Master P Offering $10,000 Golden Ticket Raffle With Release Of New Album “The Gift”

(AllHipHop News) Southern rap legend and millionaire mogul Master P is returning with a new album in December. The No Limit Records founder will release his next project The Gift, and the LP will include a special present for fans.

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Borrowing a promotional tactic from Roald Dahl’s classic children’s book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, each copy of The Gift will come with a “Golden Lottery Ticket.” A raffle will be held on December 23rd with a winner receiving a cash prize of $10,000.

The New Orleans rapper plans to use his latest work to give back to those in need in another way as well. Proceeds from sales of The Gift will help fund No Limit sponsored holiday toy drives.

“As I get better with time, the man upstairs has blessed me and continues to give me the inspiration to share my talents or should I say my GIFT with my current and new fan base of music consumers of all ages and ethnic backgrounds across the world”, stated P. “With the holidays approaching and the economy being the way it is, many families will be unable to buy gifts for their loved ones and that’s why I want to give everyone THE GIFT. Most importantly, I will be able to use my gift of music to help give back to underprivileged kids in many communities, and give them a chance to receive Christmas gifts that they would normally not be able to afford. It is my hope that this will encourage other artists to join me in this movement.”

Master P’s The Gift will be released December 6th. Each limited edition will also be personally signed by Master P.

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    Nobody has given a rat’s ass about this clown for over 10 years now. That No Limit bullshit that polluted rap came and died in the late 90s.

    • baalp

      that’s what you think lol. He’s doing well, has a new song or 2 with lil wayne (which is historical) and making major moves. He went to college for business so don’t worry he’ll be aight. P.S. he’s also made social conscious rap. So back to your lousy 9-5 you go!

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        O.k. unpaid dick rider. Perhaps you’re part of that online Beyoncé who has too much time to attack Kid Rock online recently as well.

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        I love how you “realist ni**as” quick to “perhaps” and call people names and never have facts or rebuttal.. know why? You cant. Plus i make money while i sleep because i dont work for the man like you do making other people rich like a slave. Me and Master P both self made entrepreneurs while you’re a lame ass hood nigga on welfare. All I said was true and all you can say is I’m a ‘dick rider” which makes no sense. That must be nigga language which I don’t specialize in or talk but you certainly do little boy.

        So back to your lousy 9-5 you uneducated street trash.

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        You’re just a loser who lives vicariously through a computer screen like most of these kids who have no real self esteem so it’s easy to type and be whoever you want to be behind a keyboard. But it’s alright since it’s the era we live in.

        You are dick riding Master P like a fan boy bitch because you’re sticking up for him and his income that you will never see or get with your broke ass.

        So go back to your public library computer and continue your enamoring with stars with money with your broke living a lie ass.