Kanye West

Kanye West Sells Confederate Flag-Themed Merch On Yeezus Tour

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West has brought controversy into the conversation surrounding his the Yeezus tour, as he has been selling merchandise with the Confederate Flag on it.

Historically, the Confederate Flag is a symbol of racism, particularly those that want to continue with the American institution of White Supremacy.

The shirts were designed by Wes Lang, an artist, and the displays were first revealed on the Seattle stop of the tour.

Kanye has not explained why the art is so prevalent in the artistic vision for his tour mercy.

What are your thoughts?

kanye west confederate flag shirts

kanye west confederate flag shirts

kanye west confederate flag shirts

  • therealest1

    Kanye West always needing attention shit.

  • soyhiphop

    when u selling out you have to go all the way out you overstand? got him self a white armenian b!tch changed the way he talks to a white mans voice brought white jesus on stage in seatle…and now with the confederate flags..next up kkk pointy ass hoodies and white power shirts..this n!ggas moms doing summer saults in her grave smh

    • ZUBU

      Word bro! You speaking the truth. His mom was well educated; his dad had black panther connections, and this boy doing this? SMH…….

      • If you could make 500racks a night selling KKK shirts, wouldn’t you?

      • damn right

      • Negro Peligro

        What? Come on dawg. He can come up with something else.

      • True, it’s just one of many…but it’s a good hustle in retrospect.

      • Yeah he really NEEDS that merch money

      • How much money is enough? Just a little more!

      • soyhiphop

        so if your anus was worth 500k you sell it? i mean shouldnt your integrity be just as important as your anus? lol

      • Anne Noise

        Check out the new album from Kanye West, Solid Gold Anus.

      • Haha! You got the fool ass N lookin’ for it on itunes, lol

      • Killed him.

    • Thenatural503

      Wait so because he got a white girl and doesn’t talk like a ignorant thug he’s sold out? Come one now you sound ignorant as hell. By the way it’s spelled Seattle.

      • soyhiphop

        ok seattle yes he sold out lets take it back…kanye never talked like a thug to begin with and was well educated but he switched the way he talks completely..and about the white girl thing umm he got with a ho who use black celebs to make a name for her self

    • SpongebobOnYoShirt-Lookin Boy

      Armenian isn’t white at all bruh. Its middle eastern, right next to Iran, they just happened to be light skinned.

  • Historically the editor is a dumb ass, it’s was a symbol of the southern states during the American civil war…just so happens it’s associated with the people of that time

    • brotha_man

      the symbolic and cultural meaning defines it other wise

    • Thenatural503

      People don’t know no better. They just take whatever is told to them and hold it as gospel. Hell there are some people out there who still think Obama is a great president because the media tells them so. Or that the Affordable Healthcare Act aka Obama care is a good thing.

      Do you research people don’t be one of the blind led by the blind.

      • So Obama is a bad president and The AHC Act is bad? I’m blind as a MF by those standards

      • Thenatural503

        Do some research look at what Obama care is going to cost this country that just had it’s government shut down to raise our debt caps. Not to mention did you know under Obama care you as a young man with Obama care you’re going to be paying for services that are impossible for you to use as a man that is unless you have a Vagina and can get pregnant. Like I said do some research.

        As far as Obama and his presidency go back to his initial speeches and bullet points for his campaign and tell me one thing that he promised would be done that has been done. Just 2 that were a big deal were pulling our troops out of the middle east and shutting down getmo. Not only have we not been pulled out of shut down but we have more soldiers and prisoners then before he took over.

        The welfare programs he’s expanded have only made it easier for the poor to leech and to stay leeching for as long as they “need”. The secret spying that’s been going on and expanded during his presidency. Trying to ban guns based on false propaganda.

        I guess if you don’t mind having your freedoms taken away from you then he’s been a great president but I wont tow the line just because he’s black. I wish more wouldn’t just tow the line either.

        Once again do some research don’t just take what bias news outlets tell you as gospel. Both sides liberal and conservative outlets will only tell you have the story to try and swerve you one way or another.

      • Dave

        I read all things that people post about the president, for better or worse. But let me ask you…. would Romney be better? Would we magically be out of debt and everyone have the greatest jobs and biggest houses? No, do you have a plan about what we should do next then? Maybe all of us vote Independent? Seriously though, I am curious a to what you think should be done.

      • Immortal

        Celtz to some people there is a third and fourth party with the libertarians and the Tea Party. From what I’ve gathered the libertarians are all about individual freedoms and some of their stances don’t make any sense and are borderline “hippyish”. The Tea Party takes “pleasure” in knowing that Sen. Ted Cruz and Co shut the government down and in the end did nothing to further their agenda other than cause the GOP to loose a lot of seats in the Senate and more in the House come elections. I’m still trying to figure out what is the true mission of the Tea Party other than a smaller government footprint, and less spending. If anyone knows more I’m all for knowing it. To Thenatural, what else is there? Damn near all of the policies that are in place now by Obama were put in place by Bush. Patriot Act, Iraq and Afghanistan, Gitmo, and welfare reform is on every Presidents to do list, but once it’s touched it’s like a political grenade. Obama did do two things; he said he wanted us out of both Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq is done, and Afghanistan is almost over with. We do not have as many over there as we did before, because the military is doing a massive purge to get people out voluntarily or not. And for verifiable numbers the Army alone is loosing almost 50k by the end of 2015. That’s not including the Soldiers lost to Sequestration. He also said he as going to get Bin Laden. Like it or not, he accomplished his mission on that one. Gitmo needs to stay open because once those prisoners set foot on the continental US, then they are no longer POW’s and get the same rights as a regular criminal. Keep them there; we have enough to deal with that are homegrown. Also Gitmo cannot be closed until there is a place to put those POW’s and not to many countries are asking for that trouble. Nothing the president has done has effected my freedoms at all. From the NSA to the CIA to any other three letter agency. I figure only those that have a need to worry need worry. My second amendment right hasn’t been challenged in any meaningful way. But that is because I know there are those that support what I support and they carry some lobbying weight.
        The ACA is going to hurt initially, but what new program wouldn’t? He had no clue that the system was going to crash like it did. He’s not a programmer; he’s the president, and some things have to be delegated down to get done, or they won’t get done at all. I think this is a bold attempt; and the verdict is still out, and will be out for a couple more years until we see how it really impacts the average American.
        Obama’s legacy isn’t for us to debate. History will tell us later on how good he was or was not. Clinton was thought of as a weak president, but in the years that followed it was shown that he actually did do a lot of good that no one saw, or gave him credit for at the time. Same with Bush’s 1+2. His legacy will be defined later on, and then we’ll have a chance to see what really went on, and how it impacted us.
        I agree with you that you need to be informed. You need to look things for yourself and make a conscious and informed decision based upon what your take is on the information given. National media outlets (TV, and mainstream websites) aren’t going to give you an unbiased opinion, but even they are good for you because they give opposing views and with some data mining, you can even use them to reach your own personal goal. But in the end it’s up to you to make it happen.

      • Celz

        I’m not gonna debate you because everything you stated is a two way street. No one tried to ban guns period. There was no false propaganda. When you stretch the truth it makes you look foolish and invalidates all of the other truths in your statement. Obama is a joke. But IMO he’s less of a joke than Mittens. Obamacare needs some work for sure but 1. Its Romney’s idea and 2. Since emergency care can’t be denied everyone has healthcare already. It’s called getting your credit ruined at the ER. Everyone knows that preventative care is far cheaper than treatment so there is no way that Obamacare will have a net higher cost than our current system. Initially yes but in the long run Obamacare will save money.

        But yea both parties are complete jokes we’re screwed either way. We need a 3rd party in the center bad..

      • He’s better than that cracka Bush!!!!!

    • Chris

      We know what it USED to stand for. That sh*t doesn’t matter now. The flag is a constant reminder of slavery, segregation and plenty of other foul sh*t that took place not too long ago, and is associated with white supremacy groups throughout the US. Stop capin’ for that clown-ass-n*gga Kanye. SMH.

    • Negro Peligro

      You on some crack. The flag represented keep black people slaves. Even white slaves. What are you tallking about. Don’t let them rewrite history it was because of slavery. I don’t care if think it should be a state right federal right city right its wasnt right .

  • John Q. Public


  • brotha_man

    trying to get that old white racist money….which is a lot of money. Rednecks in the back woods would wear this stuff.

    Kanye taking a page from the dave chapelle skit?

    • Smart business move!

      The money don’t know where it came from.

      • brotha_man

        im actually not mad at kayne for this

    • We ain’t laughin’

  • ant662

    it actually makes sense. he banned florida like so many artist so the skull reprensents trayvon martins death, the flag represents the out come that was racist, and the obvious he, doesnt plan on going to florida, but could be wrong who knows with ye.

    • Chris

      Maaaaaaaaaaaane, shut yo’ reachin’ ass up, n*gga.

      • ant662

        Phuck u! im jus giving my opinion on it. you never now with ye and all his stunts. ole bitch ass dude catching feelings on my opinion. i aint even that big ye fan.

      • Sounds like YOU the one ‘catchin feelins’ my friend…Haha!

      • LOL N reachin’ his ass off

  • Negro Peligro

    What is that. I defended Kanye on a lot of stuff but rebel flags.

    • Freezamon

      More black folks died and are still dying under this current flag than the rebel flag..do some research.

      • Executive

        Yes sir!

      • These hipster hop fools don’t wanna hear the truth

  • Dhz30

    i got mixed feelings about this..he could be using this image to say a number of things

  • CutronomicalThought

    Kanye is slaving himself..it’s sad that he cant see this for himself..as I said before when dude momz died it really messed him up..he has completely changed!

    • Celz

      I can’t even listen too his old shyt anymore.. It’s too GOOD.. Smh

    • when off the deep end

  • Immortal

    Typical Ye. Always looking for that shock value and we fall for it every time. From the kilts to the skinny jeans, to yeesus, to this. He wants to shock folks of all races and the irony is while we’re debating the merits on this based on color and history, Ye is counting a lot of dead presidents in the end. I don’t like this stuff, wouldn’t buy it, but it will be a matter of time before you see white kids and black kids wearing this stuff. Just not mine tho

  • Executive

    Kanye is a new slave master, let me explain what I mean, when you got grown men sleeping on the side walk for your sneakers you have them enslaved. When you have niggas paying $3000+ for your $245 sneaker you have them enslaved. Then he sold white t shirts for $130 and they sold out! Niggas need to realize they can’t be mad at him!

    • Preach!…when you got fools pay 2-3 hunnad for $70 sneaker smdh

  • Donna West-White

    Kanye, would your mother be proud of what you are doing? I don’t think so. You are latching out at something but it is coming off as ignorant and bitter. Please think of your daughter, or your woman before you call yourself Yeesus or genius. You are a smart artist but by no means are you any where near our God, or Jesus Christ. If you need counseling seek it because you are definitely over the top with this one. Love you and Jesus forgives you. Please tone it down a little. A concerned mother. You could have been my son.

    • hollafashions


  • alayna27

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  • Slaughtr

    All that bullshyt you scream but your a fckin hypocrite. Fck your shock value you turned out to be the worst thing in hip hop.