Kanye West Explains Bringing Jesus on Stage, Illuminati, “Corporate” Voice + More (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West is back doing interviews again and that means more polarizing soundbites have surfaced. In a recent interview with San Francisco The JV Show. 

According to Kanye, his wife-to-be Kim Kardashian even had her questions about him portraying Jesus on stage, which Kanye answered in a way only Kanye West can:

I had a friend of mine that is a pastor there as we were discussing how we were going to do it. My girl even asked afterwards “isnt that weird if Jesus comes on stage or something like that?” No we do plays all the time where people play Jesus. What’s awesome about Christianity is that we are allowed to portray God.

One of the major debates that arose from Kanye’s portrayal of Jesus was his portrayal of the biblical figure as a White man. Kanye used that controversy as a point to finally address the constant implications of him being apart of the Illuminati.

The distractions are working. They try to distract your talking about some ‘That’s Illuminati’. Do anybody know what the Illuminati is supposed to be? What are you talking about right now?

Check out the three parts of the interview below:




  • Boomie Rogers

    Kanye is a phaggot. I’m tired of this nigga. Old Kanye been dead

  • LiddyBug86

    They have planted a UNHEALTHY SEED IN DUDES HEAD…Late Registration was the time I supported this dude….He gone!

  • atlantahiphopshop

    The power of Christ compels you Kanye.

  • Oknas

    kanyes an idiot

  • Ihatehater

    I love what he does artistically, but this brother is as confused and hypocrite as 2Pac was…he is talking all that corporate shit, only to turn around and let Motorola use his song on their TV ads. What a phony.

    • RazaBladeKing

      Compares Kanye West to 2Pac = Fails Instantly

      • Ihatehater

        If you weren’t too quick to judge and actually understood what I wrote, you would know I wasn’t comparing their talent. Moron.

  • disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    I don’t know why people don’t get Kanye. Dude is on a journey to help and he’s taking his time to take people through his journey, he could be selfish about it and do it the way people before him have done, acquire all the wealth (jay-Z – Puffy) or gone the thug route (Pac – Big) by mentioning names i mean no disrespect because in their defence also its the only way they knew how but noooo he’s doing it the way he know best, Shock your mind using visuals and then turn around to educate you. It’s the only way to educate the generation out there because attention span is zero, people don’t read nor educate anymore but would sit in front of the tv forever so what he’s doing is getting their attention using images, shock actions to spark conversations and then later Educate. Tell me that ain’t genius enh? it bothers me when reporters ask antagonising questions like the girl did in the 2nd interview with the illuminati crap. Did she hear the words in the rhyme or it went over her head?

    just my oppinion and please don’t shoot me 🙂

    • Brindle

      I think the problem is he’s got the shock part down, just like everything else now a days, but there is no “educating” being done. He shocks, reaps the profit it brings then moves to the next thing. He may come across to some as educating but its only cause the rest are so dumb. The dude’s gay or at least gayish and a huge hypocrite. No thought goes into what he says, he’s just got some education and is emotional so it sounds like it does..

      • disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

        I kinda respect your opinion but should have left the gayish comment alone. Its too easy as it really just throw the rest of the valid point you might have made outta the window for me. A hypocrite??? Well that’s judging him a bit too far and to be emotional is actually humane.
        I think he’s growing at least for the better it’s just crazy he’s doing it in front of the cameras. He’s not having scarface posters or godfather or some drug dude at his shows but Jesus. All the facts they hid from us, he’s bringing awareness to it. As he learns, he teaches but just not teaching you the stupidness he used to, it’s obvious he’s growing. They say father-hood changes you and that’s what we are witnessing in Kanye. I think we should at least support the growth so that he can be a better man. The show he had with Jesus on stage, i can promise you that the crowd was full of people of all works or life, creed, religion even atheist. Now it sparked a conversation, it made people talk, it opened my eye’s to the fact that only Christians have plays where Jesus can be human, I watched a play of my classmates in kindergarten i.e. 3 wise men, Jesus birth etc. It’s good to have this dialogues, not trying to turn everyone to Christians but to have a constructive dialogue where we can at least agree to disagree but walk away respecting each other views and differences

      • Brindle

        i personally don’t think he’s worth our support. I agree he’s talented producer and good at picking people to write for him (lupe, rhyme fest, consequence) and he does things that make us talk, but what’s the purpose in us talking if all we’re talking about is him and Kim. Entertainments biggest scape goat is “we just want people to talk” & “we’re just glad it made them talk”. Black peoples biggest scape goat for ignorance is “at least he’s getten paid” and “i just listen to the music”… Kanye is utilizing these two scape goats perfectly…

      • disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

        Ummm! See you and i have at least respectfully share views with respect even though we don’t know each-other no what you look like but somehow something sparked the conversation and we’ve gone back and forth just sharing views with ought any kinda rudeness nor disrespect. It is exactly what i’m talking about, i’m sure some people will read what we’ve gone back and forth on to learn a thing or 2 or at the very least learn not necessarily be an online bully or curse each-other out which is normal on the sites. So it started with Kanye but led to 2 men respecting views and been able to conversate withought the ussual bang em up or the internet gangster bully kinda way 🙂

        Hey! It’s been great and all the best, i’m sure we will get into another discussion real soon Mr. Brindle, i’m Miles


      • Brindle

        Much Respect

  • David Gonz

    hes dissing islam in a gay voice haha. wow.

    • Tony G.

      His voice is gay becuz he’s talking proper English and now saying u know what im saying and u feel me after every sentence?..

      • David Gonz

        his voice is gay because he has homosexual tendencies.

  • Imagine you are a guy who dares to do everything in a different II opposite way as every other black guy does at the moment and all of it sudden it works.

    I think this best describes Kanye.

    I guess in the beginning he didn’t even understand the trip he went on>
    Probably he still doesn’t. But whatever stupid he does makes him just
    more rich and famous and gives him stuff others brother’s are only
    dreaming of.

    Live your dream brother…

    • Brindle

      u just described just about every black entertainer in existence.

  • Celz

    If Kim can see this is a bad idea and you don’t that’s pathetic. Lmao at comparing a Non-profit Church portraying Jesus for religious reasons to a business portraying Jesus for entertainment and financial reasons. This nicca lost his mind long ago..

  • Ed

    Musik fell off homie. no props gonna save u.

  • RapItUp

    Shout out to my brothers with that corporate voice.. Everybody can’t make a living the same way, and sometimes that phone interview might make or break you. If your name on the resume didn’t give up your ethnic sources already

  • don king

    “i wanna b like christ.” yeah right, cause jesus stands 4 expensive clothes, cars, jewlery, rants, diamond teeth… but it explains why he stays with a ho, cause jesus saved alot of hoes 2 lol.

    • Brindle

      lmao… its funny how many people think he’s some kind of deep thinker.

      • don king

        im not sayin he has no deep thoughts at all, even though there r a bunch of way deeper thinkers in hip hop obviously. but this sentence was just such a stupid thing 2 say considerin his lifestyle. man kanye makes it really hard 4 me 2 like or not like him. he made n sometimes still makes super dope songs, but than again hes talkin so much bs n actin like a douchebag n that really makes me want 2 slap him back 2 reality.

      • Brindle

        i’m sayen the general public, or maybe just his fans

  • Brindle

    sometimes the words people use sound more intelligent than the sentences they use them in… we as black people gotta pick up a book, news paper or sh!t, try harder in school so that we know the difference.

  • Booqueesha Johnson

    Of all of Kanye’s rants—that he’s a genius—fuck corporations—etcetera, etcetera, etcetera… when the time came to do something radical, like bring a black Jesus on stage, Kanye opted to stay within the confines of his former slave-master’s religion and introduced us to his corporate white savior.

  • Booqueesha Johnson

    God only knows why Kanye went with the white Jesus. He has to know better! Perhaps he was trying to appease the poontang? But dayum! Even Madonna had enough balls to portray Jesus as a black man in her video, “LIke A Prayer.”

    • Brindle