Hip-Hip Rumors: New Beef For WALE?

Wale never hurt a fly! The dude just does his poetry, makes dope songs and keeps is pushin’ so what is this I am hearing in the streets?

I’m hearing somebody is not happy with the D.C. rapper. Southeast aka Sace, who has rapped with Wale, has issues with Wale. He’s expressed his grievances in a new song. So, I listened to this song, “Forever Hitter Quitter,” and its pretty good. But he basically says that he helped Wale and never got any sort of recognition. He says he reached out to Wale and tried to be a man about it. But, it all fell apart when his brother died and Wale apparently didn’t recognition of his loss. So, he takes the Meek Mill beat and flips it into a rage track.

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Check it.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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    • http://dacatgottea.wordpress.com dacatgottea

      It’s not about not getting the proper credit-(shout-out to the reporter). What’s done is what’s done. The issue now is- loyalty and respect. What good is a record if it’s not real? It told a story. That’s why there’s so much hype around this record. Seems to me Southeast Slim aka Sace had a story to tell. Wale knows where he came from and where he started (shout-out to Hitter Quitter Records) but he decided to put his Nike Boots on and keep it moving. Meanwhile so did Sace (yes I’m a fan & always will be). In the song, Sace didn’t say they (Sace & Wale) fell out after his brother passed. He said he already lost one and didn’t want to lose another- Wale. Obviously, Wale didn’t feel the same way, also indicated in the song. “Forever Hitter Quitter” May seem like Shots fired but I mean hey… If the shoe fits, wear it. Can’t get mad at the track, get mad at the truth. Yea, sometimes it hurts. Sace been one of the hottest rappers in the DMV and will always be… He ain’t tripping off no Wale. Word on the street is- Wale was that’s why he and them Big boots kept it moving with the Board members (Shout out to the Board).
      On another note, I heard Wale said he’s too grown to respond to this message- ugh sir!?!?!… There’s nothing to respond to unless of course you just got something you want to get off your chest. What he gone say ??? “Man why you do that!?” Anyways…. Sace I’m still your friend F*ck it! Do a remix on that DIG DUG joint….
      I’m out!

  • http://asiamyamee.wordpress.com asiamyamee

    As someone who was around in 2003 and can remember “how it all started”, I am happy to see that Sace has finally spoken up about how he feels. So many people have fake “beef” with Wale who don’t even have a legitimate reason to (in my opinion). I’ve been a fan of them both since I first heard them rap (listening to a cd given to me by C of EMP in ’03). I always knew one would “make it” and put everyone else on. Turns out I was right… About one part. So as I sit by and support Wale over the years buying every album, downloading every mixtape because I’m a loyal fan, I’m wondering when the second part of my prediction will come to pass…. It won’t. But it did for Black Cobain, who I also know from VSU and I’m happy for him too. But I can’t recall him in the ‘Ville at VSU laying down tracks with Wale. In fact I never even saw the two together… Him and Lil Greg (BOA) either for that matter. But I do remember Sace walking around the yard introducing Wale to everybody in ’03. I do remember coming back to homecoming in ’06 and see Wale with EMP (Hitter Quitter)… Anyway, my point is, Sace has a reason to be a lil bitter (as he said). And Wale owes up… Respect if nothing else.

    • http://dacatgottea.wordpress.com dacatgottea

      And you said it best!

      • http://asiamyamee.wordpress.com asiamyamee

        People want this to be a beef bad… But it’s just truth.

  • http://realtalkdc.wordpress.com realtalkdc

    Big shout out to Southeast aka Sace for being the first “real” DC rapper to set this record straight. I heard the song–it’s more than a song–it’s a testimony. You can hear the passion in Sace’s voice! The sad part is, Southeast is one of MANY DC Rappers that feel the same way about Wale. I can remember when his name was “Vick” and he was just Alize’s tag along; then he hooked up with Mikey B (UCB) and found a style…ironic. Alot of DC Rappers feel like he was a mole that sat in on our city as a guest, then exploited our style and got on, without paying hommage to those that took him in along the way. As for hate…not in Southeast’s bloodline. But “real” is something he will forever be. Thanks for speaking for so many of us! realtalkdc

  • http://tinaprice1.wordpress.com tinaprice1

    “SE SLIM went it on this track…doesn’t even sound like a diss. It sounds like the truth!” 

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