Derick Bowers

EXCLUSIVE: Derick Bowers Discusses His Jay Z Petition, Getting Charlamagne’s “Donkey of the Day” & What He Expects From Barneys’ CEO

(AllHipHop Features) 48 hours ago Derick Bowers was merely the owner of the start-up t-shirt company Adversitees, but numerous media mentions later and the 28-year-old Howard University graduate is now the de facto leader of the charge to get Jay Z to reconsider his relationship with high-end department store Barneys New York.

When news broke that African American customers, 19-year-old Trayon Christian and 21-year-old Kayla Phillips, were stopped by police at the request of Barneys’ employees after legally purchasing items from the store, Bowers decided that he had to hold his all time favorite emcee accountable for his connection to the franchise.

Barneys and Jay Z announced earlier this year that the two marketable brands were teaming up for the limited edition “A New York Holiday” clothing collection. The exclusive designer wear is scheduled to go on sale next month, but Bowers, and more than 3,000 signers of his petition, want the Hip Hop great to change course and cut ties with Barneys.

AllHipHop spoke with Bowers about why he took this stand against the man he considers his idol, his reaction to The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne Tha God giving him and his supporters the “Donkey of the Day” on his radio show, and what Barney’s CEO Mark Lee should do beyond just offering statements and apologizes.

[ALSO READ: New Petition Started To Get Jay Z To End Partnership With Barneys] What was it about these particular incidents that made you feel the need to create this petition?

Derick Bowers: We’re use to discrimination, and when I say “we” I mean black folk, minorities, anybody that’s not white. We’re use to that discrimination, so it really wasn’t that surprising hearing that this happened. What’s more surprising is the fact that because of these actions Barneys clearly shows that they have no connection with the young, black Hip Hop community, and if that’s the case then why are they reaching for the brand power of Jay Z who is the face of that.

It’s hypocrisy, and that’s what really grinds my gears about the whole situation. Just piggy backing off what Kanye [West] said in his song “New Slaves.” Lines in that song were a direct correlation to what’s happening right now. Either you’re too broke to go in the store according to them, or if you got money we’re going to use you, and that’s Jay Z. I just hope he sees that. And even though he is doing good, and it’s not like he knew this was going to happen, he set this whole holiday collection to better his scholarship foundation, but now that Barneys has shown what they do, I think it’s time for you to pack that bag up and go somewhere else.

I know you’re stated that you are huge Jay Z fan. At any point did you feel apprehensive or conflicted about this?

Of course I was very conflicted. You don’t know me personally, but people who do know me know that I am the hugest Jay Z fan. I have every album. Anything that he has been affiliated with I have. I idolize that guy. His story is a great one. Being from Brooklyn and also being someone who was very into Hip Hop at one point, he was somebody that I definitely looked up to. I just supported the Magna Carta [Holy Grail] album, and I enjoyed it. And mostly every move he has made, even with some criticism, I’ve always supported those moves, because I feel like when you do reach a level of success you are going to get a lot of backlash, and you are going to get a lot of haters who don’t want to see that success. But this is something totally different.

I’m not personally attacking Jay Z. This attack is really at Barneys. What I’m asking from him is to withdraw that partnership to let them know we have that power, and you can’t take that from us. You can’t do anything you want to us. We are not just consumers. We’re not just what you think of us. So if he withdraws that power that’s hurting them where it hurts the most. That’s what really matters, that they pay a consequence for their actions, and they will not pay a consequence unless they feel it in their pockets. They can go off and give a statement saying that they’re going to change. They’ll still be Barneys New York, and their demographic of rich, white buyers will still shop there because it doesn’t affect them. But if Jay Z pulls out this deal they will feel that, and that’s what matters the most. So it’s important that he does that.

What if he decides not to end the partnership? What do you feel should be the next step for you or people who are like-minded as you?

I’m not trying to ruin what Jay Z has. I’m his biggest fan, so it’s bittersweet and it’s conflicting. I would love for him to think twice about this. He did it with Cristal. Even though he was not getting any monetary endorsements from them he was mentioning them a lot. He was giving them a lot of promotion to the Hip Hop community. When the owner of Cristal said that he didn’t really care for rappers to be in their market, [Jay] didn’t care for that and said that it was an insult to all of us, and he felt insulted and he moved on. He made his own bottle of champagne, and he took that to the next level.

This is the same thing accept it’s worse. This isn’t just some rich white man saying that he doesn’t want somebody to buy their stuff, even though they’re going to take the money anyway. This is discrimination, dehumanization of a group of people. At the very least it’s discrimination toward Hip Hop culture and black faces are synonymous with that so it becomes racism. And if Jay Z doesn’t agree with that, if he feels that he is going to continue to do this with Barneys and doesn’t see it as a problem then personally I cannot support Jay Z anymore.

I personally can’t support him. That’s for everybody else to decide. If he were to drop an album I honestly will be itching to listen to it, but what can you do? I’m more of a fan of equality and right than anything. I have a 17 month old , and my son may possibly experience something like that. Why would I want that? If I could change that then that’s better than being able to listen to a Jay Z album.

Today on Power 105 Charlamagne was speaking about people that were petitioning Jay Z to end his deal with Barneys, and he gave them the “Donkey of the Day.” What is your reaction to what he had to say about the situation?

I heard it in the car this morning with my wife. I really didn’t expect them to give the “Donkey of the Day” to people who wanted [Jay Z] to withdraw. Even if he honestly feels that it’s fake outrage… but then he goes on to talk about, “well, we don’t shop at Barneys anyway. Stop pretending like you care.” To me it was just a radio DJ talking. It didn’t really have any kind of substance to me. At the same time I know that Jay Z almost got Charlamagne fired at one point for something he said, so to me it sounds like politics. I’m not going to create that accusation. I’m just putting it out there that’s what happened. He said it himself in an interview with Jay Z recently, so you can’t really take anything he’s saying for purpose.

Angela Yee said yesterday on Twitter that it’s appalling, and that she doesn’t agree with Barneys. And more than 2000 signatures in 24 hours shows that people care. I understand the times of digital media and 140 characters and short attention spans. That’s how we are. We do have a short attention span, and the news cycle is only an hour, and if that hour doesn’t stretch out to another one then nobody’s talking about it, look a Trayvon. It’s true, but we are still thinking about that stuff. We’re constantly getting flooded with information so we take in more information, but at the same time I don’t agree with what he said. I don’t think we should get “Donkey of the Day.”

I’m not liking myself to the civil rights movement, but what if somebody had given Martin Luther King the “Donkey of the Day” for wanting to move to the front of the bus. I’m not trying to compare those two things, because they’re definitely not in the same league, but come on.

Why did you decide to give the proceeds from the sales of your “Barneys New Slaves” t-shirts to the Boys and Girls Club?

I know that they’re a very reputable organization when it comes to children all over the country. I didn’t want to take advantage of this situation like I’m trying to make money off of it. I do have shirt line called Adversitees that I own, and a lot of the shirts are statement shirts or a mixture of pop culture and political culture. This was an opportunity take that statement to fashion. If people didn’t want to go on Twitter, if people didn’t want to sign a petition, if they didn’t want to do all these things of somebody who wants to be an activist or protestor, at least they had the option to wear a shirt. People will see that. At the same time they will be able to help some deserving children in an organization like the Boys and Girls Club of America. I have faith that they will do the right thing with that money.


What would you like to see Barneys do that you think would help rectify the issues that have happened?

What I would like them to do is take ownership. Yeah this damage control they’re doing is nice. It’s cool, but every company is going to do that when they’re in the face of some crisis like this. They’re can hire the girl from Scandal to help them cover this up. They’ll do all the things that companies do to make themselves look better, but we want to know they mean it. That’s it. We just want to know they really mean it, and for them to say “we have to look at our policies,” no I want them to take ownership.

I want them to have a real dialogue. I want the CEO of Barneys to come to Brooklyn and have a Town Hall meeting with the people who want to be where he’s at. We’re not all that different. Just different skin tones, different salary brackets, but at the end of the day we breath, we want more for our children, we just want to be happy. If things like buying a $350 Ferragamo belt makes somebody happy, according to America we should have the right to that liberty. Why in 2013 do we still have to feel like we’re dehumanized?

I’m a son of Hip Hop and if I walked into Barneys at my age… I’m not that old. I’m almost thirty. I’ve matured. I work in a corporate environment, and I wear tailored suits. Honestly, I don’t really expect for them to be looking at me crazy. I know a lot of corporate black men that shop at places like Barneys, and they may not get looked at just because of the way they carry themselves. That’s not saying they’re not racist. That’s just saying there is a certain level of blackness that’s accepted and there has to be assimilation. As long as we can have a conversation about the fact that we have to assimilate to make us feel less threatening to you, to prove that we’re not criminals, then that’s a problem, and we will not support anything that feels that way.

To learn more about Bower’s petition visit

For more information about the “Barneys New Slaves” tees visit

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  • RapItUp

    What about the 25% charity that the Barney’s proceeds would go to? You want Jay to nix that charity initiative (which would pull in much more cash than this guy’s t-shirts) and go all in on Barney’s? Void his contract, face obligatory whiplash? For such a “huge Jay-Z fan”, this guy definitely just sounds like an opportunist. For somebody to start a petition up within the first 2-3 days of the occurrence(s) (I heard there was a second scenario with another Barney’s shopper, but haven’t seen that one pop up on the NEWS yet) without having all of the facts, sounds a bit shaky to me..

    Second, Jay didn’t “make his own bottle of champagne”.. this guy is a nit-wit. The owners of Cristal CLEARLY stated (such as Hilfiger, etc.) that they don’t market their items to US. That’s why Jay took a stand there. Clear, and blatant racism/classism. What happened at Barney’s has not come to the light fully.. Does anybody know for sure yet? I haven’t seen any updates. Did the store clerk call the police? Did the police just follow dude on some NYPD bullshit?? What really happened, for this guy to call a petition within DAYS of the occurrence without any concrete evidence? If Barney’s called the police, I’ll sign this shit myself.

    Not that it’s right by any means, and I HATE the feeling, but this happens in all high-end stores.. Anybody ever walk into a Jimmy Choo, a Louis Vuitton? A Gucci? Hell, I’ve gone into Louis w/ Louis shit on my person, and they STILL look at me crazy. Nothing new here, and that will probably NEVER change until a huge socioeconomic shift and our people aren’t viewed as putting our last to purchase such expensive foreign goods, but I think concrete evidence is due before we look at this guy (Jay-Z) as some save-all, to fix this age-old, multi-hundred year old problem. Jay-Z isn’t going to fix our problems. Or stop the youth from spending at these expensive designer stores. I smell opportunity! Mr. Bowers, you’re a klutz. And donkey of day.

    Biggie said it though, “Mo’ money, Mo’ problems”

    • Severe Thebeneficent

      lol a klutz? I dont see how you can even knock his stance though! what good does that do? Calling him an opportunist is a cop out! EVERYBODY is an “opportunist” bruh, thats America! The way your saying it is like your for certain he’s some snake in the grass… which sounds crazy…
      and didnt Jay capitalized off the occupy wallstreet protest with t-shirts?
      jay SHOULD say something..he did it before..whats stopping him now? And whats wrong with somebody in the hip hop community holding jay to the fire for this?
      The blatant discrimination in these high end stores doesnt make it right regardless how you put it! you wanna hurt a capitalist you snatch his capital! period end of story!
      I encourage more of us to take a stand and speak up when it comes to discrimination where ever it occurs! SOMEBODY has to step up and call that shit out! Its fuckin 2013 and were still fighting the same bullshit from the 50s and 60s man…
      Imagine where we would be RIGHT NOW if our ancestors never stood up for anything? like cmon man… not sure what else you looking for to “come to light” when shit like this is an age old problem? ignoring it, or accepting it is NOT a solution!
      The problem is not waiting for jay-z to “fix it”, this man is the face of success for young black men women & children everywhere, if he cant “fix it” or speak up then who else is qualified…in your opinion?
      This huge socioeconomic shift can happen as soon as WE, US, start standing together and having 1 voice, just like everybody else on the face of the planet does! were the only race ridiculed for coming together!
      Were quick to tell somebody whats worth fighting for but expect some miracle to magically fix social injustice! unfortunately you have to actually stand up and DO something! This is what I call “creative pro activity”.
      If that man and his supporters want to stand up, using T shirts to make a point, where you or anybody else just wont do it, I say who are you to tell him whats worth fighting or standing up for? The stories coulda came out in 24hrs and I’d never tell him he’s wrong…fuck all that waiting on the news bullshit…
      To build even the mightiest bridge you have to start with 1 brick!

      • RapItUp

        I agree with a lot of your points, and I appreciate your respectful response. I am all for that change, and know it will take some real movement (not Al or Jesse). Of course we have to be opportunists.. Perhaps that title was a bit vague.. I mean, any of us can go to the Oprah show and wait on a light to fall on our heads.. I don’t think he’s doing that, this Bowers guy. I just don’t quite buy his vision..

        The reason I said he should hold off on petition is, what does his petition truly stand for? If not backed by facts? An actual party to point his finger at and say, “You, this, no more”. What if it turns out Barney’s had nothing to do with placing a call to police? NY does have a newly enforced (and very active) stop and frisk law.. What if the petition should be against the real criminals here, our justice system? Petition against Barney’s? How many black people are gonna stop shopping at Barney’s? This deal with Jay, won’t make or break them. Sure, that’s not reason enough to NOT protest.. I’m ready to march, myself. But is this the battle we’re gonna pick? This guy lives in NY.. He has had ample opportunity (there’s that word again) to make a stand. But when his so called “favorite rapper” is involved in a deal, its an easy target to get his name out there. I just don’t feel it.

        As long as we shop in THOSE stores, we will be profiled.. Period. Of course I don’t think that’s right, I go through that shit. I don’t like it. Shall we rally to fully protest Louis? First we gotta stop allllll these rappers/actors/entertainers from endorsing. Jay is a huge icon. Definite role model for black youth across the world, I’d say. I just don’t think this is his fight, that’s all. At least, if it is, let’s make sure Barney’s made the call. Otherwise, we should begin petitioning Louis, Gucci, Marc Jacobs all right now. For the daily profiling. We try that often, and lose that daily. I like having concrete backing so the evidence is irrefutable and we can slam dunk these bigots. That’s all I’m saying. Or maybe this protest should strictly be against the NYPD. We can’t be out here false flagging, that’s a good way for valid claims in the future to be deemed a “wolf cry”.

      • Pirate7X

        I hear you but with 2 cases of profiling & false arrest of PAYING customers who were allowed to leave the store without questioning them on evidence of suspicious or criminal behavior is cause for pause in endorsing Barney’s.

        Until that evidence you speak of proves they were NOT blatantly profiling the innocent paying customers, folks should not buy from them or any store that disrespects you like the ones you mentioned.

        Boycott & investigation will at the very least put store owners and security on blast to be more careful when attempting to profile what they believe to be thieves in the stores. Then you can possibly for a short period (especially during the crucial holiday season) get nearly equal customer service from Louis, Jacobs etc. and not worry about cops jumping you for no reason after you’ve paid for your items.

      • RapItUp

        The most rational response I’ve heard to taking action yet. I completely agree, these were paying customers. Receipts, bags, etc. No way in hell they should be targeted. I just read a report online with a statement from Barney’s stating their involvement in the matter stops at the register. They get the sale, everything rings up, they’re good. On the same report, the NYPD stated they get an influx of calls from high end retail shops in the area, and in the 19th precinct (where Barney’s is located) these same barrage of calls come in as there has been a 70% hike in grand larcenies this year alone.. You see what I mean, both sides pointing the finger at one another. Now nobody wants to be held accountable for these two minorities being accosted by police when the smoke clears. Once one side gets outed, we should boycott the hell out of them (Barney’s or NYPD) and if Barney’s did get involved after the sale, step to Mr. Carter. I think it’s a bit frivolous for Bowers to jump on Jiggas ship right away without knowing.

      • Pirate7X

        I hear you on the NYPD being held accountable and possible phone records of calls from store owners to them must be submitted.

        It seems that Bowers is respectfully addressing the fact that Jay-Z needs to be fully aware of who he is being identified with. The recent statement from Jigga’s camp says that the Barney’s partnership was non-profit for him and that the NY Daily news & media is demonizing him (sideways props to NYD because even though they’re pure parasitical opportunists who have demonized bros constantly, their greed will bring attention to the cause).

        Simple solution: Jigga makes a public & major donation with Barney’s to assist bros & sistas. Stands up for change on profiling policies (at least lip service). Then drops Barney’s like Damon Dash to find another wealthy sponsor for the Shawn Carter 501 non-profit like Target.

      • RapItUp

        Yea, I don’t know if Jay realized all of the heat coming from Barney’s to our people when we try to go in there and pick some highly priced items up, most of which somebody used a nice chunk of change that they really didn’t have just to keep up w/ the Jone’ses.. And the Jiggas.. -_- Granted, there have apparently been a surge of credit card/pick-pocket dilemma going on in that particular store, but what store DOESN’T go through that issue? We gonna check every black guy that goes shopping in ANY store? I like your idea, about helping the Ebony variety up in Barney’s. But this is a bit much heat, especially if he’s not receiving any financial gain from this, per his response. lol he gotta see SOMETHING from this deal, outside of a headache!

      • Pirate7X

        True. He gotta do what’s right for him & his fans, folks like those Black people getting shook down.

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  • RichFromBX

    here’s the truth…Jay ain’t going to mess with his money because two people were done wrong, plain and simple…much like other so-called “causes” in less then a month we won’t be talking about his and Jay will still have a deal with Barney’s.

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  • I am so sorry to say this but, what does Jay-Z have to do with black people getting illtreated at Barneys? Jay is a business man and he had a great relationship with them before any of this happened, why should he make such a bad business move when at the end of the day he dosen’t even know the full story? Black people need to step up to the plate and accept responsibility when things like this happen to them…Jay is not a part of the court system, these people can sue and get compensated and then they will be okay…But for a business man like Jay to allow his business plans and all that is connected to it to be effected is not the way to go. Enough marching and protesting just stop buying from these stores….Jay-Z is not God he made his fortune from grinding and hard work, Jay-Z will go broke if he listened to his so-called fans.

    • Pirate7X

      But his aligning with a business that has a clearly biased and proven track record within 2 months of falsely profiling paying customers as criminals, it can be a problem for the Black community at large and him as an artist, philanthropist and business man to be identified or endorse such practices.

      If he can drop Cristal for disrespecting him, Hip Hop and Black paying patrons, what should he do here? Ignore what happened & and what’s going on?

      • RapItUp

        Did the Barney’s employee call the cops? Or did the police just pocket check young niggas walking out of the store? Everybody wants to point the finger at Barney’s but nobody seems to know where to really place the blame. Sure, the clerks may have looked at him crazy while he was in there in the first place, but that’s BEEN happening, and isn’t the focus of this petition.

      • Pirate7X

        If the cops “just pocket checked” the young bros then the cops also have a case of unlawful search & seizure against them. Stop & frisk was just ruled unlawful in NY state, should never have been allowed.
        But bet you a $350 belt that Barney’s called the pigs for the club frisk on the street.

      • RapItUp

        Lol that’s what it really is though. Just a pocket check. From the bullies with Ferragamo new yorks finest payroll. I didn’t know they cut that stop and frisk shit out. That’s good. Thy will push the limits as far as we allow them to.

        Haha, if Barney’s is stupid enough to call the cops on two people back to back like that, two paying customers who obliged by all the rules, you deserve a $350 Ferragamo belt

      • Pirate7X

        Ha word; and will sell that crap belt for $150 and buy you & everybody Jamaican patties from from Golden Krust, ginger beer too.

      • RapItUp

        Lol cheers to that! Sounds like a plan!

      • I still disagree…..These stories should more be of a warning to the real shoplifters who make it bad for everyone….We all know a bootlegger or a booster and whether we actually do the crime, we still buy from them and support this activity in some kind of way…..There are too many young black people out there that have on clothing with high price tags and most of them are on public assistance and probably never worked a day in there lives..Stop blaming these department stores because they run a business that rely on sales, and if most of the customers who come in are stealing and boosting then it’s time to crack down….I hate how black people think, point is tell a friend to tell a friend to stop stealing and boosting because it looks bad on all of us. Leave Jay-Z out of this.

      • Pirate7X

        Sorry, Jay-Z is directly involved because his non-profit that is supposed to help young disadvantaged people is supporting a company that has policing & customer service policies that harm the well-being of those EXACT young folks he wishes to assist. This could easily turn into a public relations nightmare that could effect all his businesses and community service efforts. And honestly I’d rather purchase a bootleg Sean John from an African or Caribbean immigrant than support expensive euro corps brands & storefronts that care nothing about my people and most often exploit indigenous people to make these products.

        On the most base, opportunistic & self-serving level Jay-Z must (and already has) address this publicly to preserve his image as the most high-profile African-American success story who overcame great odds to achieve what he has. Jigga has a achieved the near impossible task of becoming tremendously successful and truly street credible and cannot afford to let this carefully constructed branding take too hard a hit.

        He will make the savvy moves with the assistance of his formidable team to strategically figure out how to serve his name, brand, company, business connects & community (in whatever order you choose) to come out on top. Remember this cat escaped gunshots, bad drug deals, jail, slavery music industry contracts, R.Kelly’s controversy, Big Un stabbing rumors, Dame’s shenanigans, Fat Joe beefs, younger rap competition, Illuminati speculation, etc. to get to where he is.

        He is addressing this now and by Black Friday will likely brush this off his shoulder.

      • Carolyn Carter

        I agree because how many jobs has Jay Z or any other celebrity created in the United States when they have cologne, perfume, clothes, appliances, towels, sheets, etc., manufactured? None, BUT THEY WANT YOU TO BUY THEIR CHEAPLY MADE PRODUCTS WITH THE EXPENSIVE PRICE TAGS.

    • brotha_man

      “if one aint free, we all aint free” harriet tubman

      because he is powerful and his words can travel a longer way. no body is going to listen to a 19 yr black male thats views a thug, criminal, or just a n*gger buying an expensive belt.

      • He saved his workstudy money from college…Which mean that it’s a part of financial aid that comes from the government….Basically this kid used government aid which was suppose to be for educational expenses, not to go buy an expensive belt…Point is if your are recieving government aid you should not be able to buy a $350 belt with tax payers money.

      • brotha_man

        Allah-u Akbar and throw him some hot cars
        Things we see on the screen that’s not ours
        But these niggas from the hood so these dreams not far
        Where I’m from the dope boys is the rock stars
        But they can’t cop cars without seeing cop cars
        I guess they want us all behind bars – I know it

  • david3528

    I think it first needs to be known whether or not Barney’s promotes, allows, or condones racist behavior at their stores. This was an isolated incident made by a single employee (and the cops). Was that employee fired? Was that employee following a manager’s instructions? These are the issues I would need cleared up before looking to Jay. Otherwise, it’s just business.

    • Pirate7X

      Actually it’s twice in a short period of time, check the article.

      And the patrons who were falsely arrested and accused of stealing had paid in full and were attacked & detained by store cops after they left the store, not questioned at the counter inside for any true suspicious behavior.

      • david3528

        I did some more research. There were 47 arrests at Barney’s so far this year. Out of those 47, over 30 of them were young black males using actual fake credit cards. Having said that, this leads me to believe that there was profiling going on. However, the numbers stated above are what caused the profiling. Sounds to me that Barney’s store security was not too great and kids were getting away with racking items on stolen credit cards. They investigated internally and saw 70% were young black kids. That’s a big number. Supervisors then told all managers to look out for young black kids making large purchases. So there it is. Racial profiling based on numerical statistics. It is what it is. Handled correctly? Absolutely not.

      • Pirate7X

        That has nothing to do with the individual cases especially when the cards went through. I’m not sure but I don’t know the law is about false arrest off the premises. Card scams at this level of the game should much easier to cover with ID but obviously not with Barney’s record.

        You’re right about store security being not great because my veteran security expert and police friends said they should probably be profiling teenage white girls if they want to curb loss prevention. That seems to be their special racket executed no doubt while security was following innocent Black male patrons around the store.

      • Exactly 30 out of 47 that means there are a certain type of people who enter the store for the same reason, and these stores are letting us all know that they are cracking down….All of these incidents the victims eventually got released at went on their way….No one actually did jail time…And I bet you if Barney’s were to ever go to court for this, I am sure they would have a log book of all the times they called the cops and flagged someone black as a fraudulent shopper, the numbers might just show that more were really frauds and very few weren’t…..I hate when folks want to rally and march when at the end of the day they know dam well what they were doing.

      • brotha_man

        p.s. im going to rally and buy this shirt. cuz he is a hard working kid, who saved his hard earned money to by a belt and was ridiculed for it….because being black is a crime, its unacceptable. Im not going to accept it, because they assume that ever black male is a crook. #drinkingthekoolaid

      • Not really, he saved his workstudy money from college…Which mean that it’s a part of financial aid that comes from the government….Basically this kid used government aid which was suppose to be for educational expenses, not to go buy an expensive belt…Point is if your are recieving government aid you should not be able to buy a $350 belt with tax payers money.

      • brotha_man

        still doesnt make discrimination ok.
        when i went to college almost all the students used fed aid for other reasons. it depends on the schools policies, some schools let u use the money for school related and personal expenses.
        just for the sake of argument. does it make it right to arrest a young man for buying an expensive belt? they didnt know he used govt money (allegedly) at the time

      • brotha_man

        u make good points but lets just agree to disagree.

      • Okay cool.

      • Pirate7X

        How do feel about conservative (mostly teabagger Republicans) still receiving health care & government aid based off taxpayer’s dollars while holding the government hostage and disallowing programs of health care for the poor & needy?

      • Barney’s deserves an award for schmacking that :

        >> In Judah Nazurah’s voice : “Weak @$$, 2/3rd, Ham & egger!”

        He was a fool for not spending within his own community.
        Nobody respects that, obviously not even the other community they’re spending with.

  • New Yorker

    So we gonna ask all the black people who work at Barney’s to quit there job as well? o_O

    • brotha_man

      no but we can ask them to call their superiors out when it is suggested that following blacks or any minority is an acceptable action. nothing wrong with standing up for whats right. even if it cost u, ur 8.50/hr job

  • At the end of the day black folks need to stop jumping on the bandwagon, everything a white person does we feel like we need to be a part of it…I am very confident that we as a people don’t ever need to support any of these stores, but there is always some coon who feels disrespected because certain people don’t like you…O well get over it we don’t need to be a part of everything that everyone is doing, not everyone has to like us or do business with us…We black people are the ones who are always acting like we need to go into these racist ass stores just so we can come back to the hood and act as if we are better than our own kind……If you all are so upset then stop supporting them, and open your own department store…See how fast everyone act as if it’s too difficult…When certain rappers had their own clothing stores and clothing line, we never supported them as much as we do with the major corporations and thats why most of them no longer exsist. Support your own and we will never have this problem.

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    this is what assimilation breeds………….a race of confused people.
    if me as a black man supports black business then im considered racist for whatever reason……..who cares………….but i support black business and the business SUCKS!!!! i then turn up my nose and pledge to NEVER support black business again because of this ONE person store and his/her reaction to me………..
    So now i take my black ass to a white store and be discriminated agaisnt and profiled (in my opinion that should make this business a sucky business also) and i DEMAND CHANGE and will brand your establishment as racist until you treat ME with respect!
    its like black people is torn between owner and slave………. we want to be our own people under the protection of another.
    im not a Jay-z hater and dont believe in the whole notion of making entertainers our leaders……………even though i understand why many do this.
    but its like what Claud Ansderson said when blacks was able to sit in the front of the buses…………he said his fam had they own bus lines
    black people (hype that they can sit next to whites) started to ask claude anderson people…….where they white buses at so they can sit in the front
    claude said his people was like we dont have white buses
    and the people said well we want white buses so we can sit in the front
    eventually claude anderson people bus line had to shut down cause blacks people got more involved with sitting in the front of a white own bus line instead of being able to ride on a black own bus line where u can sit anywhere.
    i dont knock the brother and what he doing, nuff respect to him for that. but i think its time for black people to stop being african-americans and go back to being Black and Proud, stop with the multi-culture and minority lables and go back to us being black and doing for self
    in this race of life, the black race lose ONLY because we are brain washed to believe that the race is NOT being ran, but if we take the time out to stop and look around……EVERY race is running except us, we still at the line being told there is no such race being ran.
    and charlamagne the sambo…………….he gets paid to disrespect black people. he props the white women up and the gay community but EVERY chance he gets he diss black people. if barneys did this to a gay boy charlamagne wouldve gave barneys donkey of the day

  • Pirate7X

    Simple solution:

    Jigga makes a public & major donation with Barney’s to assist bros & sistas. Stands up for change on profiling policies (at least lip service). Then drops Barney’s like Damon Dash to find another wealthy sponsor for the Shawn Carter 501 status non-profit like Target, Sean John or Wal-Mart. Win-Win.

    Pay me suckaz! Olivia Pope ain’t got sh!t on me, back up beeyotch and stop chasing those whiteboys around.
    Call me DJ SpinDoctor, handling all your public relations screw ups…

  • Carolyn Carter

    You said, “I idolize that guy.” Read your bible young man.

  • Fab Bags

    I feel that there are many other stores that are nation wide. In the south there are no Barneys however,Macys, Dillards, Koles, TJ Max and Marahalls are nation wide. These stores would be more than happy to have his line. This way it will solve the issue and not hurt any one in thr process. It sounds to me that he would rather stick with a company that has choosen to hurt his people more than help. The plain Jane and Joe would not shop at that store anyway due to the prices. These other stores would allow anyone to buy his line. In turn it would bring in more mony for the Shawn Carter Foundation.

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