Boy Sues NYPD For Arresting Him For Trying To Dress Like Juelz Santana

(AllHipHop News) “Swag” is very costly, especially when you factor in racial perceptions of wealth, stop-and-frisk mentalities and Juelz Santana. According to The New York Daily News cover story, 19 year old African American teen Trayon Christian was arrested by NYPD police officers after purchasing a $350 Ferragamo belt from Barney’s.

On the afternoon of the incident (April 29th), Christian told The New York Daily News that his paycheck from his work-study job at his school the New York City College of Technology had been deposited into his account. Christian later purchased the belt with his debit card with no complications.

Christian maintains that after purchasing the belt, police stopped the young man claiming that someone at Barney called the officers to report the debit card. Without much evidence other than alleged Barney’s accusations, the police officers arrested Christian and took him to the 19th Precinct, but not before the officers had their own interrogation:

The detectives were asking me, ‘How could you afford a belt like this? Where did you get this money from?’

According to the article, Christian had his eyes on the expensive belt for a while after seeing it on numerous celebrities, including one of his favorites, Juelz Santana.


Juelz Santana Wearing The Ferragamo Belt Trayon Christian Purchased

Christian did not waste time with giving Barneys a taste of his mind:

I brought the belt back to Barneys a few days later and returned it. I got my money back, I’m not shopping there again. It’s cruel. It’s racist.

The NYPD has already denied one of Trayon’s claims, that he was detained for two hours. NYPD spokeswoman Kim Royster claimed “Mr. Christian was held in police custody for approximately 42 minutes and as soon as we determined that the card was authentic, he was immediately released.”

Christian is suing the NYPD and Barneys for unspecified damages.

  • MrNoName2K

    They talkin bout 42 mins…like thats not “42 mins” of that kids life wasted away over some unnecessary bullsh*t. Sh*t man, the system now days might as well be giving away money for the bullsh*t they be on..get that money lil nigga..

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      agreed – hope he wins his lawsuits

  • John Q. Public

    That’s messed up, but F*** payin 350 for a belt

  • Jayson C Williams

    What ever! White ppl have spent money on items like these for centuries all of a sudden it’s not ok for us to indulge? He’s obviously spending his own money? Whites don’t want him to wear it, & than you have hating ass black ppl who don’t want to see him buy it. Like they don’t succumb to these rappers and hi lifestyles they pretend to have.

    • LiddyBug86

      Your missing the point!

    • mirk

      whos us? did the two of you go havsises on the belt? and where does it say the employee or cops were white? pigs and snobs who sell 350 dollar belts are to blame not an entire race.

  • Jonathan Bacher

    Id almost say you deserve that shit when you putting down 350 for a belt.

  • J.C.


  • speedy37

    Niggaz paying 350 for women belts smh and he works at target,this is the lost generation.

  • klamond

    lil holmes need to get his priorities straight 3 and a half for a belt… that’s a carnote homie. Not to let the injustice get lost in all this, but unless they got a surgeon program at that school he gone keep losing his whole life!

    • LiddyBug86

      Preach Boo!

  • I hope he wins in suing them, as far as him buying the belt….if you got it to spend it then get it.

  • Sean Power

    i don’t feel bad for him
    the judge should throw this out

  • Thenatural503

    Lol so instead of this kid saving money for his education he spends it on a belt. I thought the bling bling fad was over. I’ve been guilty of wasting money on flashy stuff once in my life. Back in 98 my first care a 89 Pontiac Grand Prix. I bought some 17 inch wheels and a crazy system. That was the last time I spent money to try and be fly lol.

  • Dointer

    Who would spend $350 to hold their pants up???….Sh*t, sometime I just use an old shoe lace…This kid could have bought 2 weeks worth of food, and a few nice t’s with that money…Consumerism is F**king people up man, make yourself broke by buying rubbish like this belt to make some rich fuch richer.

    • Don_Te

      Not to say that I’d buy a $350 belt, but i think the old adage “scared money don’t make money” fits here. Sure he could buy food and a lot of other stuff with that money, but by taking a chance and doing what he wants he’s now about to sue Barneys and the NYPD and most likely win. He came up in the end.

      • Dointer

        I see what your saying, but I dont think he actually “took a chance” in buying the belt, maybe if he stole if you could say that. He just got racially profiled. Scared money doesnt make money perhaps, but either does blowing it.

    • Vic Sage

      The belt’s not the lasting point here…Its the premise and pose of the store and the fact that they profiled him the moment he walked in..” Surely your Intelligence should allow you to see this…Clearly…

      • Dointer

        Yeah you are right you know, I happily spend thousands of dollars on golf clubs and music equipment, which I am sure many people could argue is REDICULOUS. So me criticising him for buying the belt is rather stupid… The REAL issue here is that he got racially profiled. Fair call.

    • Immortal

      Man in this day and age with the sagging pants chet, I’m happy to see a man wear a belt to keep his pants above his ass for a change. Tired of mofos, walking around with their pants around their legs thinking it’s cool. He earned the money, get the belt….somewhere else man

  • richard_b_hard

    this young man is 19 how is it the title says BOY??????

  • richard_b_hard

    I agree that spending 350 for a belt is not something i would do as well as most of you but if someone has the money and wants to buy it they should be free to do with out having to be treated like a thief or criminal fcuk barneys and the nypd and fera whoever

  • RBG

    to each his or her own. although i think that is a crazy price for a belt. it is his money to do with what he wants. its straight abuse!! what many people don’t realize is that eventhough he may have been released without charges, if stopped by another officer they will know that he was stopped and taken in once they check their computers, and they will harass him as though he is a trouble maker when in reality he is a victim.

  • RAMADAwhite

    first of all whoever said that could be a car note obviously dont understand that its a work study program its not a consistent job shit only lasts a few months at most. Why put it on a car note when you gotta do that every month besides dude lives in NYC im sure he catches the train. yeah buying a 350 belt is kinda ridiculous but if he worked for it let him buy what he wants without question he shouldn’t be harassed for something he purchased.

  • Mick Benzo

    it was his money he can buy what he wants period.

    He earned it and if that’s what he wanted, why the world are you mad about what he wants.

    He did not try to steal it, he paid for it period.

    If he would have stole it you would have said why didn’t he work to get it.

    And as far as the arrest it could have been ten minutes that’s still to long you guys made a mistake.

    And Barneys shame on you and thanks for showing us we should not shop in your store because we look like we can not afford your product unless we used someone else card.

    The Kid Is Dam If He Do And Dam If He Don’t The Kid Has Expensive Taste.

    And All You Who Don’t Have Expensive Taste,There’s A belts out there for you Cost a whole $5.00 For You LOL

  • Mick Benzo

    If The Entertainer Stop Buying Expensive Things And Looking Good In It Then Maybe People Want Buy It.

    They Advertise It and it looks good, So It’s For Sale. This Is Only About A Belt do all of you wear pay less shoes or Skippy Sneakers or do you buy good shoes and sneakers if you buy these things then shut up

    • Kimberly N. Vargas

      my Aunty Abigail got Porsche by working part time online… Going Here W­W­W­.­F­B­3­9­.­C­O­M

      • ONE

        Chances are that b*tch is too old to be driving a porsche if her name is Abigail. With a name like Abigail something tells me this b*tch was around during the Salem witch trials

  • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

    He is about to have his education paid for. Lawyer up.

  • Well you all have to understand that if a person doesn’t normally make such a huge purchase in one day, then the card companies can deem it “suspicious” and block the card…He is obviously not used to making huge purchases like that so thats why it happened. No one stopped him in store, or said anything racist to him, it’s the debit card’s rules and regulations.

    • Raheem Classick

      All Debit cards are not the same, The card wasn’t blocked, Remember his check was deposited into his account, And then later on purchased the belt with his debit card with No Complications.< This / Oh yeah, The Cops wanted to know where he got the money from.

    • NoGoBoi

      That’s not true at all. Your can be blocked for strange or unusual activity out of town, that’s if you don’t call in advance to your bank to let them know you’re traveling so there will be out of town expenses shown on your account. Your debit card is never declined because of large purchases, as long as you have the funds in your bank account and you know your pin number, you are good to go. Your information is totally false and makes no sense whatsoever, you sound just as bad as the store (employees) and police officers. Smh…

    • sakiru oresanwo

      Dude, the article clearly states that the store called the feds on him and not his card issuer {2 chainz’ feds watching just popped in mind}

    • SBRon

      Nah, pretty sure that applies to certain “credit” card policies…If a transaction is approved as a “debit”, then you simply had the “cash” in your bank account and that’s that!! This was simply a stereotyping, non-black employee who assumed dude couldn’t afford the purchase so it had to be a stolen card…

  • NoGoBoi

    All y’all on here saying he shoulda did this or that with the money need to stfu 4real. It was his money that he worked hard to gain, regardless if you agree or disagree with his purchase, it was his money that he earned so he should feel free to do what he please with it. Could he had saved it or invested his money another way, yea, probably so but y’all forgot how you were with money when you were younger, shhh even some of y’all to this day as grown men still don’t know how to work well with their bread. Live and learn, that’s the best advice he can use, as long as he’s still grindin hard and focusing on his books, which he seems to be doing because you can’t qualify for work study without respectable/passing grades. Let the young man live.

  • bigdoe6

    What’s really messed up is that he bought the belt cause he saw Juelz with it on. Like really. It’s his money he can do whatever he feels with it but i didn’t know Juelz was that influential. I guess i was wrong.

  • tellyourstoryfast

    some of the comments show people cannot fully obtained what was explained. Ok, work study, not much money, he probably like designer clothing. That is his business. It was a belt he purchased with his own money, that was deposited in his account. The store started the whole problem. So you mean to tell me if someone comes in that they think cannot afford something, they say this is not right. I’m glad he took the belt back, I wonder if he knows to stop giving money to places that don’t love him. This store is not the only there are thousands amongst thousands, same problem different city, or country.

    • He should sue the store too!

      • Immortal

        If that isn’t a case of racial profiling I don’t know what is, and I’d have whoever called that ish in’s job with the quickness. >>>Ain’t got time for that

      • Nah, strategically, you want to keep it on the low, then file on last day? (Notice of claim) so that when the employee is still working there, they can’t deny cosigning that ‘chet.

      • Immortal

        Good point……where is that damn Cochran hotline number at again?

      • 1 800 The Firm

        ( I ‘chet you NOT! )

  • david3528

    As a white guy, I have no defense for that one. I read about that in the NY Daily News today. If the national press jumps on this that kid could get PAID..

    • Keith Brickz

      stop kissing these peoples ass just so you can fit in to a culture that will never accept you because of reverse racism

      • $18592567

        U a hoe

      • ONE

        Why are you even on this site ?

      • RapItUp

        Here go Keith Brickz punk ass back again for some more racially charged posts! Why don’t you get it, sucker?? Your people hate us, and they often times initiate it with spiteful, belly-crawling acts as this. That young man PURCHASED his accessory, with his debit card, ID, and had his RECEIPT in hand, and still got arrested. You’re a lame yo!

      • ONE

        This dude has no life. I see him posting on worldstar sometimes, and I wouldn’t consider him a racist considering he probably doesn’t have a job, nor the financial backing backing to implement to the act of racism. All he can do is talk sh*t

      • RapItUp

        He actually started the “Keith Brickz” bullshit on AHH a few days ago, when Illseed (/Friday Foster/Mike WIll Made It/whatever they call themselves these days) posted that weirdo that had plastic surgery to look like Justin Bieber. check that post out, I noticed that was his first post. I called him on it, he got pissed, been going ever since. True that though, he is an online sucker and posts inconsistently, whenever he’s able to find change to utilize public transportation to make it to a local wifi hotspot

      • david3528

        I’m not trying to fit into a culture. I don’t talk “black” nor do I dress “black.” I do however listen to hip hop music and have been for almost 30 years. I’m 35 years old and I don’t need to fit in anywhere. What I need to do is learn how to stop responding to assholes.

    • RapItUp

      David, thank you for keeping it G on this post, don’t listen to idiots like Keith Brickz.. I can’t speak for all, but I personally show respect to those who do the same, and love all equally. I’m not a simple bigot who hates those by the color of their skin. And comes on demographically polar website to cause a stir. This fool Keith Brickz just got beat up by a black guy recently I think. Or he walked in on his girl with Leon Phelps in his bed


    Blackpeople save your money How do you think we gone Be a as strong as the other race’s in the future if not we will alway’s be the spender’s and slacker’s dont be that.

  • RapItUp

    The national press has already jumped on this, I saw this story on CNN. They say they are about to investigate if the Barney’s actually called the cops at all, or if the cops just straight profiled young cat on their own merit and tried to be super-cop. If Barney’s employee did in fact make the call, I hope he sues them, starts a Jay-Z/Cristal style revolt on the store, and he follows up and gets the New York Pricks & Dicks handled.

  • hoeyuno

    Hope the kid gets a big pay day. and the NYPD saying the kid was only in custody for 42 minutes doesn’t help there case. the kid shouldn’t have been in custody for 30 seconds..