Kanye West Meets Jesus Christ While Performing “Jesus Walks” (VIDEO)

I just talked to Jesus/He said ‘what up, Yeezus?'”

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West fully believes he is a god and should be among gods at all times. At the inaugural Yeezus tour stop in Seattle, the rapper self-proclaimed Yeezus performed his classic single “Jesus Walks” with a surprise appearance from Jesus himself…sort of.


An actor dressed up as the stereotypical model of Jesus spoke with Kanye West prior to him performing “Jesus Walks”:

I didn’t come here to make bad people feel good. I came here to make dead people alive. To show people the light. That’s what I need from you, to show people the light.

Check out the full performance of “Jesus Walks” featuring an appearance from “Jesus”:

  • have yall heard this clown’s last album??? he need all the help he can get!!! if Jesus gotta come down to Earth to help sell some concert tickets, so be it…

    • Ihatehater

      Stfu hater, you just have trouble with progressing. You want to hear the same type of beats talking about the same shhhh…gtfoh with that bullshhh

  • D-Money

    Lost all respect for this ass hole

    • My9yearoldsmokespot

      Why would you respect him in the first place? Ain’t like you guys were best friends or anything. You’re a lost soul who needs help badly. I can provide it easily – just allow me to take yo’ shoes and I’ll heal your stupidity.

      • Ihatehater


  • $21384666

    He will be held accountable for his action. So let us not judge him, leave that to the Father. No matter how much of a arrogant person he is

  • MrNoName2K

    Man Kanye has really gone off the deep end..

  • FREEfromslavery

    this dickhead is only representing the amerikkkan way that he and the rest of the black community were raised on. blacks been praying to white Jesus since we stepped off the slavery boat. kanye is no different from the uncletom preacher’ s who have been promoting the same bullshit to us for centuries. he’s nothing but a rich slave caught up in the amerikkkan way like the rest of you.

  • kefier angelese

    HAHAHAHAH! is my comment, make your money kanye boy! while you at it pick your spot in hell… crazy man!

  • dusttracks

    I wonder what they’re paying that guy to play Jesus…