Kim K and Kanye West

Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye West’s Proposal Coming to Kardashian TV Soon

Kanye West went all out for his proposal to Kim Kardashian because he is over-the-top but it might also be because cameras were rolling for Keeping up With the Kardashians. Kanye hasn’t been on the show much because he isn’t a fan of putting his personal life out there and Kim claims she won’t be on the show as much next season (yeah right) but this engagement was probably one instance where we will see the whole event unfold on E!.

TMZ caught up with a member of the orchestra from that night, who says there were multiple cameras rolling for the event. Kanye is said to have final approval on whether it gets to air on the show or not but that Kris Jenner hand is strong. We’ll probably be seeing it plus extra footage next season.


  • therealest1

    Predictable reality show bullshit.

  • fabbidavisjr

    In 6 months will all be here saying we hate the reality show bullshit and still read the article like some suckas!

  • Sean Power

    off course its coming TV its what Kardashians doing i’m sure kim seat down and planned this who big event up this was made for TV

  • brotha_man

    if this goes to tv i would like kanye to apologize to all the paparazzi that he has threatened for following him and taking pics of him and his family. Also, apologize to jimmy kimmel for making him apologize for that funny kid skit. cuz clearly u, mr. west love attention.

    When i proposed to my wife, i did it at a park where we had our first date, on a winter night. there where a few people out there walking and running on a trail near by that applauded and gave congrats. there was no facebook or twittering the event it was a special moment for me and my girl. Thats the way it should be (in my grampa voice)