Hip-Hop Rumors: What Is Going On With Hip-Hop Shows Being Cancelled?

Hip-Hop Rumors: What Is Going On With Hip-Hop Shows Being Cancelled?

This isn’t so much of a rumor as it is a question. I’m wondering what you think. We couldn’t believe when Rock The Bells was cancelled. Why? As an event, its the festivals of all festivals for Hip-Hop. (I’ve never been to A3C so I can’t speak on that.) Then, looking at the struggle Kanye and Drake have had with their tours. Both have had to cancel or push back dates, for a number of reasons. Initially, they were saying that ticket sales were slow for them though. Have Hip-Hop shows lost their way? Did they get to be too expensive? Do they need to go back to the clubs in smaller, more intimate settings? Just some food for thought.

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Here’s s Yeezus and Jeezus.

The show looks pretty good. I can’t lie.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

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  • Linkz

    the ticket prices are too high

  • King Cold

    The blasphemy….smh

  • Jordan FU

    Yeah i would go with the ticket prices. I think the insurance or fear of violence is a easy excuse but a lie. If that were true 50 cent would of never toured, people were killed at one of his shows. People barely pay for music what makes them think they will pay 50+ bucks for a shit show? No idont want to see wiz khalifa and a bunch of f*ckers i have no clue who the hell they are (taylor gang? all i remember was chevy something). Plus music is garbage right now and not selling so why would people want to pay for it in person?

    • I agree, the internet makes everything much more accessible….If one person from the neighborhood goes to see Beyonce in concert then that person can upload that footage and try to get as many hits/views so they want people to see their youtube channel instead of the actual artist.

  • Seriouslyfolks

    There is NO BLASPHEMY, because there was NO JESUS. And Yoshua Bentall did NOT look like Cesare Borgia at all.

  • Seriouslyfolks

    Oh! Kanye West is rapping onstage with a Cesare Borgia Look-a-Like! How cool! There is NO BLASPHEMY, Because there was NO JESUS. The letter “J” was not invented until the 15th Century, and Yoshua Bentall was NOT a European.

  • Infinite8

    Wait for Groupon or Living Social to buy tickets. 50% to 60% off the ticket price.

  • E McArthur

    well Kanye’s case, it seems like he’s TRYING to not have any fans no more (that will buy tickets)

  • Thee_Gooch <—- Twitter

    damn all those empty seats? The hell. I didn’t buy a ticket for any of the shows but I’d expect a packed crowd for K Dot and Kanye.

  • Immortal

    Can we get some of these love and whatever shows cancelled? Or wives of whatever or any of these fake reality shows canceled? I’d suffer through a meek mills show if LAHHA was taken off the air for good.

  • First of all Hip-Hop concerts are not safe someone is ALWAYS getting hurt, Secondly most Hip-Hop events are overcrowded with way too many rappers on the stage at the same tme.Rappers show up late with attitude problems and they sometimes perform songs that no one ever heard of. Rappers are becoming way to cocky and disrespectful to their fans from Lil Wayne saying that “He Hates New York” to Kanye acting as if no one can ask him about his baby, girlfriend, or his anger problem..Drake and Chris Brown tore up a nightclub in NYC and till this day one got penalized..Rappers have lost that connection with their fans, it’s just too much money being spent to see rappers do everything that I mentioned above…Not to mention how reality shows allow us to see a watered down version of our favorite rappers, and also the internet I personally log on to youtube and worldstar to see Hip-Hop performances, based on the fact that everyone has a smartphone with a camera, and they now have the opportunity to post homeade footage with hopes of being an internet sensation.

    And finally I hate to point fingers but rappers like Kanye, Drake and Lil Wayne who get on stage wearing women clothing while trying to be gangsta plays a huge role in poor ticket sales as well..I’ve always felt this way about Drake, that he is not really a rapper…Imagine going to see Drake at a concert and all you see is him an the rest of YMCMB kissing each other, wearing leggings and singing through the whole set…It’s confusing fans go to Hip-Hop concerts to mainly see and hear rap music-not some dude singing the whole time.With huge events like summerjam in NJ it’s becoming a problem for fans who pay to see these Hip-Hop artists only to end up seeing rappers halfway across the stadium on a huge projection screen…Why bother? I refuse to pay over $50 just to be tapped off and have to look up at a screen, I can stay home for all of that. The End