New Petition Started To Get Jay Z To End Partnership With Barneys

(AllHipHop News) After two highly publicized allegations of racial discrimination launched against Barneys New York one Brooklyn artist has started at petition to ask Jay Z to end his relationship with the luxury department store.

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Derick Bowers, founder of the T-shirt company Adversitees, created the Charge.org petition because as he writes “we can no longer tolerate blatant prejudice and discrimination.” The self-described lifelong Jay Z fan wants the Hip Hop superstar to halt all ties with Barneys.

Jay is set to launch “A New York Holiday” collection with Barneys next month that includes designs by Balenciaga, Rick Owens, and more. 25% of the sales from the limited edition line are to go to the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation. In light of the charges of racism many people have expressed their opinion on social media platforms like Twitter that the Magna Carta Holy Grail rapper should cut all ties with the store.

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Besides starting the petition, Bowers has also decided to protest the business relationship with a new t-shirt design featuring the phrase “Barneys New Slaves.” The tag is inspired by the Kanye West line “f**k you and your corporation” from his track “New Slaves.” Bowers is donating all the proceeds from the sale of the shirts to the Boys and Girls Club of America.


  • Sean Power

    so you want jay-z to break a contract and sued for million and few weeks barneys will make donation to charity and this will die down everyone will forget about and stop fake caring and jay will be caught in case losing his money how we fine real fix other try have quick media fix

    • With 25% going to charity, it would be stupid for Jay Z to break contract on top of the reasons you posted.

      • Strawberrycake

        25% percent does not go to charity- he only donated less than 1 million last year. & it makes no sense to buy an overpriced item, like the $70 plain cotton t shirt , just so 1 penny maybe will go to charity. If one truly cared about charity, they would donate the full amount themselves ,instead– Jay z brags how crazy rich he is, so why not end this partnership with a racist store. Jay z spends more $$ on blue ivy’s wardrobe ,than is cut of of his inflated profits that go to charity

      • I’m sure you spend more on your seed’s clothes than you give to charity too.

        Contract law prevents Jay Z from backing out, because he could be liable for potential sales / revenue lost, then he’ll end up paying for $70 plain T Shirts……and not even having them.

        This is a good lesson for Black people anyway, regarding economics & the need to spend with their own, instead of spending with those whose don’t respect them after buying their $400 leather jogging pants.

      • Sean Power

        how about black stop buying racist brand from racist store and stop depending on celebrity to everything for them

      • HERBERT

        Don’t like it, start your own hot brand. Elephantweed. Sounds like a good name for ya”ll

  • Sean Power

    you what would be better solution if regular black people boycotts Barneys and stop buying over price belts and bags how about we going spend are money in place we are welcome

    • richard_b_hard

      Problem is too many regular black people feel it necessary to keep up with the Jone’s so they buy $2000 handbags but only carry a minimum of $35.22 in that hand bag,or a $300 belt to hold up some $20 jeans,pretty f’ed up priorities!
      Some niggas would spend their babies food and diaper money on some designer syht they can’t even pronounce.

    • “Inappropriate Behavior” Dr Claude Atkins

      Youtube it & you might be glad you did (If you haven’t already. )

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  • Guest

    Great T-Shirt.

  • Honduras Numero 1

    Damn I couldnt wait to comment on this. Yall think Jay got damn Z gonna do shit for a black cause! GTFOH. Jay got damn Z. is not going to do a damn thing. Kill that noise. What yall think he gonna help yall… Sean Power’s comments below said it best.


    Give the cops a “KUDOs” for doing their JOB. Too many thieves of this persuasion anyway.

  • Strawberrycake

    I really learned what a creep this guy is when he went to Cuba and paraded around to show off to his follows because that s what their game is about, showing off.

    “Look at me, I’m in Cuba, a place not just anyone can go to, smoking my cuban cigars, which are very exclusive”

    The people in Cuba are s. 1aves, I have met people that rafted over here because they were treated like abused s. 1aves over there.

    Castro and his brothers are ens.1avers .

    The put anyone over 9 yrs old in prison camps if they choose to, guilty or not.

    They have NO rights.

    Jay z didn’t care.

    If one thinks, “so what, he just vacationed there and spent his money and posted his vacation pictures ”

    He, as a rich celebrity American ,is looked at by other nations. He is condoning supporting their oppressive government.

    If a born and breed American got to trade places with a Cuban citizen for one week, when they got back they would drop and kiss the good ole USA’s ground.

    We really are lucky ones, most people of the world don’t have our freedom .

    Now he’s doing it again.

    What if the young man or girl falsely accused had struggled?

    Or fought against being handcuffed? Being falsely accused of theft is scary.

    Not knowing if you can prove your innocence.

    They could have been seriously hurt.

    The young lady had a baby to go home to also.

    He doesn’t care about any people , of any color.

    He doesn’t care people get treated bad in this store. He knew already, he’s been there so many times. Any new yorker knows what’s up in some stores, yet he did business there. He is gwyneth paltrow BFF and her children call him Uncle .Look them up at his concerts, front row throwing his sign. He wants little Muffys and Biffs to buy his stuff too and Barneys is where they will go.