WTF News: Sloppy Top in High School Cafeteria Leads to Criminal Charges For Students

What the hell is going on with the Internet generation? Anyway, Two freshman students at Etowah High School in Woodstock, Ga. are facing criminal charges after they allegedly had oral sex in the school cafeteria Thursday. Mind you, this wasn’t an off time in the cafeteria, there were other people around.

Via Huffington Post:

“A female student allegedly made a sexual offer to a male classmate during lunch,” school spokeswoman Barbara Jacoby told the network. “The male classmate later told administrators that he thought this offer was a joke, but when the female student began to act upon it, the male student said he stopped her.”

Jacoby said the girl made the offer because another boy “dared” her to do so. Six other male students reportedly blocked other students and staff members from seeing what was going on.

“They stacked up a bunch of books and book bags and people surrounded them so that nobody would see,” student Taylor Powell told WSBTV.

But people did see it because it was recorded. There are conflicting reports. One person said that two boys filmed it but deleted it shortly after because they realized they could face criminal charges (child pornography). However, another student said that it was distributed. I’m going with the latter report because, how else would such a “carefully guarded” incident get out there to this magnitude? SMH.

  • therealest1

    Sex for lunch shit.

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    Wait the boy stopped her?

    • At what point?

      How old was she?

    • Melinda D. Davis

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  • king sodomy

    im so sick and tired of these stupid as slang words for getting your dick sucked .i almost didnt read the story because the title just sounds so stupid to me

  • JuJu


  • Immortal

    If this kid knew this was a dare from other students and let the girl do it, then he can’t play the victim card anymore than the girl who did it. So he got some head at lunch; so what? I could only wish when I was in school that was on the regular menu next to pizza. Hmm chocolate chip cookies, some fries, square slice of stale pizza…wait…head? Head? Yeah give me some of that. And why is there always a hater in the bunch? Someone always has to snitch as if that’ll get them brownie points. If she did it to dude, then dare her to do it again. Sharing is caring.

    • G. Lamont

      Where in the story does it say either of them are claiming to be a victim? He thought it was a joke and she wasn’t joking. When he realized she was serious, he stopped her. As far as someone snitching, these idiots did it the school cafeteria at lunch!! Yes, people are going to see it and not everyone is going to think it cool. If you saw 6 dudes standing around trying to block while 1 girl was giving head to someone, you might think she was being forced or was in trouble. If they had gone home, or to the locker room, or to the football field, or behind the bleachers, or ANYWHERE other than the damn cafeteria, none of this would have gotten out.

  • i remember my 1st high school lunch blow job…

    • Jeff Active Reynolds

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  • Eric Cartman

    Kyle’s mom did the same thing last week

  • richard_b_hard

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    Nigga like me woulda took her to the gym and gone behind the bleachers or to the library.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      uh they were @ school ????? in the cafeteria with an audience … dude probably was using his brain and thinking this may get me in serious HEAT !!

      • richard_b_hard

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        niggas woulda been high fiving and patting that nigga on the shoulder every time they saw him,like yea in denzel’s voice MY NIGGA HA HA

    • G. Lamont

      It’s sound more gay to me, for him to sit there and let a bunch of dudes stand around and watch her do it. Two of them were recording it. That sounds gay to me.

      • PBM1986

        So its gay for niggas to watch porn now-a-days??? LMAO… I wouldnt give 20 fucks if some niggas stood round me and watched a bitch blow me as long as im gettin a nut….. If you worried bout the niggas watchin, then you might be gay…lol

      • G. Lamont

        If you’re watching porn with a bunch of dudes, then yes, you’re gay!

      • richard_b_hard

        i said take behind the bleachers or the library,i aint say he had to let niggas watch,but shiiiiiiiiiiiiit if niggas wanna watch that’s they business they can be my witness if she try to cry rape or something

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    is it really a crime of child porn if another child records it lol and shares it amongst other kids ????? i tell you anything to put a criminal history on a mofo !!

    • G. Lamont

      Yes it is. The child porn label has to do with the age of the participants, not the age of the person recording.

  • Obi Won

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  • MrNoName2K

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