Hip-Hop Rumors: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Are Planning a Mega Wedding Blowout

Hopefully for Kim, third time really is a charm because it looks like her engagement to Kanye West won’t be long. TMZ has learned that Kanye, more than Kim, wants to get hitched as soon as possible. In addition to swift matrimony, the wedding will be a grand affair.

We all know Kanye doesn’t do anything small so he’ll probably be the mastermind behind this whole thing. If this is true then it looks like Kris Jenner will have some competition in the planning department.


  • Eric Cartman


  • MsPeaceful

    hats good, Because there plenty of rappers, who have children scattered all over the damn place and aint trying to wife neither childrens mother.. Damn, their asses. it dont have to be your childs mother it could be another woman. Most of these men, aren’t trying to be married. They would live with a woman for 3 to 11 years and wont wife her up. What kind of shit is that mess. GROW Up and get married . You will receive your blessings from GOD. its the truth, instead of sinning.IMJS

  • And then Kanye will get mad at the camera guys for showing up to this huge blow-out event. #silly

  • Oknas

    The key isnt getting married or how fancy your wedding is, thats the easy part. The key is the longevity of the marriage.