Evelyn Lozada

Hip-Hop Rumors: Evelyn Lozada Pulls Out of ‘Basketball Wives’ Reunion

Word on the street is that this season’s Basketball Wives reunion was cancelled because Evelyn Lozada pulled out. The YBF says that the show was supposed to be taped earlier this month but didn’t happen because Evelyn said she’s tired of the negativity that the show promotes.

Her publicist confirmed that it’s true. Evelyn really wants to work toward being a more positive woman and she’s tired of people who keep trying to make a story out of the drama with her ex-husband Chad Johnson.

Now it seems like the reunion is in limbo since Evelyn was such a popular character.


  • Negro Peligro

    Come on dawg. You missing your demographics right now. Urban Males. I don’t know no females in here other than the ELMO shirt dude. Ain’t many women on here. Think GQ mag less Enquirer. More sports illustrated less TV guide. Don’t nobody want to hear this mess.

  • Negro Peligro

    Drop that Chris Rock. Smack her with **** Smack her with **** Smack her with **** Smack her with **** Smack her with **** Put the **** in her ear. Put the **** in her ear. **** in the ear. **** in the ear. I never read these type articles I just be looking at the picture.

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  • cdj313

    Head butt her ass opps too late #ocho
    You mean the negative image you created?

    • Immortal

      She had no problem taking that money to get the image she has now. She had no problem with taking that money to further her own interests. She had no problem taking that money knowing she was going to start and get into scripted fight’s on that “reality “show. She new the moment she cashed that check, the moment she reworked her contract what she was in for. Don’t try to find a moral high ground now that you’ve gotten a few dollars in your pocket.

      • Why not?
        She did what she had to do, to get where she’s at?

        (Granted, Ocho’s divorce $$ didn’t leave her hurt!)

      • Immortal

        You don’t find morals or conviction at the bottom of a stack of G’s. Either you had them in the beginning (which she didn’t) or you don’t (which she still doesn’t)….nice tape though

      • Depends on the cost you pay for the G’z!

      • iamwhoiam

        Nobody’s perfect. People change.

      • Immortal

        You’re right, but you don’t show your natural colors on tv and then expect folks to believe you’ve changed. After you’ve made some good coin on a show.

    • iamwhoiam

      What if somebody head butted ya mother? Or your lil sister? C’mon now bruh, have a heart.


    Evelyn….nobody gives a fuk(dot)com

  • How about canceling that entire show?

  • brotha_man

    ive been pulling out since 1999

  • iamwhoiam

    Good for her. That’s a sad, sad, tacky , tastless show