First Video Of Kanye West Proposing To Kim Kardashian Surfaces (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) On Monday (October 21st), Kanye West surprised the wife of his only child on her birthday with an elaborate proposal at San Francisco Giant’s AT&T Park. The first video footage of the proposal has finally surfaced courtesy of Huffington Post.

In the video you can see Kanye on his knees proposing to a taken aback Kim Kardashian. Also in the video is both Kim and Kanye enjoying his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy song “All Of The Lights” blare out of the stadium’s sound system.

Check out the video of Kanye West proposing to Kim Kardashian below:

  • RazaBladeKing

    1st off… didn’t watch the video (they don’t play on Firefox), but… “Kanye West surprised the wife of his only child with an elaborate proposal.”? “Wife of his only child” (scans that through the brain again). Dafuq? [Looks at the rumor side of the side] “Hip Hop Rumors: Nobody compares herself to another nobody”. Again, Dafuq?

    Bring back Sidney Lace…?

    • Kimberly N. Vargas

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  • Another event that they should keep to themselves, all of a sudden they like the media attention again….They are so wishy-washy

  • Oknas

    Kanye a coon ass nigga

  • ant662

    phucking publicity whores and hypocrites. kanye needs to remember this next time he’s yelling at the paps.

    • Executive

      How are they attention whores? Stop paying attention stupid ass!

  • jondubock

    what the hell???…

  • Dadon850

    One year from now:

    “Kim files for divorce and seeks sole custody of North West”

    “Kim files restraining order against Kanye West”

    “Kanye West arrested for violating restraining order”

    “Kanye West arrested for domestic battery”

    “Kim lawyers goes after Kanye West vast fortune”

    “Kim awarded 75% of Kanye’s income and two houses”

    “Kanye West spotted nude rapping to himself on LA freeway”

    “Kanye West is admitted to mental institution”

    “Kim Kardashian is dating Kendrick Lamar”

    • getreal

      ROTFLMAO. Best comment on here and could possibly be a future truth. I won’t use your name but I have got to keep this in my Notepad.

    • LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christina Snatchko

    AGAIN….(and I am really getting so sick of reading about these 2 or getting to see all they’re pics!) ENOUGH ALREADY! Honestly, most of us people, the majority of us live such a normal life, would probably never even get to pay that much for a home! Oh wait!….that’s right…that trick’s family probably has the money! Actually, I am feeling pretty sad for……what did they decide to name they’re ‘accidental’ daughter again? It was Northwest? Or something like that! Ummm?…. ?….why not Southwest, Northeast or Midtown? Lol 😔😒😟😕

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    It’s official! Kimye is headed for the altar