Childish Gambino: “Nothing Was The Same” Felt Like It Was Here And Then Gone

(AllHipHop News) While Drake’s latest album Nothing Was The Same appears to be on track to reach platinum sales a few of his peers have been vocal about what they see as the project’s lack of lasting impact. First it was Drake’s current tour mate Future and now it is rapper/actor Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino.

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The star of the NBC show Community visited Power 105’s The Breakfast Club this week and got into a discussion about the tendency of today’s music fans to move on from projects just weeks after their release. He mentions that he enjoyed Nothing Was The Same but also cited the LP as an example of albums that do not last long in the public’s consciousness.

“There was so much hype about Drake’s album and everybody was really excited,” said Gambino. “It felt like it was here and then gone, because people were just like, ‘I listened to it. I did the thing I was supposed to do and now I’m done’.”

Gambino is planning to drop his next project Because the Internet on December 10th. The former 30 Rock writer adds that the release is going to be about more than just the music, because in his eyes longevity in the current entertainment climate has to be about promoting a complete brand.

“I’m not going to make an album,” said Gambino. “I’m going to make the roll out dope. I’m going to make the movie with it dope. I’m going to make a world. Cause the thing is album… it doesn’t mean anything.”

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Watch the full Childish Gambino Breakfast Club interview below.

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  • MidWestFlyest

    Bino is right on. I listened to the album, it wasn’t but bad, but it didn’t stick out to me either. Very meh. Drake fans will pry crucify me for this, but it had too much singing IMO. I know this is Drake’s M.O., but I was just hoping for more bars.

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  • king sodomy

    he better watch what he say about drake he might hurt his feeling.

  • Sean Power

    his not lying it true but all hiphop you chopped the quote up to for a headline you listen full interview he said like but feel like we need slow thing down bit and appetite things more

    • chippc

      I read your post in a Jamaican accent. Just seemed to fit.

      • Sean Power

        lol your right

  • Don_Te

    He’s right on the money. I think Drake has become too reliant on 40’s production, after awhile every song on that album starts to sound the same.

  • “Nothing Was The Same” was passive. Its not a bad album, its just not the quality of album I would expect from one of the best artists/songwriters in the game.

  • @Real_SirJamie

    What do hip hop fans want? When an album with substance comes out (Good Kid, M.a.a.d. City, M.N.I.M.N., etc) it’s called “over rated”. Then when some bulls**t marketing scheme doesn’t work, it’s tip toed over as if fans have A&R’s or presidents to answer to. WE AREN’T IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS. If you don’t like it and it’s WACK SAY IT. People fall into this popularity contest we now call hip hop and are afraid to be critical for fear of being called a hater.

    • OSBKE3000


    • Harry South

      that word, “hater” pisses me off, it is seriously a word for those
      with a lesser intelligence, or that are to lazy and ignorant to expand
      their vocabulary. It is used because when people who like garbage are
      confronted by people with actual intelligence and a more intellectual
      taste in hip hop, or entertainment in general and are told that their
      music/tv shows/clothing style/basically anything they were told to buy
      from the tv or their favorite artist, because they are honestly too
      devoid of any real intelligent thought to think for themselves, is shit,
      that is the best that their ignorant minds can come up with “oh, they
      are disagreeing with me, they must be hating.” When it really comes down
      to it though, almost everything they play on the radio is pure shit, we
      need more OFWGKTA, Immortal Technique, Vinnie Paz, Ill Bill, dead prez,
      Wu Tang Clan, Tech N9NE, even Big Boi from Outkast (since they are
      apparently no longer together). NOT Soulja Boy, Lil Wayne, Drake, T.I.
      etc. its money hungry ASSHOLES like these that are the reason that the
      current generation is proud to earn straight D’s or worse on their
      report cards, brag to their friends that they never graduated
      highschool, etc. and this shit NEEDS TO STOP!!!

  • Soulgasm

    Gotta agree with dude. I’ve listened to the album twice, but probably won’t ever listen to it again. It’s definitely decent, but it just doesn’t have that moment, where, let’s say 5 years from now, I can’t see myself saying… “let me dig Nothing Was Same up and bump it again”. It just doesn’t have that feel to it. And you don’t have to make classic albums, just to create that feeling/buzz. But, there is just no “pull back” with this album.

    • OSBKE3000

      co sign ..

  • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

    this is some a$$hole ish…as much as I think Drakes album is soy, he was just talking about albums in general not meaning anything and just used Drakes album as a reference since it was the most anticipated of the bunch. C’mon with this instigating combative bullshit

    • Josh Sykes

      I dare Drake to go at Donald. Watch Donald rip his ass apart

  • OSBKE3000

    the only reason dudes listen to fake Drake is cuz of the B!TCHES .. they co-sign Drake cuz he was with Wayne an u know how many dumb broads was up on Wayne cuz they thought he was gangsta but Wayne ain’t doin nothin an soon Drake gona have to stand on his own .. but real talk Drake is an AVERAGE rapper fukk all this “he got bars” he’s a corny ass wanna be rapper who would prefer to sing .. I don’t know where all this buzz came from???

    I can’t listen to Drake not cuz I’m a hater but cuz he ain’t sayin shyt at all .. I don’t like watered down music an that’s what Drake is watered down Gatorade .. I hope all this passes soon as Kendrick is a much better ARTIST than Drake .. gohead .. argue this wit me .. fukk yo soundscan I’m talkin the quality of the lyrics/songs/concepts/depth/rhyme patterns/creativity .. Drake is AVERAGE at best .. call me a hater but I know what’s what

  • RIV

    The album was alright… really different… all these rappers are changing to be innovative and are trying to change the game….

  • jd

    He’s right.