is there’s a lot of weak minded people out there. If rap music can make(or inspire) you to drink a certain type of liquor or wear a certain kind of shoe, best believe it has the power to make some people act out in criminalistic ignorant ways.

      • therealjjohnson

        Music can set the tone for actions. This is an fact. That is why when you go to church they do praise and worship “singing and reading of scripture” before the sermon. The intent is for it to open you up to receive the spirit. This is just one example.

        If you are trying to set the mood for a romantic night you put on slow music for your lady to put her in a certain zone. Music impacts people and their behavior. Its a proven fact.

        That being said hearing a song on the radio should not make you go shoot up a club…however if you’re in a bad place mentally and circumstances align and the right song comes on…i believe it has an impact on certain peoples actions.

      • PhilTheGreat

        Depending on your age, rap might have been different when you were a kid and/or you might have not been listening to material like 3/6 Mafia, Lil Jon and The Eastside Boys etc. etc. I was in HS when I started listening to that so my mind was ready for it. Look at the radio now though, every damn person on the radio they play is rapping about drug dealing like it’s candyland and merc’ing niggas etc. Even R&B songs that feature raps have drug content being cool etc. It’s different for the way kids are growing up now. You rarely hear a song about making it through the struggle or coming up out of anything. I’m all for getting crunk, but sometimes you need stuff to tickle the brain. This is just how I see it though, nothing in my post is written in stone.

    • justmathoughts

      thats a very uneducated statement…rich people spend way more time hurting poor people and middle class people than any race spends hurting one another

      • Thenatural503

        That statement is very uneducated. Poor people for the most part keep themselves poor by relying on the government for an easy check. Most people are poor because they refuse to do things to better their lives and expect handouts.

      • justmathoughts

        you would have a point if i was only talkin about the poor but my statement clearly says “poor people and middle class people”… race isnt the issue any more and hasnt been for years now.. everyday i see more and more white people in the hood and more and more “minorities” being put in higher places…youre fighting a battle that was already won….money makes the world go ’round bruh, if you aint got the money you outta shape

      • therealjjohnson

        I dont agree with your statement that:
        “race isnt the issue any more and hasnt been for years now.. ”
        Now…you can say that race isnt the ONLY issue but it will always be AN issue. No way around it.

      • justmathoughts

        youre right but all im really trying to say is, its not the main issue….. were selling ourselves short if thats the goal

  • RapItUp

    He sounds so accomplished at the end of the video.. how cute

  • Chris

    Doesn’t Waka Flocka perpetuate this same type of negativity through his own music? Birds of a feather…….

  • pauleyPee

    Nothing to see, here. Smdh.

  • MrNoName2K

    MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN all that sh*t is stupid and pointless..

  • King Cold

    Coonery at its finest. Smdh. Equality is what we need

  • Negro Peligro

    Ain’t none of them cats had to go to a job that paid a LIVING salary in the morning. Either hustle or legit. If you paid you don’t have time to worry that Waka Flaka is in town and is he real. So.

    • Jordan FU

      Exactly. They aint make legit or illegit money. No body with a plan and a purpose got time to be f*cking around trying to end up in jail. Mother f*cker the idea is to stay out. You aint represent shit either, you talked, a little child could talk, a bitch could talk, and its obvious you aint want to get physical. If you really making any money in the streets you dont have time to walk around confronting rappers, if you do got that time get more clients or better cilents bitch cause you making one or two hundred a day max. And to be real aint no user or even ADDICT even wanna f*ck around with a bitch ass dealer, so if you thinking you repping GD its a bad f*Cking look you homo thug. You ran to the other side of the street and hid behind a car, never heard of a real man who talk like a woman but act even more like a bitch then her.

  • benito remirez

    Actually it happened in Ybor city Tampa not Chiraq

    • Jordan FU

      makes more sense, I don t know tampa know, i know it was real bad in the early 80’s but no way these guys real chicago GD’s and are that much of a hoe. No offense to Tampa like i said i dont know whats going on there i just know Chicago is murder city.

      • benito remirez

        None taken I’m not from either place,but I think if this happened in Chicago the headline would’ve been waaaay different !

      • Dadon850

        I lived in Tampa for 10 years and Ybor City is just an area of bars and clubs where people hang out. Tampa has some really bad areas but that’s mostly on the West Side. When I lived there Tampa was a very violent city especially if you were from Clearwater or St. Petersburg. Every time the clubs closed you’re guaranteed to hear some gun shots. Tampa is not Chicago, but it’s far from Beverly Hills. Them Tampa boys will twist Waka cap backwards.

  • Eric Cartman

    Don’t die like keeeeeny

  • U2K Tha Greate$t

    pretty sure they were raging at him because of how wack he is , he is a terrible rapper lol

    • Blanca E. Lightle

      My Uncle Carter just got a new blue Mercedes CLA-Class Sedan by working off of a macbook air… link W­W­W­.­F­B­3­9­.­C­O­M

      • JerZeBoy

        ur uncle is a but pirate….

      • therealjjohnson


  • dehova

    iLLseed, I’ve knocked you for you dyslexia this past year but when you say something poignant, I have to give you props. Indeed, he did the right thing.

  • MediaVybz

    dude screaming GD n*gga!! like a girl and aint doing shit…#2013RealGangsta

  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    Waka handled that shit like a real nigga, meanwhile those bum niggas running they mouth and aint do shit smh

  • Guest

    Anybody who acts like an idiot like that deserves a happy face sticker just for the effort….

  • Michael Murray

    Dude talkin all that shit, gets something thrown at him, and then backs off when Waka comes at him. Then says he basically won. Clowns are funny

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    WAKA punked your bitch ass

  • JamalFromGhostwriter

    There needs to be a holocaust for all these ignorant fools. Black, white, latino and asian. Kill them all, let God sort them out.

  • jondubock

    The only thing missing is that he didn’t take off his paints, lift up his leg, and piss on a fire hydrant to mark his territory…..

  • ulostatlife

    If I hear one more clown a** muhf*cka yell Worldstarr while filming a video off his camera phone…..

  • Immortal

    This is scary. For once I agree with the writer from the second paragraph down. Now if only it would stay that way. I don’t see why someone has to test someone else and yell out the name of the city. Dude already knows where he is, he either flew or was on a tour bus and got there. These cats are lames. And all Waka was doing was taking pics with fans? Are they mad cuz he didn’t take one with them?

    • Dan_Tebasco

      Although their actions are stupid, Wacka does claim Bloods and should be treated accordingly… People live and die for their gang so it’s understandable if someone claim a set and then is not truly apart of that set that people can get frustrated of said person…

      If these were actual bangers or just a couple morons I dunno… Wacka held it down pretty good though, he went into their faces and then walked away…

      • PhilTheGreat

        The only problem, is that they ran across the street. From a celebrity???

      • Darren Myt Collins

        But GDS” don’t normaly have problems with bloods. I can see if Wocka was a Vice Lord….smh

  • trixnkix637

    Waka a o.g. He ain’t gonna fall for these sucker type moves.

    “I could be about this bread or be about that life. I’d rather be about this bread.” – Waka Flocka

    Smartest/Realest shit I’ve ever heard.

    • Adcapone

      Waka an OG of what? Bloods? Where im from you got put in a lot of work to be an OG and you cant join the gang after you are a rapstar… Thats disrespectful to real OGS.. Not saying Waka is a punk but at this point that ninja is barely ab B.G. I got little homies from the blocc that done put in more work in 2 weeks then this dude his whole life.

      • trixnkix637

        You’re right. I meant he has an O.G. way of thinking. A real one ain’t gonna give two flucks about what someone across the street is saying if they ain’t got it in them to walk up to his face & say it.

        But yea I agree Waka ain’t put the work in to be considered an O.G. of the block with street cred.

      • JD

        You should watch the old trapaholics dvds of Gucci. Waka been a Blood before the fame…I can tell you are not from the south if you thought he just became a Blood. #Gucci’sFormerShooter #KnownFACT

  • Truth Powell

    Wocka is a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Eff him.

  • therealjjohnson

    Im confused. Some of the comments and even the gentleman in the video seem to think he “won” and Waka “lost” etc. From what I saw from the video they started talking shit and waka approached and then they backed off. It even looks like they threw and hit the guy in the wife beater with something (43 second mark). If anything it makes these so called “GDs” look pretty weak. The camera man couldnt decide who team he was on. First it was “dont let them talk to you like that flocka” then it went to “let them know where they at” or something like that. Whole thing seemed staged by some wanna be gangstas…

  • Breeze

    lmao some of you bloggers kill me. . . if u talked shit about waka after seeing this go kill yourself. you muhfuckaz always expect for a nigga to pull out a gun and shoot someone ON CAMERA. you may not have nothing to live for but that nigga do.ill pick makin money over bein gangsta anyday

  • Dante Rapper

    you spelt gangster wrong twice and not even in the accepted but incorrect spelling of “gangsta” you spelt gangster – gansta and gansta..not criticising just found it funny!

  • Pedro Matos Jr.

    Saw this lame video on another website this ain’t happen in Chicago this was Tampa, Florida. And these dudes in the videos r false flaggers they ain’t from the Chi any1 from the Go can tell that & that’s all Imma say bout that.