Hip-Hip Rumors: Rihanna Bending Dudes Over?

Sheesh…the internet rumors can be a trip and merciless. Rumor on the block is that Rihanna is taking her freak side to a new level. Oddly, this rumor comes as Rihanna was taking images outside a mosque. There goes that religious revival. The word on the block is that RiRi has adopted a strap-on and has used it on some dude in the fashion industry. I’m not sure if that makes her gay or him or some mutant form of it, but it definitely makes them freaks. At first, it was a rumor that she had done this sort of mess with Chris Brown or Drake, but that notion was quickly dispelled. And, that’s not a rumor I would wish on my favorite enemy. Shout out to Chris Brown. I suspect he’s the dude that Micheal Jackson wanted to be: Bad and Dangerous.

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I’m out.

  • Immortal

    Once CB was placed in the same sentence with MJ, bad and dangerous, the rumor is over no matter the topic.

    • brotha_man


      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        you were the so called “man” she did this to? don’t be afraid.

      • brotha_man

        says the guy bending over in a elmo outfit



    • Immortal

      I watched the news and what was omitted was the bodyguard AND CB were locked up. Here is a section from fox5 in DC:

      D.C. police spokesman Paul Metcalf said Sunday morning. Chris Hollosy, 35, also was arrested on felony assault charges, Metcalf said. Police believe the two men were together during the incident but said they couldn’t confirm any relationship between the suspects.
      “There was a physical altercation, which resulted in the victim sustaining injuries,” Metcalf said.
      Brown and Hollosy were being held in police custody until Monday, Metcalf said.
      A man was injured in the fight and reportedly taken to a hospital, police said, but they did not identify him or give details on his injuries. It was not clear whether the victim was taken by ambulance or another vehicle. He had been released from the hospital as of early Sunday afternoon, Metcalf said.
      The felony charges in the case were based, in part, on the extent of the victim’s injuries, police said.

  • What the hell did I just read? You all know how I feel about RIRI-She is a whore and she is infested with all kinds on std’s(just my opinion)…But on the flip side if we are not getting any facts or names dropping in these kind of rumors then why bother posting it….It only open up more rumors for people to think that she used a strap-on, on Drake and Chris Brown….AHH should be more mindful of blank statements like this.

  • Why was MJ even mentioned in this gay ass piece?

    • Ok I see who wrote it now. Somebody with PAUSE in their name. Case closed.

  • onehunglo

    rihanna dooked drake,

  • Thenatural503

    Why does calling yourself The Inside Man need a pause? Nothing gay came to mind till I saw pause. I’m starting to think anyone who says pause or no homo is really gay and just trying to seem as straight as possible…

    • kenncbm455

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    • Dointer

      When people say “no homo”, they are obviously getting some little image pop up n their head. And those who dont say it obviously dont…..hmmm


    She definitely used it on Drake…

  • King Cold

    First off why do we even care who got bent? AHH get yall shit together. She aint hip hop and this site aint bossip or mediatakeout

  • Half of u dorks will willingly take a strap-on in the ass,
    if it’s Rihanna doing it.

  • Tom Donahue

    I now know why so many americans support her music, especially black americans, ijs

    • Why You Crying?


  • goose

    she just wont some attention and niggas is willing to give it to here lol……

  • Anthonyd Smith

    She Bent Drake over. Probably why he liked Started From The Bottom.