Kanye West Reportedly Plans To Sue Proposal Tape Leaker

(AllHipHop News) This week news broke that Kanye West proposed to his girlfriend Kim Kardashian with an elaborate set-up at San Francisco’s AT&T Park. While the couple live a large part of the lives in the public via reality shows and a constant media presence, apparently they’re not too happy that video of the proposal leaked online.

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According to TMZ, the couple is considering suing whoever secretly taped the engagement and provided it to the press. Sources say Kim and Kanye believe they know who the guilty party is, and the leaker apparently broke a confidentiality agreement they were required to sign.

There have been reports that the entire proposal was planned to be aired during an episode of the E! program Keeping Up With The Kardashians. This is not the first time that Kanye and Kim have had to deal with someone attempting to scoop them on a big family reveal. Earlier this year Kim reportedly sent fake photos of her newborn North West to friends in an attempt to catch which one would try to sell the pic to the press.

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  • h8me

    kanye is blowing this shit way out of proportion like he always does.. kim kardashian has a sex tape out. why would she care that theres a tape of her marriage proposal?

    • Ratings on the show.

      Lawsuit = $, albeit pocket change, unless they collect from the outlets that leaked it.

    • golder1

      The person who released it signed a confidentiality agreement. Who cares about Kim’s sextapes. Most of you b!tches got sexnhs tapes with nigga that work at Foot Locker

      • blackalaureate


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  • RIV


  • PhilTheGreat

    Lol how is that private information if they don’t do it in a place like a home or something. Besides, someone announcing your engagement isn’t harmful information.

    • golder1

      Its harmful when the person who released the video signed a confidentiality agreement…his pockets are about the hurt a little.

  • You see what I am saying? I am tired of these two using the media to create hype in their lives….I really wish they could go away, every single thing that they do is for publicity…It’s just crazy to me how these people have all the attention in the world and still acting like they need more…..Does everything they do have to involve a camera being on?…..So why get mad when the media ask you questions and follow you around?

    • golder1

      How did they use this to creat hype? You are reaching. And most stars hate the paparazzi