YouTube Co-Founder Leaked Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Proposal Video

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West and Kim Kardashian may soon be in court with the very man who indirectly has helped make them international icons. YouTube cofounder Chad Hurley is the one who released the first video of Kanye West’s proposal to Kim Kardashian at AT&T Field.

The 36 year old entrepreneur released the video on his collaborative app MixBit and spread it globally on his personal Twitter account of over 510,000 followers:

The release of the video seems to have also been aimed to be a promotion of the new app as Hurley did not only release the video on his Twitter but sent it to a few news publications with a press release. Vanity Fair released an excerpt of the press release which simply describes the video:

the orchestra and lights show in anticipation of the proposal, Kanye down on one knee, the reaction from family and friends, and the celebration and toasting to the newly engaged couple afterwards

Earlier today (October 23rd) reports came out that Kanye West is looking to sue whomever leaked the engagement video.

MixBit allows users to combine short clips like Vine and Instagram. Unlike the two of those, users can mix as many as 256 clips in a single video and even be able to mix in clips from other publicly posted MixBit videos.

The app is available on both iOS and Android.

  • gerald bransol

    dude is dumb stupid hes going broke when she files divorce…..

    • Thenatural503

      You don’t think he’s smart enough to get a prenup? Come on now.

      • big daddy goosh goosh da Voice

        yeah hes pretty dumb. no prenup, he said a prenup is tacky

  • PhilTheGreat

    Lol that sh*t look like an Illumanti meeting.

    • Global_Mission

      And i take it that you know what an Illuminati meeting looks like right?..smh

  • Fat pockets make a fat target!

    Releasing the vid, against confidentiality agreements, to promote a business venture is a slam dunk loss if Kanye’ sues.

    • Yeah that was a slimeball move if he indeed signed that. Tried to promote his own app while doing so too? Ye’ about to have a extra lavish wedding now. Tabs on this fool.

      • Oh! ‘Chet!

        I didn’t even think about that aspect, I was thinking in terms of YT $$, and percentage of his app, kinda like Samsung & Jay Z, but in reality, you’re right, dude ruined the wedding, as well as the tv show production, and he did it for profit, for a business, making whomever he fugged with upon that, liable as well.

  • tdot

    at 1:25 if you look closely you’ll see Ray J & Reggie Bush in the bleachers

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    I’d say KIM and her MOTHER leaked it for the publicity….like they do EVERYTHING ELSE!!!! They can’t go to the TOILET without leaking it to the press! Then they SCREAM……. “PLEASE GIVE US OUR PRIVACY”!!!!! F*CK OFF BIATCH!!!!!

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    Youtube Co Founder is responsible for the Kanye & Kim proposal leek? Wow..At least they wont be suing a broke person lol…

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