DMX’s Bankruptcy Filing In Jeopardy

(AllHipHop News) DMX has attempted to restructure his finances by filing for bankruptcy, but it may not be accepted because of mass inconsistencies, according to published reports.

In July. the rapper filed for Chapter 11 and claimed that he had over $10 million in debt and under $50,000 in assets.

But, the rapper has allegedly not complied with creditors by missing key meetings. Additionally, there were a number of disparities with the financial reporting and the amount of money that DMX made. In one report, the rapper said he made $5,000 and another, $1,600.

Chapter 11 allows a person to restructure their debt, rather than wipe it out. The Justice Department reportedly wants the rapper to re-file for Chapter 7, where X would have to liquidate his assets.

  • Cswift85

    Same old X…smh

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      yeah, but that being said – the seagram’s girl on the right is Smokin’ !

      • Ihatehater

        Lmao..A.D.D much? But yeah, she is blazing

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM



    damn i wish X would pull it together…

  • MrNoName2K

    Same sh*t over and over again.. but for real though how many times they gonna put tha niggas personal business on blast?

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      for the sake of entertainment & views …. they will keep reporting it until it doesnt happen anymore lol

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    $50k in assets is alot of money until you realize you have $10mill in debt !! damn son

  • Smh, really breaks my heart to see a leged take so many L’s

  • I guess X isn’t gonna give it to ya’!

    • hoeyuno

      He promised us Damien 4. Better b coming back

      • He will, artist in the US are always trying to dead Uncle Sam.

  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    damn it seems like there aint ever any good news coming from X. still a big fan but starting to lose hope that he’ll ever bounce back

    • $18916246

      He’s all used up…The HIP-HOP Bobby Brown(SAD) in order for DMX to make a come back he’d need to have already been in control of his finances. The industry Ruff Ryder,Hollywood has chewed dude up long ago and spit him out. It’s the nature of the music/entertainment industry. It takes money to reinvent yourself and in his current condition 12 children from numerous woman, and on and off drug habits, who’s gonna invest. Sometimes people like him do better to seek plain ole normal life existence, fall back from the lime light and attempt to gather ones self on the humble. Hanging around the industry is a bad thing, wondering where all the fame and money went. He begins to back track and ask questions…and the next thing we know your found dead?…sad. I wish Mr. Simmons the best.

      • Immortal

        Damn man I wanted to argue over this when I read the first few lines, but I’m glad I read on, because you’re right on all counts. Sometimes becoming “nobody” allows you the chance to be “somebody” even if that is only to yourself. Good post.

  • hoeyuno

    Make them appointments x. you know them ppl love to see u locked up and losing….get’em X


    Church clearly aint helping, didnt help mase either

  • I done told you all this man is a crackhead, and he is doing what crackheads do…He is a waste of space with tons of chances giving to him and he continues to act as if he doesn’t live in the real world…So many kids are hungry to get into the music business and make a difference and you have people like DMX just throwing it all away.

    • Lildaddyy

      I totally agree with you 100%, this dude is a joke. Some people are just not worth talking about.

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