50 Cent Gets Three Year Probation In Domestic Violence Case

(AllHipHop News) Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has has dodged jail time once again but could not avoid all punishment. Today (October 28th) 50 Cent pled no contest to a single count of misdemeanor vandalism in relation to a June 23rd altercation 50 Cent had with the mother of his second child, Daphne Joy.

While 50 pled no contest to one misdemeanor vandalism charge, the other three vandalism charges were dropped along with the one domestic violence charge, according to a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Superior Court. In addition to probation, 50 Cent was also ordered to stay 100 yards away from Ms. Joy as well as pay $7,100 in restitution and $2,390 in fines. 

50 was accused kicking open a door at Daphne Joy’s condo in the Toluca Lake community of Los Angeles, kicking her as well as destroying furniture and electronics. 

50 Cent is due back in court next month. 

  • andone

    first the sleek judgment and now this… i jus hope he can stay out of trouble and still keep these punk @ss rappers in check @ the same time tho since nobody else will… not only that but enemies might wanna try and press the issue now that they can call officer ricky and them to lock up an OG in a hurry… yall seen how gunplay got tuff in front of security thinkin he was safe and able to flex, 50 gonna have to be on point for the next 3!

    • Rick Ross is not worried about 50 cent….I respect Ross for being smart and not falling weak to 50 cent and his made up beef..It is my opinion that 50 cent has run out of people to steal shine from and fake beefs with other artists and is now struggling for originality….It’s funny how his music sucks, and his image is something close to being a class clown with money…He still can’t get rid of that mega-mansion in L.I with 25 bedrooms, that cost about 2 mill a year in maintainance, that no one wants to buy, 50 seems board with all that money and nothing to do with it.

      • PorchBoySlim

        You do know that Ross actually started the beef with 50 right? Ross claims that he didn’t like they way 50 looked at him at an award show so he started poppin off about him…..thats when 50 started going at Ross. 50 even said that he doesn’t even remember seeing Ross that day. If you go and peep the interview with JaRule on the breakfast club a few weeks ago, DJ Envy said that Ross called up all the DJ’s and asked them to keep playing his music so 50 wouldnt wipe him out of the game.

      • Casor_G

        Dj Envy is a d-rider who will say anything

      • I believe that ‘chet though……I’m sure ROSS called.

      • Yeah Envy and them Breakfast club dudes always talking smack and when the artists come up to the station then they DI$K ride.

      • We are all grown here, “He started it first” what are we in High School? 50 been beefing ever since he stepped foot into Hip-Hop, don’t try to sell me no BS, I wasn’t born during the days of social networking…lol..Even if Ross “started it first” 50 had enough money and power to not give him life on any record….Let’s just agree on the fact that right now Rick Ross and his Label and Brand is hotter and more revelant that 50’s label and brand.

      • 50 started it with Ross when he made funeral music going at Camron “I aint chubby like ricky ross”

      • BigHomie337

        Ross is hotter and making moves in the industry but when u check Forbes list, him and 50 both made 7 million. Lol. So why does 50 need to rap again?

      • Why? Because when an artist make all the money that they can make, they should still be making music for the love of the music…And that music still has to be good quality and on the charts much like the rest of his work…You understand what I am saying…I want you to not think about the money for a sec, think about the music. 50’s music now compared to the charttoppers that he is known for is very different. That’s all I am saying.

      • That used to be Mike Tyson’s & Whitney’s mansion too, right?

      • Mike Tyson for sure…Not too sure about Whitney…But even 50 cent himself said that it was a bad investment because even when he had the G-Unit brand and everyone was living there with him, it was still too much space that wasn’t being used…Now he is not living with any of his G-unit counterparts and it became even more of a waste of money and space.

  • truthhurtsgayassniggas

    That nigga Dior is funny lol ok so 50 is falling off? how is he doing so well financially without an album? he made $7 mill without music didn’t he? oh ok so u implying 50 aint selling no more records? i don’t know 50 aint a nigga to be questioned lol the nigga is strategic to the core disaplined he will once again pull it off wheater u like it or not.. 50 i believe is one of the real hustlers plus musicians to evef come by period homie.

    • Casor_G

      damn you riding hard. how much 50 paying you?

    • Sometimes I just want to comment and not get into it all the time…But since you asked…When is the last time 50 had a hot record?…………………………50 cent has not been or associated with ANY artists on the charts in a while now…Don’t be fooled with fame and fortune, 50 has a ton of money but 50 is not hot in the streets right now.

      • NEWSKULL

        Please!…50 Cent Music is so on point… it is way better than Jay and them other queer ass niggas out there…
        50 been and still is the bully of the east… name a crew linked to an artist that he didn’t and/or try to divide and conquer/destroy… if you can name one or two they are probably the only crew/artist 50 can feature with (Snoop Dogg, Jeezy, Eminem)… all the guy 50 went against will never allow the bully to get his shine again… Jimmy Iovine included especially when Bad Boy joined the ship (politics,revolt,ciroc) and 50 decided to compete with BeatsbyDre with SMSAUDIO…
        Jay-Z “new Rule” is the only way 50 can get back on top… No hit Single No nothing… Just marketing and great Numbers… 50 already set up half of the deal as we speak the only part missing is the phone company…

      • I am going to say it again…I am not asking who is better 50, Jay or Nas…What I am saying is with all the new music out right now is any of 50’s music blasting in the clubs and streets like his previous albums or songs? Okay now let’s add Jay-Z to the conversation all of Jay-Z’s album surpass a certain number as far as sales…50 on the other hand has not been able to sell records like he used to, as a matter of fact 50’s album been pushed back so many times that we don’t even know if it’s really going to drop…We are not talking about his money in this account, we are speaking about relevance and sales…WHEN IS THE LAST TIME 50 SOLD A MILLION IN SALES?

      • BigHomie337

        Do u actually listen to his Music or u just watch the charts? There is t a lane in mainstream hip hop for the type of Gangsta music 50 makes. Matter of fact, name one artist that’s a gangsta rapper that’s really moving units or selling records besides Rick Fawse. 50 don’t need rap money so he don’t give a shit about rap really. He’ll make mixtape a for his true fans cuz everybody knows rap fans are probably the most disloyal in the music industry. Every time there’s an article about 50 u hating. Tell’em why u really mad.

      • I do agree, 50 cent doesn’t need to rap anymore to make money…But if you are a rapper and you are in it for the craft then the music should still be hot and on the charts….I want you to understand the difference detween having lots of money and not being able to release a record today and it would sell like all his previous material…..If 50 cent was hot his songs would be on the charts right now….50 is rich YES but he is not the HOTTEST rapper out right now.

      • BigHomie337

        I agree with u about him not being as hot as he once was, but who still is at this point. Nobody that was hot 5 yrs ago still hot now. Jay Z is a business man that makes the right moves but as far as music goes, he doesn’t move ppl the way he did at his peak. Just because the charts don’t have his songs on there that doesn’t mean 50 isn’t making good music. There’s a lot of bullshit on the charts right now. If u listened to any of his last mixtapes, 50 still that ruthless nigga that made him who he is now. Rap is in a different stage that doesn’t accept gangsta rap right now. It’s all about that metrosexual, soft, lets all he friends music. U know 50 not down with any of that. His true fans still listen to his music and knows he still had Heat.

      • Okay now we are on the same page…But still Jay-Z’s music is not the best, but his numbers and position on the charts are always platinum or better….And to me true fans my like his music but it doesn’t seem like they are buying it because it’s not on the billboard charts….Listening to his music as a fan, and buying his music is two different things…But I get what your saying….And I am mad at 50 as an artist, because he attacks his own kind and smile with the other kind….50 never once talked reckless to anyone outside of his race, why is that?So that’s my issue with 50.

      • killa

        The nigga used to sell dope he grinds for $$$ not stupid ass hip hop fans that judge his music its finna be 2014 he did everything what hasn’t he done RAP aint gonna do it for a man that has made a quarter billion dollars im srry

      • killa

        The man is 38 and worth 280 million obviously the nigga dnt care bout droppin no album smh?? would u give a fuk bout music after earning 150 million in one year!!!!!!Lebron gotta play 5 seasons to make that much 50 made dat in a year even lil wayne trying to retire the shit gets old when u dnt need the money no mo

    • killa

      U feel me niggaz be sayin some crazy shit on this site cuh Nigga made more den Ross and he aint even drop an album smh??? DAMON DASH Fell off 50 smart he probably still got that 150 mill in his bank account he is smart with his money he dnt buy bunch of uneccessary bullshit and he stll bringin in DOE!!!!

  • TimeWillTellu1

    She is one bad looking chick! In the end not even money can buy you longevity with a bad chick like that.

    • Depends on how much $$ she has, but I’d stay with her….as long as her pockets are right & she makes it worth it!

      • wickedjones

        man eff them hoes

      • Of course…..just not for free.

  • 50 slick as hell being able to keep babies secret

    • F.W

      Im still waitin for proof of that not some birth certificate with no name it gotta be him admitting it and pics and dna lol but im sure 50 will deny it for life if true or not lol.

  • dee

    this nigga had a kid on the low

  • jdubba

    the difference between 50s first and second baby moms is ridiculous.

  • kixxxers

    That Fine Filipino Pum Pum! Never gets boring!


    hmm Wait a minute 3 Years probation?… 50 can’t leave the state without P.O. permission? (which means never cauz they will ask 50 to snitch about errything in return)…. I mean Illuminati won!… Daphne Joy is Illuminati!… it was a set up…she did that shit on purpose… this is terrible!…
    sms audio is doing very good in Europe… they became recently the official sponsor of a soccer team affiliated with Arsenal F.C. …. the fact is 50 make most of his money overseas how the hell is he going to survive in the US…

  • goose

    I don’t no why he let a women like this play with his feeling what she didn’t let him see his kid lol……

  • F.W

    I knew he would get off and she failed tryin to set him up lmao.