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Jay Z Receives Support From Al Sharpton In Barney’s Profiling Case

(AllHipHop News) Jay Z has been catching a heavy dose of heat from those that feel he needs to kill a highly publicized business deal with Barney’s, the high end retail store accused of racial profiling.
However, the rapper mogul received support from Rev. Al Sharpton, who said that Jay’s critics are looking at the wrong target.
“Some people want to make this about Jay-Z,” Sharpton said. “No, this is about Barneys first.”

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Sharpton made the comments at the National Action Network offices, according to a report from the New York Post.

The civil rights leader also said that Barney’s better come up with a plan for the alleged racist actions of the New York store. The store profiled and questioned pricey purchases of a pair of African American patrons. A boycott may result if a meeting between NAN and Barney’s doesn’t yield a satisfactory plan.

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Jay Z maintained in a statement that the deal with Barney’s wasn’t lucrative an any way.

  • jubilee shine

    of course its about barneys first.
    but next its about who associates with barneys.
    particularly when they market theyself within the community barneys maligns.

    • And Barney’s haven’t come up with a plan for the alleged racist actions of the New York store yet so, relax get off Jay’s dick….That’s that black mentality instead of following proper protocol we wanna go ask a rapper for help when we have professional civil rights leaders who can easily take on the task.

      • Proper protocol would be spending within your own community like Black Wall Street (G.A.P. Band = You dropped a bomb on me / Black Wall Street ( between Greenwood, Archer & Pine / GAP Band ) was America’s 1st 9/11…it was just on Black people.

        That fool got his $ & instantly took out outside his community & got slapped in the face for it.

        Barney’s deserves an award.

      • I look at it as a personal responibilty….Certain stores like even “Checkers” for example, I went there to get a burger one day and while waiting for my food, I looked around and observed that everyone was either black or hispanic, why is that? No one is forcing us to buy this kind of food, but we all seem to have certain things in common…Now if Checkers made a racist comment everyone would want to protest and rally, then thats not the case it’s just a race thing that certain people have a certain lifestyle…As a result I stopped going to Checkers, and I will NEVER go back there, not because of anything anyone said or did, but simply because I don’t want to be your stereotypical black or hispanic.

      • We’ve been programmed to think about the individual, not the community, which is why this ‘chet happens. Can you imagine how low a mudda chuckaz self esteem must be in order to buy a $350 belt, when you living below the poverty line?

        (*Work Study)

        Slap his dumb @$$!

        Slap the Jay Z protesters too.

        What do they have to lose vs they kids Jay Z is helping through school?

        He should build a school but……. ( >> Insert excuse )

        This is a wake up call.
        That fool should have spent that $350 on canned green beans.

      • True, he should be saving that money, workstudy only last per semester….lol

      • Exactly!

      • Immortal

        And some friend chicken flavored ramen noodles

      • P.S.

        Al Sharpton is a sell out only worried about kissing Jay Z’s @$$!

      • Al Sharpton only supports civil rights cases if he is compensated, and he charges more than certain rappers per appearance…But I didn’t want to say all of that…At least he gets the job done though…I won’t even mention Farrakkan…lol

      • What job does he get done?

        Granted, he gets results, but they aren’t the real results that are needed.


      • He will get more done than Jay-Z every will…..I might be thinking the same as Jay-Z right now, but if Jay drops Barney’s then Barneys go asking Diddy or 50 or Rick Ross and they will quickly sign up….There is always another black man that will say fu*k it money talks let’s do business, and then we all look stupid.

      • Of course, but here’s the thing, Jay Z isn’t making $, the foundation ( salaries?) is helping kids through college with the proceeds, so it’s not hurting Jay Z’s pockets, it’s hurting those kids’.

        Diddy & Rick Fawlse been selling out, Jay Z keeps it real, *outside his raps…in them too!

      • I agree, but come on we all know that Jay has to get compensated for everything that he does…lol

      • Immortal

        IMO in this case it’s a reach around for both of em. Who can kiss each others ass first?

      • Nah, Jay Z is doing the right thing on this one.

    • brotha_man

      its about a voice for the ppl. its ok to show some displeasure with an associate, i do it at work all the time. we all know this is about barney first. i think people are just tired of discrimination all together, as a black man im tired. this is a situation where the black elite can us their voice to shed light……but i guess people will only listen when a black boy is shot by a hispanic, or jena 6, or sean bell…..when its too late.

  • soyhiphop

    these negros been sold they souls for riches and gold..

  • Immortal

    >>>Jay Z to “Rev” Al “Help me”<<<>>>Hov to Al “I’ll agree with whatever you want, give you some lux box tickets and make a “charitable donation” to the “Help Al’s pockets charity”<<<<Al to Jay<<<>>>Hov to Al>>> “Thank you” (as he gets up from kissing the ring”.

  • Executive

    black men should support one another!

    • brotha_man

      white folks know how to keep us divided.
      I thought we were on to something with fubu……

      • Immortal

        No WE know how to keep ourselves divided. No one is telling us to go out and kill each other. No one is telling us to commit genocide through the selling of drugs. No one is telling us to drop out of school. Why are we so pressed to be the next MJ, LBJ, AP, or other sports figure/rappers? Why can’t we be the next physics nobel prize winner, the doctor that comes up with a cure for cancer? Why can’t there be more of us in congress that actually do work and and more representation in academia? Because it takes work, dedication, education, and the will to say no. Why do we have to be the butt of jokes…give a black man a book and he’s lost, give him a ball and he’s a god? We have a strong history of smart people with no ball playing skills, but we overlook them for a ball, some new AF1’s or that must have Bentley living in an apartment where you can see the bathroom from the kitchen. We’re doing it to ourselves.

  • Thank you, reguardless of Jay-Z’s business plans with Barneys, he should have been the last person to ask for support in the form of an ultimatum, folks like Al Sharpton should have been the first, because they have experience and they know how to approach these situations.

    • brotha_man

      its about a voice for the ppl. its ok to show some displeasure with an associate, i do it at work all the time. we all know this is about barney first. i think people are just tired of discrimination all together, as a black man im tired. this is a situation where the black elite can us their voice to shed light……but i guess people will only listen when a black boy is shot by a hispanic, or jena 6, or sean bell…..when its way too late.

      • And all those people’s families you mentioned got paid millions after they had a settlement in court….So it is about money or do we all try to end this thing for good? How about using the courts to make sure that these law enforcement individuals never retrun back to their jobs…For every court case that would have been a significant amount of racist ass police officers off the streets.

      • brotha_man

        trayvon, sean bell are dead. not sure if any of the jena 6 got paid. i know the white kids filed civil suits.

      • You know what I mean, their families got paid off with millions–And not one of them are still fighting for civil rights. Sean Bell’s wife is actively doing something but everyone else’s family is happily spend that settement money.

      • brotha_man

        cant disagree wit that.

        it takes a nation of millions

      • Lets rally and target the individual officers who are racially profiling instead of suing for 100 mill.If we get these officers off the force one by one then that to me is a real learning outcome..That’s all I am saying.

      • ‘Chet!

        They can stay on the force if I get 100 Million, I’ll move!

      • lol….You are silly…You are going to move to another place where they are just as racist….lol

      • That’s why we need our own, without it, our best bet is to sell out, unfortunately.

        >>Shops around for $800 belt made out of Gucci sweat pants

      • Immortal

        Made in India

      • for $1.

      • RapItUp

        Turn up!

      • brotha_man

        make sure to cop leather gucci sweatpants (kanye voice)

      • To go with the sweat pants belt!


      • Immortal

        No one could ever hope to stomp out racial inequality. Someone has to feel they are on top of someone else. If it’s not us, then it’s the Hispanics, if it’s not them then it’s the LGBT. Ignorance is just that, but what we can control are those closest to us through our own sphere’s of influence, because if we reach one, then the sphere grows, until the message has grown roots and has substance. Targeting those officers won’t solve anything. They loose their jobs so what? How many are in the academy waiting to fill that void? You go after the system sometimes from within and you make real change. The NYPD has a long history of corruption (Frank Serpico outed the NYPD for it) and the problem keeps coming back because the system and it’s lack of checks and balances.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        ur the reason niccas pull the iron. one day you will meet that tool!

      • brotha_man

        whatcha know about being in iraq looking through the rear and front sights of a M4? go to sleep little boy im a grown ass man, i’ve trained to die lil boy

      • Immortal

        You can’t preach to someone who has no clue and never will. Why waste your time? Queerns

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        I wish u would of gotten blown up in Iraq fagggggo!

  • Papi Peligro

    I DON’T CARE ABOUT HOV DEAL WITH BARNEYS. A bunch of rich white Bankers, Selling Chinese made goods to white kids using an Inner City image of gangsta lifestyle from poverty. Hov make a RocNation factory in Brooklyn. I don’t care about no arena. I don’t care somebody from brooklyn working with Barney’s.

    What should piss ya’ll off is the above. Forget the register racism. I want a refund on the job loss which made the 80’s possible which led to the growth of the hood and led to the increase incarceration rates etc. Which led to us buying our image from Barney’s etc. With Clothes being made in China. BIllion of dollars again leaving urban areas while we needed jobs. You guys is crying over crumbs.

    • I agree, he saved his workstudy money from college…Which mean that it’s a part of financial aid that comes from the government….Basically this kid used government aid which was suppose to be for educational expenses, not to go buy an expensive belt…Point is if your are recieving government aid you should not be able to buy a $350 belt with tax payers money.

    • kenncbm455

      мʏ ƈʟαѕѕмαтɛ’ѕ αυɴт мαĸɛѕ $64 ɛʋɛʀʏ нօυʀ օɴ тнɛ ƈօмքυтɛʀ. ѕнɛ нαѕ вɛɛɴ ғιʀɛɖ ғօʀ 8 мօɴтнѕ вυт ʟαѕт мօɴтн нɛʀ քαʏƈнɛƈĸ աαѕ $15596 ʝυѕт աօʀĸιɴɢ օɴ тнɛ ƈօмքυтɛʀ ғօʀ α ғɛա нօυʀѕ. ƈօɴтιɴυɛɖ Zap22&#46­com

      • RapItUp

        Thank you, very useful to the conversation. Your input was highly appreciated. NOT!!

    • Inflation / Dollar devaluing

      It’s over!

      • richard_b_hard

        Martial law might be coming to a city near you!

      • It’s already here…in a soft form.

      • richard_b_hard

        Worst part is most niggas don’t even notice,too busy reading celebrity gossip and shyt.

      • That’s why we’re here, to walk among them., chill with them, and when they least expect is, stuff a soft cover book into a pillow case & swing for the fences, like the Black Babe Ruth & aim for the back of the ear, on some “READ THIS” type chet.

        It’s not their fault that they don’t know, it’s our fault for not teaching them.

        No such thing as bad students, only bad teachers.

      • It hits us harder here in China than u guys in the US.
        Because the corporations still dictate prices for the
        manufacturers. 5 years ago China was cheap. Now
        we are not cheap here anymore. So the production
        is moving further to Bangladesh, Myanmar and
        probably later to North Korea.

      • China is about to drop the dollar or jack the U.S.

        Wait & see.

      • SBRon

        Right, the dollar will cease to be the world’s reserve currency!

    • richard_b_hard

      Well put!!!!
      The black people in america are the ones who buy all types of syht that other races (primarily the chinese) manufacture,hell not just limited to black people half the syht in america is either made or assembled in china and we buy that cheap and potentially dangerous syht up like hotcakes. And most majors companies are outsourcing jobs to countries like china where labor is cheap and profits are the only concern.

    • Live Well


  • crom777

    Broke bastards always complaining about someone else getting money on these sites.. A whole bunch of internet activists.. SMH

    • Let me be the first to address you’re comment….I am far from broke and I log on to engage in grown-up conversations all over the internet…So I know you are not speaking to me…..You are now similar to racial profiling thinking that because some folks are constantly online and sharing their thoughts an opinion, makes them broke with no income.

  • Live Well

    You know we sold our tradition to the highest bidder when Al Sharpton has been named the face of the movement.

  • RapItUp

    I know I been riding for the fair trial and due process in this whole Barney’s expenditure.. but… if Al Sharpton is on the same side of the fence as me, it might make me reconsider my argument. Lol!

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