Chris Brown Arrested For Assaulting A Man In D.C., Man Hospitalized

(AllHIpHop News) A strong nominee for “most typed sentence” in Hip Hop over the past year: Chris Brown has been arrested. TMZ reports that Brown was arrested for alleged felony assault outside of the W Hotel at 15th and K St earlier this morning (October 27).

According to the report, Brown got into an argument with a man and things escalated into a physical confrontation. The unidentified man was injured during the fight to the point of needing medical attention and is currently in a Washington, D.C. hospital.

Brown still has to comply with his probation for his assault of Rihanna four years ago which stipulates legal infractions could result in up to four years in prison. Brown recently avoided such a fate this past August after his hit and run case was dropped.

TMZ’s “law enforcement sources” detailed how the entire physical confrontation resulted over a poorly chosen photobomb by two men:

Two woman approached Brown in front of the W Hotel and asked to take a picture with him.  As the pic was about to be taken, 2 men rushed over to get in the photo.  We’re told Chris then said, “I’m not into this gay s**t, I’m into boxing,” and threw a punch at the alleged victim.  The fight was then taken to the ground.

Chris Brown is currently in custody.

  • Dadon850

    Chris should not have hit Frank Ocean like that. Funny how he jumps Frank at the W hotel, but allowed Mr. Cee to leave without saying a word.

    • Weedras

      the heck are you talking about…

  • Michael Thompson II

    Damn son, Chris keep ya head up!!

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  • Frank

    It’s like only the people who never grew up around the life want it. You ever see the film “whiteboyz” where the dude Flip thinks it’s all good looking btches and exotic cars in the hood? Ends up getting people killed and fcked up in the end.

    Like this dude wanna go around hard body like he in the jail, then just put him there. He’s been a millionaire since like 19. He never lived this life he’s created.

    • Stay Phokus

      that was the one with slick rick?

      • chippc

        and Doug E Fresh, Snoop, Fat Joe, probably a few others.

      • I’m gonna check for it based on your 4 star review, on some Hip Hop Siskel & Eibert.

      • chippc

        Ha ha, I don’t know about all that but it’s a interesting joint. White boyz wanted that life so bad and wasn’t prepared for none of the negatives that came along with it.

    • chippc

      White boy was scared straight after all that. Crazy movie though, Flip came to buy dope with $100 and flood the “streets” of Iowa. Late night Starz in Black flick!

    • I’ll check it, but I’ve already seen that movie many times in the hood with Black dudes.

      Ninjaz don’t know what it’s like to face some 6ft, 250 workout fanatic that’s a predator with a bachelor degree in MMA & jailhouse boxing.

      ‘Chet not only gets “REAL” real quick, it stays REAL, because the sharks are always circling, and weakness draws them in.

      1 wrong move can have lasting & disastrous effects.

      Out in Cali, them La Eme / Mexican Mafia dudes figure it’s easier to kill you, than correct you.

    • Obi Won

      CB will probably get the Lil Wayne treatment, ipod and all.

  • Executive

    It’s Jay Z’s fault.

    • RapItUp

      Lmao!! You know, I was just thinking the same thing!! Anybody wanna sign a petition??

      • Fugg it!

        I’ll sign!

        >>Hates on Jay Z for winning

      • RapItUp


  • Golgo 13

    i bet frank ocean and tha gay community will be dissin him soom

  • Thenatural503

    I’m confused. So it’s gay to take a picture with dudes now? What has this world come to?

    • Charter

      I believe the “gayness” factor came into play when the two men allegedly “rushed” over (in excitement I assume), uninvited, to hop into a picture with another man.

      It’s one thing if it was ok’d, it’s another for a man to bumrush another man like a squealing teenage girl.

      • The run up behind him like Nelly grabbing Diddy.

        I feel bad for him to do the 4yrs & then get served.
        He should have paid his fines, did his classes & chilled for early release.


  • Casor_G

    Y’all know this is not how it happened. ahahahah. I can’t believe this b.s.

  • dfwricwil

    Let me guess??????? This was a set up by the powers that be!!!! lol!!!!!
    get off the gas.

  • they need to lock this wanna b thug up and throw the keys to the gays and battered women.

    • Ryan

      do you no what its like to be famous and hated on by jealous motherfuckers. sometimes you can be in danger an have to defend yourself.

      • Ryan

        also sometimes it could be fatal to not make the first move

      • Yeah, but snuffing a chump for playing you in yr 4 of your 5yr suspended sentence isn’t a power move in Breezy’s case.


        Definite bad move if he gets the 4 yrs + Aggravated Assault.

        Anytime you K.O. someone, it’s Agg Assault.

      • Pirate7X

        And if he said what he said about “boxing” and trains as such, won’t look good and the defense could easily make him out as a bully assaulting with a deadly weapon (mostly for pro boxers but CB will have no case).

      • Even if he didn’t do it!

      • Weedras

        we don’t know all the details yet but the story says the guys were also trying to get in the pic with him and he wasn’t having it… so based from that this is more of him flipping on ppl who aren’t out to get him rather than those who want his ass… if he threw the first punch he seems more the aggressor… jus sayin…

      • he beat the shit outta RiRi tho…was he defending himself there?

      • Ryan

        ok first you dont know the whole thing. when your in the industry an illuminati you cant say shit till you actually know the not facts that the media says…just like 2pac raped that girl gtfoh wake up

  • hoeyuno

    There’s something seriously missing from this ish…but the story is perfect as is for the public to shake there fingers and say we told you so…maybe time to buy a house in the country and chill breeze man..

  • MsPeaceful

    That sounds like a lie!

  • chippc

    Ain’t that the same thing Gucci said to that cat in the mall?

  • Immortal

    Ok once again, we have a TMZ source. When it makes the local DC news, I’ll believe some of this bs then.

    • Jahmal Johnson

      lol – you do realize they break all the news and are pretty much seldom incorrect.

      • D. Rose in the paint

        yea just like when they reported Weezy was in a coma…..FOH

      • He was.

        The news game is crazy, there is definitely a rush to be first!

      • Weedras

        i used to discount them until i began to realize that they do get shit right or are very close to what actually happened..

      • Yeah, don’t sleep, the news game is vicious.

  • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

    Chris Brown is a fu(king loser. Drake would never beat any of his fans up. Drake even respects homosexuals while Chris Brown will thrash them into the ground. That’s why drake is more successful than Chris Brown. Drake has a friendly attitude, he’s comes off hard as fu(k for gangsters, even shot a few of them down, but also comes across soft for the ladies.

    • D. Rose in the paint

      shaaat up!

    • You sound like one of the Homosexuals that Drake respected.

      Quit sucking him!

    • Weedras

      what you’re saying isn’t of relevance to the story…

      • It is actually, he was one of the homos that rushed Breezy squealing like a tween age girl, he just ran after his boyfriend got KO’d.

      • lol

    • Dake is not more successful than Chris Brown.

      • Caliwaver

        Nigga u smoking crack if you really think that.

      • Slick Blak

        CB has been making hits and multi platinum for years…many features and acting …lets not talk about his tours. Drake just came in the game last we check he was worth 20 mill how much you think CB worth? Even when he slapped the SHIT out this sexy big forehead bitch people still gobbled up his albums…he can’t lose business wise that is why they trying to fk him up with the law. The Law is the only L CB will take.

      • Caliwaver

        Nigga that’s the worst L. Drake has an empire with this ovo shit. Lol check the stats, Drake has the most number 1 hits ever. More then Jay Z. When was the last time CB went gold or plat? I’ll wait.

    • onehunglo

      it’s different, drake is gay

  • TruthHurts

    nail in the coffin

  • King Cold

    Damn………breezy take it easy bro.

  • Ryan

    I swear there just trying to destroy him just like kat williams and others

    • And he falls for it all the time.

    • Caliwaver

      Ummmmm he’s destroying his own self.

      • Ryan

        How is that. That whole rihanna thing you have no clue what was really going on. Also when they keep trying to break you down an shit sometimes you gotta fight back

      • Caliwaver

        Lol who caress what really went on. All we know is that he hit her. Are u saying its cool to best the shit out if women? Seem like your co-signing that if u made that statement. Shows what kinda dude u are. Yeah and he fighting back in the wrong way.

  • Weedras

    i’ve been saying this for awhile but CB needs to keep a low profile and avoid the bullshit…. leave all that egotistic stuff out and just be positive….

  • Man this is getting tired….If Chris Brown and Drake can damage a whole nightclub even celebs got injured and no one got arrested, then I am sure nothing is going to happen to Breezy….He just need to stop with this bullshit…People like Chris Brown and Kanye West prove to the world that money doesn’t mean anything, you can have all the money in the world and it doesn’t make you a better person….All I know is that Chris Brown makes it easy for people to accuse him of violence….Is it that easy just jump in a photo get the artist mad and call the cops and he gets arrested. #great

  • david3528

    IN OTHER BREAKING NEWS: Swimming in a pool during a thunderstorm is dangerous. Details to follow.

  • Jordan FU

    Hes learned nothing. Enjoy the four plus years dumb man. You got all the breaks possible. At this point the justice system is being made a joke of by your stupid ass. How old this fool? When the f*ck he plan to grow up? his ass gonna get tore up, better run for that PC.

    • kenncbm455

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  • Jayson C Williams

    He needs to learn self control. Yes he damages his image every time he reacts like this.. But facts remain FACTS, he is antagonized by many of ppl because of his infamous celebrity. If he isn’t promoting and album Or touring etc than he needs to lay low and stay in virginia or around family he’s going to be tested by every jack ass that doesn’t like him or the situation that transpired with Rihanna he needs to lay low or take anger management full time! It’s tough but his own actions lead to all of this

  • billowred

    Good luck in the pokey “Blood”

  • What has CB actually to do with Hip-Hop?
    He is black and he’s an R&B singer who
    occasionally raps.
    Do do we need to call every stupid black
    person who made it into the media jungle

    • Pirate7X

      I hear you Asher bro but let’s be realistic.

      This is a site called “All Hip Hop” that completely ignores the 3 other elements & plus elements/degrees. Underground rap barely gets coverage here. But I understand business and CB gets views & ad dollars.

      I can’t stand CB but he’s as much a product and participant in the corporate definition of “Hip Hop” as Kendrick Lamar or Papoose. As a splinter from the source, his nonsense effects us of the so-called “real” Hip Hop audience and our children & peers on the outset directly. His & corny emo Drake’s stuff is in effect off-shoots of Hip Hop” whether we admit it or not; cat’s out the bag.

      Don’t be shocked when Miley & Katy Perry stories appear here, they are actually part of the “Hip Hop” sphere of influence also.

      You want real Hip Hop music news? Check unkut dot com, best rap music site ever. You want Hip Hop culture? Zulu Nation dot com.

  • Obi Won

    Doesn’t sound right. Taking a pic with two girls and all I saw was “two men Rush”.
    CB probably thought he was getting jumped or robbed and swung lol.
    Just like when dude ran up on Gucci in the mall lol, CB does need to chill out for a few yrs though.

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