Hip-Hip Rumors: Bernard Hopkins Strange Fight Entrance?

So, at 48, people are trying to get Bernard Hopkins out of there. The man has been at this boxing this for so long, people want him OUT. So, he’s been campaigning for a big fight with Floyd Mayweather. I don’t know if people are fully vested in such a fight, but for his fight on Saturday, I am hearing B-Hop is planning to pull out all the stops to promote it.

So, he’s got a new name, “The Alien” and he’s going to live out his creed in a bit, my sources tell me. I got a tip that said Bernard is going to come from the ceiling in a space ship and get out of it as an actual alien. Then he will enter the ring to fight Karo Murat, his opponent. I don’t know what’s up, but if this is true, maybe it will help him get that fight with Floyd.

But, don’t hold your breath.

Read the exclusive interview with B-Hop where he disses Floyd Mayweather.
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  1. YouKnowWhat…..

    There are weight classes in boxing for a reason… smaller guys , like Mayweather, don’t end up in the ring with larger guys like BHop. A welterweight vs a light heavyweight? get the phuck outta here…..

      • YouKnowWhat…..

        Cherry Pick? What top tier fighter doesn’t pick there opponents. First of all, get that “this fighter is scared to fight another fighter” foolishness out of your head. None of them are scared of anyone. Floyd has fought everyone relevant that he is able to. He will NEVER fight Pacquiao, Bradley or any other Top Rank fighter as long as they are on that promotion because Top Rank will not allow Floyd to make the money he makes with them, he and Arum have a long history. Be happy that he is taking on all of the opponents he can outside of Top Rank. If those guys want Floyd, they should go independent like he did.

      • Charter

        When you’re the champion you have the privilege of choosing who you fight since you EARNED the right. Floyd has fought EVERYONE worth fighting except Pacquiao… he destroyed Marquez, who knocked Pacman clean out, so you do the math. Bradley isn’t a draw, nobody respects him.

    • Eli Pinilla

      Catch weight….and bhop has enough name and actual skill to make it an Interesting fight. It would never happen, but bhop would be the best fighter may’s fought.

      • YouKnowWhat…..

        Catch weights are for making fights 1 or 2 divisions away from each other. 147(Floyd has the 154 belt but has never weighed 154) against 174? That’s not even close. Floyd can’t put that kind of weight on…he walks around at his fighting weight. And no way could Bhop make 154. You have to understand it’s not about what sounds cool but reality.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Bhop would have to cut weight. I think he could make 154 or at least both at 160….again, far fetched, but it can happen. And cutting 20 pounds is the norm in most combat sports. Especially boxing and mma where most fighters easely walk around 15-20 pounds heavier than the division their in.

      • YouKnowWhat…..

        But you aren’t factoring in that he already cuts to make 174. That would be cutting an additional 20 pounds. I’m pretty sure he walks around around 185-190. And you think he can drop to 154? Forget Floyd doing it at 160, he isn’t big enough to make 154, let alone 160. He was 148 the morning he woke up to fight Saul and had to eat to end up 150 by fight time. Floyd is a small man, Bhop is just too big for this fight to happen

      • Eli Pinilla

        Yea, like I said above, it really depends on what bhop walks around in and how much he has to cut. To fight floyd, he would have to cut more than flyd is willing to gain. But from a mental standpoint, this could either be a great fight or a very lobsided one…I’d go with the latter.

      • AK

        to cut that much weight he would be weak and sknny as hell its not even healthy especially when you are about to be 50, and floyd has faced tougher opponents then bernard at 48…

      • Eli Pinilla

        It depends on what he walks around. I dont know that bhop cuts that much weight as it is….and hell no money hasnt fought better comp then bhop even at 48. Bhop got power and the actual intelegence in the ring to match what money has. Money would be to fast and again I dnt see it happenin, but I would bet any money that if it did, he would do better against money than canelo, marquez, hatton or even cotto did.

      • DJ7

        Nope…maybe 10-15 years ago I’d agree…today’s reality reflects a different B-Hop…he would lose the power advantage by cutting all the weight…ala Chris Byrd…Roy Jones Jr…and anyone else thinking that dropping weight class will give them an advantage since absorbing blows from the heavier weight classes…you’re suggesting dropping down *3* weight classes to jr middleweight fam…154? Floyd’s not even 154 between fights yet alone on fight night so to assume a catch weight @ 160 is not realistic for either one…B-Hop need to concentrate on Kovalev or Adonis Stevenson since he refuses to fight Ward …yet he insist on picking a fight with a much smaller guy…

      • AK

        he walks around at 175-180 its not a safe drop at all he would have no power, and hopkins 15 years ago would be floyds toughest opnent but not at 48.. and floyd usto fight a lot of tough fighters coming up that gave him a hard time that he had to switch styles and head on fight like he did with ceaser chavez

      • brotha_man

        u right bhop would be a fool to drop if anything make floyd gain, but that aint gonna happen.
        The executioner is a far better name than the alien

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      hahahahahah Illseed is a dummy! “Actual alien” Actual meaning real okay. Folks this is why you should pay attention in school.

  2. Tre C

    Floyd vs Hopkins would be the most defense ever. Anybody who says this would be interesting, hasn’t seen Hopkins fight lately…ZZZZZZZ..amazing he can get in there at 48 though, after doing bid? Don’t know how his body is still holding up

    • DJ7

      Final punch stats would read like a baseball scorecard….don’t think it’s a realistic bout tho…Floyd can’t make the weight and B Hop would be a fool for even trying to drop that much weight at his age and challenge arguably one of the best to ever lace em up…key word being @ his age…10-15 yrs ago…maybe

      • EDOGZ818

        I said the same thing when he jumped up 2 divisions to dismantle the Lght Hvy Champ Antonio Tarver. #IJS

      • DJ7

        Easier to gain weight/mass then to lose it and be effective….b.u.ttttttttttttttttt. we are speaking on the “ALIEN” and after seeing him in action last night….I guess it’s possible…given his boxing IQ, height/reach/weight advantage and throw in his infamous rough house tactics…things could get real uncomfortable for Floyd in the ring…more so than anyone he’s ever faced…would be a chess match for sure b.u.t. 1 for video games…not real life…Hopkins is looking for the low risk high yeild payday and figures Floyd is the least likely candidate to do any real damage to his physical health while cashing out…why not just use Floyd’s formula and call out Julio Caesar Jr on one of these Mexican holidays….whose definately moving up to super middle or light heavy soon, while his draw is somewhat high in demand, for the payday/low risk???

      • EDOGZ818

        I’m sure he’ll grab that too, but Floyd is $$ & in reality, Pop’Kins will beat the skin off Julio Jr.’s forehead.

        Going up to Hvy & back down is what ruined Roy Jones Jr, IMHO, he didn’t do it right, but Pop’Kins uses Mickey Shillstone, the best in the biz for conditioning.

        $250K he charges?

        @160lb, Pop’Kins just might take Floyd, based on styles (Counter punching) & size.

        Floyd can win, but if he does, it will be like Leonard vs Hagler, not Hagler Vs Hearns.

      • DJ7

        Leonard didn’t win that fight IMHO btw…I overstand what you’re saying tho…For Floyd to even contemplate that move to 160 ( which I doubt b.u.t. really who knows, stranger sh*t has happened when the $$$’s right) strict stipulations must be put into play 1st…ie..Hop must weigh in @ 160 and not allowed to rehydrate back up to 170-175 fight night…that alone seems reasonable b.u.t. still…. I just can’t see Floyd being able to make that weight without sacrificing something detrimental…it’s a reason why he hasn’t made that move to middleweight previously to challenge the top dogs there…he lacks true ko power @147 and jabs just ain’t gon cut it against guys that don’t respect your power in the 1st place…pretty sure that stick and move tatic will not work on B. Hop either…his ring general ship and boxing IQ is just as impeccable if not superior…he’s basically a bigger version of Floyd…wouldn’t be in his best interest to entertain this other than on ps4

      • EDOGZ818

        At 160lb?

        All things considered, it’s a sucka bet.

        Pop’Kins will be 175 if weigh in is held on day of the fight, the day before? 180+

        Bigger, stronger & possibly with a better background, due to him losing.

        Pop’Kins knows what it takes to win, more than Floyd, because he lost.

        Leonard WON, but he didn’t BEAT Hagler.

        He stole the rds with impressive flurries in the last 30 secs, in what would have been draw type, hard to score rounds.

        Think Pop’Kins vs Calzaghe

        He out landed (Fluff shots)

        Calzaghe out jabbed Pop’Kins 2:1 & out punched / FLUFFED him 3:2.

        Pop’Kins sent a message when he dropped him str8 off the muscle though!

      • DJ7

        I had the Leonard v Hagler fight on vhs back in the day and watched it numerous times when cats came over to debate the outcome….your reference of B Hop v Calzage is spot on too

        As for B Hop’s weight…that’s why there would have to be stipulations in the contract…there’s no way Floyd Sr would let that go down unchecked….afterall, he was the main accuser when it came to Pacman aledgitly taking performance enhancements and influencing Jr to reassess that fight, you think he wouldn’t be just as vocal on this?

        Besides, I think Floyd is content on leaving the sport with an unblemished record intact more so then he is quieting his doubters / naysayers and a possible showdown / defeat to Hopkins doesn’t factor into his plans…yet

      • EDOGZ818

        Yeah, fighting Pop’Kins isn’t a good look, and the odds will be against Floyd, despite the age difference, but if it’s the biggest fight / payday ever….it might be enough to make happen.

  3. Immortal

    I wish Hop the best, but I believe that while he might come in on the mothership, he’s going to leave in a regular ambulance. Man you’ve done it all. What do you have to prove to anyone to include yourself? Money only gets you hurt and pride will give you dementia at an early age. Go out proud man.

      • Immortal

        Dude, I’m not hating on the man. I don’t want him to be another boxing statistic ten years on talking like mushmouth from fat albert. Sometimes winning is actually loosing. None of us are going to be there talking about how good he was, we’re going to be talking about why didn’t he leave the ring in time? Could being “punk drunk” could’ve been prevented? He has a lot of life to live, so if wanting the best for anyone is also known as hating, then sign me up.

      • AK

        he hasnt ever took that much damage no one really beat the breaks off him


    REALITY: Bernard Hopkins IS a FRAUD!! This guy has always been after the money + avoids serious fights versus serious competitors (contenders in their PRIME). He avoided Roy Jones during his entire run & popped back-in the second he was finished! Now he wants to talk up fighting the best when he’s just “cherry-picking” paydays! He’ll NEVER get a bout with Mayweather since: 1)TOO easy; 2) No payday for chumps; 3) Too heavy, pointless fight! #RetireAlready

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