Hip-Hip Rumors: New Beef For WALE?

Wale never hurt a fly! The dude just does his poetry, makes dope songs and keeps is pushin’ so what is this I am hearing in the streets?

I’m hearing somebody is not happy with the D.C. rapper. Southeast aka Sace, who has rapped with Wale, has issues with Wale. He’s expressed his grievances in a new song. So, I listened to this song, “Forever Hitter Quitter,” and its pretty good. But he basically says that he helped Wale and never got any sort of recognition. He says he reached out to Wale and tried to be a man about it. But, it all fell apart when his brother died and Wale apparently didn’t recognition of his loss. So, he takes the Meek Mill beat and flips it into a rage track.

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Check it.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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84 Responses to “Hip-Hip Rumors: New Beef For WALE?”

      • JimJames29

        No, its a females trait. I guess I’m a pretty emotional guy, nh, I have a temper and personal ish gets to me a lot of the time, but I can honestly say I can’t even remember if I’ve ever been jealous of another person. I do me and if another person fails or succeeds it doesnt have anything to do with me.

      • JimJames29

        You ever notice how women act when their friend has a new boyfriend and how men act whebln their friend has a new girlfriend? I rest my case

      • Dointer

        How many times have you actually payed attention to that claim you dumb f***er.

      • BlackPlatinum

        … If jealousy is a “female trait”, then so is being emotional/showing emotion, period. << See how stupid that sounds?

    • brotha_man

      hes not jealous just trying to understand why wale let money change the dynamics of there relationship, when they went through so much together. probably made a pact to always look out, but wit fame friends change.
      in my opinion it sounds like one viewed their relationship as a friendship, the other as a business partnership (wale)

    • dacatgottea

      It’s not about not getting the proper credit-(shout-out to the reporter). What’s done is what’s done. The issue now is- loyalty and respect. What good is a record if it’s not real? It told a story. That’s why there’s so much hype around this record. Seems to me Southeast Slim aka Sace had a story to tell. Wale knows where he came from and where he started (shout-out to Hitter Quitter Records) but he decided to put his Nike Boots on and keep it moving. Meanwhile so did Sace (yes I’m a fan & always will be). In the song, Sace didn’t say they (Sace & Wale) fell out after his brother passed. He said he already lost one and didn’t want to lose another- Wale. Obviously, Wale didn’t feel the same way, also indicated in the song. “Forever Hitter Quitter” May seem like Shots fired but I mean hey… If the shoe fits, wear it. Can’t get mad at the track, get mad at the truth. Yea, sometimes it hurts. Sace been one of the hottest rappers in the DMV and will always be… He ain’t tripping off no Wale. Word on the street is- Wale was that’s why he and them Big boots kept it moving with the Board members (Shout out to the Board).
      On another note, I heard Wale said he’s too grown to respond to this message- ugh sir!?!?!… There’s nothing to respond to unless of course you just got something you want to get off your chest. What he gone say ??? “Man why you do that!?” Anyways…. Sace I’m still your friend F*ck it! Do a remix on that DIG DUG joint….
      I’m out!

  1. just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    I’ve never heard of,this guy……also not a wale fan so maybe I’ll check the song out when I have more time or find a fvck to give.

  2. E McArthur

    if Wale jumped on a track of his after he helped him then Wale got him back….I can’t stand men that act like lil boys (I won’t say b i t c h e s cuz I’m a female and a lot of grown women don’t do that either…)

    • hollafashions

      If you know the history, you would’ve seen it coming. A lot of the reason Wale is where he is today is due to some credit to S.E. Slim. It wasn’t just hopping on a track type situation.

      • E McArthur

        I remember Wale being on the gogo tracks when I lived down in Hyattsville MD….I don’t recall the name of the group that he was with cuz it was years ago but I do not think S.E. Slim was in it….everyone who is on is on cuz of their grind and they should’ve been moving at their speed….a lot of people do get help though…but dude is looking like a hater to me…

      • hollafashions

        Yea, I understand the grind and I support Wale 100%. But when those gogo tracks was dropping, the crew was Hitter Quitter…Wale was signed to Studio 43 and Southeast Slim was rapping on some of those tracks and he produced those tracks as well.

      • E McArthur

        yeah but Slim wasn’t moving as fast as him so why should it be Wale’s fault?

      • hollafashions

        He never said it was his ‘fault’. Listen to the lyrics in the song. He breaks it down and he’s asking for answers on why he handled everything the way he did. He states the reasons for making the track in the track rather than just coming at him out of the blue like Bossman did to Wale.

      • E McArthur

        well I gotta go out and come back in a few hours.. but Wale is his own man and probably got his own family to worry about…a lot of s h i t happens in South East DC and in PG and he can’t be hollering out everyone by name….he can talk about the issues that go down in the area but that’s about it….I live in NYC now and these BK cats are a joke compared to DMV issues (yet they think their hard)…like you wouldn’t believe…

      • brotha_man

        i could never image my homeboy leaving me behind. we been through too much together,sharing clothes, first drank, first smoke, i remember getting broads together, and if we met a broad she better have another broad. even now we always networking, went to college together. he like my brother for real. but i guess thats the different between road dawgs and business partnas

      • Anthony MrEightz Kelley

        Holla tell E Mc to learn his facts before he comments!. 1. He obviously doesn’t know wtf he is talking about…. wale was on all of those first gogo tracks because of slim he produced them all… dig dug, something about a playa and breakdown (which was on madden btw) point is he was a loafin freeloading ass nigga that slim helped out. when mfers like me and a few other cats wanted to get his ass. Slim told us no… oh yeah the name of the group was EMP/ HQR since you know nothing at all.

      • Anthony MrEightz Kelley

        Btw… wales first mixtape was with slim titled “vick and vel” but you wouldnt know that cause you are prolly from Arizona some damn where..

  3. Immortal

    Good track. Dug what the man had to say. But I was hoping the beef was between Wale and MMG. Wale knows in hip hop, he’s the only one on that team that can hold it down. I’m hatin, but I was hoping he and fawse had a beef. Shame on me, but still dig the brotha Wale.

    • Obi Won

      Wale did stand out on MMG, but so did Stalley. With MMG I always said Wale was good, but didn’t listen to him all the way. I listened to Stalley the most, Wale slightly, everyone else was dead in the water. I never felt MMG was a real “crew” I don’t see none of them hanging out and I credit Ross only b/c he gave everyone the green light to do what they wanted. He just benefited from the name.

  4. IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

    Aww shit…Jaz-O coming for Jay-Z again..Cormega goin at Nas…Bang-em Smurf goin at 50…put a nigga on!!! and the cycle continues

  5. Jayson C Williams

    I don’t like wale either.. But sometimes you have to pull ppls cards. He ain’t rap a verse for wale, he isn’t wale. If he helped wale out so much why can’t he get himself the same type of help since he raps

  6. ThatsNachoBitch

    This track is nice… I wouldn’t really call it a beef track, no one gets threatened in the song… Sounds like he just had some questions and needed some answers and this was his outlet… Lets see if Wale willing to answer some of those questions he asked in the track

  7. purp

    typical story.. no one wants to see their people shine.. wale got with MMG and left them dudes in the background.. when wale was the weakest link out of his DC crew

  8. KT

    Dope track! “Even when my deal’s signed, I’m forever Hitter Quitter”. That’s Wale’s voice. Sounds like Southeast just wanna know what happened to the original plan. Doesn’t sound like a diss/beef at all. But I’m seeing a lot of DMV artists getting their name up, face seen and making moves off the strength of Wale co-signs. How hard would it now be for Wale to change the life of the artist/producer that ACTUALLY changed WALE’s life? Its not “looking for a hand out” IF that was the plan. Just my opinion.

  9. missboss

    It’s not about not getting the proper credit-(shout-out to the reporter). What’s done is what’s done. The issue now is- loyalty and respect. What good is a record if it’s not real? It told a story. That’s why there’s so much hype around this record. Seems to me Southeast Slim aka Sace had a story to tell. Wale knows where he came from and where he started (shout-out to Hitter Quitter Records). Very Good Work!

  10. asiamyamee

    As someone who was around in 2003 and can remember “how it all started”, I am happy to see that Sace has finally spoken up about how he feels. So many people have fake “beef” with Wale who don’t even have a legitimate reason to (in my opinion). I’ve been a fan of them both since I first heard them rap (listening to a cd given to me by C of EMP in ’03). I always knew one would “make it” and put everyone else on. Turns out I was right… About one part. So as I sit by and support Wale over the years buying every album, downloading every mixtape because I’m a loyal fan, I’m wondering when the second part of my prediction will come to pass…. It won’t. But it did for Black Cobain, who I also know from VSU and I’m happy for him too. But I can’t recall him in the ‘Ville at VSU laying down tracks with Wale. In fact I never even saw the two together… Him and Lil Greg (BOA) either for that matter. But I do remember Sace walking around the yard introducing Wale to everybody in ’03. I do remember coming back to homecoming in ’06 and see Wale with EMP (Hitter Quitter)… Anyway, my point is, Sace has a reason to be a lil bitter (as he said). And Wale owes up… Respect if nothing else.

  11. realtalkdc

    Big shout out to Southeast aka Sace for being the first “real” DC rapper to set this record straight. I heard the song–it’s more than a song–it’s a testimony. You can hear the passion in Sace’s voice! The sad part is, Southeast is one of MANY DC Rappers that feel the same way about Wale. I can remember when his name was “Vick” and he was just Alize’s tag along; then he hooked up with Mikey B (UCB) and found a style…ironic. Alot of DC Rappers feel like he was a mole that sat in on our city as a guest, then exploited our style and got on, without paying hommage to those that took him in along the way. As for hate…not in Southeast’s bloodline. But “real” is something he will forever be. Thanks for speaking for so many of us! realtalkdc

  12. Obi Won

    South East Slim, did his thing on here. Production, and spitting a story. Glad it wasn’t a sob story and more of a real story. Idk why its trying to be amped up as a beef though.

  13. Mic

    Track is Fire!!!!!!!!….Fame & Money brings out a person’s true character; Learn from your experiences, and use that knowledge as an advantage to become more successful. Get it how u live it! #HitterQuitterRecords

  14. Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

    So, its seems like Wale was his man. He thought it was all love and when he got on, they were all were on. Wale got his deal and didn’t look back at the folk that held him down for the longest. Went through this in my early 20’s. Heartbreaking but you cant make anyone who is out for self be about the crew.

  15. UPT4life

    when the ppl that produced all the music u “GOT ON” with and basically were ur brothers u should make sure to show love or even hold them down shit try to put them on like alot of dudes do instead of taking ur checks and stepping off. I know them both personally and neither is GANGSTA they are both good dudes so this is nothin that a good heart 2 heart cant solve. It would be good to see them work together again

  16. MalcolmLittle

    Goin by some of these comments I can see it’s a lotta snake ass niggas on this board with absolutely no understanding of the word loyalty, who’d leave their own mama and firstborn in the cold at the slightest taste of a lil fortune and fame. I feel sorry for anyone unfortunate enough to call y’all sucka ass niggas a friend or loved one.

  17. Anthony MrEightz Kelley

    Look… I Want all you motherfuckers to listen up… nobody is knocking Wale’s skills we all supported him. Nobody is hating but as a man, all you have is “your balls and your word”… im 100% sure if the roles were reversed slim would have kept his word.. I look at it like this Wale didnt know none of them niggas when he first got on, not Ross, not none of those cats from BOA, none of them. He knew Slim well, Slim kept giving his ass free bangers…wtf happened? Fast fwd to today.. Wale has 3 official albums out and hasn’t even whispered Slim’s name on one of them, no calls for a collab, not even a call for a track, hell in the documentary for his last album it took the white boy to tell the truth and how he got started… wtf is the loyalty nowadays? All of this could have been solved with a simple phone call years ago.. this nigga is so high on his horse he cant even make a phone call!!!

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